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I grimaced as I rolled over. The pain in my neck was still there. I opened up my eyes to find myself alone. I shivered and raised a hand to my neck. Fresh blood. It hadn't healed. Where was everyone? The map suddenly flew in front of me. I tried to grab it but I couldn't move, like something was restraining me.

The red blood letters began to appear on the map, one by one.

'You no longer need me on you journey.'

'Follow your ancestors on your long and dangerous journey.'

That was just a little creepy.

I sat up instantly breathing heavily to be faced with Elijah. The look on his face was pure concern for me. I closed my eyes as my head began to spin wildly. I breathed out slowly.

"You okay?" Elijah asked frowning.

"Not really but when have I been okay?" I answered as I opened my eyes and searched for the map.

Was that just a dream or was it … a vision? Was it possible for people to get visions? Maybe it was possible, I mean after all, I wasn't exactly human, was I? In a casual movement, I lifted up my hand to my neck and then winced.

"Ow," I muttered.

Elijah looked at me with concern.

"I could heal that up for you, might save it from getting infected," Elijah offered.

"No, I'll manage," I answered.

"You sure?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah," I replied before trying to change the subject. "Where are Klaus and Kol?" I asked remembering the dagger and everything.

"Hopefully sorting everything out," Elijah said. "It runs in this family to have a violent temper.

"Have you got the map?" I asked after a second.

Elijah handed me the piece of paper. I unfolded it and looked at it carefully. Then I realised, it was only going to work if Klaus was there. Sighing, I was about to fold it up when a message appeared in the same red ink as before.

'Follow your instincts.'

'They shall guide you the rest of the way.'

I frowned and looked at Elijah.

"What does it say?" he asked curiously.

"Follow your instincts, they'll guide you the rest of the way," I repeated. "Since when have I ever had any instincts?"

"Hmm," Elijah said quietly.

I stretched before wincing again at my neck.

"Allow me to sort that out for you love," Klaus said from behind me.

I didn't have enough time to turn around or protest before I felt Klaus's wrist in my mouth. His blood filled my mouth but I didn't swallow. Suddenly the scenery around us changed and I could no longer see Elijah but Klaus was standing in front of me, still with his wrist in my mouth.

"If you don't swallow sooner or later it's going to be a very long night," Klaus warned.

I glared at him.

"What? Is it my fault that my brother attacked you?" Klaus asked dominantly.

'Yeah! It kind of was your fault!' I shouted mentally.

Klaus frowned. He shook his head and looked away from me but then turned his gaze back towards me.

"Drink," he said in more of a calm tone but still just as forceful.

After staring at his expression for a second, I began to swallow the thick liquid. Is it wrong to say that it tasted … nice? It probably is wrong to say that, so let's pretend that I didn't think that and that I thought that it was manky because that's what I should have been thinking … but the problem was that, I did think it tasted nice.

Klaus finally released his wrist from my mouth and I took in a breath of the fresh air and closed my eyes. I stood there with my eyes closed breathing softly for about five seconds before I felt a pair of lips on my own. It only lasted a couple of seconds before I looked away. Klaus looked at me and cupped my face in his hand.

"What's wrong?" he whispered.

He had hunted down my race a thousand years ago with no remorse, and then all vampires hunt humans. That's both sides of my family tree that have experienced unfriendly vampires … even I have experienced unfriendly vampires from every vampire I've met … except Elijah, and that leaves two but still.

"I-I can't-you can't do that," I said finally.

Klaus said nothing but his face just asked the question for him. 'Why?'

"You kidnapped me, and tortured my father, Kol's bitten me twice, there's the fact that vampires are supposed to kill humans, and then there's that you and Kol hunted down the other half of my race," I explained. "I can't-I just can't deal with it right now."

I looked at Klaus to see his reaction. He gave nothing away but simple nodded his head slowly before walking off. Now I felt really bad but … it wasn't right. I couldn't love someone who had slaughtered half of my race. The thing was … that it felt so right. I felt so safe around him. Why were decisions so bloody difficult?

Taking another deep breath, I walked after Klaus to meet up with Elijah and Kol. They said nothing despite the fact that they probably heard that.

Klaus handed me the map and I shook my head.

"What?" he asked. He sounded a little annoyed. I felt so bad now.

"It won't work; it told me that it's not going to help us anymore," I explained.

"Bloody healers have to make everything so bloody difficult," Klaus muttered.

"Well, while we're all just standing here, there is a small matter to discuss," Kol said and everybody looked at him.

"What?" Klaus practically growled at him.

"Well, just the fact that, we can easily find food and water for Myra, but what about us. We're going to need a drink at some point," Kol pointed out.

Everyone fell silent.

"I was just saying because there's only one of her and … that's not exactly going to last us very long," Kol said.

I glanced at all three vampires. Crap, I was now on the dinner menu. They must have heard my heart rate increase because Klaus cleared his throat.

"We'll worry about that when the time comes, for now, we'll just have to keep moving. It's nearly midday, so Myra, lead the way," Elijah said.

I suddenly felt very … paid attention to, as all three vampires were looking at me. The only problem was that I had no idea where I was supposed to be going. So … survival skills. Find water, find food, find shelter.

I took in a deep breath and began to walk aimlessly though the forest.

"Do you even have any idea where you're going?" Kol asked after a while.

"Don't talk to me," I growled.

"Somebody's a bit stressy," Kol chuckled.

"It's more that I don't particularly appreciate being attacked Kol," I answered casually as I kept on walking through the trees.

I heard Klaus and Elijah chuckle before a hand suddenly grabbed my shoulder and covered my mouth. I was pulled into Klaus's body and I realised that it was his hand that had grabbed me. I looked at him quizzically as he removed the hand from over my mouth.

He gestured for me to look up. I did and stared. There was a swarm of vultures, only they were bloody massive. Klaus held me tight to his chest before the scenery around us changed. I was never going to get used to vampire super-speed.

Elijah and Kol appeared next to us and I looked up to the sky, we were a little way off from them now but they still looked ginormous.

"What kind of vultures are they?" I whispered.

"An extinct kind," Klaus whispered back.

"Unlike any other vulture, they actually hunt and kill their prey," Elijah explained.

"They find you by seeing you, they kill you with their wings," Kol added.

I turned to him to see if he was being serious but his face was dead serious as were the other two brothers' faces.

"How?" I asked.

"Let's just say that their wings are like blades," Klaus said.

I nodded before we carried on walking aimlessly through the forest, only this time we kept a much closer eye on the sky.

Eventually it began to get dark and we decided it was time to get some sleep.

"So, trees?" Elijah suggested whilst we were discussing where to sleep.

Everyone nodded.

"So Klaus, are you going to pair up with Marie?" Kol asked.

"No," I snapped at exactly the same time that Klaus said 'Yes.' I glared at Klaus.

"Safety first love," Klaus smiled.

I looked to Elijah for help but he was just trying not to laugh, just like Kol. This was so unfair! I sighed before turning back to Klaus. He raised an eyebrow at me.

"Fine," I mumbled.

Klaus smiled before picking me up and taking me up into a nearby tree so fast that it made my head spin.

"Could you do less of the vampire super-speed tomorrow?" I asked as he nested himself in a fork of the tree branches.

"Why? Feeling dizzy?" he asked.

"Honestly, yes," I answered as I lay down next to him.

Before long, I found myself naturally curling up against his body. I felt him stroke my hair as I sleepily nuzzled my face into his chest. With the smell of … Klaus all around me, I felt safe and closed my eyes before drifting off into sleep.

I woke in the middle of the night. I opened my eyes, half expecting to be in my room at home with my dad downstairs reading the newspaper but instead, my eyes were greeted with pitch black nothing. I closed my eyes for what must have been an hour, trying to pretend that I didn't know that it was dark and I didn't know that there were animals out there that could hurt me. It didn't work, instead I stayed awake.

Eventually I couldn't cope with the dark any longer. I wanted light. How did I get light without moving and waking up Klaus? I looked down at my hands although I couldn't actually see them. IDEA!

I took a deep breath and concentrated very carefully on healing something. Healing a very small cut. I didn't feel the pain, instead, a small blue light came out of my fingertips. I smiled and looked at the light and it began to piece together.

"Myra, what are you doing?" Klaus muttered sleepily. "Oh my god, when did you learn to do that?" Klaus hissed, sitting bolt upright.

"Just now," I replied.

"Look, it's making a shape … it's an arrow. Maybe this is how we're supposed to get to the healers," Klaus smiled.

I smiled too as the light began to retract back into my hands. Klaus lay back down and I nestled into his chest again. And I'll ask this question again: was it wrong to feel so safe in the arms of a vampire who had probably murdered hundreds of people?

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