Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Whoa! Didn't expect me to write something about Crash Bandicoot again after that random one shot I did eons back, eh? Well, since I'm infamous now, I figured it would be best to spread my infamy. So here you go. Enjoy, everyone!

"Whoa!" Crash Bandicoot exclaimed joyfully as he bounced about in his comfy blue sofa.

Coco Bandicoot, looking like her original old design, placed her hands on her hips, which were covered by her bright blue overalls, as she shook her head at her older brother. "Crash, is 'whoa' all you can ever say?"

Crash turned to Coco, shrugging as he smiled sheepishly. "Whoa!"

Coco squinted her eyes. "You know there's more words to state than just saying 'whoa', you know that right, big bro?"

"...whoa?" Crash stated in confusion as he shrugged.

Coco sighed as she shook her head. "Oh brother." She headed to the front yard, only to drip over a wrench on the ground. Coco scream as she landed on, her butt pointing up in the air.

Crash moved a bit forward as he looked out the door to see what happened. Suddenly with no warning, Coco Bandicoot farted loudly, her overalls puffing up from the back as the area stunk a bit. Crash freaked out as his eyes widened in shock.

"Whoa!" Crash exclaimed as he slapped his hands on his head, shutting the door closed so that Coco's flatulence wouldn't leak in the house.

Coco groaned as she got up, rubbing her head with her right head as she placed her left hand on her hips. "Well, that was embarrassing..." She admitted to her trip as she sniffed the air, gawking as she stuck her tongue out in disgust, wafting the smell away from her frantically with her left hand. "Eww! What is that funk?"