"Whoa!" Crash Bandicoot exclaimed as he felt dizzy, still somehow smelling Coco Bandicoot's farts as he attempted to turn on the air conditioning, when suddenly

Dr. Neo Cortex popped out of the fridge, laughing evilly.

"Bwa ha ha! Crash, I finally have you in my mits!" Dr. Cortex exclaimed, ignoring the stench as he pulled out a remote and trapped Crash in a tight, steel cage.

"Whoa!" Crash exclaimed as he placed his hands onto the bars.

Dr. Cortex flung his fingers at Crash's nose, hurting the orange colored humanoid bandicoot. "Silence! Once I get you back to my lab, you'll never say 'whoa' again!" He laughed evilly as thunder began booming.

Meanwhile, outside of Crash's house, Coco Bandicoot was fixing up her blue colored kart, wondering what the commotion inside was. As she got up, she let out a deep pitched poot, sighing as she shook her head.

"Oh no, I got the farting curse..." Coco bemoaned as she shook her head, glancing at her butt cleaved in blue overalls, seeing them puff up as she pooted again. "I feared that I would get this syndrome... I'm just shocked that it was much later than I expected."

Before she could do anything, whether it was to check what was inside or to figure out how to stop farting so much, Coco gasped and tooted in unison to see Dr. Cortex summon a giant, metallic airship, which grabbed the cage Crash was trapped in, with Cortex holding onto the thick, brown rope. Coco growled as she shook her arms, trying her best to think of what to do as she let out a deeper pitched fart.