Title: Body Ache

Summary: Another sorcerer is out for revenge on Uther Pendragon, by killing his son, Arthur. But of course, that cannot be possible if his manservant is alive. Just like always, he somehow manages to save his prince's life, but not this time. So, the sorcerer enchants a curse on the boy, an excruciatingly painful and slow death of body ache. No slash, focuses mainly on Merlin and Arthur's bromance.

Main Characters: Merlin, Arthur.

Warnings: None.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything, except for the sorcerer, Avian, and the method of spell.

Body Ache

In the darkest thread of night, a feminine figure made her way stealthily into the Camelot's Physician court. She froze as the old man, Gaius, shifted on his other side and continued his loud snoring. She sighed in relief, and then a malicious smirk stretched on one side of her mouth, and she resumed the dull clicking of her heels, slowly sneaking her way into the assistant's — also known as the Prince Arthur's manservant — room.

She stood over him, gazing down at his innocent expression, the way his raven-black hair is spreading all over his forehead, and she quietly watched him sleep for a moment. Excitement surged through her veins and made butterflies in her stomach as she thought about how this sweet, angelic look will soon be permanent on his face, which brought another perilous smile on her lips.

She turned away, snatched what she came for, the final ingredient of her spell, and with one last somber glance and heinous smile at the young sleeping boy, she left the room.


Avian had always enjoyed watching her victims die a long, agonizing death, no matter how much earlier she needed to wipe them off the face of the Earth. She wanted to start her trek of revenge on Uther Pendragon as soon as she can for the way he killed her sister, the only person in her life after they both became orphans, two years ago for practicing sorcery, and the memory of her being beheaded still made her burn with rage inside, but she kept it under control as she knew Gloria will be avenged soon enough.

And she will have it by taking away the most precious thing of his; His son, Arthur Pendragon.

But before she can do that, she'll have to kill Merlin, his manservant. She heard stories of him, about how he somehow always saves his master's life. She didn't understand how such a stupid, weak and pathetic boy like him can even manage to save a life.

But what she did knew is that she will have to remove every obstacle that got in her way, even if that happened to be an immature and foolish little servant like him.

As easier it would be to kill the servant boy quickly, she found there would be no pleasure in that, because there was just something about how the life in their eyes slowly die away, the satisfaction of watching their loved ones cry as they watch them scream and thrash in pain before they take their last breath. She loved it.

But she knew this time, it would be special, much more entertaining to watch than all the others before. There was just something about him. He's always so bright, so optimistic and positive about everything, and it'd be fun to see him lose it, to see him lying in bed helplessly, whimpering and sobbing in pain, looking hopeless and just wishing for death to take him.

And he won't be the only one she'll cause a lot of pain to.

Arthur never showed it. He always yelled at him, called him a lot of names, he seemed to underestimate him in everything, but she knew the Prince cared a lot about Merlin, and he'd never admit it, but he thought of the boy as his closest friend, and she knew that too. It'd hurt him a lot to watch that friend die haltingly, and not before hearing his anguished screams and desperate begging to make it all stop.

Avian laughed viciously, and then continued on performing her spell.


Merlin didn't think much of his missing red neckerchief, he was already so late that he didn't get a chance to ponder on it. He also didn't think much of the dull pain plaguing every single inch of his body, he just figured that he fell asleep in an odd position and let it go.

It was when the occasional sharp assaults came, ones that made him jerk and bend over completely in absolute and utter pain, they caused beads of sweat to form on his face, and they hurt a lot. These episodes only lasted for a few seconds, and he still never took it seriously when they hit at first. Sure, they confused him a bit, but he didn't think there was anything earnestly wrong with him.

It was when they happened the second time, and another time, and more, that caused him to worry.

But the real one came then.

"You're late," Arthur crossed his arms over his chest.

"Sorry, sire," Merlin said and smiled slightly, putting the breakfast plate on the Prince's table. He stood back, his clasped hands hanging low in front of him.

Arthur rolled his eyes in exasperation, and started eating. After two bites of his apple, and he began talking on Merlin's task for today.

He wasn't listening though, too lost in his thoughts about the events that took place this morning.

"...Merlin? Merlin!" Arthur yelled his name in irritation, and it seemed he had been for a few minutes now.

His loud voice snapped Merlin out of his reverie, and he turned his head to his Master. "Y-yes, sire. Is there something you need?"

"You're not even listening to what I'm saying!" The Prince raised his eyebrows expectantly, throwing his hands up in the air. "Am I boring you?" He added sarcastically.


Arthur noticed Merlin was too quiet when his mouth was usually chattering about everything, and that was a clear sign that something was wrong with him.

"Something...seems to be troubling you. Is there something wrong, Merlin?"

"No, I a - " His statement was broken as the former assaults came back, and he lurched forward, gasping loudly in surprise and pain. He gripped the edges of the table so hard that his fingers were whitening, and he was sure there were going to be some dark bruises there.

He fell to his knees, fingers still tightened on the edges of the table. He felt tears stream down his cheeks, he felt a sob build up in his chest.

Because this time, it was incredibly fierce and consuming than the earlier ones.

He waited for them to stop, to finish.

But they didn't go away, the pain didn't leave his body. Instead, it lingered, it stayed, and it only worsened.

This time, it was constant, and there was no end.

Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed this and will stay tuned for the next chapter. This is my first Merlin fic. I've just started watching it last month and I'm already obsessed with these two, and the show itself of course. It's totally awesome, and I was really heartbroken to find out it ended, especially with such a tragic ending. Now, I'll just have to live with fanfiction. :D I also would like to apologize for any typos and errors. As far as I know, I haven't noticed any, but if you have, then hopefully you can point them out without flaming. :) I'm a bit unsure with the method of spell, I've only watched until season 3 so far, so I don't know if I'm doing this right.