I wake nestled in Linc's arms. It is an unplanned moment. Linc spends his time at the penthouse in the city, it is his home. In fact I can't remember the last time he slept in our home. Even here in DC, at the Brownstone we call home, we each have a bedroom. We make each other happy. We're both FUBAR people, I help Linc feel in control of the world, and Linc helps me feel in control of myself.

I am due at the league of women voters breakfast at 8:00, the white house for the first ladies lunch at 12:30, then Linc and I will attend the state dinner tonight. I need to run. I stretch, head to my room, and look for the pink garment bag marked 1. Janie is the best. My personal clothes are in pink garment bags, working clothes in blue, and travel clothes in green. Follow the bags in numerical order and I am correctly dressed every time. I pull on a pair of soft pink sweats, sports bra and my Nikes. I head out for the mall. I love running past all the monuments.

I look at my phone, no text from Christian. He is supposed to text when he goes to bed. His Friday curfew is 1:00 am. It is 1:30 am at home. I hope he simply forgot. But, something tells me this is not good. I hit dial.

"Hello" he sounds drunk. This is not good.

"Christian are you drunk?" I try to stay calm. Yelling at a drunk won't help.

"Sure am" god he is cocky

"Christian, call a cab and go home or to my house." I am trying too stay calm.

"Can't do that." It's slurred

"Why not Christian?" Take a deep breath

"Cause I gotta fix a situation with your toy" holy crap this is worse than I thought

"No, Christian, there is no situation with you. Just an unusual circumstance. You need to call a cab and go home." I am stern this time

"Gretchen's coming back, bye bye" the call ends. Damnit, Josh and Nikko are both with me. I dial Gideon.

Gideon answers on the first ring "Christian in trouble Gideon. He's trying to fuck a girl and he's drunk. I don't know exactly where, there was jazz playing, it sounded like the gaslight district. Find him!" I know I sound desperate

"What do you want me to do when I find him?" Gideon is trying to remain calm.

"Lock him in his room. I'll be home tomorrow. Have Izzy put non perishable food in there before you get back. I want him totally isolated." I can barely control my rage.

"Elena, are you okay?" Gideon asks almost as if he's afraid.

"No Gideon I am not okay. I am worried sick, scared too death, and so totally enraged I am shaking. I'll be better when you have him. Call me!" I hang up and start my run.

I push too hard. I am sucking wind and feeling fatigued. I haven't even crossed the five mile mark. I will not stop, though I do reduce the brutal pace. Just past the Washington monument a man falls into stride beside me. "You don't usually run here at this time of day little lady. I surely would have noticed." Based on the drawl he's a Texan. If he's a Senator, he's a republican and he's on our hit list. "Morning Senator" He doesn't correct me. I am so glad I slowed enough to breath. "Mrs. Elena Lincoln" the rest of my run is slowed to a jog. But, we can add one more vote to our tally. We must be getting close to the magic number.

It's 6:23 when my phone rings. Its Gideon "Elena, I've got him. Izzy is gonna have to clean him up, he's been in a fight. But he's alive and safe. You're not going to be home for 36 hours. That's a long time, given what he's going through. Elena his virginity is still intact." Gideon sounds protective.

"Do as I asked Gideon." I end the call

Breakfast brings commitments from a liberal republican and a conservative democrat. Now those are oxymorons if I have ever heard one. Linc should be on the golf course now, him and old man Lincoln round out two different foursomes. They also have meetings with two different committees Monday. The Senate goes on recess for the fourth on Wednesday. We need to get the votes, or postpone a vote. I head back for the brownstone.

I open the bag with my clothes for lunch. Janie has included both a hat and gloves. Really for Saturday lunch at the white house. I guess. I look in the mirror. Oh how very Jackie O. A pale pink sweater set, white pencil skirt, and kitten heels. The skirts to long, the heels are to short, ugh. I pull out the jewelry case. My wedding pearls.

I am lounging with a cup of coffee and my email, when Lincoln comes in. "How'd it go today?" It's nearly 6:00 we leave in little over an hour.

"Secured a no from the Jr Senator from Texas during my run. Confirmed the no from the liberal Republican, got the Conservative Democrat to swing our way at the league. No Senators at lunch but all the target wives confirm that their husbands intend to vote no. How did it go with you?" I try to sound bored cause I am.

"Not as well we're still two votes short of stopping it. And six short of our goal in case there is last minute shifting." He sighs "come sit on my lap" I move immediately. Following Linc's requests is so ingrained, even when I am trying to provoke him I have a hard time being slow. And right now all I want to do is please him. He pulls me up against him. I kiss his forehead. Linc looks worn and tired. It's unusual. "You okay, Linc?"

"Just tired. Its just, everything lately seems to be a five alarm fire, and I am the only one with a fire hose. With this pending legislation we could lose hundreds of millions. Then there's the protests in Brazil. Everything." I nuzzle his neck, leaving a trail of kisses to his mouth. I nibble at his lips trying to entice him into kissing me back. He pulls my lower lip into his mouth and bites down hard. I can feel the blood pooling. Taste the sweet copper warmth. Then he is kissing me. Tasting me, sweeping my mouth with his tongue, sharing my very life essence. The alarm on my crackberry is going off. Damnit, just Damnit. We disengage.

I start for my bedroom. "Elena, before you put your dress on please come see me." I am wet, hot and needy. I pull the blue bag labeled three from the rack. The dress is gorgeous, royal blue, the bodice a long satin corset, with a sweetheart neckline, an inch wide band of soft yellow crystals, decorate the top and bottom edge. The skirt is soft chiffon. I start collecting the accessory bags. A pair of Louboutin peep toe pumps, a pill shaped clutch with a long anchor chain and a large barrette all encrusted in pastel crystals, like that trim my dress. No jewelry, what was Janie thinking, I hate to be completely bare, if I don't have shoulders, I need a necklace in public. At least my bracelet matches. My every day diamond stud will have to do. I pull the top of my hair up capturing it in the barrette. I pull on the small lace thong, and step into my heels. Time to go see Linc.

He is smiling as I enter. His vest matches my bodice, and his cuff links are very large single crystals that match my small ones. I stop in the center of the room. Standing in front of me, Linc removes my diamond studs. From his pocket he produces another small blue box. He places a small heart padlock through each ear. Next, he opens a bigger box and hangs a heavy anchor chain around my neck, the chain clings close, but from the center another chain hangs straight down. A fourth padlock lays against my chest. He kisses me deeply, "thank you for your support in this, I know how hard these things are for you." Then he kisses me again.

"But I haven't forgotten that you were an errant wife this week." He places two metal balls in my mouth. "Please, turn around and put your hands on the floor." I do so without hesitation. I barely have my hands on the floor before he pushes into me pulling my hips back. He didn't even bothering to remove his pants or my thong, just pushing them aside. His pace is fierce, I can't do any thing but ride the wave of his cock pummeling me. He is done quickly, leaving me bereft and empty.

He reaches his hand down. I release the balls into it. He places them in me one at a time pushing each deep with his long fingers. Rubbing against my sweet spot both in and out. Then he spanks me, he uses heavy blows. When he releases me, I stand, the balls start their little dance. This is going to be a very long night no matter how short it is. Linc pulls me into his arms"You are my heart" he kisses me again. "I love you, Linc" My lower lip still painful. "Now go finish getting beautiful for me."

Back in my room I call Gideon. As always, just one ring. "How's he doing?"

"He's only been awake about an hour. He's clearly sore from the fight. And very confused about how he got here. He's pacing again. I think he's fine. Have you reconsidered?" His voice once again protective.

"No Gideon, I am still seething mad. And I am going to punish him." I hang up. Gideon has never fought me like this before. I finish pulling on my dress. Linc is calling time to go.

I hate landing, God, I hate landing. Touch and touch. I text Linc "Wheels Down." As brutal as he can be with me, it is a privilege reserved for him. No one or nothing is allowed to endanger me. And if it makes me nervous he wants to know when it's over. "Wheels Down," every leg, of every flight. I dial Gideon.

"Lock his bathroom. In a half an hour give him a two liter of water, tell him he has half an hour to finish it. And that I will be there when he is supposed to be done." I am shaking from the rage again.

"Elena, maybe you should wait till morning, let yourself calm down, decide after you have looked at him." He is still trying to protect Christian from my wrath. It isn't going to happen.

"You have instructions, follow them!" I am starting to lose my patients with Gideon.

The ride home seems to take forever. I don't even wait for Josh to open my door. My strides are long and purposeful. I stop at the playroom, getting the things I need. I dial Gideon. "Gideon, I am going to beat him until he safe words. He's going to need you after. I'll hit the call button when I want you to come to his room."

"EL your too angry to do this. Wait, do it tomorrow. Please reconsider." I hate cell phones you can't fucking slam them in someone's ear. Of course I am too angry to be doing this. That's exactly why I am going to do it. If I do it once I calm down, I am even more FUBAR than I am willing to admit.

I punch in the code and enter his room. He is sitting on his bed his knees pulled up hugging them. He looks up. I can see the terror in his eyes. I just stand there. "My bathroom door is locked and you sent me water. Your going to do it to me aren't you?"

"Yes, Christian I am. We are not going to talk about what happened until tomorrow. I am simply here to start punishing you." I lay the urethra plug, enema nozzle, lube and a wide black strap on the bed in front of him. "When we finish I will not be back until tomorrow morning. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Elena" his voice is scared, he should be scared

"On a scale of one to ten how badly do you need to use the restroom. Ten being an accident is imminent."

"An eight, I had to go before the water arrived." He admits

"Christian, kneel up. So I can have access to you." He does as directed. I hold up the urethra plug, "This plug, is two parts, essentially a tube and a stopper. When were done pull the stopper to relieve yourself. Wait until you can remove the other portion slowly to do so. I do not want you truly injured." I generously lube the tube and slowly begin to insert it. I can feel him shaking. He lets out a soft uncomfortable moan. I continue until the tube is inserted all the way to its flair end.

"Position your self, so you are kneeling with your head resting on your forearms and your ass as high in the air as you can get it." I have chosen the smallest nozzle I have. Normally, I wouldn't do this to a newbie. It's his first anal use and it will not be pleasant. I can't resist his ass in the air. I bring my hand down hard. I crash my palm into his ass over and over. He has a nice red glow. He has managed not to cry out yet. I lube both his ass and the nozzle well, then I start to insert the it. He takes a deep breath. He visibly shudders. He cries out as I push the flared end in.

"It's time to move into the bathroom." He stands gingerly. He is walking very carefully. I push the call button for Gideon. I point to a spot near the toilet where a hose comes out of the wall. "Kneel in the head down position again." I connect the hose but don't start water flowing yet. "Christian, I will not be removing either plug. I have no interest in your bodily fluids, only that you hold them while you are beaten. And I am going to beat you. You will need to remove the plugs yourself." I am sure that it will be Gideon who actually removes them. But, he doesn't need to think about that right now. "All of your fluids are being contained for you. In your current state it is absolutely impossible for you to have a containment accident. Therefore, blue is not a safe word during this punishment. You still have yellow and red available to you. Do you understand?"

"Yes Elena" his voice is strangled, almost a whisper.

This is another time when having money has made life easier. The water in this room is designed for my preferences, and to assure safety. The hose I will use is pressure controlled, turning the knob only adjusts pressure with in a safe range. The discharge is metered. Pushing the button dispenses exactly one pint of liquid. It allows me to concentrate on the sub.

I turn on the cold water, I let the first pint flow into him. He is gasping, he moans several times. I reach under his belly to check how distended he is. I am surprised to find him fully erect. I run my hand over him stroking him once. He moans, "please, Elena, please." I knead his belly. I use the strap on his ass six times. Then I add the next pint of water. Again I massage his belly. Tears are streaming down his cheeks. His whole body is shaking. This time I smack his ass with my bare hand. He cries out twice. I reach for the water again. "Please Elena, no more, please." He is openly sobbing. I let the pint, flow in. Again I knead his distended abdomen. He can can't contain his begging. He is becoming frantic. I let the last pint flow into his body. And disconnect the hose. I pick up the black strap and begin working him over. I strike him over and over, from the back of his knees to his shoulder blades. He is crying, screaming, begging me to stop, let him relieve himself. Just past seven minutes he safe words out. Screaming "red" as if it were a curse word. I drop the strap, before he can finish the sound. He falls to his side. He is laying in fetal position on the floor crying as I walk out. Gideon is already moving towards him as I storm past.

I am still hammering my fists into the heavy bag, when Gideon comes in "Who are you madder at Elena, him or yourself." His voice is soft. He knows how shaken by this whole thing I am. I like a nice neat world where things are black and white, ordered. Christian is definitely a grey area.

I continue to pound away. "Him, most definitely, him." I don't say, because with him I feel out of control. Christian shakes my control, my hard earned control. He makes me crazy beyond belief.

I drop my arms, the tears come and I am sobbing. Gideon, carries me back to my room and puts me to bed. These people, my family, they take care of me. I was so like Christian when I met Linc. How many times did Linc carry me home and punish me? How many punishments did it take before I learned? Do I have the stamina to help Christian find his controls. How did Linc get me through this?

I wake early, it's not even 4:00 am. Christian's my first thought. I need to get to him, make sure he is okay, comfort him. Be near him in the calm before my raging storm starts again. I stand in his doorway just watching him, he looks so peaceful and innocent. No one would see the turbulent troubled young man inside. He is laying face down, hugging a pillow held under his chest. I sit on the edge of his bed, running my fingers through his soft hair. His eyes pop open, wide with fear. He is trembling

"I am not here to hurt you." He visibly relaxes but is still trembling. "I am here to check on you. I am still angry, and when we talk I will be enraged again. But, right now that can wait." He pulls the pillow tighter. When I lift the sheet, he buries his face against it. He is still very red, there are several larger bruises, and too many thin purple streaks to count. The dampness between my legs reminds me just how FUBAR I really am.

"Christian, look at me." He turns his face and meets my gaze. "You did well yesterday." Yesterday, I didn't even notice the bruising on his face from the fight. I lean in and kiss him, he yields immediately, kissing me back. I press a small gold token into his hand. When he examines it, he will see that one side has his name. The other says exemplary behavior (1). I still have the first token Linc ever gave me, I cherish it too much to relinquish it for momentary pleasure. "You need rest. Go back to sleep. Izzy will bring you breakfast at 9:00 am. And I will be back at 10:00 am" I kiss him again. Then I head back to my room to change for my run and begin my real day.

It's Monday, Izzy and I start going over my schedule. I am only home two days this week. What am I going to do about Christian? I don't think I could take another incident while I am gone. We are going over my Detroit visit. Elliott has booked me a suite at the RenCen hotel, downtown. It's not where I want to be. If I am going home, I will stay there. "Izzy, please make me a reservation at the Sagmour. It's on Woodward Ave. in Royal Oak. You'll need three rooms, Linc will want security on each side of me." I am traveling with Nikko this trip, I'd prefer Josh but he is taking a well deserved break. They'll probably arrange someone local to round out my team. I don't think I'll ever get used to having a security team; but, I do understand Linc's concerns. He is a major player in a controversial business. There have been threats from radical environmental groups.

I have hit the gym and the salon but it is only 9:40. Twenty minutes till I see Christian. I head for my office, hopefully there will be something that needs my attention.

There is an instant message from Linc.

My Darling wife, the political dynamo,

Thank you for your support this weekend. The votes we needed are secured. Fires still popping up everywhere. Going back to Brazil tomorrow. Won't make Mackinaw, I am very sorry. Kiss Tessa for me.

Your overly tired, overly stressed husband,


I hit reply, I love asynchronous communication.

My overly tired, overly stressed husband,

It was a lovely weekend, even with all the politics. Thank you again for the beautiful jewelry. I will not kiss Tessa for you. Slap her gladly, but if you want her kissed get someone else.

Your very busy wife,


Linc, was teasing me. He hates Tessa as much as I do. Tessa is my brothers wife. Eric, ten years my junior is nothing like me. Middle of the road at most things, even tempered, generally happy. He works for a mortgage company, making good money. For a couple in their early twenties they have a very nice life . She needles him about Linc. Why he can't be more like Linc. Why can't he be more successful, make more, give her more. Bitchy and whiney. She wouldn't last a minute with Linc. She would never be a well trained bird in a cage. Even if the cage was gilded.

I head for Christian's room. We have to talk and it is not going to be easy. I have to decide what to do. I knock, usual for me with a sub, but he will need a second to breath. He clearly knows how angry I am, it's written all over his body. He opens the door. He just stands there staring at his feet. The playroom is the most comfortable place to sit, but it is too dangerous to take him there. "Follow me." I take him to my closet. There are two chairs and a chaise lounge. I point to one of the chairs, he winches as he sits.

I sit on the arm of the chair. I run my fingers through his hair. His eyes are down, he is very quiet. "You know I am very angry at you. I have no idea what to do with you" I am not lying I have no idea what I am going to do. "So, tell me your version of what happened. Because right now all I know is you were out past curfew, you were drunk, you tried to fuck a girl named Gretchen, you disobeyed a direct order, then you got in a fight. Did I miss anything?"

"Yes Elena, I masturbated before I left home." He never lifts his eyes.

"You can put last night down in your log as the punishment for disobeying the direct order to go home. You can simply write bathroom punishment" I take deep breath "Now, look at me, and tell me exactly what happened."

"I couldn't get Gideon words out of my head, the virginity situation. I don't want to be a situation, and I'd rather not be a virgin either." I put my index finger gently against his lips to stop him.

"He was teasing me, for having feelings for you. For caring that your not ready. He was not teasing you. I know it hurt and I am very sorry you heard what he said. I will take care of your virginity when we're both ready not one moment sooner. You belong to me. It is mine, and at this moment I am cherishing it." I lean over and kiss him. He is erect, I stroke him gently with my nails' "Continue"

"I can't ever get you out of my head, ever. I think of you, I get so hard it hurts. I adjust myself, it doesn't help. Then I was changing and I saw one of the small purple lines on my ass. I got hard, I was naked. It's not hard to figure out. Then when I was cumming, all I could hear in my head, were Gideon's words. I headed to a place I know to drink, I just wanted, his words out of my head. Then, Gretchen was there, she's a friend of Elliott's. She was flirting, and rubbing against me while we danced. I got all hard. I just kept drinking. Then you called. You, Gideon's words, her rubbing against me." He is fidgeting with his fingers. He is visually tense. He drops his eyes and stops talking.

"Christian, I told you there would be no secrets. Finish telling me." I lift his chin and kiss him. I thought I would get angrier when he told me. Instead I am feeling a great deal of compassion for him. I remember how painful it is to be young. How drinking helps push it down.

"She got us a room. I was shaking I didn't know if I could tolerate her touching me. She took my shirt off, she even managed not to touch me. Then she saw the marks you left on my back and started screaming. I bolted, some guy in the hall tried to grab me. He thought I hurt her, we fought. I ran, then Gideon had me. You know the rest." He sighs, drops his shoulders, and his eyes.

"Christian, look at me." The look of terror has returned to his eyes. "You may put the experience with Gretchen and telling me about it down as your punishment for masturbating. I have also decided that to help you with the masturbation issue and punish you for the sexual contact with Gretchen, any time you are out of my presence for the next thirty days you will be wearing a chastity cage. Do you understand?"

"Yes and no Elena" he looks confused

"What don't you understand?" I think I already know.

"The chastity cage? Will it hurt? How will I pee?" He sounds nervous. After, experiencing a urethra plug I can't blame him.

"The one I am going to use has a hole for you to pee through. I will adjust you correctly in it. It will at times be very very uncomfortable. It will not allow you to obtain an erection. You will see it later today. Are you doing okay today?" I am worried I may have pushed him too hard.

"No, but I have never been okay, this is just different fucked up." He shrugs

I actually laugh "Welcome to the family. We call it being a FUBAR person. Gideon, Izzy, Josh and I and now you."

"You sent Gideon to take care of me last night didn't you. Thank you" he sounds truly grateful.

"You needed care I couldn't provide. We will always take care of you. No matter what the problem is. That is forever. Even if you turn in your log." I take a deep breath."Well we have dealt with three of the issues. That leaves three more. For the curfew violation I am going to spank you with my hand thirty times. For the drinking I am going to put a anal plug in your ass before I spank you. Do you understand?"

"Yes Elena" he drops his eyes

"Last, the fight, for that I am going to let you fight yourself. I am going to put a pair of nipple clamps on you then I am going to pull your arms above your head and connect them. If you let your arms down you will pull on your nipples. You will be in this predicament for an hour. I am also going to allow you the opportunity to earn a cum. If you want I will also put a ball stretcher on you, pull you up onto your toes and connect them. If you relax your feet you will pull on your balls. Do you understand?"

"Yes Elena." His breath is shallow.

"Christian would you like to earn a cum?" I already know his answer is yes.

"As long as it pleases you Elena" I smile. He answers in the proper form.

I lift his chin and kiss him again. I get up and flip the switch on the mirror. "Christian, most of the time of when I put you in a predicament, I will watch you from here. I want to see you struggle, I do not wish to hear you beg. I also want to see your expressions, I do not wish to mar that with a gag. The panic button will be in you right hand. If you press and release the mirror will flash yellow." I push a button and the mirror flashes bright yellow illuminating the entire room with a bright glow. "If you press and hold the room lights up red." I demonstrate." If you safe out I will get to you in less than a minute. Do you understand?"

"Yes Elena" he is hard as a rock. I kneel in front of him "don't move". I run my nails over his erection. I capture the pearl bead that appears, between my lips kissing the head. He is gripping the chair and panting, trying desperately not to push up. I capture the head in my mouth. His head is back mouth open. I run my tongue around the head of his cock, then drive down over his entire length. I just hold him there, for a long moment. Then slowly, release him pulsing around him, he groans. "Wait for me in the playroom." He jumps and moves quickly out of the room.

I am going to let him anticipate his punishment for at least fifteen minutes. I grab my phone, hit the connect button, "Izzy, Gideon tea in the kitchen." I head for the kitchen. I tell them what actually happened with Gretchen. I tell Gideon about Christian thanking me for his care. And ask Izzy to set my lunch up in front of the mirror. I head for the playroom, it has been twenty two minutes, forever to Christian. I strip except for my white stiletto pumps.

I enter the playroom instead of jumping, Christian sighs. The look of terror has returned to his face. "Christian, I'd like you to kneel on the wide bench." I gather all the necessary implements, and lay them on the bench in front of him. A pair of nipple clamps, a slender butt plug, a half inch wide 1.75 in diameter ball stretcher and lube. "Do you have any questions?"

"Not about anything on the bench. But, I would like permission to ask something different. Elena." He is very hesitant in asking.


"Can you suck me with that plug thing in my cock?" I have never seen him blush so deeply or sound so shy.

"Yes, it can be done. Tell my why?" I do not understand the device as anything but torture. I have never had a sub who enjoyed it either.

"I was very uncomfortable when you put it in. Then while I was walking to the bathroom it moved. I got so fucking hard I wanted to scream. Then you stroked me, I almost came. It felt so different." I am fascinated.

"If I am going to suck you with it in. Then you are going to have to endure wearing it the entire punishment. I am going to use a solid plug so even your cum will be retained until you remove it. Christian, I have never done this with anyone. I have seen it done and I know it is safe. Christian, would you like me to insert a plug." I am slick, my juices are running down my legs.

"As long as it pleases you Elena." I need contact with him. I need him. Christian is going to get his first lesson in female anatomy.

"Christian, I want you to kneel up tall, on the floor, facing the bench." His face is confused but he quickly complies. Then I climb on to the bench and squat, with my legs spread wide. "Christian, move to where you can comfortably touch me. I want you to use the hand you jerk with to explore my parts. You are going to jerk yourself with your opposite hand. You have three minutes, I will time with the clock on the wall behind you. You are allowed to cum if you can. If you stop jerking your done. Do you understand?"

"Yes Elena" there is true wonder in his voice. I want him to know what he does to me. I always knew with Linc, it was never a question, his erection is hard to hide. But, without any experience, he has no way to judge the effects on me. He starts by running a tentative finger over each labia. Then he slides two fingers between them, opening them wide. He is close enough I can feel his warm breath on me, it pushes me higher, he just looks, at me. He doesn't stop jerking. He doesn't have much longer. Time is getting short so is his control. Then he bites his lip and runs the pad of index finger over that little nub, that point that can unhinge a woman in seconds. A moan escapes, I pulse and gush. His eyes widen, then he decides to go for it. He plunges a finger into me, the web between my his index finger and thumb runs over my clit. I bite my already sore lip, I will not cum, I will not cum. Then he does, his hand drops from my body. His shoulders slump and he tries to regain his breath. This is punishing me as much as it is him.

I point to the bench and he assumes a kneeling position on it, no hesitation not even a blink. I collect the urethra plug I will use. It is about seven inches in length, shaped like a cane. Very thin at the bottom, it is tapered from the top. The handle of the cane, will hook over the tip, preventing it from slipping deeper and allowing removal. I am not sure I am going to like this. I hate penis piercings. I do not find them aesthetically pleasing. I hate, the metal taste in my mouth and they interrupt the long, smooth, deep strokes I like to provide. A cock is a beautiful thing, paint it, tattoo it, but do not interrupt its natural form.

I hold the plug up for him to see. I lube it generously, I take his now flaccid cock in my hand. I begin inserting the plug slowly, enjoying the feel of his soft cock in my hand. His cock is hardening reaching up to meet the plug. I watch as it disappears inward with fascination. His breathing is ragged, his groans uncomfortable, he is flexing his hands, and biting his lip. But his cock is raging hard. I stroke him twice, eliciting, rumbling moans.

I pick up the nipple clamps, I show them to him, they are alligator clamps, with screws to tighten them. A medium weight chain hangs between them. He shudders as I pull his nipple you to clamp it. I am very careful not to touch anything but his nipple. He cries out as I tighten it. I repeat with his other nipple.

"Christian, please assume the head down position for me." He moves into position, I run my hand gently over his ass. I lean in bathing his bruises with tender kisses, and small nips. I am going to make penetrating him this time much more enjoyable than yesterday. Now, he is moaning heavily. I trail my nails, lightly tickling down his thighs. I run my finger pressing firmly along his taint, fondling his balls from behind.

I place a large dollop of lube and gently use my index finger to massage small circles. As he begins to relax, I resume, kissing and licking the marks. Pushing into him with just the tip of my finger, he groans. I am going to let him, push back, impaling himself. I just keep working him. Once he's impaled himself, I run my thumb along his taint again. I slowly withdraw. I lube the butt plug, and repeat the same process.

"Christian, I want you watch your own reaction. Please get on all fours." I go to the restraint wall, I get the chin rest for this bench. I set it in front of him, I fold down the clamps and secure it, then adjust the height of the rest. When he places his chin on it, his head is tilted up and looks straight forward. I put the mirror against the end of the bench.

"I want you to watch yourself. You are not allowed to close your eyes for more than a moment. I will give you one warning. If I have to warn you again it will be punishable. Do you understand?" It is really, that I want to see him react as I drive him higher without relief.

I run my nails over his butt lightly. I pull my hand back, I see him brace himself. I bring my hand down and swat each cheek just once. Playfully, just enough, to move the plug, sway the chain, and send a flood of warmth. His butt is already raw and bruised, indicating more would be for the most part ineffective. A flash of mild pain rushes through him, followed by a flush desire. I love the nuances that cross his face. The fretful chewing of his bottom, the fear as I raise my hand, the slightly shy blush as pleasure chases pain across his body.

I reach under him, stroking him, fondling him, more soft cuffs to his ass. Each eliciting moans, deeper and more rumbling as I continue. I can feel the moment he decides I am not going to actually beat him. It is only a few slap later that his eyes close for the first time, his expression, sheer bliss. "Christian, eyes" they pop back open.

I run my lips over his marks, bathing them with my tongue. My hand again is gently stroking his cock. Then I use just my fingers, snapping them upward, they slap his cock into his abdomen. There is a small intake of breath, followed by a heavy moan. His eyes flutter shut. His face is savoring the pleasure, I pull my hand back and wait. When they don't flutter back open, I utter "eyes" and swing. The blow rocks him forward, it sets his nipple chain swinging, and causes him to howl in pain.

I capture the chain stilling it's motion. I resume the slow gentle, play and spanking. His eyes stay open, for the rest of my playing. I lower the chin rest. I run my fingers through his hair. "Christian, I'd like you to lay on your side, and pull your knees up and hold them." I want to run my hand along his spine, tickle and play. He won't tolerate it, and I don't want to drive him any further out of his comfort zone. I tug slowly, removing the butt plug. There is a gasp as it leaves his body, followed my a mournful cry.

"Christian, I want you to rest. You can rest here or in your room. You have been on all fours for the better part of an hour. I do not want your arms fatigued before we start your predicament. In one hour, you are to be waiting in here for me. Do you understand?"

"Yes Elena"