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The werewolf-vampire hybrid stood outside the small house debating about how he would make his grand entrance and how he would kill the vampire inside.

Would he make it slow and painful or would he delay their deaths by making a casually conversation so that they were fearful? It was a hard choice. Pain or fear? He sighed as he chose pain. This female vampire had betrayed him so many years ago, to be exact, about four-hundred and twenty years ago and now he would get his revenge.

He walked meaningfully up to the doorstep and knocked on the door. After a couple of seconds a woman opened the door. As soon as she saw his face she was immediately shocked with fear.

"Hello love," he smiled.

"Klaus," she murmured with horror portraid all across her face and voice.

Before she could scream, run or ask any questions, Klaus stepped inside the house and grabbed her by the throat. She struggled as she tried to pull Klaus's hand away from her throat but his hand didn't budge.

"Wait, I have something to offer," she croaked as Klaus pushed her up the wall and pulled out a stake.

Klaus loosened his grip slightly, now he was interested. He nodded his head in an agreement for her to go on. What could she possible have that would be of interest to him?

"There's a girl," she croaked. "She's part healer." Klaus almost completely let go of the vampire.

"That's impossible! They're all dead! I killed them all myself!" Klaus spat at her.

It couldn't be possible! She was lying! She was trying to avoid being killed! Klaus had made sure that no healers existed over one thougsand years ago!

"It's true," she answered.

"Are you lying?" he said compelling her.

"No, I swear!" she answered as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Where?" Klaus asked.