I have watched Christian discreetly for the last three days. He has shown up and worked. Done exactly as expected. Every time the mud room door has opened his gaze has jumped. Looking, expectantly hoping it is me. The next time he sees me will be very public. His parents have graciously offered to host the Boys and Girls club father's day fundraiser at their home. Linc and I will attend. Men have it so lucky, shower, shave, throw on a Tux and they're ready.

It is almost noon, Izzy breaks my thoughts. "Elena, Josh brought your car around. Your due at the salon in twenty minutes." This day is full. I will be prepared at the salon, waxed and tweezers within an inch of my life. My hair will lay smooth to my headband then cascade down my back and loosely over my shoulders in soft curls. My makeup will be intense, my eyes practically glowing. I skip on my way out. I do love the details of my life.

I am running exactly on schedule. I sit on the balcony of my closet. Izzy has set out a lite meal, Cobb salad, and a tall glass of iced tea. My stylist Janie will be here in less than an hour. I will meet Linc at the penthouse at 6:15. The event begins at 8:00.

We're done. I stand at the mirror making one last check. The dress is one I chose earlier this week. The fabric is a soft floral print. It's a halter style, the neck plunges deep stopping just short of exposing my belly button, the back drapes low, exposing the small of my back. The skirt is flared floating above mid thigh. My shoes are flat white gladiator sandals, they weave up my entire calf, ending in a bow just below my knee. A series of platinum chains hang in the plunge drawing attention. Linc hates these events, I know the cost of his attendance. I am dressed for Linc. He will be pleased.

I ride in the back, Josh is driving and the divider is up. I am alone with my thoughts. I know this routine. I go over it in my mind. My body knows what is expected of it. My belly is growing tight, I am hot and wet. Linc will be pleased. Josh pulls into the underground garage. He opens my door. It is 6:10. "Josh we will be ready to leave at 7:15. Please make sure the bar is stocked. You know Linc will want a drink."

I enter the code in the elevator panel. The door opens into the penthouse. I tread quietly to Linc's office. He shouldn't be here yet but I am still careful. I slide open the door. The room is empty. I light the candle, pour the brandy and set it in the warming stand. This is Linc's scene, I know my role and I play it well. My labia are already slick with my juices. I kneel next to his chair. My knees spread, my hands resting in the small of my back, my eyes on the floor.

I wait, it is eight minutes exactly. Linc enters the room. He sits in his chair, and props his feet on the foot stool. I move around to the end of the stool. I untie first his right shoe, place one hand and on the heel the other on the tongue and gently remove it. I tuck it nearly under the edge of the side table. I repeat the action with his left shoe. I take off both of his socks. I fold them together and tuck them in his right shoe. I return to the end of the foot stool and massage his feet. He watches me slowly sipping his brandy. He finishes, I know what is next.

Linc stands beside the foot stool. I kneel up in front of him, I undo his brown belt, slowly I pull it out. I lay out carefully over the foot stool. Then I undo his pants, unzipping them slowly, I allow them to slide down his legs. I fold them carefully, laying them on the seat of the chair. I kneel again removing his boxers with the same care. He is semi hard in anticipation. I stroke him, raking my nails along his shaft. He hardens, I capture him with my mouth working him hard. He taps my shoulder. I stand, carefully untie the perfect Windsor knot and lay his tie next to his belt on the foot stool. I unbutton his shirt letting my nails play in the opening. I slide it off his shoulders. I fold it and place it in the pile. Linc simply points to his desk. It is mahogany, long and wide. Built in to one end is a magazine rack, innocent enough, but I know better.

I lay over the end of his desk stretching my arms so my hands are gripping the far edge. Linc, grabs both of my wrists pulling hard he uses his tie to secure them to the rack. I am on my tip toes, my pubic bone rests against the edge of the desk. Linc, pulls my skirt up over my ass. He has decided not to undress me. I am exposed, covered only by a thin scrap of silk. He pulls down my thong over my thighs to the point that it digs in, then he kicks my feet apart. He runs his hand roughly over my ass, then plunges a finger into me. I shudder, flexing around him. He removes it just as quickly. I feel empty. I hear him sucking his finger.

He snaps it once, it is a distinctive sound. I pull on my restraints, I shudder, I bite my lip. The next crack is the sound of his belt landing across my ass. It will have raised a wide red welt, there will be a fine purple line. I am on fire, the heat spreads. I am still wetter, I just want him too touch me. To relieve my ache. I don't dare beg. I flex my cheeks trying to relieve the fire, when the next blow lands, crashing pain through me, it overlaps the first, the red swatch on my ass will be wider, and I will have a second purple stripe. He lands four more before I cry out. He stops the belt, raining down twenty hard blows with his hand. Sobs are racking my body. But not a tear has fallen. He walks around the desk. He extends his hand. It is the one he just reddened me with. I kiss the palm, languishing my tongue over it, sucking his fingers.

He returns too the other end of the desk. He massages my inflamed cheeks. It is torturous, I wiggle, just a little, he swiftly brings his hand down again, raining another ten quick blows. Now I am begging, pleading for him to relieve the ache. He enters me, he is brutal, this is not for me, it is for him. He wraps his hand in my hair pulling my head back, stretching me even more. He fucks me hard and fast. He doesn't allow me to cum. He pulls out, gently slaps my ass, and pulls up my thong. He unties my wrists and releases me. He shaves and cleans up in the bathroom.

He intends for me to suffer. Sitting will be painful, I am wet, needy and on edge. He will purposely squeeze my ass as we dance. He will make me wait till we get home for relief. I pull myself together. When he comes out I dress him carefully. I tie his bow tie, put in his cuff links, and hold his jacket for him. At 7:15 exactly, we exit the elevator and enter the car. We are on our way to the Grey estate.

Grace and Carrick are perfect hosts. Charity events are a specialty. Grace has an amazing team. They host at least five charity events a year. Each theme so perfect. We have donated time at two of our properties for the auction tonight. And I have personally have put up fifty hours of landscape design. I may not work for a firm but my gardens are famous.

We are seated with four other couples. Two of them are board members of Lincoln Lumber and their spouses. One is the head of the zoological society and his wife, and the last is Christians current therapist. He specializes in some new shit know as Gestalt therapy. I tried it, I found it to be a joke. I simply cannot imagine Christian yelling and beating a pillow. No I bet he hates this guy.

Sitting is excruciating. Each movement sends both a new round of pain and spreads the fire in my abdomen. I can't wait for dinner to be over. Actually I can't wait for this night to be over. I want to be back at the penthouse, I want to earn my relief.

Finally the plates are cleared. Carrick takes the microphone and thanks us all for attending. At $100,000 a plate he should say thank you. He introduces a young man to speak about the difference the boys and girls clubs make. It takes me back, I reach over and take Linc's hand and squeeze it. He knows my past, he knows this reminds me of where I come from. Brings back the feelings of not belonging. He moves his arm around my shoulder and pulls me close. It is a rare tender moment between us.

Carrick and Grace start the dancing, they look so in love. Linc pulls me from my chair and into his arms. He loves holding me, moving against my body. He loves that his wife takes exquisite care of herself. He loves showing me off. But does he love me, no I don't think so. Maybe the illusion of me. I don't think Linc really loves anyone but Linc. I love my life, and am more than willing to provide the illusion of a loving wife. But, I don't love Linc, never have. Belong to him, desire him, live for him, yes, love him no.

We have danced three dances when his phone rings. He steps out of the tent to take the call. I head over to the bar, I have a feeling it's not good news. When Linc finds me he kisses my forehead, and apologizes. He is off to solve some issue with the project in South America. Some thing about protesters. He'll be home next week.

I down my rum and coke and get another. Instead of finishing with my husband. I will be alone. Not that I can't take care of myself. It's just that I've been primed for something else. I watch the room. I can't say my goodbyes before the auction. Christian is drinking at the other end of the bar. I have caught him watching me several times. Let's see if I can make him crazy and solve my problem.

Elliott Grey has a sweet thing in his arms. She is crushed against him, being moved deftly across the dance floor. He has filled out nicely, grown into a towering man. He built the pergola, over the path to my pond, the summer he was sixteen. His love of construction evident even then. Under my supervision he learned a lot. He has his own construction company now. At nineteen he is already a millionaire in his own right. The girl is luckier than she knows. I watch them for a few minutes. I walk over tap Elliott's shoulder."Mind if I cut in?"

The young woman relinquishes Elliott to me, mouthing later. He pulls me into his arms. I lean into him, resting my head on his shoulder. Just as I suspected, he is already fully aroused. "Evening Elena, Linc leave you to your own devices already?" His voice is snarky, he is inviting me to play. I already planned to. I push up on my toes, rub over his body, to whisper in his ear. It looks innocent enough, it is not. "Boathouse after the auction." I feel him stiffen against me. I know he will be there waiting. I dance with several more of the young men who have worked in my gardens. I feel Christian watching. If he wants to dance he'll have to ask. I know he won't.

The lights are already on in the Boathouse when I arrive. I know where I will find him. I climb the stairs to the loft. He kneels to the right of the stairs, naked, his hands rest on his thighs, his eyes fixed on the floor. He is again fully erect.

"On your back on the floor." I bark. He obeys. The confusion clear on his face. I am sure he expected me to want to play. I don't bother to undress, no sub has ever seen marks on my body, its not time to change that. I straddle him backwards, I don't want to see his face, I just want to fuck him. Pulling my thong aside I bury him deep with one stroke. I impale myself on him, riding him with out restraint. It doesn't take long, he doesn't get to cum before I collapse in a shuttering heap across his legs. He is still hard inside of me. I feel him move, then his hand pushes up my skirt. I hear his sharp intake of breath.

"You fucking bitch." His hand comes down hard on my ass. I cry out, bite my lip, and try to gain my control. "You let someone do this, then you come to me. Use me as a toy for relief. How dare you!" He rolls me off him with his legs. Before I can move, he is on me. Hauling me up, dragging me to the couch. He pulls me down over his legs. His hand comes down hard before I can prepare. I have never been submissive with anyone but Linc. All my training kicks in. I bite my lip. I hold perfectly still. His hand come down, again and again. My tears are streaming, then he is kneading my butt, squeezing, pinching. I cry out.

He pushes me to the floor, "Get your ass in the air" he commands. I move scurrying into position. He places one hand on my hip, the other in the small of my back, arching me even further. Then he is thrusting into me, he is fucking me hard. Fucking me for himself, I am climbing, the heat claiming me. I am going to come apart for him. I am going to shatter. "That's it climb for me bitch. Roll those hips, oh ya, that's it." His hand slams into me again. I explode, throbbing, pulsing over him, coating him. He explodes and collapses on top of me. My breathing is still ragged when he pulls out, rolls off of me, grabs his clothes and leaves. I lay on the floor for a long time. Finally, I pull myself together.

I call Josh to bring the car around, it will be a long ride home. When Grace calls tomorrow, I'll blame a headache for slipping out quietly. Next I call Izzy and ask her to fill my bath. Izzy knows the rigors of my life. She knows the toll an evening out with Linc takes on my body. She will care for me tonight. Should I tell Izzy what happened with Elliott?

Izzy is going over my day. I am zoning it is a Monday. Then one of the messages I need to return grabs my attention. "Izzy, what was that one?"

"Mr. Elliott Grey wants to set up a meeting. He bought your services at the auction. He wants to go over the project." Her voice is calm. I am glad I didn't tell her about the Boathouse. I blush remembering. Then it strikes me, he bought the time before the Boathouse. I was drinking through the auction, I wasn't paying attention. SHIT!

"Izzy, call his offices set up a lunch meeting later this week. Then call Janie, have her send over a few summer suits for me to choose from. I can handle the rest of the calls." Even to me I should tense and distracted.

I finish the dozen or so calls, return my email, and order flowers sent to my mother. It's just before noon. Izzy will have lunch set up on my closet balcony. My closet, is bigger than the bedroom I grew up in. Perfectly arranged. Janie keeps it well stocked. Most of my clothes are worn once, that's it once. Oh, I have clothes that I wear here at the house. But if I leave the grounds in it, I don't wear it again. It's one of Linc's rules. He doesn't want me photographed in the same thing twice. Linc's rules, God if he found out Elliott spanked me. He would be so mad. He tolerates the boy toys, they are my subs. But, playing with another Dom. And it wouldn't matter that I didn't plan it that way or actually consent. I shudder.

I grab a bikini, my shades, a hat and a book. I need to bake in the sun. Push all of the aches out of the me. Let go of the Boathouse. Linc doesn't need to know. I change and head for the pool. I am out the mud room door and half way to the garden before I remember he is there. He has his back to me. He is bent over fitting two teak wood timbers together. I stop watch him for a moment, then call his name. He stands up carefully, turning slowly to look at me.

"Damn it Christian!" He has a black eye, his cheek is split, his lip fat and he has bruises on his ribs. "Go home your done today. Be here at 7:00 am in the gazebo. We need to talk. Barefoot! Do you understand me?" A blush passes over him when I mention the gazebo. He is staring at his feet fidgeting, but he manages a "Yes" I stomp off to the pool, leaving him staring after me.

I wake in a much better mood. I like Tuesday, lifting day. I tell Izzy to clear my day after 7:00. She nods her head, winks, and smiles. She saw Christian yesterday, she knows I won't allow him to fight. She knows he is in for a long day.

I see him walk down the path. I check my watch. It is 6:58. He's on time. He stops outside the gazebo, takes off his shoes and socks and enters. Black sports Bra, booty shorts and black strappy stilettos is the outfit of the day. My hair is braided and wound tightly in a bun on my head. Stereotypical maybe, effective yes.

I follow him in. He is just standing there arms crossed. Relaxed, almost cocky, but his eye betray him. He's nervous, he knows I am angry. "Strip and kneel" He is slower this time, he folds each piece stacking them neatly. When he's kneeling, I step in front of him, standing so all he can see is my feet, bound by my strappy shoes.

"Christian, do you like what I do to you?" He starts to lift his head. I place my hand firmly holding his head down. "No, you don't get to look at me. Answer me."

He takes a deep breath, his teeth are clenched, "yes"

"Do you want me to keep doing it?" I add no inflection. It is a simple question. His answer will determine wether he dresses and leaves. Or if his life changes today.

It is barely audible, "Yes"

"Then, Christian, there are rules. First, you will answer me clearly. No more mumbling or whispering. Second, when you answer me you will use my name. I am not a fan of being called mistress, but you will address me with respect. Third, I will ask you a lot of questions. I will know everything about you. It is not a choice, you will answer. Do you understand?"

"Yes" his voice clear this time. I tap my toe impatiently. "Yes Elena" I run my fingers through his hair.

"Christian, look at me." He raises his eyes to meet mine "We have a lot to discuss, there is a blanket and a basket down by the pond. That's where we are going to talk. But before then. I want to spank you. Not to punish you, but simply to do so. I want you edgy, horny with your ass on fire. But this time it is up to you. I won't punish you later for saying no. May I spank You?"

His eyes drop, his hands fidget "yes" it is both to soft and incorrectly phrased. I slap his face hard. "Yes Elena" loud and clear.

"Kneel up. Put one hand on the back of your neck. Your going to jerk yourself with the other this time. I want to see how you handle your own cock." His face has paled, he is timid at first. "Do you want this to turn into a punishment? Do as you were told." Good, he is following directions. "Now remember the point is to keep yourself hard, do not lose you erection, but do not cum." I kneel beside him. I place my left hand on his hip to stabilize him. I rest the Palm of my right on his ass. "Christian, the point of this spanking is color. So I am going to hit you a lot. But I won't be using as much force." He is biting his lower lip. That habit is going to get him in trouble, just not right now.

I bring my palm down twenty quick times, it has raised a fair amount of color. His breathing is heavy, raspy , he is still handling his cock. I am running my nails over his bright pink ass. I watch him. He is a player, he enjoys himself, he stops fondles his balls, pinches the head. Jerks it some more. I bring my hand down twenty more times, this time he moans. When I finish I use my nails to rake an x on each cheek. I move so I am in front of him. "Stop, put your other hand behind your neck." He moves immediately. I grab his chin and kiss him. He tries not to surrender. Soon he is kissing me back, I know he expects met to slap him. I don't. "You did well. Follow me." He starts to grab his clothes. I say one word "No!" He follows me treading quietly naked through the garden.

The blanket is spread by the pond. I lay on my side. Pat the ground on the opposite side of the blanket. "Kneel here" Christian obeys without hesitation. "Christian, this is a conversation. We are not playing now although I will continue to give you directions, you may speak freely. I expect honest answers even if you don't think it is what I want to hear. Do you understand?"

"Yes Elena"

"First, I am going to ask a lot of very personal, very explicit, questions. I need honesty, it's important." After, the other day l am sure he lacks an real sexual experience but I am going to make him answer.

"Other than with me, have you ever given or received oral sex with a girl."

"No Elena"

"Have you ever given or received oral sex with a male."

"No Elena"

"Other than me has anyone ever handled your cock?"

"Stop Elena, the answer to all your fucking stupid questions is no. I'm a virgin. A fucking freak who can't stand to be touched. I haven't ever touched a girl, your the only one I have seen naked. What more do you want."

"A lot but that's a start." I take a deep breath and reach for the basket. It will be filled with small bits of food. Cheese, fruit, bread all of it prepared perfectly. Thank you Izzy. I remove a small container. I take out a grape and pop it in my mouth. The second I run over Christians lips. He doesn't open his mouth. "When I feed you, you will eat." He opens his mouth and takes the grape. I feed us each a few grapes and pieces of cheese. When finish. I put the container away.

"There are rules your going to need to follow if we're going to do this. You understand that right?"

"Yes Elena"

"You called yourself a freak who can't be touched. I have clearly touched you. My hand print are currently on your ass. So, explain."

"Elena, you haven't really touched me. You've slapped and grabbed my face, you have kissed my mouth, worked my cock, and spanked my ass. Other than that you haven't so much as brushed against me." He runs his hand through his hair. "Close contact that didn't make me jump or cringe. Yes I want more. No matter the price."

"Okay, so there are places you don't like to be touched. We should talk about that. I don't want to push you where your not ready to go. So where can't I touch you?"

"Most of my upper body. I don't know exactly I jump when anyone comes close." He visibly shudders at the thought.

"Are you ready for the basic rules?" He's revealed more than I expected.

"Yes Elena"

"There is absolutely no fighting. You are not allowed to participate in any activity that may result in damage to your body. You will be in bed by ten pm Sunday through Thursday. You will be here to run with me at 5:00 am Monday through Friday. You will eat properly. You will keep a log of your eating, sleeping and exercise. You will keep it on you and hand it over when ever I ask. Do you understand and agree?"

"Yes Elena, I understand. I am just not sure ten pm is reasonable. And I eat a lot a junk."

"None of those were negotiable. None of the rules I set for you are. Do I expect that you will be perfect. No I do not. But, I will punish you for your failures. I want you to lay on your back" he moves stretching. I have kept him kneeling a long time for a newbie.

"Let's start with safe words. Safe words are used for when you are close to or have reached your limit. In general safe words only apply to your physical discomfort. In the case of areas you do not want to be touched they can be used for emotional discomfort. If you say yellow I will know you are nearing your limit. If you say red every thing stops immediately. Do you understand?"

"Yes Elena"

"Christian, I am really angry about the condition of your face. I know I hadn't set the rules yet. But fighting is never allowed." I straighten my legs and spread my thighs slightly. "Christian, l want you to come here and lay face down over my legs." I grab the lube from the basket. I generously coat his cock. He lays over me. I position him so his cock is trapped between my thighs. " Now I am going to spank your ass for fighting. And I am going to continue to spank you until you manage to cum. Do you understand?"

He takes a deep breath, "yes Elena" he pushes between my thighs and moans. My hand comes down hard. I rain ten hard blows. He gasps, moans his ass jumps trying to avoid the blows. I rest my palm on his ass. The x' s I scraped with my nails barely visible. I massage his now bright hot ass. I let him fall into a rhythm against my thighs. I can feel him getting close. I bring my hand down again, I rain ten more hard blows. It breaks his rhythm. He cries out. I tickle my nails over his now shiny hot skin. He is back in a rhythm climbing again. I pinch his already sore butt, he yelps and jumps. I slap him again. We are at thirty now. I am going to push to fifty. I don't want him to be able to move without remembering. He is back in the rhythm I can feel sobs moving through him, but I can also feel him coming close. I smack him again, only one more set to go. I can feel the heat radiating off his ass before I make contact. I trail my nails along his crack, the only white area between the two glowing cheeks. "Please" escapes his lips. I rain the last ten swats. I blow cool air across his very hot ass as he finishes. He comes with a shudder. He is exhausted, his face tear stained. Gently, pulling my legs out, I let him recover where he lays.

"Were done for today. Go home. Do not masturbate. I will see you in the morning." I stand and leave. It is not yet noon.