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Cas burst into the muffled screams, he didn't know what was happening, this was an overwhelming pain. He started to thrash to get free from this newly founded pain out something or someone was pinning him down and he was unable to break free from the grip in his weakened state. He tried to talk but the object which felt like fabric was blocking him from his words. The pain, all he could think about was the pain as he felt as what seems to be like a hand move and grip at his flesh and blood that lay beneath his skin. The feeling was like anything he had felt, the hand moving in him, scraping flesh and tissue and then finally reaching a point and firmly gripping an object that made him leap from the bed and scream in more pain, if Sam hadn't been holding him down he would have succeeded in doing so but that action didn't come without a price as the movement tore the wound further open and made him grasp between the screams.

Dean had felt many sensations but this was the most horrifying, the feeling of flesh under his hands and nails, moving through Cas's stomach to find an object that was causing this much pain. Doing this felt like he was tearing Cas apart and it was killing him inside, the cries coming from the angel, who had always been the stone-hard angel with no emotions was now showing them in full colour and he was causing it.

He kept searching for the object and he had felt something hard and solid and that was what set Cas off. Cas lept into the air, clawing to get away, and Sam was having trouble holding Cas down now and Dean could feel the tear he and caused when Cas had jumped up, he shuddered but he knew it was now or never he stayed with his grip and pulled the red beaming object that had been shoved into Cas's stomach.

Cas had gasped at the object being removed and fell limp back down on the bed, out cold which the brother's would assume would be for a while. Dean and Sam were panting as they had arisen from their position.

Dean looked carefully at the object before placing it on the table and wiping it away the blood stained object.

"Thank god that's over," Dean panted before sitting down and resting with thoughts that were even more guilt ridden but were soften at the thought Cas would be recovering now and no more pain.

"Yeah," Sam's eyes ran over the object before him, "I'll send a picture of this to Bobby see if he recognises it," Sam picked up the object and grabbed his phone and walked off, leaving Dean to his thoughts.

Dean's eyes ran over to Cas, his body seemed calmed but Dean knew better and he knew that even though the binding spell was over, Cas was still going to have some trouble adjusting to the situation and he wasn't used to the pain of what he has and is feeling. Dean got up and slowly walked over to Cas, mindful of his leg that was throbbing endlessly but he ignored it, he was only thinking about Cas and Cas needed him at that moment.

"Hey Cas," Dean spoke quietly as he rested himself on the opposite bed, "I – I'm sorry about this," Dean knew Cas wouldn't be awake to hear this but he needed to get this out, "I know I've been selfish and ignoring you're problems and using you like you have nothing better to do and I am so sorry," Dean stopped himself, no, he wasn't going to turn this into a chick flick moment. He turned himself to lie down on the bed.

" D – Dean," Cas mumbled, stirring slightly as Dean moved back into sitting position.

"Cas, Cas you're awake!" Dean hadn't expected Cas to make such a quick recovery to the point of waking up this soon.

Cas slowly rose but stopped as he winced in pain, "Dean what happened?" Cas's mind was fuzzy with details but he knew why he was here and what had happened before he came here but the moments after that become a blur and his memory wasn't providing any more details about what had happened.

"You don't remember?" Dean was a little bit relieved about that, he didn't want Cas to remember all the details, all he could think about was the overwhelming feeling of Cas being well.

"I remember what happened before I came here but after that my memory seems to be a blur," Cas's face was puzzled and confused and Dean almost smirked at that face he had seen oh so many times before.

"Yeah well give it time," Dean winced as he tried to get up, this didn't go unnoticed by Cas.

"What is the matter?" Cas tried to get up and this managed to get to lean up against the headboard of the bed.

"Ah demon attack nothing major," It was funny Castiel had also recognised a similar wound on his leg; he had gone over his body for the more serious wounds. The one on his leg shouldn't take long to heal and the small ones that scattered his body should take no longer then a day. The ones on his stomach and chest however, he believed would take maybe a week to heal properly if he was going to go back to plans in heaven. Castiel was growing more curious to the events that had be faded out in his absents.

Dean noticed the look on Cas's face but chose to ignore it, he was happy that Cas was finally O.K well on the verge on being O.K.

"By the way what happened before you popped in here," Dean grabbed the bottle of the half empty whisky and poured it into a glass, "You didn't exactly give us details?"

"I was defending myself from some of Rapheal's men, it was not going in my favour," Cas cast down his eyes before continuing, "I was largely outnumbered and managed to gain enough strength to come here before they had a chance to take me."

Dean scrunched his face, "By how much were you outnumbered?" Dean didn't like the idea of Cas fighting by himself especially when it came to his so-called family of his.

"Dean it is not of importance," Cas knew where Dean was going and he didn't want to give yet another burden to the two brothers.

"Like hell it isn't!" Dean thought about getting up and storming over but knew he would regret with his leg being in this state, "Cas how many!"

Cas lowered his head in defeat, "From what I gathered more than ten, maybe fifteen," Dean widen his eyes in shock. How the bloody hell could Cas even think of going into a fight like that!

"Cas how could you even think about going into a fight like that!" Dean was furious, why didn't Cas come to them for help!

"It wasn't my intention to be out numbered but I was left with little choice," Cas tried to defend himself from Dean, he knew how Dean could get.

"Why the hell didn't you come to us?" Dean was starting to calm down now, realising how difficult it had been for Cas now.

"I have already burden you with too much, I could not put this on you," Cas sighed finding it almost impossible to find I comfortable position, finally giving up he laid in one position but still finding it uncomfortable but learning to deal with it.

"Cas you're not a burden, why would you think that?" Dean couldn't understand this, Cas was like family and family was supposed to be there no matter what. Didn't Cas know that?

"I have already caused you too much pain, making you fight my battles was too much to ask for," Cas felt like it was crushing him, all this talk about his problems was sinking in and becoming more and more real and now he was bearing this down on Dean and Sam will find out too, he felt terrible.

"Cas you are like family and family looks out for each other and don't you dare think otherwise," Dean threaten, it almost amused Cas, he enjoyed Dean's natural being and his personality. That was why he becomes so attached to both of the brothers; they had these unique personalities that he had grown attached to.

"Yes Dean," For some reason that was what Cas needed to hear, he needed a family that accepted him and enjoyed his presence. He had felt neglected and disowned from his real family and now he felt the warmth he hadn't felt in a long time and it brought a smile to his face that had not shown emotions in a long time.

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