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Castiel couldn't hold out for much longer, even with his abilities to heal the wounds were becoming too much for his vessel. Raphael's men were relentless, each time he managed to take out one of them, another one would appear. He had to get out of here but it was too crowded for him to get the chance. A sudden pain spread at the back of his neck and went straight to his head causing immense pain. His legs finally gave out and he fell to his knees.

"Well, well, well," The voice was mocking and sent cold vibes throughout Castiel's body, "Look at you," His face came into Castiel's view as the man was circling him with a smirk on his face.

Castiel continued to give him a cold stare, he wasn't ready nor was he in any condition to fight again but he felt like he was going to have to anyway if he was going to survive this.

"Raphael has a message for you, he does sends his apologies that he couldn't be here but says to send your bleeding body to him," The man kneeled down in front of Castiel and placed a silver knife under his chin. Castiel's eyes laid on the knife, symbols were drawn on it and they started to glow as the knife punctured a small wound on his knife letting a trail of blood run down his neck, "But first I want to have just a little bit of fun."

His words, for some reason, sent waves of uneasiness through his body and for a good reason. The knife slipped from his vision before being plunged into his side, causing vast amounts of pain to surge through his body. He shouldn't be feeling this much pain, normally it was a dull ache in his vessel but this time it was pounding through his body and causing severe pain. The knife's symbols were now getting brighter as the man twisted the blade. Castiel refused to make a sound as the man slowly removed the blade to only make slow, sallow cuts along his arms. Castiel feels the world start to spin around him as his eyes become heavier and heavier.

"Oh, I think we might be losing you here," His smile widens, before he brings out an object which Castiel can hardly recognized as it becomes no more than a blur in his vision, "To stop that pesky healing of yours," The object was shoved into his and the pain bust through his body causing him to let a faint attempt at a scream out, he could feel the object burning inside of him. He knew if he was going to survive he had to do it now and the only place he thought of was a single motel room. Castiel started form all the strength he could and focused on the one place and soon enough he was gone before their eyes.

"Damn it!" The man shouted before turning to one of the men and whispering something and with that they all disappeared.

A Motel Room

A loud clattered caused Sam and Dean to bolt up from their beds and steady their hands on their hands on their guns. The bathroom light turned on and a painful gasp ringed in their ears. They carefully approached the bathroom door. Dean nodded to Sam, who then grabbed the door knob and pushed to door open and were horrified at the sight in front of them. There was Cas, bloody and beaten the crap out of, leaning against the wall as if it was his only way of standing.

"Cas, what the hell happened?" Dean and Sam raced to aid the broken angel.

Castiel's blue eyes slowly look up to the two brothers, he didn't want to burden them but this was the only place he could think of where he would receive help.

"Raph-" Castiel could barely finish his sentence before coughing an alarming amount of blood across the bathroom floor. That's when he felt his body tighten and then violently convulse in rapid movements causing pain to erupt through his body. He tried to muffle his screams of pain but this was unlike anything he had felt before, what had they done to him?

"What the hell!" Dean shouted as he carried Cas's seizing body to the bed, "Cas! Can you hear me?!" There was no reply, his body hadn't even stopped convulsing.

"I'll go grab some supply," Sam's face scrunched in worry, "I'll grab whatever I can get," His eyes didn't leave Cas as he raced out the door, not wanting to waste any time on the matter.

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