It's a cold morning even for November. I pull on a t-shirt over my sports bra. It's the last time we will get to run together before l leave. It's a long trip, I will be gone twenty two days. I fly to the Berkshires today, Thanksgiving with the family. I am headed down the stairs two at a, time when I hear his footfalls behind me. We run in silence. Our body's now so used too each other, our footfalls sound as one.

As I round the bend to start our last lap around the pond, I whisper, "Race you" and sprint. Even racing we are side by side, stride for stride all the way to the Gazebo. We fall through the door together landing, in a heap. Laughing, only to catch Izzy and Troy in an intimate embrace. How have I not noticed before now. They let go of each other, both blushing.

We eat together. Troy is headed to his dad's in San Francisco. Christian and Elliott are headed for Seattle. Only Josh and Gideon will be at the house. I have the goon squad with me. I know I shouldn't call them that. They are highly trained highly professional security personnel. But to me they will always be the goons. It's the only way I can shrug off their presence, and live my life.

This trip Izzy will go with me. It is Thanksgiving, she is my closest family. I am her only family. They gave up on her when she was a mess. She gave them up when she got happy. Linc and the old man will even be there. We will have feast with ggma and ggpa, in Stockbridge.

We will all laugh ourselves silly in the kitchen. Something will go wrong and pawpa will say "We shoulda just gotten dinner from the 'Red Lion Inn'." Real family, real happy, real thankful. One day a year everything real.

We are meeting Linc and Chance tomorrow.

Chance is a Grace rescue, His parents were killed by a drink driver the night he was born. Just thirty weeks and two pounds. A prick of a Dr. said "He doesn't stand chance, when he codes let him go." A neonatal nurse called back "He's our Chance to prove your wrong!" It stuck and when he lived it became his real name.

In foster care from birth he moved into our first center the day he turned eight. Back then the old man still ran the company, Linc ran the main office and I ran the center. Chance followed Linc or me around the center. He would just show up at the office. Linc finally just gave up, the boy became his sidekick, and it has just never changed. I think if we could have children, Linc would be with them, like he is with Chance I love to watch them together.

But, tonight I will drink at the line bar with cousins and family I haven't seen in a year. We are wheels up, in less than three hours. But, with the private transport, the private terminal, the airport is easy.

"Wheels Down in Albany" We could land at a small airport close but I love the drive across up state New York. It is part of visiting my family. My trips to Harvard with my dad. The long private conversations. I was just sixteen then, it seems a lifetime ago. Now I just get on a Jet, I go where ever. I don't worry about the cost. That was a different time very long ago and far away, but closer than a single breath still today.

I wake late, well, I wake on California time. I grab my garment bag. When I unzip it there is a Bogner garment bag stuffed inside, head to toe Bogner. I head for the mud room. It is the mud room in this house, that was the reason I insisted on having one. I grab my boots and my snowshoes. Ggma always said it was the trick to clean floors. I head out into the air.

When I was a Michigan girl this was cold, as a Cali girl this is just obnoxious. It is fucking twenty below. Thank Janie, I am four layers thick, the cold still hurts the few small spots of exposed skin. I head across the back of the house and up the mountain. I'll check out the trees looking for the one we will cut tomorrow.

The goons are struggling along, snowshoes are unique, they take practice. I giggle to myself. It's a painful endeavor to try an keep up with me, no matter what I am doing. And I enjoy it that way. There is a fire lookout station about a quarter mile up. I plan to climb it. It's been awhile since I have really looked around here.

The view is breath taking. I look at the 1860's manor house now restored to its original beauty. 12,500 sq feet on four floors. The main floor is primarily designed for entertaining. The second floor is the family living space. The third floor bedroom suites, called apartments at the time they were build. The fourth floor an artist's nook. The huge chimney stack at its core, and six smaller ones around the perimeter.

It was built by a lumber industry family, a fact I find funny having married a lumber guy. A widow turned it into a boarding house at the turn of the century. It was filled with the artists and those that followed them to the Berkshires in the 1920's. It came into our family after the great depression.

I restored it, the design my master thesis. The build my wedding present from Linc. It cost us nearly a million dollars, as we ran behind schedule, I fought with the historic preservation society. I dug through news article after news article in the archives. I found proof of original colors from society descriptions. Learned this homes interesting history.

I worked side by side with the restoration crew everyday and drank beside them at the Line bar every night. I thought, I would forever smell of turpentine and paint stripper.

There is the Stockbridge bowl and Tanglewood. It is the summer home of the BSO. I have laid on that lawn on a, warm summer evening caught in the cacophony of sound. There the Stockbridge school, no it's, the Desisto school now. I have met the director once. I think it was the first time Linc ever took me to a private party. He is an odd man, many find him charismatic, I find him creepy. It was that same summer, the year we were married. Time for reminiscing is over.

I strip to my fleece in the mud room hanging my ski pants and coat to dry. It's 9:18 am. My shift in the entertainment kitchen starts at ten. I head to the butler's kitchen, Linc should be here. I round the corner and see him. As, always he takes my breath away.

Linc leans against the counter, his long legs crossed at the ankle. The smooth line of his grey wool trousers, accentuates them. His thick cable knit sweater only a shade lighter, hugs his sleek torso. His dark curls look damp and gently tussled. His green eyes are sparkling. The few radiating wrinkles, and grey steaks only add to his appeal. Framed by the doorway he could be a GQ cover. Rich laughter fills the hall. Edgar Sr., Linc, and Chance.

These three generations of men, simply project power and affluence. I remember the fight three years ago when Linc set up the trust fund for Chance, and paved the way for him to eventually inherit Lincoln Lumber. Eager Sr. made the mistake of assuming a different relationship between Linc and Chance. The two men almost came to physical blows before they settled the issue.

I sweep into the room, buoyed by the sound of their laughter. I wrap my arms around Linc, resting my head on his chest. His hand comes up automatically around me, pulling me tightly under his shoulder, and kissing my forehead. "You are beautiful all wind kissed baby."

"El, I was just telling Chance about the work you did on this house. It's hard to believe it will be fifteen years this summer. I'd like to throw you and Linc a second Wedding here to celebrate." Eager says it, as if, it is just a casual thought. There is nothing casual about Edgar Sr. Does he see us as slipping apart?

"You'll have to ask Ggma, you know she rules this roost. I'd rather throw her a ninety fifth birthday party. But whatever, you know I can't resist a party." I pull out of Linc's arms. "Now excuse me I have kitchen duty in half an hour and I need a shower." I get a quick peck from Linc and a hug from Chance. Edgar Sr. winks as I head out.

It reminds me of the first time I met the old man. I was head down over Linc's shoulder. He was smashing my ass, lecturing me about splashing and keeping the water in the hot tub. We rounded the corner headed upstairs when I saw him on the couch, and screamed.

Linc stopped, turned around, smoothly said "Hi, dad!" Then finished the trek to the bedroom, completely unaffected. His dad winked at me as we headed up the stairs. I on the other hand was truly shaken. When, Linc set me down, he said "Get dressed baby. So you can meet my dad." I lost it.

"Your father saw me naked with you spanking my ass. What the fuck are you thinking? I am not going back down there." I made my best angry face and stopped my foot.

"Elena, his is not really gonna care. In fact he is probably thrilled. He has never seen me with a girl. He thinks I'm gay." Truth is, my husband is a gay man, who happened to find a partner he fits with, who also happens to be a woman. "And, besides I am about to introduce him to my future wife. I think it will be okay." My jaw must have dropped open in shock. I had only been with Linc for six weeks. Marriage had never even crossed my mind.

When I finished dressing, Linc took my hand, looked down at me "Elena, when you fell across my lap at that party, my life changed. Your under my skin and I don't want to lose you." With his other hand he slipped a ring on my finger "Elena, please say you'll be my wife." I looked down simply staring at the biggest diamond I had ever seen. It's heart shape cut and anchor chain band, have become the true symbol of us.

He was right Edgar was thrilled. Allison, his mother took longer. She's been gone four years now and I still miss that woman everyday. She taught me how to be Elena Lincoln power wife. She started Linc's for success. She built this amazing program. And I get to try to carry on her legacy.

She left us with such grace. She died of pancreatic cancer, six weeks after she was diagnosed. She chose to let the disease run it course, simply finish her life. Only the four of us knew, we hid here. She died comfortably, here, surrounded by love. Linc's very small family and my very large extended family have become one.

I let the shower wash my tears away thinking about her. About how much that woman effected who I am, anything good and real about me I got from her. Everyone else in my life has taught me how to hide.

I head down to the entertainment kitchen. It's huge, it is really a catering facility. It makes sense, in this house. The main gallery can be set up to seat two hundred and fifty. Today there will be sixty three of us. We range in age from ggpa ninety seven to baby Gia just twenty two days.

My shift in the kitchen will be with all the women in my generation. It's how it has always been and always will be. The oldest generation plans the menu, and handles all of the first shift work. The next generation makes all the side dishes. The young women make the salads, relishes, fruits and cheese. The younger girls set tables and put the food out. It is an amazing dance.

It's why I know all the women in my family well. Though none of them really know me.

Tessa is already in the kitchen when I arrive. As usual I get to make the broccoli and cheese casserole. There are three sets of prep/cooking stations. Tessa and I are across from each other. I want to know who's with us. Tessa has been great this trip, so I am a little on edge.

Izzy comes in and I am instantly relieved when she's at the prep table adjacent to mine. As I hug her good morning, she hands me a tea. My recently married cousin Anna is with Tessa. It's Anna's first time in this group. She got married here last spring.

It's going well, after the incident over the fourth I was a little nervous about Tessa. Then she asks "You wanna go to the park in the morning" I am half way around the table with my arm in the air when Izzy grabs me. "Hang on Elena, it's probably innocent." Then she asks Tessa "Why did you ask that?"

"I saw her snowshoe up the mountain this morning. I thought she might wanna cross-country ski tomorrow. You know at that park thing down the road." Tessa shrugs her shoulders in confusion.

I relax, that statement just sets me off "It's called the bowl, and of course I am going, a lot of us do, its tradition." Now, I just sound aggravated. Suddenly I am ready for this day to be over.

The fourth floor artist suite is reserved for me. It was always my favorite set of rooms. I love it's widow's walk overlooking the mountain. I lived in it during the remodel. I spent the early days of my marriage here. My husband building the Lincoln Lumber offices in Boston, I rebuilt this house and its grounds. He spent his weeks in the city and his weekends with me.

This is my fantasy scene, mister and misses normal. Linc plays this just for me, just once a year. We crawl into bed. I am wearing a short flannel gown, Linc's in a night shirt. He pulls me into his arms, spooning, he fucks me slowly, till we both cum. Vanilla, very middle America.

The barn, looks nineteenth century from the outside, sleek and modern on the inside. One end houses the maple syrup distillery. The other a modern stable. Completely, separated. I am in the stable with Bess and Harry, they will pull the sleigh. I always laugh at their names. Ggpa is obsessed with the Truman's.

Linc strides in dressed for our little adventurers into the woods. We're taking the kid up the mountain to get a tree. The men will put it up this afternoon and we will all decorate it tonight.

Linc teases me as we hitch the team. Slapping my ass with the straps to one of the bits. Slapping at my thighs and breast with the crop. They are dull thuds through the four layers, I am dripping wet none the less. It is a promise of things yet to come.

The tree safely untied from the sleigh, Linc and I lead the team back into the barn locking the doors behind us. Both of us are meticulous, working side by side, we unhitch the horses. Removing each piece of equipment. Toweling sweat spots, caring for the animals. When completely unharnessed we lead them to their stalls. Finish wiping and brushing them down, we water and feed them each a carrot. Their real grooms will take care their actual feed.

We return to the equipment area. I strip as soon as we enter. We wipe down each piece, carefully hanging each in its spot. Then it's time. I have been waiting for this moment all day. Linc points to the empty padded saddle rack. I sit on it obediently. Again this is my scene, but one Linc thoroughly enjoys.

He lowers the bridle ring so it hangs just above my head. I reach up and grab it. Linc pulls up so my torso is stretched and I am barely seated. My legs are long and the saddle rack is short, my knees are pushed up even with my feet flat on the floor. Linc makes this worse, kneeling between my legs he taps my foot. I push up so just the balls of my feet are on the floor.

My hips push forward as my knees go up, completely exposing me. Linc quickly ties my ankles to the saddle rack. Then He grabs a piece of strapping from the repair table. He begins by slapping my breasts, leaving clear red streaks, with brighter edges. I can't decide whether to scream or moan so I bite my lip and breath through my nose.

Oh God he is working my thighs, there's no where to go. Oh, Crap that stings, he catches the wetness on my thighs. Sending waves through my abdomen. He drops between my legs. Bathing each of the marks with his tongue, licking at me. Running his hands over my legs. I am moaning, begging him to touch my sex anything. I am on fire.

His hands find my breasts, kneading. Pinching over the marks he left. Tears are streaming down my face, my mouth is open emitting moaning cries, my breasts are on fire shooting heat directly to my core. I am pulsing, my core is shuddering, my abdomen rippling.

I am going to explode. I can't help but push my hips up at him. He pulls his hands away. This is worse, now I am moaning and begging. He slaps my face hard, "Were going to quiet you down. Hands on the back of your head." He pulls me down, shoving his cock into my mouth, he pushes completely into me. He just holds me there. I pulse my throat around him. I count, he will let me go at fifteen this is a show of control.

He starts fucking my mouth. It's Linc's turn to take himself right to the edge. He won't cum yet. I most certainly haven't earned it. His pace is standard Linc, brutal. All I can do is submit. I feel it, he is reaching the point. I pulse and roll my throat, trying to push him. Everything in me is so alive.

He pulls out of me, steadying himself, his hands still over mine, holding my head. I am pulled against his abdomen. His scent trapped between us is intoxicating. I want to pull him back into my mouth, suck him, play with the length of him. Lavish attention on every inch of him. I nuzzle against him. He moans between gritted teeth.

"Hands back up baby." I reach up and grab the ring with both hands. Linc unties my ankles from the rack. He pulls me into his chest, kissing me. "Baby I want you kneeling." Linc simply wraps his arms around me, lifting me off the rack. I fold my legs up under me, he sets me back down Then he pulls the ring up so I am fully extended. Linc grabs two more ropes, quickly creating cuffs around my thighs and tying my ankles up. My legs are folded in half, knees wide apart. Spreading me completely open.

Linc is circling me with the crop. Bringing it down, randomly. My breasts, my abs, my back, my ass then up against my labia. I am moaning, twisting, jumping. It stings and I am almost at overload. There isn't one point on my body that isn't alive and begging.

Then it stings at my hip bone. I pull up, lifting my knees off the saddle rack. I am flying. Linc's arms are around me immediately, pulling me back, settling me back on my knees. "Baby, you can't fly. Your only half restrained. If you fly alone again. I'll restrain your wrists so you don't fall."

He's biting my neck, pinching my nipples, I am pushing back into him. I just want him filling me, pounding into me, driving me up. Then he starts with the crop again.

I am jerking, pulling away, jumping. My cries, deep and mournful. My knees pull up, I am airborne again. I manage not to swing and bring my knees quickly back down. Linc drops the crop, stepping in front of me, he pulls me into his arms kissing me. "Time to fly baby." He pulls me up plunging into me, kicking the rack out from under me. Linc holds my waist, pummeling me, rocking me forward and back, swinging me on the ring.

I am rising, I won't be able to maintain much longer. My pleading is becoming increasingly frantic. Linc is climbing. I am pulsing, contacting over him. I need release. "Baby, I got you, drop your hands to the floor." Linc growls, as my eyes close and head falls back.

I use my abs to roll down. The muscle control causes rushes of fire. I am going to explode I can't wait much longer. My clit rubs against Linc, as I go from curled to arched, deepening Linc's thrusts. I spin out of control as my hands reach the floor. My rippling orgasm pushes Linc over the top.

I am resting against Linc in the butler's kitchen, sipping warm cider. Linc is sucking, licking, nipping and biting at my neck. I feel so relaxed and secure.

Ggma comes in, shaking her head. "Fifteen years, the two of you still acting like newlyweds." I laugh. Ggpa and ggma are ninety seven and ninety four, they have been married for seventy eight years. I caught him grabbing her butt and kissing her neck in the pantry just yesterday. "Ggma, the apple don't fall far from the tree, even on a windy day." Her laughter tinkles in the air as she turns and leaves us alone.

As I slide down the last segment of banister I can smell the aroma of fresh baked cookies. The tree is up, it's guide wires secured to the ceiling and floor. My mother is waving me over.

She pulls me into her arms "Are you happy baby girl?"

I pull back looking her in the face, "Yes, mom, happier than I've ever been."

"Please, Come home for Christmas." She sounds weary.

"My schedule tight, but if you can live with Christmas eve and day. We'll come home, all of us." Linc has never been in my mother's home. She understands my condition.

"I'll hang the wreath and light the candles" She smiles

On the back of our invitation to thanksgiving is a name. You by two ornaments for them. One for the family tree and one for their home tree. Usually identical, but sometimes not. You tell why you choose the ornaments after the person opens them.

It's time to decorate the tree. Each of us has chosen five of our past ornaments. Each of us will get a new one today. I have baby Gia's name. I got her two Crystal hearts, each is engraved with an acorn. The backs are different:

May you grow as strong as an Oak

May your roots grow deep In love

When I look around this room I often wonder where I came from. I am so different from this big warm loving clan. With such rich traditions. So Norman Rockwell. I laugh at the inside joke.

Linc pulls me up against him. I fit so perfect, nestled, molded to him. I have on black wool stirrup pants, riding boots, a classic red and white wool ski sweater, a white cashmere turtle neck and a chinchilla head band. Linc is in his grey wool trousers, a similar black and white sweater with a black turtle neck. We could be a ski Vermont ad.

I get my box, it is from Tessa. It is beautiful, silver foil embossed with roses tied with a pink ribbon. I slowly open it. When I remove the tissue, it reveals two does nose to nose. One mule the other a white tail.

Linc manages to keep me from dropping it. I almost scream, I am coming apart. Linc whispers in my ear for me to breathe. I can't, how does she know. Then she starts to speak. Linc arms tighten around me. "Come on breathe with me baby."

"Right before I married Eric we went for a run in Tahquamenon Falls park. We stopped on a ridge looking over the river. The views here remind me of that day. We saw that group of deer." I relax and almost laugh, only Tessa could call a herd, a group. "Then you thanked me for making Eric happy. I picked a different deer for each of us." She seems to relax when she finishes. I hang the White tail deer on the tree.

We hug everyone inside and run for the comfort of the limo. It's a three hour ride from here to Cambridge on a good night. Today it will take four. We should arrive at the private party around 9:30. I will be well prepared by then.

This is Linc's favorite party, our Harvard friends. The more power one has the more power one wants. Kinks run rampid among the powerful. Perhaps it's just the ability to exercise those kinks, mixed with a sense of entitlement.

You don't have to look to modern society to confirm it. You just need to look to the past. The Romans, the Greeks, the French... the list just goes on. The upper 1% simply do as they please in any society.

As we pull onto the highway Linc hands me a cup of tea. "It's too cold for a young woman dressed like you to be hitch hiking." He smiles at me. I know the game, the scene. Most of our sex life is scenes. We have had more free play in the last year than our entire marriage. It has been an interesting change.

"My friends left me at a party. I have to get back to Harvard. I have an exam tomorrow." I play at acting frantic. We are in one of Linc's personal cars. He keeps it here in Boston. It's a Cadillac Fleetwood 75 nine seater. I love Detroit Classics. And this is definitely a classic.

"Don't worry baby. Well get you home in time." I know I am too play slightly woozy, as if the tea was spiked. I do not take drugs or alcohol while we play. I am responsible for my safety. I am to bring any threat to Linc's attention immediately. Linc will drink but never to intoxication. I am very good at play acting though.

I stretch out. Leaning back as if trying to find a comfortable position to rest. My eyes flitting open and closed. Linc captures my wrists. I struggle against him. He zip ties my hands to the seatbelt guide. Holding my legs still with his body. I buck against him until he produces a knife. He uses it to cut open the front of my t-shirt exposing my breasts.

He begins tormenting my breasts. Pinching and pulling the nipples. Slapping them, then he Is kissing me. I resist. He's biting my lips. Pulling at them, pushing. I submit and kiss back. Our tongue dance, swirl in my mouth. The warmth of our bodies, our mingling breath, our mouths. I am still writhing under him but now I am not struggling.

He's kissing his way down my face. Nibbling, sucking, licking, then blowing warm breath. I am moaning. Trying to wiggle under him. The seam of my jeans rubs against me. I jump and cry out. Simply managing to push myself further up against Linc.

His lips are on my neck. The warmth bringing me higher. I am moaning my breath ragged. When he reaches my "breathe" heart he sits up. He's straddling my hips. He pulls a small key from his pocket. He reaches around my neck and unlocks the chain. He turns it over so the "Linc's"side is up and re-locks it. He puts the key back in his pocket.

"Now that we've established who you belong to, can I release your arms and undress you. Or do I need to finish cutting your clothes off." He smiles. I am nodding and begging "please"

Linc cuts my wrists free. Pulling each wrist to his mouth, suckling the welts, massaging the blood back into my hands. His hands are back on my breasts. Kneading the soft mounds. Pinching at the small purple striations left by the thin leather strap yesterday. My moans are becoming increasingly drawn.

Linc captures my left nipple between his teeth, pulling it out, stretching it. He bites down. I squeal, wiggling. Warmth spreading through my abdomen. He repeats the action with the other nipple. He slides my shirt and jacket off, over my shoulders. His mouth travels down my body, as he slides onto the floor.

Linc slides the ballet slipper off my each of my feet. Running his fingers over the soles, tickling me. Making me once again jerk and beg. His hand start up my legs, massaging them, ticking, playing. He runs his hand between my legs. Rubbing the already soaked seam of my jeans.

My hips free I begin to ride his hand. Pressing, rubbing, pumping, kegeling trying to relieve the growing tension. I am begging, about to pass the point of no return when Linc pulls his hand away. I am left crying and begging. My breathing is harsh, I am sobbing from simple need.

Linc unbuttons my pants, pulling them off in one motion. I am completely naked and at his mercy. "Now, let's get you dress for a very special Christmas I am going to take you to."

"But, my exam I need to get home please." Adding an edge of frantic fear to my voice. That is the thing with scenes, my body is reacting all the ways it should, but I am still over controlling my thought process. There will be a point that I lose myself to the scene. Not yet, but soon.

"Don't worry you'll be at your exam. I am very strict about education of all types." Linc is amazing at adding sinister sexual innuendo into his voice. He grabs a large case from the seat behind him. It will contain whatever I am to wear.

First Linc pulls out a leather collar. It is red, it has white rabbit fur trim along both edges. It is wide enough that the fur will tickle both my chin and collar bones when I move. Linc places it around my neck. Purposely moving the fur against my skin. I shiver from head to toe. It is the single most possessive representation of ownership there is.

Next he pulls out a red leather bra/harness. It is a series of thin leather straps held together by rings. The bottom strap is lined and edged in the white rabbit fur tickling at my rib cage.

He fondles my breasts, playing with the nipples rolling them between his fingers. He's kissing my upper chest, breathing hot air over me. Running one hand down my abdomen teasing me. Causing both the fur and his fingers to tickle me . I am squirming uncontrollably, breathless begging him to stop. He laughs softly, making a raspberry on my stomach. My muscles spasm, my abdomen rolls causing a wave of heat and passion through my core.

Next Linc produces a set of nipple clamps. It's my turn to smile. They are meant to be extremely comfortable when simply being worn as jewelry, but tightened they are exquisite. They are a custom set of bobby pin clamps. Instead of being a deep U's they are an oval with a decorative tightener at each side. The top is a small red jewel bow, the bottom is beads hung on chains to resemble mistle toe. He tightens them till I wince.

I like my costume already. It will be fun torture all evening. Next, Linc pulls out a medium sized set of eggs. He drops them in his scotch on the rocks. They will go in me very cold. I shudder at the thought.

Next he pulls out a pair of forearm cuffs, they have chains every two inches. They run from my wrist to my elbow, lined and trimmed in the rabbit fur. When Linc is done attaching them to my forearms, I simply lay my arms together across the small of my back. I turn my back out him. He hooks my arms together, forearm to forearm wrist to elbow. My favorite long term position.

He pulls more up against his chest, kissing my neck. Biting me, he is purposely pushing me close again. I am noting at my lips trying not to beg. My moans are pleading, and deep. My hips are rocking on the seat. Linc whispers "Your going to kneel on the floor leaning over the seat for me." He guides made into position .

His hands are running over me. One up my back the tips playing, dancing. The other over my flanks, mirror ing the moves. He brushes his fingers over my labia. My whole body convulses, I shudder and try to push back against his hand. He pulls it back, bring it down on my ass, a swift cascade of blows too fast for me to count. I am breathless, silent tears running down my face.

Linc runs his hands over my newly red ass. Kissing and licking, then pinching and biting. I am squirming, every move tickles somewhere or everywhere. My sex is pulsing, grasping at nothing, clenching. He runs his index finger over my labia again, this time, sliding it between them on the pull back. I cry out, begging.

He plunges two fingers into me, working me with his palm. I am rocking against his palm. His other hand comes down, sending heat through me, I am sitting pulsing around his fingers. Just as I teach the point of no j return he pushes first one then the second ice cold egg into me. I scream.

Linc blankets my body, whispering on my ear "breath baby, breath through it." I can't process, I am lost, spiraling. Linc just keeps whispering to me until I am back. Then he is kissing my neck again driving me back up. Pushing me higher. His hands are on my thighs. Then he's kissing my ass,

I feel a glob of lubricant hit my pink little pucker. Then Linc is massaging me, relaxing me. Every touch pushes me closer. The balls are moving, warm enough now to be pleasant. I am groaning and trying to push back. He pushes a finger into me. Moving against the balls. Oh God please Linc let me cum already. Then he pushes a second finger into me. If he doesn't stop soon I am going to cum.

He pulls his fingers out. I am ready, he will put a plug in. Then watch as I struggle to cum without losing either the balls or the plug. Then I hear it. The distinctive tear of a condom opening. I take a deep breath and let out a moaning sigh. Linc is going to fuck me, this could be very painful.

Then he is up against me. He pushes just the head into me. He taps my hip, Linc's way of telling me to embed myself on him. I move slowly, letting him slowly invade me. Fill me beyond capacity. Then he leans over me again, suckling at my neck. Waiting for my body to relax around him. This is going to be a pleasure fuck.

He begins moving slowly, pulling out so just the head remains. Making me beg for him to thrust again. Each thrust, every withdrawal moves the balls. He builds slowly pushing me up, backing off, pushing me up again.

Then he's thrusting hard pushing us both. I am going to explode. Linc mouth is on my shoulder, licking, nibbling, then he drives into me cumming, biting down breaking the skin, sucking me into him. I shatter into a million pieces collapsing beneath Linc.