This is stupid. I have no idea why I started writing this story, only that it involves two of my greatest loves. Doctor Who and Homestuck. Any and all mistakes are mine and only mine. I own none of the characters. I hope that some people out there enjoy the madness. Even if it is badly written madness.

Ah well, on with the story.

The Last One Standing

The TARDIS landed with a thump and, with a flare of energy that was wasted as no one was there to see it, the Doctor threw wide the doors and stared.

He was in a room. Well, of course he was in a room. He was either in a room or outside and this was definitely indoors. What was surprising was how oddly empty the whole place felt. He hadn't been to a place that seemed this devoid of life since...well, since he had been left on his own by Amy and Rory.

He was still getting used to the inside of the TARDIS being empty except for him. It was very lonely, but he understood he'd find himself a companion sooner or later. He always did. But right now he was just drifting wherever the TARDIS felt he had to go on his own. Usually that involved helping individuals.

None seemed right to him so far, but hey, that will change soon enough.

He just had to find the right individual.

Stepping out of the TARDIS he looked around. Metal walls, metal floors, computers against the walls and a transporter in the middle of the room to lead somewhere else.

"Alright sexy, let's see where this leads hey?" he said, shutting the door behind him and taking off towards the transporter.

It took him to a smaller room with two empty chests and two more transporters. Scratching his head, he turned to one of them, and went to wherever it would take him. It took him to a room filled with transporters. Only one was active, above it floated a holographic image of the Earth astrological sign of Cancer.

"Well, looks like there's only one way to go then," he said out loud to himself in an urge to hear something other than the silence that seemed to be everywhere in whatever the heck this place was.

The first thing he thought when he used the machine to get to the next place was a relaxing 'oh thank God, I'm not alone any longer' the next thought was 'I hear someone crying'. Following the noise, he soon found the person the noise was coming from.

Leaning down he looked at the sight in front of him and frowned. "Hello? I'm the Doctor, is there anything I can do to help?"

The boy looked up and the Doctor raised an eyebrow at him. He had only managed to see a mess of black hair and what had looked like short nubby bony protrusions from the head before. Then he saw the grey skin and the teeth of a species he thought to be myth.

Well, the purple everywhere now made sense. It was blood. And judging from the red tears this kid was crying it was not his.

He doesn't answer with words, just shakes his head and holds the other one closer. The source of the purple blood is coming from the one he holds. Taller and with towering horns coming out of his head, this is more what he imagined an Alternian Troll to look like. That one was clearly very much dead now.

They sat there on the floor until tears stopped and exhaustion took over. And still the smaller living one didn't let go of his friend or fall asleep. Instead he glared at him. "You can't be human. What the fuck are you doing here?!" he asked. The voice was harsh and scratchy and hoarse. He must have been screaming bloody murder earlier.

"No, I'm not human. And I just arrived here on my ship. What happened here?"

He looked down at his dead friend and back up at him. "He went fucking nuts. Began killing everyone. I...I had no choice. I didn't know what else to do..."



"You were close I take it?"

The boy nodded. "He was my fucking moirail. I thought I could keep him in line, but I guessed wrong didn't I? Fuck! I'm a pathetic loser alright? And past me was even worse than present me."

Okay, this kid was in definite need of more help he could give if he actively thought anything he did in the past was done by someone else that just happened to look and act like him. "Er..."

"Yeah, yeah, I know, past me is me. It just...became a thing. An interesting memo system meant that I ended up yelling at myself from the past or future a lot. It became a thing. I know they're all me. Don't even bother fucking saying it..."

"You're repeating yourself."

"Oh, I'm so sorry if it insults your all high and mighty powers of fucking thinking. I'm holding the body of my dead moirail. I could really use my moirail right now, considering his body is in my hands. Talk about a hell of a double reach around...fuck..."

The Doctor knew that if he wasn't exhausted beyond tears he would have just started crying again. Well, this was a brilliant situation the TARDIS had landed him in this time. "Is there anyone else here still alive?"

The boy shook his head sadly, before gripping his dead moirail even closer and began to slowly rock. Right, shock, he should really get a blanket or something to put over the poor fellow. "I'll be right back. I'm going to get you something to help with the shock."

Making his way back to the TARDIS, the Doctor stopped to investigate the other transporters. He concluded each one seemed to lead to another room, each one coinciding with an astrological sign. All twelve were there. The purple one the same as the blood you had just been subjected to happened to come from Capricorn. Hmm. It didn't mean much now, but it may in the future. He stored that information away in his brain, before retracing his steps back to the TARDIS and found a blanket by the door waiting for him.

"Oh, good girl. Guess it is our duty to help him. I can't leave him here on his own like this. I may have to bring the dead one too though."

He made his way slowly back to the kid, wanting to give him a bit of time alone to at least try and compose himself a bit better. When he got back, the boy was sitting up against the wall and no longer holding the dead one. He was hugging his knees close and shivering.

"Here. I got you a blanket. You should keep warm and keep talking. It will help with the shock."

Young as he was, the look of determination to do the exact opposite of what was said was standing out quite plainly in his eyes. The Doctor sighed, walked over to him and sat down by his side, carefully missing the blood pooled on the floor. He carefully draped the heated blanket over shaking shoulders and watched as small, yellow clawed hands reached out to pull it closer.

"Fine. Thanks..."

So, he could have manners if he chose to use them. Not that he could really blame him for being angry at the world. Alternia he had managed to learn from his studies in the Academy had been one hell of a harsh world.

But Alternia was never there. He had no idea what had happened for that to be true. It was a mystery to all. The information gathered on the planet came from second hand knowledge from humans in an alternate timeline. If he tended to over think things he may start thinking of his own dead planet. He understood exactly how that felt.

"Come on, I'll take you somewhere safe. Umm, where exactly are we anyway, I kind of have no idea, the systems in my ship are going all wonky on me."

"How the fuck can you not know where we are? You're in the Void between universes you idiot. Time and Space are all fucked up here. Nothing but endless darkness and Horrorterrors."

Raising an eyebrow at the swearing, but deciding to let the language go if it helps calm him down, the Doctor thought on that. "Hmm, between universes. That's interesting. Alright, well, we'll find our way to a universe then, any will do me just fine."

The kid just stared at him. He blinked in return. "We can bring your dead moirail if you want. You can put him in stasis and bury him somewhere on a planet."

The boy looked at his dead friend, sighed and shook his head. "No. Leave him here with the others. It seems more fitting, somehow."

"Alright. Come on then, off we go. You can keep the blanket until we get inside. She can change the temperature to suit your needs."

They got up and made their way back to the first of the transporters. The boy was dragging his feet, almost reluctant to leave and he didn't know if it was because he was leaving his dead friends behind, or from the shock. At least the shivering was less pronounced. The poor kid will be able to sleep as soon as the worst of it had stopped. He looked like he could use some uninterrupted sleep.

"My ship!" he stated, waving his hand at the TARDIS. "She may not look like much on the outside, but she is dimensionally transcendental, bigger on the inside. She will give you a room you'll be comfortable in and help with translating alien languages. She's also very telepathic. She won't use it to spy on you in private or anything, she tends to leave you alone for the most part, mainly just setting up connections for translations and things like that. But, she will take what you like and make a suitable bedroom for you."

The boy just stared at him blankly. "Do you ever shut up?"

"Sorry, I tend to ramble sometimes. Tell me to shut up if I start, I won't take it personally, even if you mean it as such. I'm quite fond of my ship. Is there anything you're overly fond of? She can make it happen."

The boy blushed slightly and shifted from foot to foot. "Umm, I like movies. I can go on for ages on the quadrants and romance. It's...kind of my thing I suppose, if you can call it a thing. The others made fun of me for my love of romcoms."

"Well, there is a rec room available too, with any and all romcoms that you could want, though, mind you, none from your planet. I think we're from different universes. That would actually explain quite a bit now that I think of it."

The boy rubbed at his head and sighed. "I just want to sleep right now. I'm really tired."

Nodding, the Doctor quickly and hoping he didn't startle the lad, threw a hand over his shoulders and steered him inside. "Yes, you look like you're about to fall down from exhaustion. We'll find you a room and you can sleep. Oh, introductions! I already told you I'm the Doctor. Who are you?"

The boy froze for a moment. "You're not related in any way to Doc Scratch are you?"

Confused and showing it on his face, he shook his head. "I am not even sure who Doc Scratch is, unless you're talking about a pool term, but I can assure you that it probably has something to do with your universe and not mine."

The boy nodded with a scowl on his face, before nudging himself further into his blanket. "Karkat."

"Well, Karkat, welcome to the TARDIS. She'll take care of your bedding needs. Food will be in the kitchen. If there is no milk, we'll have to stop somewhere to get more. I drink tea. Do you drink tea?"

Karkat blinked up at him and shrugged. Grey and yellow eyes were looking droopy, so the Doctor grinned at him and once again steered the boy about. "Rooms are down this corridor here. The TARDIS can and will move rooms around, but just ask and she should point you in the right direction. If she's being nice she won't let us hunt for the room she has made you."

"You speak like the fucking ship is alive or something..."

"She is."

"Oh...okay...I think."

"Bathrooms are private, don't worry about that. Have I already said that? I may have already said that."

Shaking his head, Karkat buried himself even further into the blanket and, taking the hint, the Doctor led him down the corridor. The first door they came across had the boy's name etched on it, with the symbols of the four card suits.

The Doctor watched as Karkat reached a hand up to touch the words, and symbols. "No one can come in but me?"

"There should be a lock if you like your privacy that much."

Nodding, Karkat opened the door and entered the room. It was dark, but that was to be expected, from the little he knew of the species, the Alternian Troll was nocturnal by nature. Something to do with the brightness of their sun. He watched as the kid took in the room and looked around it himself. There was a bed that looked to be a thick skinned waterbed, which was original for the TARDIS. Usually she liked making non watery things in case they burst. One wall was stacked with bookshelves filled with what looked like romance novels from different planets. Well, the kid did say he liked romance so that was normal. There was also a desk with a laptop on it. It was all in red, black and grey.

"If this has anything I wanted, why is there a bed and not a recuperacoon instead?" Karkat asked, pointing to the offending piece of furniture.

"I don't even know what that is."

"It's what we sleep in. It's a hollowed out cubicle with sopor slime inside, it stops us from dreaming. We kind of have this awful fucked up past, and the whole damn species suffers nightmares because of it. It helps us to sleep. Not that there's anyone left of my species but me anymore..."

"I think the reason why you don't have one of them is because the TARDIS doesn't like the thought of the slime. But you won't need it anyway, and why she gave you a waterbed suddenly makes more sense. It will simulate as best it can being submerged in a liquid, but instead you'll be on top of a liquid. The TARDIS will make sure you have a dreamless sleep for a bit. She will stop that as it is important you come to terms with what has happened and dreams are the usual way for that process to take place. No wonder your species is so aggressive. The last bit you said I'll talk to you later about. Just know I know how that feels."

He made it a point not to pick Karkat up on his use of swear words which were drifting around in his otherwise normal speech patterns. If the TARDIS wasn't making a big deal out of it, it is probably a hard habit he had gotten into very young which would be hard to break.

He had heard much worse cursing before, anyway.

Watching the boy as he walked over to one of the bookshelves and pick out a book, he left him to it. Closing the door he heading towards his own room to go think. If what Karkat said was true and he really was the last of his species, he really had his work cut out from him. It was hard enough to deal with being as old as he was when it had happened and the only other person he had known and travelled with who had gone through the death of her species and world was Nyssa, and she had roomed with Tegan who had helped her deal with it, especially during the nights.

Karkat was much younger. At a guess, he had only recently entered puberty. A volatile enough time as it is. With this on top of it...

Well, things were about to get interesting.