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Sherlock and John were getting ready to leave. They finally had a night off with no case to be solved, and they were going on a date.

Sherlock was bustling around the flat. He was obviously looking for something. John was enjoying watching Sherlock frantically run around like a madman. It brought out a certain human-ness in Sherlock that John loved seeing.

"Looking for something?" John asked, rather sarcastically. Sherlock was becoming more and more upset at not being able to find whatever it was he was looking for. John figured he'd help, so they could be on their way.

"I can't find my scarf," Sherlock said as he threw pillows and cushions off the couch and looked underneath. He turned around quickly to look at John. "Have you seen it, by chance? I always hang it with my coat, but it's not there."

"Oh! Yes, yes," John said, hurrying to his bedroom. "I threw it out," he yelled down the hall. "But-"

"You WHAT?" Sherlock yelled, interrupting John's sentence. He was obviously enraged. He loved that scarf. "Why would you do that?" He seemed more sad now than mad. John emerged from the bedroom holding a rectangular box. He held it out, handing it to Sherlock, who eyed it curiously.

"Because. That scarf was old and nasty, and it smelled as if it hadn't been washed in ages. So, since I came across a bit of money recently, I decided to get you this."

Sherlock looked at the box John held out to him.

"Here, take it," John said. Sherlock did so.

"It's a-"

"Don't deduce it, Sherlock. Just open it," John said. He hated it when Sherlock ruined the surprise.

"Dull," Sherlock mumbled. He took the top off the box, revealing a new blue scarf inside. Sherlock smiled. He took the scarf out of the box and wrapped it around his neck. John smiled. This meant that Sherlock liked it, and was happy.

"Thank you, John," Sherlock said. "It's wonderful."

John smiled back, a bit of a light in his eye. He was glad Sherlock liked it.

"Come on, now. We were going out, were we not? The cab must be outside. Best not to keep him waiting too long." And with that, Sherlock and John grabbed their coats and left 221B.