Helllooooo! A random thought came to my mind last night and I just had to write it down! I realized that a lot of stories talk about how Best Boy and Raven get together, which is a very interesting topic, I grant you, but still, don't you ever wonder how different the tower would be once they actually were a couple? Everyone would have some adjusting to do, and so this story was born! But don't worry; I have not in any way abandoned my other story, Switcheroo! Third chapter will be up soon! In the meantime, enjoy these!

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Beast Boy and Cyborg like to play video games, that's a given that will never change. When Cyborg is not around, Beast Boy asks Robin. If Robin won't play, which is usually the case, then he asks Raven. Raven would say no. He would then proceed to bother her for the rest of the day, until Cyborg came back. BUT, WAIT! What is this? Cyborg is not home, Robin will not play, Beast Boy asks Raven, and she says yes!

"Why not?" Beast Boy whined.

"What do you mean, why not? I said I would play."

"Wait, you weren't being sarcastic?"

"No. You're my boyfriend now. I should probably try to take at least a mild interest in what you like."

"Cool!" Beast Boy's smile beamed. "Okay, so this is what you do…" He then proceeded to explain how to work the gaming system to his girlfriend. They played a game, which Raven found harder than she had expected. Beast Boy let Raven win. She knew that.

"You didn't have to go easy on me."

"You needed to get used to the game. I've been playing for years. It wasn't fair."

Raven smiled. Beast Boy kissed her. The gaming system blew up. Cyborg walked in the door.

Cyborg would have to get used to getting a new gaming system every few weeks.

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