Summary: (Continuation of previous Bofur one shot Darkness) After spending a bit of time with him, your mind is made up but is it too late?

It had been a week, a week since he'd come back to your home, a week since he had told you all that had happened, a week since his question had come out without him meaning it to. You were sure that his backpedalling had been automatic, a response to what he thought was no doubt something that was off putting to you. But more than that you had thought his stammering cute and had kissed him to silence the stream of words that were quickly becoming panicked babble.

However, the question remained and had been consuming your thoughts for the past seven days.

Walking absently through the market, you nodded and smiled at the people you passed. You weren't making a lot of small talk and they could tell you were distracted. Most knew of Bofur's return, had greeted him like the old friend that he was. For the most part, he would be down at the tavern, treating everyone to songs and stories of his adventure. He didn't tell all of it, had only mentioned it to you in the safety of your bedroom when he was wrapped tight in your embrace. His heart was hurt and it would take a long time to heal. You both knew that and you knew that was part of the reason for his question.

A soft sigh left you as your feet took you toward the tavern. He would be there, not drinking because the last time he had truly drank anything he had overslept, but doing what he did best. His way with words was astounding and it was so easy to get caught up in his stories. It was more than that though. You had been separated from him for so long that you wanted nothing more than to be near him, to hear his voice and see his smile.

Pushing the door open when you reached it, you slipped inside but were surprised to find that there was no story rolling through the room. In fact, it was the usual chatter and nothing like what it had been for the past week.

"He isn't here, love," one of the barmaids said as she came around.

"What do you mean?" you asked, frowning. How could he not be here? Where else would he be?

She lifted a shoulder in a shrug, placing a tankard in front of a patron. "He hasn't come around today. Figured he was home with you."

The suggestion under her words didn't even fluster you. Everyone knew of the relationship between the pair of you and you were mature enough to not care if anyone whispered about it. But what bothered you was that Bofur had left your home hours ago and you had simply assumed he was here. Now the question was where was he?

Leaving the tavern without a backwards glance, you started back through the town. Your gaze swept back and forth, looking for the silly hat he so rarely took off. Where could he be? The town wasn't overly large so it wasn't like there were many places for him to hide. Not that you thought he was actually hiding. You had caught him a few times, staring off into space with a deep sadness in his eyes and you knew he was thinking about the events of his adventure.

"Aye, lass, we were rewarded for our misfortunes, more gold than a dwarf like me could ever hope to have, but the price for it was too much. I never wanted gold that was paid for with someone else's life blood, let alone all three of them."

You made a soft noise, cuddling a little closer under his chin. His hand was lazily trailing up and down your spine, the motion comforting to you but possibly a reaction to stress and grief for him.

"We followed him to that mountain without hesitation, despite everything that happened between here and there. And for all that we faced, none of us every thought we'd lose them. Not Thorin or the lads and to know that they're gone? That they'll never enjoy anything that they fought for?"

When his voice died away, you lifted your head to look at him. His eyes were so stricken, the pain in them tangible and making your own heart clench. "If you'd known that this was how it would end, would you still have gone?" you asked gently.

His eyes closed on a deep sigh before he met your gaze. "Aye," he said honestly. "Nothing in the world could change my decision because I'm better for knowing them, even if it was for such a short time."

Panic was starting to settle in your heart as you searched to no avail for him. He wouldn't have left, not without telling you. Yes, he had been rather reserved this morning but you didn't think that that meant that he would be leaving. Surely not. You hadn't given him an answer to his question.

Gathering your skirts, you forgot all manner of decency and ran through the streets, desperate to get back to your home. He had to be there. You'd been out for quite a while. He could have gone back without you knowing.

Your breaths were coming in short gasps as you pushed the door open to your home with more force than necessary. "Bofur?" you called out, your voice thin as you tried to get enough air into your lungs. "Bofur?"

The silence stretched out for longer than you knew would happen if he was here.

A shaking noise escaped your lips as nothing but the sounds of your own panting rang in your ears. There was no quiet playing of a flute or the steady steps on the stairs as he came down them or the soft humming he was so fond of when he attempted to make something over the stove. The door handle slid from your numb fingers as you stepped further into the house, the door sliding shut behind you.

"No," you whispered, unable to believe that he was gone. He couldn't be gone. He just couldn't be. "Please…Bofur?"

There was still no answer and your legs gave out. Sinking to the floor, you couldn't stop the tears that started trailing down your cheeks. He was gone. He had left. Without you getting to tell him your answer.

Burying your face in your hands, a sob escaped you as you realised you had waited too long. Why had you waited? You knew your answer as soon as the question had left him and you should have just said it instead of letting him babble. You hadn't needed a week to think about it. You had known before he'd even asked the question. What had stopped you from saying what you both needed to hear?

Pain rippled through you as you realised you had lost your chance. There was no going back from this. He was most likely long gone from the town and you had no way of finding him. You'd rarely left your home so attempting to find him would be a laughable attempt and only serve to injure yourself.

"Bofur," you breathed, your heart breaking at the thought of him being gone.

Everything in you froze when you heard a floorboard squeak from the kitchen. Lifting your head slowly, you stared at the open door leading into it, trying not to hope. He was gone…wasn't he? But you could hear the solid thumps of feet on wood and then he was there in the doorway. A noise of disbelief bubbled past your lips and it caught his attention.

The smile that instantly formed on his face at the sight of you quickly faded when he actually looked at you. "Love," he said, hurrying across the room to fall to his knees in front of you. "What's wrong? Why are you crying? Are you hurt? Talk to me."

He was here. Shaking hands reached out to cup his face, you were almost scared that you were hallucinating in your grief. "You're…here," you hiccupped, your voice cracking.

His brows drew together under the brim of his hat, his mouth pulling down in a frown. "Aye, of course I am. I went for a walk down to the mines just to see. Lost track of time a bit, thinking if you can believe it. I don't see what-" He stopped talking when you fell forward, mashing your lips to his.

A tiny sob left you as his arms slid behind you, steadying you and holding you close as you attempted to kiss him. It was a horrible try and you ended it before you could embarrass yourself further. But he followed you as you pulled back, his mouth barely leaving yours. Sighing, you sank into the caress, soaking in everything he was giving you.

It was softer than your kiss, a gentle brush of his lips on yours. He didn't deepen it, keeping it light and sweet. His fingers drew little circles on your back and made you melt into him. "Lass," he murmured against you, "what was this about?"

You took a deep breath, feeling foolish at how you'd reacted. But you needed to tell him. "I thought you'd left," you said simply.

Bofur pulled back at that, dark eyes roaming over your face. "Left? As in, left you behind?" he echoed.

Your shoulders rose and fell in a shrug.

"Love, I came back to you," he murmured. "I crossed nearly the whole of Middle Earth to come back to you. Do you really think that I would leave you without a single word?"

Tears stung your eyes again and you truly felt a fool. "I was scared," you admitted. "You've changed just enough that I didn't know what to think."

"Then think about the fact that you're one of the only things that kept me going while I followed Thorin. The thought of you waiting for me to come back gave me reason to keep going. Think about that when you think I'm going to do something silly like leave you behind."

Your heart swelled in your chest, the words you wanted to tell him bubbling on your lips. You didn't get to say them when he kissed you again, stealing your breath as this one carried more heat than the last.

"I spent nearly every night thinking of you," Bofur breathed, trailing his lips to your ear. "You tormented me when I slept because you were always in my dreams but you were never there when I woke up. Months I had where you were only a phantom on my mind and you nearly drove me insane."

"I'm sorry?" you whispered, trembling as he kissed a path down your neck.

"Why would you be sorry? You didn't do anything except be yourself and that was more than enough for me to fall in love with you."

Warmth flooded you at the words and your hands tightened on his shoulders. "Bofur, I-"

"Shh," he breathed, his lips on your face again as he kissed away your tears. "Let me convince you that I will never leave you."

Your breath caught as he slowly eased you down onto the floor, unable and unwilling to stop him as he did so. This wasn't what you'd been expecting when you'd come home and-A moan eased past your lips as his hands slid down your sides, his palms nearly burning you through your dress.

"Easy, lass," Bofur murmured. "I mean to show you what you mean to me."

You already knew and wanted to tell him that but your voice failed as his hands came back up your body, your skirts lifting to expose your legs. Shivering as the tips of his rough fingers grazed your thighs, you couldn't help your little squirm as he did nothing more than ghost his hands over your skin.

"Always so impatient."

Pushing yourself up on your elbows, you lifted a brow at him. "I'm impatient? I haven't forgotten how you came back to me," you said, daring him to deny it.

His eyes glinted, his tongue swiping slowly over his lips. "Aye, I haven't forgotten either," he said, his voice low and making your toes curl in your boots. "But you deserve better than that."

You didn't look away from him, even as his fingers hooked into your underclothes and pulled them down your legs. You did squirm, however, as he kept your gaze, the heat in his eyes making an answering warmth spark inside you. The cloth was unhooked from one leg but he didn't seem to care enough to take it off fully.

Bofur shifted, moving back on the floor so he was kneeling at your feet and his gaze swept over you. "I should take you upstairs," he mused, rubbing his hand slowly back and forth over his mouth. "Strip you fully and have you in your bed."

Shaking your head when he looked like he was going to stand up, you whispered, "Later we can go upstairs. I want you here, now."

He chuckled lightly, his hands sliding slowly up your legs again. "So demanding," he chided, his thumbs rubbing circles along the insides of your thighs. "My lass sure knows what she wants."

Right now you wanted him to touch you. Surely he could see that you were ready for him, for however he wanted to take you. Your hips lifted slightly as his palms moved to press flat against your hip bones before he pushed you back down. Arms trembling as he settled between your legs, you couldn't help your thighs from spreading a bit more, anticipation singing through your veins.

Your arms gave out when his tongue swiped out, licking you in one long pass. The breath rushed from you as your back thumped on the floor, stars exploding in front of your eyes as he came back to tease your clit with the tip of his tongue. Your muscles clenched in response, thighs trying to close on his head.

He stopped you, his hands sliding down to push them back apart. His thumbs rubbed the very top of the insides of your thighs before shifting just enough to part slick folds. A low rumble, almost a purr, left him as he bared you to him and his tongue ran over you again. This time it was a leisurely stroke as he took his time to make sure he hit every pleasurable inch of flesh that he could.

One of your hands clapped over your mouth as a loud moan slipped out of you. It was the middle of the day. Anyone could be passing by on the street outside. It was one thing for the town to assume what was going on behind closed doors; it was a completely different matter for them to actually hear it. You bit down on your lip when Bofur simply chuckled, the deep sound washing over sensitive flesh and making it tingle in response.

"Later, I'll get those moans out of you," he promised, his voice thick. "When proper folk won't hear."

Damn his ability to know what you were thinking. Your palm muffled a whimper as he closed his lips around your clit, the hot warmth of his mouth making your hips buck up into him before he even did anything. But it only seemed to encourage him and he flicked his tongue out again.

Your free hand shot down to grip him as the tip of his tongue drew lazy circles around your clit. Fire was sparking through your veins as he grazed the sensitive bud and you couldn't stop yourself from jerking every time. You knew it was coming. You knew that his playful teasing wouldn't last forever. But you still weren't prepared for it when he started sucking on you.

His name fell from your lips, broken as your voice cracked on pleasure. Your fingers fisted in his hat, pulling him closer to you. He didn't protest, sucking strongly on you even as his tongue made wet passes over your clit. You felt one of his hands shift on you, could barely process where it was going before thick fingers slid inside you.

The moan was more of a gasp this time, your body lifting to push against him, to try to get him deeper. He sank his fingers in as far as he could get them, giving you a second to adjust before they were slowly pulling back. Your breath hitched as he curved them at the last moment, striking that spot inside you he'd been the only one to find.

His tongue swirled over you one more time before his mouth lifted even as he pushed his fingers back inside. Hazy eyes watched him as he shifted his body up, covering yours as he braced himself with his free arm and continued to fuck you with his fingers. "Look at you," he murmured, brushing his lips over the crook of your neck. "Flushed and panting and we've barely done anything."

"Shut up," you moaned, arching into him as he curled his fingers again. Your entire body trembled as he kept them there this time, rubbing against that bit of flesh that was more sensitive than the rest. "Bofur…."

"I can feel how wet you are for me," he continued, like he hadn't even heard your. Or maybe he didn't care. "Your body aching yet, love?"

You turned your face to press it against his neck as he kissed up to your ear, panting as his fingers started moving again but this time it was different. He wasn't thrusting them deep inside like you wanted him to; no, he was shifting them just enough to put pressure on that spot and hitting it every time he moved. Heat filled your cheeks as the wet sounds of what he was doing rang in your ears and you couldn't stop the whimpering moans from leaving you as he didn't stop.

"There," Bofur rumbled, his mouth pressed to your ear. "That little quiver always give you away, love. When I feel that, I know that you're not going to be able to help yourself."

It was impossible to not know what he was talking about, not when you could feel your limbs trembling as pleasure threatened to overwhelm you. Your thighs were squeezing his hips, clenching as he pushed you harder. Your breaths were coming in choppy pants as he kept striking that spot and you barely had enough time to inhale before you were crying out as your climax claimed you.

A rush of hot words left him as you rocked on his hand, your hips working against his fingers as you sought out every drop of pleasure you could get from them. Both of your hands were digging into his jacket, jerking at it while your body shuddered. Your head tipped back against the floor and your muscles strained as everything in you shut down and lit up at the same time. You were completely lost in the sensations, drowning in bliss, but you still managed to protest when his fingers slid out of you.

"I'm not done with you yet," he promised hotly in your ear, his hand brushing against searing flesh as he dealt with his trousers.

You ran your teeth over your lower lip before a slow sigh left you when you felt the warm head of his erection press to you. "Inside, Bofur," you pleaded, lifting your head so you could press your lips to his ear. "I need you inside."

The noise that left him was broken and deep and his hips shoved forward, burying him to the hilt inside you. The slick friction was enough to have you bucking against him, your fingers tightening in his coat as you pulled him closer. You stayed like that for a moment, savouring the feel of being joined with him again. But it didn't last.

The desire to move, to have more, overcame you first. Your hips rolled smoothly under him, barely moving his cock but it was enough. He shifted scant inches, but when you pressed up against him again, he rubbed against your clit in a delicious way. You worked him for a handful of seconds before he growled and pulled his hips back on his own.

"Yes!" you gasped as he withdrew so only the head of him was inside before sliding back in all the way.

His teeth scraped against your neck as he kept taking you with long, hard thrusts. One of his hands was gripping your hip, his fingers slick from being inside you and digging in as he pulled you into him with each thrust. His knees were braced between your legs, hitching your thighs over them so he could get deeper.

He was stroking all of you as he took you, his body rubbing the length of yours. The fabric of your dress was moving over your nipples, tightening them further and making them ache for his mouth. Desperate noises were falling from your lips as he rocked harder against you and there was no way you could stop your moan when he sank deep before slowly grinding down against you. Stars exploded inside your skin as he pressed on your clit, your muscles tightening on him further.

"Aye," he said lowly, dragging the word into a soft hiss. "Do it again, squeeze me like you're going to come for me."

Her breath caught sharply at the words, your body obeying without thought. He growled, his mouth leaving stinging kisses all over your neck and filling your ears with more provocative words. You tried to block them out, to ignore what they were doing to you but it wasn't possible. Everything he said, you did. Your body was lost to the pleasure he was giving you and you knew it wouldn't be long before-

"Come for me, love," Bofur breathed, his lips back at your ear. "Let me feel you."

You cried out, helpless as your body obeyed. Writhing under him, you bucked as you lost control. You would have lost everything if you hadn't been clinging to him. Through the ripples of pleasure coursing through you, you could still feel him thrusting, pushing you to your very limit. Or was he pushing himself to his. You were dimly aware of his own shaking, his pants against your neck as you squeezed him, silently demanding he join you.

A shudder worked its way down your spine when a low groan tore from him, his hips jerking as he thrust hard into you. Your arms slid around him, pulling him close as his pants turned to gasps and he buried his face in your neck. As you stayed pressed together, you weren't sure where your trembles began and his ended.

Blinking your eyes open slowly, you stared dazedly at the ceiling above you and whispered, "Yes."

Bofur made a muffled noise before groaning as he pushed himself up so he could meet your gaze. "What was that, love?" he asked, his voice hoarse.

You smiled softly, your hands moving to cup his cheeks. "Your question," you reminded him gently, "about coming with you to Erebor. My answer is yes."

His brows pulled together like you were talking crazy before realization slowly dawned on him.

Watching as his mouth curved upward into the smile you loved, you couldn't help yourself as you started laughing in delight. He wouldn't leave you. You knew that for certain and you would make sure that he understood that you would never leave him either.

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