Author's Note: A random one-shot. It's nowhere near as good as my others, but meh. Well have the first of my GaLe one-shot series.

Catching Snowflakes

Snowflakes fluttered from the heavens, creating a perfectly picturesque image of the world around her. Levy heaved a contented sigh and gazed at the sky with a goofy smile. Winter wasn't her favorite season, but in moments like this, she could really enjoy it. It was so peaceful and serene, if only every day was like thi-


She huffed and whirled to the owner of the offending voice, "Must you be so loud?"

The man growled, "It's too cold. The hell are we even doing out here, Shrimp?"

"Enjoying the snow," She replied. "I told you, Gajeel, you didn't have to come, but you insisted."

He scoffed, "if I had known we were gonna stand doin' nothin' I wouldn've."

"If you don't like it, go back to the guild." She stated simply.

The bluenette pulled her coat closer and turned her gaze back to the sky. Almost involuntarily, she stuck her tongue out, attempting to catch the crystals as they fell.

She missed every single one of them.

Gajeel furrowed his brows. The sight of her sticking her tongue out like that was slightly provocative in his mind, but he pushed the thoughts aside. "The hell are you doing?"

She glanced at him, confusion twisting her features, "Trying to catch snowflakes."

"Ya look like some kinda dog with yer tongue hangin' out like that."

Levy's brows knit in annoyance, "if you're going to stand there and make fun of me, you can leave."

Her words came out much more sharply than she intended, but her patience was wearing thin. It must be getting close to that time of month, she thought glumly.

"Tch," was all he responded with.

The Dragonslayer scowled as she turned her head to the sky once more, trying desperately to catch one. Of course, as he stated earlier, she looked ridiculous.

She looked like a child wrapped in her coat and scarf. Her blue waves were tucked inside the material and a white knit cap sat snuggly on her head. Her long, slim fitting pants were tucked into a pair of knee high boots.

It wasn't often that Levy wore long pants, but against his better judgment, he would readily agree that she should. The way the material clung to her showed just how slim her legs were and even better, how nice of a butt she had….

Gajeel shook his head, trying to shove the thoughts from his mind. He was not going to think about the Shrimp like that. But as the days after their return passed, he found it becoming increasingly difficult.

Her every movement seemed to catch his eye and her scent was becoming almost unbearable. He was starting to become slightly possessive over her, that much had been proven when the guild had joined in Lucy's dancing lessons. Just the thought of him claiming here where Jet and Droy didn't had sent a surge of pride through his body.

He'd been getting urges lately, urges to shove her into the nearest wall and kiss her senseless, but he could blame that on instinct and call it a day. What he couldn't blame on his innate actions or feelings, was annoying glow he'd get in the pit of this stomach when she looked in his direction and the skip-beat of his heart whenever she smiled at him.

And every time it happened there would be that Lily-ish voice in the back of his head to throw in some comment and as true as they were, he'd shove them to the side because he, Gajeel Redfox, was not in love.

He heaved a sigh. His head was beginning to hurt. Lily had told him to sit down and think things out once, and what a head ache it was. His mind was an absolute tumult of thoughts and sorting them out would likely take more time than he'd ever be granted.

Gajeel let his gaze fall on the small fairy in front of him. She had moved closer to where he stood, head still tilted in an insurmountable attempt to catch a snowflake.

It was ridiculous.

"OI, Shrimp, how long do ya plan on doing that for?"

She turned to face him, and he soon regretted it.

Her cheeks were flushed, painted pink with the cold and her eyes shone curiously as she regarded him. In that moment, he couldn't help but let the thought slip through his mind; she looked absolutely beautiful against the snow covered hills that dotted the region outside MagnoliaTown.

And while his mind was occupied, instinct took the chance to make a move.

He reached her in three easy strides, catching her chin between his thumb and his forefinger. She gave a start at the sudden proximity, but the yelp was lost as he pressed his lips against hers.

She froze against him, her muscles seizing from shock, but the feel of his lips, warm and soft against hers, coaxed her out of it. Tentatively, she wrapped her arms around his neck as his free arm found its way to her waist.

Neither one of them knew what they were doing, she didn't care. All she felt was him, all she could taste was him, and all she could think was Oh god, I want to do this all the time.

A bit reluctantly, Gajeel pulled away.

Her heart was hammering inside her chest and she was sure her face was as red as Erza's hair, but still she found herself looking into his eyes, a look of inquiry swimming within her hazel orbs.


He grunted in reply, his eyes never leaving hers.

They stood in silence for what seemed like ours before he finally stepped back and scratched the back of his head. "I'm freezing my ass of, can we go back now?"

"Yeah," she replied softly, taking his hand.

He tensed at the gesture, but he didn't make a move to pull away. With that she assumed it was alright and started the trek back to the guild.