Hey guys (:

This is my first try on Bones, so please don't be too hard on me but still I would be glad about a few comments so I can improve.

This can contain mistakes about the plot because I haven't seen all episodes yet.

Also there can be misspellings or grammar errors since I'm from Germany, I'm sorry for that ;)

Well, I guess it's obvious but I still need to say it, right?

I do not own Bones :o

I know there's something in the wake of your smile

I get a notion from the look in your eyes

You've built a love, but that love falls apart

Your little piece of heaven, turns too dark

With a sigh I let myself fall back in my favorite chair. I knew this was ridiculous, having a favorite chair but I connected one special memory with it and every time I sat here, the memory felt a bit more real.

I always saw, felt Booth holding me in that chair, looking at me in his way, smiling.

I let him so close, so close that I finally had to push him away.

I may was regretting my choice but it seemed like the only right way back then.

I loved him but all I could keep were the memories we shared and now carry on with my life like he never even touched it.

It shouldn't matter that I loved him so much it hurt, it shouldn't matte what my heart was saying.

All that should matter where the facts, and these said that it would be the best for me to just move on.

And that would surely be the best for him aswell.