**A/N: Thanks to everyone who read part one of THE BOOKWORM AND THE FIREBUSH. Get ready for part two! I am not JK Rowling. In later chapters of this part, Ginny and Hermione wi have some long-awaited sex (as will Bill and Fleur), but for now they're still just masturbating. Will they ever admit their love for each other? We'll see. Also, expect some light Ron/Ginny Weasleycest in the next chapter. Femslash. Don't like don't read. Rated M for: NU, MU, FM, SS, LS, MM. See my profile for abbrs. Enjoy!**

"Happy Birthday Hermione!" yelled the gathered Weasleys, Potters, Grangers, and Blacks (well, just Sirius really) as Mrs. Weasley lowered the chocolate cake down in front of the new seventeen year old witch. The cake was simple, with pink frosting that said "Happy 17!" On the face of the cake. There were seventeen matching, pink candles, but none of them were lit.

"Do you need a match, Molly?" asked a slightly confused Mrs. Granger, searching through her pocket book.

"No thank you, deary," responded Mrs. Weasley. "We have a tradition that the first spell a witch or wizard performs without the Trace is to light his or her own seventeenth birthday candles."

"Oh," said Hermione, "That's sounds good."

The brown haired witch took out of her back pocket her beautiful wand and lit it with a simple spell. Her muggle parents gasped and watched intently. They had never really seen magic, as their daughter wasn't allowed to perform it outside of Hogwarts. But she was seventeen now, and as she lit the seventeenth candle with magic, she thought of the new, magical life ahead of her. Two seats away, Ginny thought of all the wonderful silencing charms that her best friend could now produce.

With all of the candles lit, Hermione blew them out. Cheers and clapping arose from her family and friends.

After the last piece of cake was eaten by a not-so reluctant Ron, Mrs. Weasley made an announcement about the sleeping arrangements.

"Alright then," she began, "Harry and Sirius are going back to Grimmauld Place, and Ron, you're in your own room with George tonight, and Hermione, dear, you're in Ginny's bedroom, and Mr. and Mrs. Granger are in the second floor guest room, and Arthur and I are in our room. Any questions? Good."

Hermione's parents looked thoroughly confused.

"Don't worry, said Hermione, "I'll help."

They smiled. She led then up the rickety staircase to the guest room. There, she bid her mom and dad goodnight.

No sooner had Hermione's father closed the door than her best friend grasped her hand and pulled her forcefully into their room across the hall.

"Whoa!" said the brunette, "Someone seems a little rambunctious!"

"That's because," said Ginny, hoisting shirt over her head, and, in the process pushing out her bra-covered breasts in a very arousing way, "Tonight we can use a silencing charm."

"I'll cast one now," answered Hermione, very excited at the prospects of the two of them (Ginny especially) being allowed to moan as loud as they wanted for the first time since the lake.

Masturbation was still good done silently, but Ginny had to pace herself so that her orgasm wouldn't surprise her into moaning. It would be nice to finally let loose.

Hermione cast the charm and pulled her blue birthday dress over her head. The garments strapless design didn't lend itself to a bra, so Hermione's small breasts bounced freely once the dress was removed. Her dark brown nipples hardened instantly, and the brunette gave them a satisfying twist, sending shivers down her spine and moistening her eager vagina.

Ginny saw that the charm had been cast and yelled at the top of her lungs, "PUSSY!" When the entire house didn't immediately bare down on their room, the pair knew it was safe to be as loud as they wanted. Ginny smiled with delight as she unclasped her pale yellow bra. Her pink nipples (which capped the redheads tiny breasts) hardened as well and Ginny twisted them as Hermione had done.

The older girl, meanwhile, pulled down her white lace panties, and, on her seventeenth birthday, stood in front of Ginny (who was fumbling with her blue jeans) in her birthday suit. The irony did not escape the clever witch.

Ginny, as it happened, had pulled down her jeans and pink-and-white striped cotton panties in one fell swoop. Both girls flopped onto Ginny's bed, and lay back with their heads on the pillow. Ginny's left hand reached up to cup and fondle Hermione's eager left breast. The brunette reached her left hand up to Ginny's right breast and rubbed the taut nub in between her thumb and forefinger. Ginny's right hand plunged past her thin, orange curls to the organ which she loved so much and began rubbing beautiful circles around her pink and erect clitoris. Hermione, beside her on the bed, reached past her thick, chocolate brown pubic hair to her own vulva, which she spread open with her thumb and middle finger, leaving her index finger to circle her own wanton clitoris.

After six minutes of vigorous rubbing and occasional moaning, Ginny's orgasm hit her like a brick wall. She screamed and shook, but luckily the silencing charm made it seem to the rest of the Burrow that the girls were doing something quiet, like braiding each other's hair, not masturbating furiously and coming hard.

Witnessing Ginny's frenzy of exultations, Hermione experienced one of her own, moaning aloud and snapping her legs shut as she came, shaking happily, beside her post-orgasmic best friend.

Both girls regained their breathing and glowed with pleasure. Hermione, still buck naked in Ginny's bed, said "G'night," and reached for the light switch, darkening the room and falling asleep in bed with her red haired roommate.