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Coming out of the shower, after cleaning the day's dirt from her toned body, Ginny was extremely horny. The day of going commando hadn't helped, for sure. It took all her power not to rub out a quickie in the shower, but she so wanted to masturbate with Hermione when the brunette got home. The pleasure was always magnified exponentially by Hermione's watchful eyes and busy hands. Not to mention the girl's breasts. Those helped, too.

The door opening heralded the older witch's arrival, and Ginny's vagina was already seeping huge amounts of sweet, warm fluid onto her bedsheets. Ginny was, of course, naked and anticipating Hermione. She had a plan. The minute the older witch arrived, the redhead would force her to cast a silencing charm, tear the other girl's clothes off, and masturbate furiously. At that rate, Ginny thought she might come at step two, but would try to hold off her orgasm until Hermione could at least find her clitoris.

Hermione bade her mother and Mrs. Weasley goodnight (they had eaten dinner in muggle London) and feigned tiredness so she could hustle up o Ginny's room and show the younger witch her new book.

When Hermione entered of the room, she was rather surprised-well, maybe not THAT surprised. Indeed, the sight of an incredibly sexy and positively naked Ginny Weasley (in this case sitting up on the edge of her bed) was becoming rather commonplace for the Granger girl, and she sincerely enjoyed it! But of course a naked anyone was always surprising, no matter how drop dead gorgeous that anyone might be.

"Why hello, Ginny," said Hermione.

"Shut up and come jill off with me," replied a painfully aroused Ginny.

"Not so fast, Ginny," answered Hermione, "I have something to show you."

"Hermioneeeee!" whined Ginny, "I've been soaking wet for two hours! Please!"

"Just a second, Gin," replied Hermione, "You're gonna love this." She retrieved the large book from her beaded bag. She held up the cover page, which featured two beautiful, naked witches with their legs intertwined and locks of hair strategically covering their humungous breasts. "Take a look."

"'Fun For Two Witches'," said Ginny flatly, "Looks fun. Now can I rub my pussy?!"

"Fine," replied Hermione. "Because apparently you can't talk coherently and politely when your a little too horny." Ginny stood up. The wet spot where her bottom had just been was about as large as the girl's head.

"Oh," said Hermione. "You were wet. Let's get you satisfied, then we'll talk."

"I've been waiting for you since five o'clock," said Ginny, "So take your bloody clothes off and let's diddle already!"

And diddle they did. After Hermione peeled her clothes off quickly and cast a silencing charm, they got to work. It seemed that Ginny only had to lightly tickle her red, throbbing clitoris before she defended into a hazy spiral of orgasmic pleasure, her legs closing around her hand as she writhed in ecstasy.

Hermione required a little more stimulation, and continued masturbating. She was slightly dismayed that Ginny had orgasmed so quickly as she now had no in-person pornography to indulge in. But Hermione was a clever witch, and knew that she had something just as arousing in her possession.

She motioned for the exhausted, euphoric redhead to join her on the brunette's bed which Hermione's naked body had fallen onto at the beginning of their escapade. Ginny walked the short distance across the room from her own wet bed to Hermione's and laid down beside her. Ginny's hand still pushed down on her vulva as the hot, deep red area pulsated with pleasure still a minute after her mind-bending climax. Her thumb skimmed idly through her orange curls. Ginny was envious of Hermione's thick brown jungle, annoyed by her own thin "forest" - if it could be called that - of pubic hair. Hopefully she would grow more, and soon.

Hermione, as Ginny knew by then, masturbated most effectively with two hands, using one to spread open her thick, tight outer labia and the other to flick across her clitoris with break-neck speed. Ginny did not require this, as her outer lips were thin and malleable; she could squash around her clitoris underneath them without any trouble. Hermione could not, and though she wanted desperately to reach across to the desk where "Fun For Two Witches" lay untouched, she could not bring herself to either let go of her clitoris or let her troublesome, succulent labia close around it; the pleasure was just too good. The decision was made. She quickly switched her hands' roles - so the right was opening and the left stimulating - and asked for help.

"Ginny, dear?" she asked, turning her face to the redhead while continuing her masturbation.

"Yes?" Ginny responded, looking up from Hermione's peeking pubic bush to the girl's face.

"Would you mind rubbing my clit for a minute, I have to reach for something," she said.

Ginny was taken aback by the request. Touch someone else that privately! Another girl! It was silly, she thought. They spent nearly all of their alone time naked, and over half of that time was spent in various states of sexual gratification. They had touched each-other's breasts already, in fact it had become regular. But a nipple and a clitoris are very different things.

While they hadn't analyzed each-other's vulvas since the lake, Ginny still remembered the folds between Hermione's legs, and could definitely navigate them easily as she did her own. But it was still a major step and she wasn't quite sure.

"Hermione," she began nervously, "I don't even know what you like." That was bullshit. They had practically masturbated every waking moment together; she knew exactly how Hermione fondled herself through the clitoral hood with the lightest, most exquisite circles.

"Of course you do," Hermione responded. The brunette wasn't sure if it was right to press Ginny so much, but she really did want this to happen, and she needed stimulation while she reached for her book. "Just do what I taught you."

She was right, Ginny knew. Almost unbearably so. Ginny was still tired of having just one, tried-and-true masturbation technique. She wanted more ... fulfillment, she supposed, from her frequent, heated sessions of self love. Did all girls do it the same way? She doubted, but she wouldn't venture into the great unknown without Hermione at her side; it seemed scary without the older witch to guide her. But the present was much more imminent.

"Okay, 'Mione," Ginny heard herself say, not believing it. "Move your hand and I'll start."

And so they did. In one quick motion - the sensations were just so good - Hermione removed the fingers rubbing her clitoris, which were immediately replaced by Ginny's smaller ones. With that one touch - between Ginny's index finger and Hermione's clitoral hood - the two, thought the brunette, were officially having sex, at least in a way. Frankly, thought Hermione, with no penises around, sex is a much more malleable term. And there were certainly no penises around!

Hermione reached over to "Fun For Two Witches" and let the book fall open across her stomach while her left hand held open her thick outer lips and her friend circled her pleasure-center slowly. Too slowly, thought Hermione, I need more. Ginny was nervous, and her fingers weren't doing quite enough.

"Faster, Ginny," Hermione practically screamed, and the redhead obliged, quickening her pace. The pair looked through the erotic book, marveling at the moving pictures of real women pleasing themselves. Fat women, thin women, short women, tall women, breasts as large as melons and as small as grapes, hairy-vulva women and...

"Look at the puss on that one," Ginny remarked, pointing with her free hand. "It's a smooth as a baby's arse!"

"I see," said Hermione, panting with arousal. "Romilda keeps hers like that, and Angie shaves it all but a 'landing strip', it's called."

"I ought to try that," said Ginny, eyeing for a moment her own orange curls. She still wanted it thicker, that was true, but was embarrassed to admit she had never actually thought of shaving it off, which was enticing. "It'd be wicked for shower-jilling."

"I don't know," responded the brunette. "I prefer a nice, thick bush myself." Hermione decided she wouldn't edify Ginny about the time at age fifteen when, in a rage, she shaved off all her pubic hair and felt absolutely bare without it. She shouldn't have been talking at all, at this point. She should've been...

"Oh God!" she cried out, "Here it is!"


"I'm cumming! Ginny!" she screamed.

As the familiar, warm feeling exploded through her body, her hands fell away, causing "Fun For Two Witches" to settle on her perky breasts and her thick outer labia to close under Ginny's hand.

In a way, their closure was a good thing. When she masturbated, Hermione always had to stop nearly all of her touching during orgasm; the area was just too sensitive. Ginny tended to like pressure on her vulva during orgasm, so she just kept rubbing. Had her lips not protected her deepest areas, Ginny's rubbing would've been horribly painful on her extra-sensitive clitoris. But, with the labia closed, Ginny provided a nice squishing pleasure as Hermione rode out her climax.

About a minute after, though, as Hermione calmed down, Ginny was still going. It was nice, sure, but Hermione didn't really need a second round and her outer labia were preventing any real stimulation.

"Ginny," she said at length, "You can stop now."

"Oh," exclaimed Ginny, removing her hand, "I forgot I was still frigging you. Sorry."

"That's all right," Hermione replied. "And thanks, by the way, for your expert fingering."

"Anytime," said Ginny, not totally understanding the weight of that statement. Seeking to step away from that word, she continued speedily, "So, what's this book for," gesturing at "Fun For Two Witches".

"For us," Hermione replied, "To have a little fun before school starts."

"But Hermione," Ginny said, "This book is all girl-on-girl stuff. I'm not sure if I'm a lesbian...I mean, I love what we do together, but I'm not sure if I want to have sex with girls."

"I don't know either," said Hermione, "But this wouldn't be sex. With sex, you're in love, you have a deeper connection. This is just fucking, pure and simple. Two horny girls making each-other feel really, really good. That's all."

"Okay, then. Where do we begin?" Ginny asked.

"The introduction," Hermione answered, turning to that page. She read:

"'Welcome to "Fun For Two Witches", a manual for young women, whether friends, lovers, or somewhere in-between to make magical feelings all throughout their bodies. This book is divided into chapters based on sex act and requires a working knowledge of your unique genitals, which is why this book begins with a chapter on the beauty between the legs.

"'But this is more than a kama sutra. In each section, there are interactive activities for you both to perform, as well as helpful photographs of real women enjoying the very same things, albeit on varying, all-beautiful bodies. Remember, though: never begin an activity without agreeing to perform it fully, and never pressure your partner in this orgasmic quest to do anything they do not want to.'"

"Sounds pretty good," said Ginny.

Hermione continued:

"'So, let's begin. First, make a name for your partner which is both humorous and sexual. Be sure to provide an explanation, and write them both on the lines.'"

"I've got mine, Ginny," said Hermione.

"Do your worst," responded the redhead.

"You always want to touch more than your clitty, so I'm going to nick-name you Vagina-Va-Ginny!" She laughed. Ginny was peeved, but supposed it was the nature of the book.

"Alright, Hermione," she responded annoyedly. "Two can play at this game."

She thought for a moment, and got it.

"And you make lots of noise when you come, so I'll call you Hermi-oh-Oh-OH-ne!" She cracked up. Maybe it was stupid, thought Hermi-oh-Oh-OH-ne, but it was pretty funny in the meantime. She continued reading:

"'Now that you have done that, please pick nine locations (one for each chapter) that you know you can have sex in. Then, tap the list and the book will rearrange them. You must read and do the activities for that chapter in that place.' That's easy," said Hermione, "Everyone's leaving for Grimmauld Place for three days tomorrow, and Bill and Fleur won't be here 'til then." They wrote down nine places in and around the Burrow, tapped her wand to the page, and saw what the book was going to make them do.

It was going to be a fun week, thought Hermione. And she was right.

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1-Ginny's room
2-The Folly by the Lake (read my first story)
3-Ron's room
4-The Greenhouse/Mr. Weasley's Shed
5-The Kitchen
6-The Beach near the Lake (read my first story)
7-Mr. and Mrs. Weasley's room
8-Fred and George's room
9-Ginny's bathroom/The Shower

A-"The Beauty Between The Legs"-anatomy
B-"Tools of the Trade"-introducing vibrators and dildoes
C-"Behind the Scenes"-introducing anal play
D-"Side by Side"-mutual masturbation (touching themselves together)
E-"Arms Crossed And Legs Open"-mutual masturbation (touching each-other)
F-"Two to Tango"-dry-humping (a.k.a. tribadism/"tribbing"/"scissoring")
G-"Tongue in Cheek"-oral sex
H-"A Wonderful Number"-69ing
I-"Missionary and More"-strap-on sex and double dildos

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