Caroline opened up her eyes slowly, unable to believe that she could see light. The last thing she remembered was wishing she could have known… but then her world was filled with darkness. She wanted to suck in a deep breath of air and feel the spot where Klaus' teeth had sunk into her flesh, but she was scared to move. She was being cradled against a warm body, and she could tell from the way the hands wrapped around her arm and side that it was not Tyler. No, that delicious scent belonged to one man alone.

When Klaus had stabbed her the night before, then jerked her into his arms, she couldn't help but to breathe it in. It was terrifying, feeling her life being drained, but recognizing the warm scent that had always made her feel so safe. It was like that entire moment was frozen for her. She couldn't believe he was doing this to her. He was killing her. But she also knew what she had done. She had pushed him, made him feel alone, and he had lashed out.

He cared. He was hurt. She had hurt him. And never before had that burned so badly.

Every time she was the little blonde distraction, there was a nagging at the back of her mind that she ignored. She had to ignore it. She had Tyler, and Elena, and everyone else in Mystic Falls. They would never forgive her for even playing neutral, let alone choosing Klaus' side. And yet still, she couldn't forget the conversation she had had with Stefan. They weren't so different after all.

She let herself relax into his arms and closed her eyes again, unable to keep the smile off of her face. He had saved her. He had slept with her in his arms. He had chosen to give her life. He LOVED her. She had known, for a while, that his feelings for her were greater than they had been at the Mikaelson ball. She had seen it in the way he looked at her. The way they had laughed together. How they had been able to share smiles. She knew she would be dead if he didn't feel more for her.

But when he had bit her, she was scared he was too far gone in grief to save her. She had truly believed that he had hurt him so badly, he couldn't move on. That he wanted to punish himself. First Finn died, and then Kol, all because of the Doppleganger. And Caroline was scared that he was so far down the path of wanting revenge that not even the love he had for her could save him. That not even her light was enough to shine into his darkness.

The hands moved slightly, the one on her arm rubbing up and down, while the hand on her waist gripped her tighter. She could tell from his breathing that he was awake, and she was certain that he knew she was awake as well. Neither of them said anything, as he continued to hold her against him, and she didn't move. If she moved, one of them might say or do something that would result in this ending. She couldn't get up. She couldn't leave him.

Tyler had left her here. He had asked her to trust him, and she had. He took her to Klaus' without saying another word, and just left her there. He had to know she was dead by now. Why hadn't he come back for her? This was the last straw. When she had seen Klaus the night before, and asked Tyler to take her home, she couldn't stand to see the misery she had caused Klaus. And when Tyler had brought her back, she was so relieved that she would be able to spend her last few moments with him.

Tyler was over with. She had almost died. The first time a hybrid bite had nearly killed her, she had realized that there was a possibility for more in this world for her. Up until that point, she had thought life was over. That there was nothing more for her to do. But then HE had come, and promised her genuine beauty.

That had been the start of this slippery path. Had it only been six months since then? Now, here she was, healed from another hybrid bite, and she realized that at the end of the day, it was Klaus she wanted to be with. It was Klaus' face she had missed. It was Klaus' arms she wanted to die in. And she wanted nothing to do with Tyler ever again.

She should say something. She should do something. She should… anything. She pushed herself to breathe normally, and felt her undead heart racing as her mind worked to think of something. Klaus still said nothing and just held her there, breathing along with her. Her neck began to ache, and all she wanted to do was twist her head slightly, to look up at him.

Her tongue darted out from between her teeth and she licked her lips, and then heard the catch of breath. He hadn't denied it, the night before, when she pointed out his love for her. And when he had asked if she could ever forget what he had done… Elena forgot what Damon had done. And Damon had done far more evil to her than Klaus ever had. She had known, then, that she could forget everything Klaus had ever done.

A kiss… that was what she had wanted to know the night before. She had wanted to know what his kiss had tasted like. In her feverish haze, she had wanted to ask him for a kiss, but she was too scared of being turned down. Even in her final moments, she was scared of his rejection. She was still Vampire Barbie, the neurotic control freak teenager she had always been. A man loved her, and she was afraid in her final moments to have his lips on hers.

And yet here she was, alive. She was alive, because he had saved her.

Her head turned slowly to look at him, and his eyes… they spoke of sadness and longing. He was looking down at her, and she stared into his eyes, unable to move any more. She couldn't help but let her glance flick to his lips. Those perfect lips. She had felt them on her neck the night before, just as he had bitten into her, and she could imagine him kissing her there again, only this time without the pain.

Her eyes glanced back up at his, and they stared at each other. Neither had spoken, and Klaus had stopped breathing. It was like he didn't want any sound to scare her away. Not this time. She had almost died without having his kiss, and she wouldn't be denied.

Caroline looked back down at his lips, and sucked in a breath. She needed to feel them. Just once, she had to kiss him. Tomorrow he could go on his rampage, and she could tell Tyler it was over, but for now, she had to have it.

Before she could even move, Klaus' lips were on hers, and her eyes shut tight. Neither of them moved, simply enjoying the feeling of their lips touching, and she held herself there for a moment before he pulled away from her. No, no! That couldn't be it! She needed more! This was the Original Hybrid. The Alpha Male. She wasn't going to settle for a peck on the lips. She wanted, no needed, more.

"You were right, Caroline. I am in love with you."

Her heart stopped, and her eyes flashed open. Their eyes met again, and she couldn't breathe. He had just said the words she had never thought to hear. She could spend a thousand years with this man, and she never thought she would ever hear him say that he loved her, let alone that he was IN love with her.

"I can't forget everything you have done, but I can forgive you for it."

It was like the entire atmosphere shifted. Whereas before, he had been holding her in his arms and caressing her skin, he was now a man of passion and filled with fire.

His lips were on hers, and he had her twisted faster than even her Vampire body could expect. He was being rough, rougher than even Tyler had been, but she loved it. It was manly, and possessive, and him. She was straddling his lap with one hand bruisingly tight on her hip and the other buried in her hair. He was holding her tight against him while pulling her closer, and her fingers made their way to him as though they always belonged. She wrapped his blonde curls up in her fingers, and let him control their bodies, not wanting to give him any reason to stop kissing her.

He had more intentions than kissing her, though, as he then flipped them onto the couch and pushed her down into the cushions. Her hands moved to her shoulders, and she couldn't help it as she used her Vampire speed and strength to push him up, then against the nearest wall. There was a crack in the plaster, but she didn't care. She had finally tasted his lips, and that was the only thought possessing her mind.

He was still gripping her tight against him, letting her control the kiss for a moment, and she bit that beautiful lower lip enough for blood. She could taste the faint after taste still in her mouth from the night before, a lasting sign that he had saved her, and she needed more. Her tongue licked at the spot where she had drawn blood, and it seemed to throw him over the edge.

Klaus twisted them quickly, now her back pushed against the wall, and grabbed behind her knee to lift her leg around his waist. He ground into her, and she mewled out against his lips as he let his blunt human teeth bite into her lip. He didn't draw blood, and she wished for a twisted moment that he would taste her again. The way that he tasted to her… did she taste the same in his mouth?

He humped against her again, roughly, and she needed to feel more of him against her. She needed to feel his warm skin on her stomach, and her breasts ached for his touch. He seemed to be of the same thought as he pulled back, holding her up only with the press of his hips against hers, and ripped her shirt in two. His lips descended down onto the valley between her breasts, and her eyes shot open again as her hands buried in his hair while she moaned out. There was no stopping the sounds coming from her lips as he continued.

Her bra soon followed her shirt, and he pulled back to look down at her. Nervousness got the better of Caroline, and she covered up her chest shyly with her hands. How many women had he seen over the century? Surely there were many better than her.

The rough kisses and treatment stopped, but the passion was still there in the gentle way he touched her cheek to bring her eyes back to his. He then pulled away her hands from her chest, and stared directly into her eyes.

"Beautiful," he purred, then kissed her softly on her lips again. It was all she needed to hear, and tried to push her hips closer to his. He responded in kind, grabbing both of her wrists in one hand and holding them over her head against the wall. His free hand wrapped around her other leg to pull her completely up against him, and his head bent to her breasts.

He began lapping at a nipple, then shifting to the other, and he went back and forth while she struggled against his hands. She wanted to touch him, to feel him, to do something other than feel her nipples being teased and his hot hard core pressed against hers. She needed friction, something, to throw her over that edge. God, he hadn't even touched her down there yet, and she was already ready to burst.

His blunt teeth bit down onto a nipple, and then he left it there, throbbing slightly, while he repeated it to the other one. There was a dull pain to it, but it only made her want more. He finally released her hands, and they both instinctually went to his hair. His lips found their way back between her breasts in one kiss, and then he wrapped his hands around her waist and pushed her back over to the couch.

He wanted her so badly, but he was still locked in this infernal room. She deserved a real bed, something more than this. There was no way he could cross that line. Not here, with his brother's dead body in the next room, in a house he planned to burn down soon. But he had to taste her. He needed her to fill his mouth, and finally have a glimpse of the thing he wanted most.

She was splayed out on the couch, the ruins of her shirt hanging off her arms, and her hair splayed out on the pillow. She looked magnificent. She looked like his queen. He simply stared at her for a moment, and she lay there panting, looking up at him, and he was torn. He wanted her, so badly, but could he stop himself from going all the way? He had to. He just… those jeans had to come off.

But Caroline had other plans. She had taken control again, ripping his shirt off this time. Their arms wrapped around each other and he ran his hands down the skin of her back. She felt like silk against him, and he relished in the feeling of it. Their kisses were passionate and crazy, and he pushed her back down onto the couch and followed.

He unbuttoned her jeans easily, and then slid a finger down. All he felt was lace, and her cheeks seemed to burn red as he groaned, then slid a finger between her lips. She was soaked, and when his finger brushed near her clit, her back jerked upwards and a moaned cry came from her lips. It was all Klaus needed to hear, as he jerked off her jeans and the lacey ribbon she considered underwear. He dove down onto her, and let his tongue plunge in.

She tasted like heaven. His tongue flipped down to the bottom of her lips and he lapped at the opening, taking all of the wetness that had been building up into his mouth. She was thrashing above him, and his hands shot up, one pushing on her hip to hold her down, the other to her nipples. He pinched and flicked at them both, back and forth, while continuing his long laps. He didn't dare go near her clit again. He knew that would send her over the edge, and he wanted more.

His tongue buried itself into her, and he flicked his tongue up and down, expertly, wishing she would stop thrashing so much so that he could slide a finger into her. Next time, he would just have to tie her down. Oh yes, there was going to be a next time, and the torture he had performed for so many centuries was going to take a turn towards pleasure.

Her fingers were gripping into the couch and pillows above her head, and she was crying out, moaning for him, and when his name escaped her lips, he could control himself no longer. He licked at, and then sucked her clit into his mouth, and she felt as though her entire body exploded. He sucked harder as her screams grew louder, then he bit down slightly, and she cried out his name, begging him to never stop, telling him that she needed him so badly. There were near to tears on his face, and as she rode out her orgasm, he continued between sucking and licking at that little pleasure button.

As she slipped down from her high, he removed his hands from her body, and looked up at her. She had the most glorious look on her face as she stared down at him, a half smile sitting on her lips. He couldn't help but to smile back and she blushed prettily. He loved how she still blushed.

"Beautiful" he purred against her inner thigh, then slid up her body. She cried out again as the roughness of his jeans rubbed against her tender core, and he smiled as he kissed her again. She loved the taste of herself on his lips. It was so strangely erotic, and she had never tasted anything so wonderful. He gave her a few more pecks, and then repeated himself.

"So beautiful."

She nodded, and then bit her lower lip, watching him. He sat up on the couch and pulled her with him, so she was once again straddling his lap, and pulled her hair to the one side. She tense up a little as he looked down at the spot he had bit her. His eyes almost immediately stung with the unshed tears of the previous night, and he kissed the spot tenderly.

"Oh sweetheart, please forgive me. My anger-"

"Shh," she whispered against the same spot on his neck, and kissed gently. She couldn't help but want to ask, curiosity overwhelming her.

"Klaus… how do I taste?"

She felt more than heard his chuckle, as they continued kissing each other's necks and shoulders, and his hands continued to rub up and down her back and hips. "Glorious. All of you tastes absolutely glorious."

She blushed again, and he had to push away the urge to let his fangs drop. Another time, perhaps, she would let him taste her again, but he had done too much damage the previous day in that regard. He continued kissing on her shoulder and she was melting in his arms.

"When I am released from here," her entire body tensed, "we are going straight to my house, and I am going to ravish you in every room of that house. You deserve so much more than this couch. I am going to treat you like the Queen you are, and lavish so much attention on you, you will be sick of me."

She couldn't help but giggle, and buried her face into his neck while holding him tight. His hands stilled for a moment and he pulled her away to look into her eyes. "My beautiful Caroline."

His. HIS Caroline. Never before had anything felt so right. His lips met hers again in a soft kiss, and she moaned softly against him. She could feel him throbbing against her leg and she wanted to give him the same pleasure that he had given her, but she knew this wasn't the time or place. She wished for a moment that she had not ripped his shirt, as she wished to put it on, but it had been so hot, tearing his clothing to shreds.

She pulled away for a moment, and he watched her, questioning, and she flashed over to their clothes and grabbed his shirt, then flashed back. It was already sliding onto her arms, and she gave him a sly smile, letting the rip down the middle rest between her breasts.

He gave her another smile, and another kiss, then pulled her tight against him. They held each other for a while, neither really speaking, and she realized then that what she had wanted the night before… it hadn't been to know what his kiss had tasted like. It hadn't been to know if she could forgive him. It hadn't even been to know whether or not he could be saved.

"I guess… I guess I will know, how it feels, to fall in love with you…"

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