Lost lab

So this is my first one so it might have spelling things in it so sorry so if it is in this they r thinking it. And these doses have a little bit of kickin it but just a little


Look down as my best dreams and my worst nightmares come true I am in love but with both of my best friends well my bros but we were found bye 3 diff family's but Big D took us as his own kids so it is ok but I still have Kim she is my bffe but she moved so now I have no one talk with face to face but I can call her I will I am going to call her (types the ) I wait come on pick up.


Girlfriend Kim said to me I smiled.

Hey you know how a have a crush on Adam.

Yes ewww (they both laugh).

Well I kind of have a crush on chase to.

Well do you still have a crush on Adam?

Well I think so.

Well what are you going to do?

I do not know.

Well I need to go sorry but good luck.

Ok bye ily.


Wow I am just sitting at school it is so boring Bree did not want to come so all I have is Adam and little Leo.

After school just sit there in the lab bored training on my computer and Leo walks in he is making he's sad faces "what is that…bad "I said laughing. I really want the know c.o.d (call of duty) game but big D said no so can you being the best can you please help me get it "

Well you stole my old all my money so I cannot get it I said with a disapproving look

"Oh yer that was Adam "he said quickly

"That was not I wait….. What was not me" Adam said as he walked in he always seems to do that

Leo just told me that you were the one that took my money

"Yes you did it didin you Adam"

"What's going on peeps" bree walked in with her lushes' hair

"Leo is telling that Adam took all my money do you know where is went"

"I think I I mean we soar Adam with it sorry Adam opps Chase" she said quickly and bolted out of there crying

"That was weird guess what I just installed new cams all over the house so let us see what is on there" as I pull up the cam and see bree and Leo burning of the money I look at him

"Oh I see myself or is that a clone or am Ii am going to get food" Adam said Leo and I just shake our heads

"I am sorry chase we want to see what colures the fire will be it was rainbow"

"That's ok but no game from me"

"Time for bed Leo and chase in to your tube we both hear" Mir davenport say

"Ok" we both say

"Well I better go to sleep"

"Ok I will see you tomorrow"

"Yep bye" as he runs out I heap watching the tape and I see bree crying I listing

"Hey you know how a have a crush on Adam" wow she dose "Well I kind of have a crush on chase to" omg so she dose like me

"Who likes you" bree said coming in with Adam

"Yer who or who do you like" Adam said

"Oh just this chick form pe" I aid trying to shut it down but

It did not work and she heard it

I do not know

Ok bye ily

"What is that" yelling at him?


Omg did he hear the whole think I look around to see Adam already asleep in the tube he look so cute ok back to chase

"How much did you see" I am still yelling at him

"Well a bit maybe all" he said

"Omg" now I am crying again

"Bree we can just talk"

The talking is done you have been spying on me you you

Than I am pushing him with my super sped into the tube into Adam wakes up


I wake up to see everything on the ground and chase getting head locked into Brees tube

What happened?

Then I saw chase go in to commando app though bree is beating him then Big D came down to make sure we are in our tubes but


What is going on here? I am shocked

All I see is bree crying and fighting chase chase is in commando mode and Adam in his tube watching his

Adam helps me by grabbing bree and I grab chase.


Adam grabbed me I am trying to get out

"Adam let go or I will push you" I yelled and every one came down to help

I punched Adam but I forgot that he is a brick

And I broke me hand

"Ow" that really hurt

"Do you want to stop now" he said looking down at me softly still hugging me

Chase said "you know what bree I feel the same way" and just leafed

I started crying again but Adam was still hugging me so I started dig myself into him slowly he liked it a lot

Adam's POV

Omg I hope she loves me I love her so much wait what no I should not love her chases loves her I cannot hurt chase he is so little + he thinks I am so dumb jokes on him I am only partly I feel her getting heaver on me she is asleep on me so cute but not mine so I put her in her tube and cheeked the time is was 10PM so I went to mine


What happen was I in commode mode crap we did a fight I have Tasha and Big D keep tell me to stay

"I am back it is chase sorry what happened was I in spike did I hurt bree

"I would like to know that to go get some sleep" he said


I went down to my tube to see…

Lol I will tell you next week I hope you like it please tell me I will have more for you then bye