Summary: Caught in a winter storm, Thorin seeks shelter and warmth in a nearby inn.

Hearing a loud knock on the door, you glanced at the innkeeper. He had locked it due to the harsh storm that had struck just an hour before. The winter winds and falling snow had created a blizzard that was a deterrent to most, but apparently not all.

"Open the door, girl," he finally said, waving you on.

Nodding, you hurried to the door, not wanting to leave whoever it was outside for any longer. You hauled it open and were startled at who was on the other side. Stepping back, you ushered the dwarf in. You wanted to ask him what madness had driven him outside but you held your tongue.

"Thorin!" the innkeeper said in surprise. "I thought you had returned home!"

"I had planned on it," he said, passing you his snow covered cloak when you held your hands out. "The weather had other plans."

The innkeeper nodded and you recognized the light in his eyes. He hadn't expected any business today with the storm, but now that Thorin was here? She had a bad feeling he might try to charge the other dwarf more than he should. "We can get you a hot meal and a warm room quickly," he said. "As you can see, we aren't busy."

Moving to the roaring hearth, you hung up the wet cloak, listening to the conversation between the pair. You had been hoping to tuck into your room with a book after you had helped clean the main room, but a part of you wasn't overly upset about this visitor. All dwarves in the west knew who Thorin Oakenshield was and that he travelled up and down the mountain range, looking for anything to help his people's state.

"I would rather a hot bath first."

Pausing slightly, you glanced over at the others. A bath? The bathing room was not ready for a bath and you knew who was going to have to get it ready. Sure enough, the innkeeper looked at you and you fought a sigh. "Give me a moment and I'll get it ready," you said, trying not to let your ire show.

Thorin glanced over and a little thrill ran through you. Had you not hid it well enough? When he didn't say anything, you hurried from the room. You were constantly warned to watch your tongue, but sometimes you forgot. Now was not the time and he was not the dwarf to lose it with.

Closing the door, an explosive sigh left you. Antagonizing someone else all because they had gotten caught in the storm? That wasn't like you at all. You gave yourself a shake and set about doing your job.

You were just finishing filling a large tub when the door opened. "Nearly ready," you said, wiping at your brow. Steam from the hot water was filling the air and beading on your skin. It was also making your clothes heavy from the humidity and made you wish you were taking the bath so you could get them off.

He didn't say anything but you heard the slide of cloth and metal as he began disrobing.

Glancing at him, you were glad the heat had made your skin flushed as you watched his broad chest slowly become exposed. Your tongue wet your lips quickly and you forced yourself to finish your task. Placing a towel near the tub, you tried to keep your eyes adverted as he kept undressing but you realised you had another problem.

Thorin was between you and the door.

Your teeth ran over your lower lip, wondering if you should say something or simply brush past him to get out.

"I've seen you in other villages."

You nearly jumped at his low voice and it took you a minute to understand what he had said. Before you could say anything he spoke again.

"Are you following me?"

A disbelieving laugh left you and you opened your mouth before you could stop yourself. "I'm not some empty-headed maid who has nothing better to do than follow a dwarf around the width and breadth of the Blue Mountains. Any village you saw me in, I was there first. Perhaps you have it the wrong way around. Maybe you are following me instead."

He lifted a brow at you. "Do you always speak so forcefully?"

Your job was dealing with drunken dwarves most days. If you weren't forceful, you'd be taken advantage of. "Why do you think I move often?"

He made a low noise that might have been a laugh if it had come from anyone else.

"If you'll excuse me, I will see about your meal," you said, heading to the door and studiously avoiding looking at him.

You were almost expecting him to stop you again, but you slipped out of the room without incident. Leaning back against the door, you tried to breathe normally. What had that been about? Why was he asking you such a question? And why had he noticed you?

Jumping when your name was shouted from the kitchen, you hurried to it and found the innkeeper with a tray of food and a tankard of mead in hand. "How did you-"

"You can make your own meal, girl," he interrupted. "The prince needs a good, hot meal first."

You bit down on your tongue and nodded. What else could you do? You couldn't afford to be kicked out during this storm and you had nowhere else to go. "Where are you going?"

"No need for me to stay down here. You can mind downstairs well enough and it's getting cold."

You nodded again, wondering why you had ever come here. As he left, you trudged back to the bathing room. Knocking, you called, "I have your dinner." Which is actually my dinner.


Pushing open the door, you nearly stumbled as you saw Thorin sitting in the tub, his gaze on the door. "Where do you want it?" Had you said it? You hoped you had because for a moment you had wanted to say me.

"Over here."

You crossed the room and placed the tray next to the tub. "If there's nothing else, please excuse me."

"What if I was?"

Blinking, you looked at him curiously.

"Your earlier question," Thorin said. "What if I was following you?"

Your heart gave a hard thump and warmth that had nothing to do with the heat of the room spread through you. After a moment's though, you reached out and flipped the lock on the door. "That would depend on why you were following me," you said, turning back to him. "Are you?"

His arms were slung along the rim of the tub as he leaned back in it. Despite the setting and lack of clothes, he looked every inch the royal he was. "What would you do if I was?"

"Be flattered."

"Anything else?" he asked lowly.

You smiled slightly and slowly crossed the room. "Perhaps, be appreciative."

His eyes were on your bodice as you got closer or more precisely, the swell of your breasts above the fabric. "How much?"

"Very," you purred, your hands lifting to tug at the laces holding your dress together. It was rather bold of you, but the way he was watching you gave you confidence.

A soft hiss left him as the dress slid down your body but you stopped it before even your nipples were bared. His eyes narrowed at you and you knew he wasn't impressed. He growled your name and it made everything in you tighten.

"At your service," you murmured, letting go of the fabric.

His gaze followed the dress as it fell, his eyes so intent they felt like a heated caress. "Good," he said, his voice so low it made chills dance across your skin. Seeing you shiver, he held out a hand. "It's cold tonight."

"Are you going to warm me up?" you teased, unable to help yourself.

The look that crossed his face made your bones melt and you took his hand, letting him help you into the bath. Before you could decide where you should sit, he gave you a tug, forcing you down so you were kneeling over his lap. You weren't sure which was hotter, the water surrounding you or the places where your skin was touching his.

Despite your earlier bravado, you weren't sure what he wanted you to do next. The end result was obvious by the hardened length brushing against you, but-Your thoughts were cut off when his hand tunnelled into your hair and pulled you forward. There was no foreplay to his kiss; he cut right to it, his tongue slipping between your parted lips to stroke your own. You could feel his hands tightening in your hair and on your hip as you returned the kiss and it spurred you on.

Starting at his shoulders, your hands stroked everything they could touch. Trailing along the firm muscles in his chest, your nails scraped lightly at him, making him groan into your mouth. You didn't stop there. Stroking along his sides, you followed the dips and planes of the bones and muscles that made up the solid dwarf you were sitting on. Nothing was off limits as you slowly stroked ever downward.

"Mahal," he growled, pulling his mouth away from yours as your fingers slid down past his naval.

You smiled, leaning forward to press kisses along his bearded cheek. The rasp of the coarse hair against your skin wasn't unpleasant and you couldn't help yourself from rubbing your cheek briefly against his. You didn't linger though, somehow knowing that the heir of Durin would not want to be toyed with for long. Your mouth trailed down his neck as his head tipped back and your wandering fingers slid a little lower.

When your fingers brushed against his length, he bucked under you, causing a startled laugh to leave you. "Easy, my king," you breathed, your mouth moving so you could nip at his ear. "We're only just starting."

That earned you a growling groan and his hips lifted again as your fingers stroked down his shaft. "I'm not one for teasing," he bit out.

"No, but you should be rewarded after chasing me for so long," you murmured, flicking your tongue down his neck.

Whatever he was going to say in response was lost as he moaned instead as your fingers wrapped firmly around him. His own fingers dug into your hip, silently urging you to do more than just hold him and you were completely willing to give him what he wanted.

Sliding your hand down the length of him, more heat flooded you at the pleasured noises leaving him as you stroked him. Each time one left his parted lips, fire flashed through you, building your own passion. How you were supposed to last once he actually touched you, you weren't sure. Every time his hips lifted, pushing him into your hands, his thighs brushed against the sensitive flesh between your legs and you had to bite down on your lip to keep yourself from crying out.

You felt his hands move on you, slowly sliding across your slick skin before a gasp left you as he cupped your breasts. His hands were rough against you, typical for one who had spent his entire life training with weapons or working at a forge. It made you shiver in pleasure and your back arched to push more of you into his hands. His low chuckle made liquid heat pulse through you and you couldn't resist him when he urged you up further on your knees. A sound of protest left you when his cock slid from your fingers, but it quickly died as his lips closed around one of your nipples.

"Thorin!" you gasped, your head falling back as he sucked and nipped at you. Your hands came up to grip his hair, holding him to you as he stroked your desire higher. Every tug of his lips and pinch of his fingers made you squirm above him, your body aching for what he wasn't giving you yet.

You were so focused on what his mouth was doing, you almost missed it as his free hand slid down your torso. Your breath caught as he swirled his tongue around your nipple, his fingers repeating the pattern on the skin low on your belly. When Thorin made no move to go onward, you dropped your chin and found him gazing up at you. Your nipple was still caught firmly in his mouth, his tongue lazily flicking over it while his fingers rolled the other between them. The hand on your stomach was skimming slowly over the skin but not moving downward.

"I thought," you whispered, your breath catching as he nipped at you, "you didn't like teasing."

A wicked light shone in his eyes and he cocked a brow at you. When he made a low noise, almost humming deeply against your skin, it was all you could do not to scream in pleasure. But it made you aware of the distinction. He didn't want you teasing him, but he was completely fine teasing you.

"Please!" you cried, wanting to rise up a little more so his hand would move down. But that would mean removing his mouth from where it was and you didn't want that yet.

Thorin's chuckle made your stomach clench even further, but his hand slid down and cupped between your legs.

The noise that left you was somewhere between a pleased cry and a thankful sob. His fingers lightly stroked over you, skimming as gently as they had over your stomach. It was enough to drive you insane. You felt him smile against you as if he knew how much he was frustrating you and it sparked something else inside you.

Tugging on his hair, you fought off the whimper that wanted to leave you as his mouth left your breast. Before he could say anything, you leaned down to kiss him, pouring your need and frustration into it. The hand still on your breast tightened for a moment before it slid around you, pressing between your shoulder blades to pull you closer to him. Your breasts pressed against the hard planes of his chest, the coarse hair there rubbing against your sensitive skin. A soft hiss left you at the contact, but you wrapped your arms around him, not moving away for a second.

A surprised cry left you when the hand between your legs suddenly shifted just enough for him to sink a finger inside you. You didn't move away from it, instead pressing your hips down as much as you could, trying to take more of him inside. Your muscles tightened as his thumb brushed against your folds, gently parting you before pressing down on your clit. Your body bucked in response, the pleasure sparking through you almost too much. He didn't let you get far though, pulling you back even as his finger curled inside you to rub against that hidden spot.

Your fingers clench in his hair almost as tightly as your muscles around his finger. He doesn't cease rubbing though, if anything your body's reactions urge him on. You can't help gasping into the kiss, your mind nearly shutting down from the pleasure he's finally giving you. Somehow you manage to pull away from the kiss, your body shaking as you hovered on the edge of release.

A gasp ripped from you when he suddenly pulled his finger out of you, disbelief cracking through the pleasure. "Thorin!" you cried, looking down at him and shaking your head. "Don't tease me now!"

His eyes were dark as his hands settled on your hips. "I want to be inside you when you come," he said, his voice low and commanding.

Just like that your displeasure faded and your hands slid down his body. His soft hiss as your fingers closed around him again made you smile faintly, but you wasted no time in moving him so he was positioned at your entrance. You had barely let go of him when his hips jerked up, his cock thrusting hard inside you.

You bit down on your lip to keep from crying out as he stretched you, his foreplay not enough to get you ready for him. A soft noise leaves you as warm lips wander over your shoulders and up your neck. Your eyes slide shut as he kisses you gently, your body relaxing just enough for him to shift under you. The shallow thrust was nearly your undoing.

He groaned your name as your muscles clench around him, squeezing him and not letting him pull out of you. "You're going to kill me," he panted in your ear.

No, there would be no killing; unless he stopped. But his hands were gripping your hips tightly as he kept thrusting short and hard inside you. Gradually, his thrusts became longer as your body became wet enough for him to easily move inside you, even with the tight grip of your muscles around him.

"Mahal," you panted, your head falling back as he worked your passion again. He filled you to the brink, his entire cock sliding inside you now. Molten desire was curling deep within you and every thrust stoked it that much higher. Your hands latched onto his shoulders as you clung to him, your body wanting nothing more than to shatter already. You wouldn't last if he kept on like this, but you weren't sure that you actually wanted to.

His breaths were hot against your ear as he kept thrusting hard and deep, the muttered words leaving him setting you aflame. His fingers were digging into the soft curve of your hips as he brought you down to meet every thrust, but you didn't care. The slight pain only added to what you were feeling and pushed you that much closer to release.

"Thorin," you moaned, unable to stand it anymore. You wanted to come. You wanted him to make you come.

A low curse left him and one of his hands slid down between your bodies. Your teeth sunk into your lip again as his thumb rubbed firmly at your clit, never breaking his pace and not letting up as your breaths grew erratic. It didn't take long for that touch to send you over the edge.

You sucked in a sharp breath as your pleasure cracked sending you tumbling into orgasm. Before any cry could leave you, Thorin claimed your mouth again. The kiss was demanding and hard, exactly the same as he was moving between your legs. Your nails dug into the muscles bunching in his shoulders as pleasure kept exploding inside you with every thrust he made. It felt like it went on forever, a constant circle of demands and pleasure, before he groaned deeply into your mouth and his hips jerked under yours.

Gasping for air as he broke the kiss, you watched him slump back against the tub as his body slowly calmed under you. His hips were still shifting, moving him deliciously inside you, but it was quieter, not as insistent as before. "Thorin," you murmured, your voice husky.

His lips curled upward and blue eyes cracked open to look at you. "Winter nights are long and cold in the mountains," he said, his voice as husky as yours. "It takes a while to get warm once the chill sets in."

You returned his smile, leaning forward to press your chest against his even as your arms looped around his neck. "I'm ever at your service, my king," you purred, suddenly looking forward to the rest of your night.

A/N: *coughs* Uhm, hi. So yeah about this..I don't even know where this came from. I should honestly be studying for an exam tomorrow but this took hold of my brain. I know this isn't what I've been posting, but it was a nice little break from the usual. It was honestly harder to write than I thought it would be because it's been a long time since I've written smut of any kind and never one where it's a reader story. (I think I mostly wrote it because I found a few good ones over on tumblr and it inspired me to try my hand at it) And I really don't know what else to say so I'm going to stop now before I embarrass myself further.

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