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Year one After Proposal: Wedding

Orihime heart pounded rapidly in her chest.

Jitters and nerves nearly paralyzed her body.

She could barely hear what the priest was saying over the sounds of her own heart trying to break free.

This was happening.

It was actually happening.

She looked into those beautiful brown eyes, and everything was peace.

He smiled at her and she blushed, her heart rate speeding up once more.

They have been together for over two years now.

Still, when she smiled at her, she would blush and her heart would race.

"I, Kurosaki Ichigo, take thee Inoue Orihime, to be my wife. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life."

A tear escaped down her perfectly made face.

Then another.

Soon she was crying. However…

She couldn't stop smiling.

A panic look began filling Ichigo's eyes. His hands moved from hers to her shoulder.

"Is everything okay? What's wrong?"

She started to become hysterical. Everyone in the church was nervous.

"I-I just love you…I love you…so…much…I'm…so…happy…" she cried.

The panic left Ichigo's eyes as he closed the remaining space between them and embraced her in a hug, gently stroking her back.

There were cheers in the church, and a chorus of "awns" as well as laughter.

"Let's just get through the rest of the ceremony, kay?" he murmurs so that only she could hear.

She nods in his chest.

Pulling away, he brings his hands up to her face and wipes the tears from her eyes with the pads of his thumbs.

He leans down and gives her a small, reassuring kiss.

"Hold it now, you're supposed to wait until I give the say so," the priest chuckled kindly, ensuing a laugh out of everyone.

Sniffling, Orihime said her vows, smiling through her tears, her eyes on Ichigo.

"With the power invested in me, I now pronounce you, husband and wife. Now, you may kiss the bride."

Ichigo leaned to kiss her; however, she threw her arms around his neck, pulling him down for a deep kiss, surprising him and everyone in the church.

Except Rangiku, who told her before the ceremony started, to do such a thing.

"Woo Hoo! That's what I'm talking about!" Rangiku shouted from the side.

They pulled back, Ichigo was a bit dazed.

She smiled shyly at him.

A grin spread across his features.

That's just life with Orihime.

She always kept him on his toes.

Year Two AP: Christmas with the Ichimarus.

They arrive at Rangiku's and Gin's home a few minutes later than anticipated.

"Merry Christmas Ichigo and Orihime! I'm so glad you guys could make it." Tatsuki stated hugging them. "You two looked…great?" she tried to say enthusiastically. But in all honesty she wants to laugh.

They honestly looked like twins wearing matching green, read and whit sweaters. Orihime wore a wool black skirt and boots.

The orange hair, matching clothes, yeah, they were total twins.

Tatsuki had no doubt in her mind when she saw Ichigo's scowl, that Orihime had forced him.

"I'm making cookies if you want to help Orihime."

"Oh I would love to!" She turns to Ichigo and stands on her toes to kiss his cheek. He grabs her waist and chin and forcefully kisses her on her lips.

"Be back soon," he murmured.

She nods, smiling and follows Tatsuki.

"Yo Ichigo, over here!" Renji calls out.

Ichigo moves to where all of the guys were congregated.

"What the hell are you wearing?" Grimmjow asks a feral grin on his face.

"I was about to ask you the same thing?" Ichigo grunts, sitting down. Grimmjow is wearing a red apron and bakers hat.

"Hey, I'm cooking, you…you just looked like Christmas just puked all over you."

"Yeah, were you and Orihime wearing the same thing?" Keigo asks, grinning.

"So what?" Ichigo asks defensively.

"So what are we doing?" Orihime asks once she enters the kitchen.

"Cookies and Vodka shots!" Rangiku says excitedly.

"Rangiku, you know that we can't drink! We're all light weights," Momo whines.

"I'm not," Orihime raises her hand.

"I'm NOT!" Ichigo growls.

"Dude, you are totally whipped, for sure." Keigo insists.

"Keep it up Keigo. You're going the right way for a busted face." Ichigo threatens.

Keigo swallowed thickly, frightened beyond words.

"Well I'm not afraid to say it." Grimmjow grins widens as he looks Ichigo in the eye, "You are whipped by your girl. I bet you can't even jump without her telling you how high."

"You wanna bet?" Ichigo growls.

"You wanna bet?" Orihime asks Rangiku.

"Oh sweet heart, it's so cute that you think that you can out drink me. But that's not going to happen. I'm a pro, and you…you barely have a drink as it is."

"That's only because you've never met me when I used to drink. Grimmjow and Ulquiorra can tell you that I can hold it down."

"Geez, when did you become so competitive Orihime?" Chizuro asks a glint in her eyes.

"I think it's Ichigo. He's rubbing off on her." Tatsuki concludes.

"A test then! To see who can drink five shots without becoming piss sloppy drunk!" Rangiku announces.

"You're on!" Orihime says, slamming her palms on the counter.

"You're on!" Ichigo growls, palming the table and standing up.

"Well let's take this outside! That way you can use the snow to ease you bruised face!"

"More like your bruised ego. After I'm done with you, you won't be able to talk shit about anyone!"

"I can't wait to feel your flesh crushed beneath my fist!"

"Shut the fuck up and let's go!" Ichigo snarls.

"Let's go!" Orihime shouts, as she and the other women downs their first shot. She turns her cup upside down, and moving on to the next one. Soon, her five shots were done.

Momo only did one and she looked as though she was about to vomit.

Tatsuki did three and she slumped against the refrigerator to hold herself.

Chizuru did all five, however she began to take her clothes off, screaming that it was hot.

"Easy peasy!" Rangiku smiles, unfazed.

"Lemon squeezy," Orihime smiles.

They pour five more shots.

They down them instantly.
"I can do this all day honey bunch!" Rangiku laughs, her cheeks were red.

"Wow, I never knew drinking with you would be so much fun!" Orihime laughs, her cheeks red as well.

"It's too hot! It's much too hot!" Chizuru screams, running from the kitchen, in only her undies.

Rangiku and Orihime's eyes widens in horror.

"Oh no!"

"Get her!"

They run out of the kitchen after Chizuru, who makes a brake for the living room.

"Chizuru!" Orihime shouts.

"Chizuru?" Ichigo questions as he sees the partially nude girl streaking across the living room towards the door. Orihime and Rangiku not too far behind her.

"You guys don't move!" Rangiku shouts as she passes by.

"What the hell was that?" Renji asks.

"That, my pineapple headed friend, was bobbies." Keigo supplies, his nose pouring blood.

"Oh man! That's sick!" Renji exclaims as Keigo's blood spill on to the table and his reaction to seeing a partially nude Chizuru evident.

All of the guys move away from Keigo, laughing at his situation.

What a strange Christmas it was.

Year Three AP: Run

Karin and Toshiro sat outside of her home, their hands intertwined.

"So what are you going to do now that you're done with college," she asks him.

He shrugs, "I don't know, I guess…do you hear that?" he draws his brows together as he listens hard for the sound.

"What do you mean?...Oh…what is that?"

"It sounds like…Orihime…"

Sure enough the orange haired bombshell comes running around the corner, her face panicked, and her eyes tight with fear. She's screaming at them.

"Karin! Torshiro! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Run please! He saw the texts on my phone! I'm so sorry! PLEASE RUN!"

Karin eyes widen and she turns to Torshiro.

"Run!" she panics, already knowing what had gone down.

She scrambles up from her spot on the ground and move as fast as her feet possibly could.

Torshiro looked after her, confused.

He turns back to Orihime and sees Ichigo running in a steady pace behind, anger on his face. Once he sees Torshiro he becomes livid and surpasses her.


Torshiro's eyes widen as he scrambles up and run very quickly after Karin.

"Ichigo please! Calm down, they were only talking about it! She said she wasn't ready!"


"Orihime you promised you wouldn't say anything!" Karin yelled back at her.

"He saw the text were you thanked me for the condoms! "


Torshiro couldn't say anything. He had passed Karin and Ichigo was hot on his tail.

Both Orihime and Karin stops to catch their breaths.

Panting heavily, Orihime looks to Karin, her eyes sorry.

"I'm really sorry," she apologizes.

"So am I. Torshiro injured his knee in last week's soccer game. I don't think he can run for much longer."

"Actually it gets worse Karin," Orihime said shyly, looking like a sorrowful puppy at Karin.


"The only reason why I was ahead of Ichigo was because…" she closes her eyes and took a deep breath. "He called your dad."

"Shit! Torshiro!" she yells as they both resumed running.

Year Four AP: Phone calls


"Is this Orihime Inoue?"

"It's actually Kurosaki now, I'm married."

"Congratulations. But I'm afraid I have some bad news."

"Oh no…what is it?"

"Your mother has passed away."


"I'm very sorry for you lost, but we need someone to oversee the funeral proceedings and release her body to."


"Excuse me?"

"How…did she die?"

"She had liver cancer. She has been battling it for almost 5 years. Also, were you aware that she had a son?"

"Yes, Sora Inoue. He died 7 years ago."

"No, she has another one. Akihiko Inoue. "

Orihime nearly dropped her phone. She braced herself against the wall.

"We were asking if you wanted to take him under your care or-"

"Give him to me."

"Excuse me?"

"My brother. Give me my brother. I'll take care of him."

"Okay, well, we're going redirect you to child services and then you can fill out all of the necessary paperwork."

"Okay thank you."

Orihime listens as she is put on hold; the music was of a jazzy nature.

She heard her call waiting beeping.





She nearly drops the phone. Her heart plummets from a great height, and then it resumes its rapid beating.

"Why are you calling?"

"…I…there…I just have a question…all I want is an answer and I promise…you won't ever hear from me ever again."



"I'm listening."

"Why? Why did you let me go? Why did you lie to the police?"

Orihime sighed and ran her hands through her long orange hair.

"Because…I don't know…I just thought that…I don't know…I ruined your life."

"I ruined yours as well…I tried to kill you. I actually killed someone."

"I know…Rukia; I don't know why I did what I did. I honestly don't. The police were asking questions and the lie just fell from my lips without any thought or concerns."

"But I could have come back. I could have killed you or him."

"I know. But you didn't. You went to China. And you never interfered again. I figured that we just had an agreement that we would stay out of each other's lives."

"…If I had killed him…would you have told them the truth?"

"…I honestly don't know."

Year Five AP: The one.

"This traditional farmhouse has eight large rooms, including sculptured transom. Three large Earth-floor rooms, a formal entrance, God quarter and kitchen workplace. The rooftop tiles are carved with the family's own insignias. Many closets, two toilet rooms, one spacious bathroom. Large kitchen with traditional wood-burning ovens and cooking facilities. A palanquin and others, including a traditional rock garden, koi pond, stone lanterns, stone basin, fancy pine trees, and more.!" the realtor exclaims as she shows them the house.

Orihime trembled with excitement. She shakes Ichigo arm, her nails digging into the fabric of his clothes. "This is it! This is the house Ichigo!"

"Well wait now Orihime, this house is nice, but it's pretty expensive."

"I know, but between the money my mother left me and the money your father gave us for our wedding present we can totally afford it!"

"I thought you wanted to save that money for a rainy day?"

"Ichigo! This is our future we're talking about! There's enough space here for me, you, Akihiko and children of our own!"

Ichigo thinks about that. Since Akihiko came into their life they've been looking for a house for where they would stay permanently. This, however, was a bit spacious and a bit pricey.

He looks into her large grey pleading eyes and he knew that he wouldn't be able to say no.

"Fine, at least let me see if I can talk her down a few thousand," he grumbles.

Squealing, she stands on her toes and plants a kiss on his cheek.

"You are the best husband ever!" she squeals.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm going to go talk to her."

Ichigo leaves his smiling bride to try and haggle the price of the house.

Orihime walks around the inside of the home, her hands glides along the walls.

She could see her and Ichigo and Akihiko here. She could see them raising their family here.

This was the one.

Year Six AP: The Park

"Akihiko don't play in the mud, last time I brought you home dirty your sister nearly had an aneurysm."

"But I can play in the mud and not get dirty!" the little dark haired boy whined.

He stares at the little boy.

Orihime says that he looks like an exact replica of her older brother.

She said that they have the same hair, facial structure and expressions.

Ichigo's eyebrows draw together. "How do you suppose you're going to do that?"

The grey eyed boy frowns and looks at the ground, trying to calculate how to play in the mud without getting dirty.

"Exactly, now come on, you can play on the jungle gym."

"Okay!" the little boy exclaims running to the colorful play place. "I'm going to crawl to the very top and jump off and fly like Batman!"

"Whoa now, firstly, Batman can't fly. Secondly, I'm pretty sure that if you jump off you're going to break something. I don't want Orihime thinking that I don't know how to take care of a simple 6 year old."

"I'm 7."

"Sorry, 7 year old."

"Where is she? I wish she took me to the park instead of you. You're mean…and you look funny."

"Not as funny as you would look after my fist…"Ichigo takes a deep breath. Threatening a child isn't very productive or farther like. "Orihime went shopping for the baby. So it's just you and me little one."

"Oh lucky me," the boy scowls.

"That's my line."

"My sister is really pretty. My mom use to say that to me all the time. That she was really pretty." The boy takes on a sad tone, kneeling in the grass and playing with the dirt. For such a young kid, most of the time he was really serious and recluse.

The social workers said that it was because he basically had to take care of himself while he watched his mother waste away to nothing.

Ichigo felt bad for the kid and in a way they shared something.

They both feel in love with Orihime and her kindness.

They both lost their mother much too soon.

"Mom said that her biggest mistake was not being a better mom to my big sister and brother. She said that by the time that she got better, big brother was dead…and big sis was too far gone. So when she found out that she was pregnant with me she left dad and went home to live grandpa.

"He died and left her a lot of money. She tried finding big sis to give some to her, to apologize. But she didn't know that she was married. But then she got really sick and I had to take care of her. I had to watch out for mom. She died and left me alone. But then, I got big sis and she's really pretty and she makes me feel so that I don't have to worry. Like there's always someone watching out for me and I can just be…normal."

"Kid…" Ichigo felt bad for the little guy. He's been through so much, and this was the most that he's ever shared with him.

"But I guess everything has to have a catch." The kid looked up, a devious look on his face.

"What do you mean? There's no catch in your living with us. You don't have to do anything and we don't want anything from you."

"No the catch is that I have to live with big, stupid, ugly face like you!" he laughs and runs away.

The kid tended to be an ass when Orihime wasn't around and Ichigo couldn't forgive that.

"You little punk! I'm going to show you what your body looks like inside out!" Ichigo threatens running after the kid.

While chasing after Akihiko, Ichigo trips over a rock and lands in a puddle of what he prays is mud.

"I wonder if big sis will get mad when you come home dirty," Akihiko laughs.

Year Seven AP: Private Time

"Orihime you hear that?" Ichigo asks her as she cuddles up next to him in the bed.

"No…I don't hear anything."

"Exactly. There's peace and quiet for once. No screaming babies, no Akihiko and his annoying friend."

"Hisao isn't annoying," she protests.

"Yeah, well he isn't making goo goo eyes to your wife," he murmurs kissing her hair.

"Oh…Oh…" her voice deepens as he kisses her neck. Heat coils in her stomach. "Don't you have finals tomorrow?" she asks, her eyes rolling shut.

"Yeah, so I need to relax and there's only one way to do that." His hand moves to her chest, caressing it.

"Oh…Ichigo…" she sighs.

She hears the one of their twins crying on the baby monitor. Ichigo stops his ministrations.

"I'll go," Ichigo volunteers, breaking away from Orihime.

He makes his way to the babies' room and sees that Mamoru is crying.

"Oh, come on little man, don't do this," Ichigo coos to the child picking him up. "You don't want to wake up your sister do you? Besides, you're kinda ruining my game. Don't you want more brothers and sisters besides Akihiko and Aya?"

The brightly haired child cries are soothed and he is quickly put back to sleep.

Finally, he can get back to Orihime.

Upon entering the room he sees Orihime curled up with Akihiko, reading him a bedtime story.

He wants to fall his knees and rip his hair out.

Instead, he calmly walks into the room and asks what's going on.

"Akihiko wasn't tired so I suggested a story."

"Have you tried counting sheep? Normally at 100 hundred you fall asleep."

"I can't count that high!" he whines.

Ichigo stalks over and lifts the boy throwing him over his shoulder despite his and Orihime's protests.

"Now is the best way to learn," he grunts as he carries him to his room.

He throws the boy on his bed.

"You know I'm just going to go back in there."

"I'll give you 20 dollars if you don't."


"What the hell? You're only 8, what do you need with 40 dollars?"

"Sunglasses, so I don't have you look at your ugly face!"

"How about 30 dollars and I don't knock your lights out?"

"Fine," Akihiko agrees.

"Okay, I'll give it to you tomorrow."

"I want it now."

"What, you don't think I'm good for it?"

"No, I can practice my counting with the money and maybe that'll help me sleep."


Ichigo marches down the hall, across the living room to the master bed and digs in the closet for pants with money in them.

"What are you doing?" Orihime asks.

"Searching for some money. I…uh…Akihiko is going to practice his counting."

"Oh really?"


"Well, your wallet is on the dresser."

Ichigo dashes from the closet to the dresser. "Thanks babe, you're amazing!" he calls as he rushes to Akihiko's room.

"Here's the money, don't bother us! Only take the agreed amount!" he yells, tossing the boy his entire wallet.

He rushes back to the room to see that Orihime wasn't in there

"I'm in the bathroom, getting ready!" she calls to him in a sing songy voice.

He does a fist pump, something that he's picked up from her, and starts looking for candles.

The baby monitor goes off.

"You have got to be kidding me!" he shouts, rushing to the room.

It's Aya, their little miracle child.
They didn't even know that they were having twins until she was born.

She was wailing loudly.

It took an considerable amount of time before she was put back to sleep.

Ichigo makes his way back to his room.

He sees Orihime in dark purple very skimpy, very sexy lingerie.

A feral grin spreads across his face as she motions him to come closer.

"Oh you are so going to-"

The monitor goes off.

"Really!" he shouts.

"Don't worry Ichigo. I'll get them."

She dons her robe much to his disappointment, and leaves the room.

He falls on the bed, exhausted.

When she comes back, he's asleep.

Year Eight AP: Surprise.

Ichigo drives home, exhausted.

Between work, classes and his family, he virtually had no time for rest and even less time for sex.

They days had begun to blur together and he really couldn't tell what day was what.

Aya and Mamoru were one now and they've been walking around everywhere, getting into worlds of trouble.

Double trouble is what he has started referring to them as.

They were always together doing something evil and sinister.

Aya was like her mom, she had beautiful grey eyes that were large and innocent, yet they concealed the deviousness of her brain. Ichigo was certain that she was behind nearly all of the actives that she and her brother does in an effort in Ichigo's opinion to cause him frustration.

However, whenever she comes to him, her eyes wide and sad, and points to something to convey that she wants it, he could never resists. Like her mother, she always had her way when it came to him.

Mamoru was a lot like himself. Of course the hair, the eyes and the reclusiveness. The only people he ever let hold him was his mom and Isshin.

Why Isshin Ichigo would never know.

He only ever played with Aya when they go to the park and he tends to get in fights easily with other children.

And then there was the head trouble maker of them all.


He had Orihime wrapped tightly around his little 9 year old finger.

She does absolutely everything for the little boy, and she always takes his side in an argument.

Ichigo loved the little boy as if he was his own, but he was much too devious and much too arrogant for his own good.

Sometimes they have their moments, like that time they ran from the police, or the time they fought those middle schoolers who were peeing on graves.

But most of the time, they just argued and fought for Orihime's attention.

Ichigo parks the car and sluggishly climbs out.

He languidly makes his way to the front door and notices that something is amiss.

It was quiet. Much too quiet.

The lights were all off although it was only 7.

Automatically, he assumed the worst.

"Orihime!" he shouts, throwing the door open.

Renji pops up next to him and shouts surprise.

Ichigo, on reflex, punches Renji in the nose, breaking the cartilage.

"Oh no! Renji, are you alright!" Orihime exclaims, rushing to the bloody nosed man.

"Let me have a look at it," Isshin says, making his way through the crowd.

Renji tilted his head back, blood dripping everywhere.

"Thu broth my dose, thu assthole!" Renji cried out.

"Sorry man, I thought my family was in danger."

"Theally? Thell I think my famthlily thin danger. Leth me brathe thur dose!"

"You don't even have a family."

"Now Renji be still, I'm going to push your nose back in place."

Aya and Mamoru come running in front. They stop seeing all of the blood on the floor.

"Way to go buttface, you broke his nose on your birthday." Akihiko laughs.

"Okay Renji one, two, THREE!"


"Renji! Don't say fuck in front of my fucking kids!"

"Ichigo!" Orihime admonished.


"Surprise Buttface," Akihiko laughs.

Year Nine AP: Role Model

"No, you're not going to the arcade!"

"Why not?!"

"Because you need to finish your homework!"

"It's not due to next week! Get off my case!"

"No, you need to keep up with good habits, so do your damn homework!"

"It's only for an hour! I'll get to it when I get to it!"

"No, you'll get to it now! Go to your room, you're grounded!"

"Don't tell me what to do your overgrown, rotten strawberry!"

"Akihiko, please…"Orihime interjects.

He looks at her, anger on his face and then turns and storms off to his room.

"Why doesn't he listens to me?! He's been with us for 4 years and he stills treats me like shit! Why doesn't he respects me like he does you?!"

Orihime moves to the coffee table, a smile on her face as she picks up a piece of paper and hands it to Ichigo. "Oh Ichigo, I think he respects you a lot more than you realize." She grins widely as she hands him the paper.

"What's this?"

"Akihiko's homework that you two have been fighting over for the past half hour. It was on his desk in his room."

"You were snopping in his room?"

"I wasn't snopping!" she defends herself.

He looks at the paper and starts reading.

The guy I admire is a superhero. No not a superhero like Batman or Superman. Nor is he a hero like firefighters or policemen. He's much more than that. He goes to school full time, while also having a demanding full time job and family. He and his most beautiful wife took me in when I had no one else. He treated me just as if I was family although we are not. And although I am mean to him, he still treats me like his own.

Although his hair and face is weird, he somehow has managed to make the most beautiful and kindhearted person in the world fall for him. I think it was his kindness, bravery and unbendable sense of justice and moral code that she fell for. I like to argue and fight with him because it is great fun and he always make the funniest faces.

To me this man is like a friend, a brother and a father all rolled into one. Ichigo Kurosaki is a man that I admire and I cannot wait to grow up and become more like him.

"He…he admires me?"Ichigo asks, touched and astounded at the same time.

She nods, "Yes, he does. Haven't you noticed? He's been dressing like you and wearing shirts with the number 15 on them."

"I…haven't actually…so that little brat actually admires me…"

"OH, AND YOUR FACE LOOKS LIKE THE BACK END OF A HORSE BUTT!" Akihiko shouts from his room.

"That bastard!"



Year Ten AP: Anniversary.

Ichigo rushes home, excitement on his face.

9 years.

It's been 9 whole years since they have been married.

And although a lot has changed, it's as if nothing has.

He stills feel insanely, crazy in love with her like when he first saw her.

When he kisses her, it's like he's been doused in gasoline and set ablaze.

He still bends to her every command, willing to do anything to make her smile.

If anything, he loves her more and more each and everyday.

He should be frighten, for he will surely perish and suffocate beneath such love.

But he loves her, pure and simple.

He loves the fact that she's brought Akihiko into his life.

He loves the fact that she gave birth to their twins, Aya and Mamoru.

He loves the fact that she works hard to help teens overcome hardships, even if they sometimes have to board them in their house.

He loves the fact that she keeps him on his toes each and every second of the day.

He loves her for being her natural, beautiful, wonderful, quirky self.

He irrevocably loves her.

He rushes into the house, announcing his presence.

"Oh Ichigo, we're in here!" she calls to him.

"Did I miss anything?"

"No, we're just finish making popcorn!"

"Don't worry. I made some regular movie theatre butter!" Akihiko calls to him.

"Thanks!" Ichigo loved his wife and his children. But they eat some very weird things that he just doesn't have the stomach for.

He moves into the living room, taking off his coat and shoes.

Plopping on the couch, he gives a kiss to Orihime, and ruffles Akihiko's hair.

"Here's the popcorn."

"Thanks. So what are we watching?"

"Beauty and the Beast."

"Ohh, that sounds interesting."

"You've never seen it?" Orihime asks him.

"No, is it any good?"

"It's about a beauty who falls in love with a disgusting beast. Kind of like you two." Akihiko explains.

"Do you think you can find your way home if I leave you in a forest?" Ichigo threatens.

"Bring it on old man. I'll have you knocked out flat before you know it!"

"Boys, boys please. The movie is starting." Orihime shushes them.

"Oh, that reminds me. Aya, sweetheart, could you grab daddy's bag from by the door?"

"Yay!" she shouts as she rushes to the door, dragging his bag along the ground.

Digging into it, he pulls out a brightly wrapped box.

"Happy anniversary Orihime." He says, giving her the present.

"Oh thank you honey, you wrapped it so pretty this time!" she exclaims.

"…Yeah…I wrapped it…"

"Your present is in the room. I can get it for you if you want?"

"SHhh! The movie is on!" Aya complains.

"Sorry!" Orihime apologizes.

Ichigo and Orihime moves closer together. She folds her feet beneath her and leans her head on his chest. He wraps an arm around her body.

All three of their children sit on the floor in front of them, intently watching the film.

Orihime could help but to be happy.

It's all that she has ever wanted for so long.

The princess, who had lost her knight in shining armor, has found her prince.

And they lived happily ever after.

The End!