And before you
I had nowhere to run to
Nothing to hold on to
I came so close to giving it up
And I wonder if you know
How it feels to let you go?

I really started to wonder if she tought that this was easy for me.

After all, there was always a big difference between saying and doing.

I mean, she was pretty smart, so how could she believe all these lies?

How was it that she couldn't see the truth in my eyes?

Did that just proof that she never believed in anything I told her before?

That she didn't believe that I was lost before her?

That she didn't believe that I would have given up without her?

That she didn't believe that she saved me?

I never asked her to stay because I couldn't find the right words, not because I wanted her to leave.

Even though that was it what I said, because it was much easier to confess.

How could she possibly think that this was the truth?

Well, maybe it was because she wanted to believe the lie.

Wanted to believe that I could let go of her as easily as she obviously let go of me...