Caroline opened her eyes slowly, and immediately saw a sleeping Nik. The man always oozed sex appeal, but at that moment, she had never seen anything so ethereally beautiful. Truly, this man was beautiful. The anger and sadness that was always covering his face around others was hidden, and all that was left was a man at peace.

She couldn't believe she was awake before him. Over the past few days of sleeping on the couch, she had always fallen asleep while he murmured stories to her of foreign lands, and awoken to him drawing her or simply smiling down at her. She had never thought to be given this opportunity, and she relished in it, just watching him sleep while nestling herself closer to him.

The vibrations that told her she had an incoming call on her cell phone made Caroline hurriedly pull the sheet off her body and Vampire sprint over to the coffee table. She picked it up and didn't even look at the caller, just answered it and ran to Nik' bathroom. She shut the door behind her and raised a silent prayer that Nik hadn't woken up.

But the moment that Caroline had shifted closer to him, Klaus had become awake. He had tried to lay as still as possible, not allerting her to his new status, but when she had dashed out of the room with her phone, he had opened his eyes. His entire body stilled and he tried to ignore the conversation. He could still hear Elena's voice on the other side of the call.

"Caroline, did you get out of town? I tried calling Tyler after yesterday and he said he was running, but made no mention of you."

Caroline didn't even bother to try listening to Elena. She was looking at herself in the mirror and smiling. Her hair was a little wild, showing off the sex she had just had, and she wished that she was human for a moment so her body could show the rough bruises that belonged on her skin. Her entire body felt a little sore from the loving, and she relished in it. The man was amazing, to say the least.

"Uh, what Elena? Look, I'm a little busy right now."

"Caroline, I'm being serious here. I'm trying to look out for you. You need to be halfway around the world before Klaus realizes he can escape."

Caroline's attention was removed from looking at herself in the mirror and she rolled her eyes and glanced towards the shut door and the man sleeping on the other side. Honestly, how long had she been friends with Elena now, and this was the first time she cared?

Elena sure hadn't cared when she was turned. She had kept Matt from her when her father died. Elena was constantly using her as bait for Klaus. And now, suddenly, Elena was looking out for her? Caroline could be in bed right now, snuggling with the man that loved her and put HER first, but no, she was dealing with Elena Fucking Gilbert.

"Elena, seriously, stop worrying about me. It's a rather funny time for you to start actually giving a damn about your friends, because I already found someone that cares about me, and he loves me, and he puts me first. And really, Elena, I've got to get back to him."

There was silence on the other end of the line, and Caroline considered hanging up when she heard Elena gasp in.

"Him? Caroline, where are you? Tyler was acting weird when I called and said he wasn't with you, and now, you're acting weird. This isn't like you, Care."

Caroline laughed, then looked at her phone, as if unbelieving she was actually on the phone with Elena.

"Wow, Elena! You actually noticed that I'm different? You're really paying attention to your friends? Just, put Stefan on the phone!"

Caroline could hear Stefan in the background trying to wrestle the phone from Elena, and then she heard it go to speaker phone.

"What's up, Care?"

"Stefan, you have been a good friend to me, but I've made my choice, and it's the right one, and I'm doing it for me and no one else."

Elena was asking Stefan about what choice it was Caroline had made, but Stefan spoke over her. "Are you sure about this, Caroline? Is this what you want?"

"I'm sure, Stef. He is everything I want, and everything that I really need."

Elena was jabbering again, but Stefan spoke over her once more. "You're always welcome to stop by say hello. Him too. I'm still your friend. Make sure to send a postcard."

"Seriously, what is going on? What have you two not told me?"

Caroline laughed again, then looked in the mirror, finally feeling free. She was actually going to tell them that she was done with it all. She was done with the bullshit. And she was moving on to bigger and better.

"Elena, I'm with Nik right now. And this is where I'm staying. He adores me, and he respects me. He thinks that I'm smart and beautiful and full of light. He is going to show me the world and take me away from Mystic Falls, and from all of the constant Elena drama. For once, I'm going to be happy. For once, I'm going to be the one. Wherever Nik wants to go, that's where I'll be. Good bye, Elena."

Caroline hung up the phone, then stared at it, and laughed. She did it. She actually did it. She told them all to go fuck themselves and that she was done. The only person she would really miss would be Stefan, and she was pretty sure that he wouldn't be hanging around much longer either.

The phone rang again and she saw Elena's name, and she half considered not answering. Against her better judgement, she steeled herself for an argument and answered. "Elena, seriously, you can't change my mind. I'm falling for him. I want to be with him. I already am."

"Actually, this isn't Elena. Hello, Caroline."

"Rebekah." Rebekah Mikaelson, Nik's baby sister, was calling her, and had heard she was with him. Oh god, this was not the way Rebekah needed to find out. The two basically still hated each other, although Caroline was ready to look past it for Nik. Something about the other blonde was treasured by him, so she was going to make an effort.

"Caroline, listen to me very carefully. My brother has walked this earth for a thousand years and never loved. If you are going to be with him, you can't just change your mind. You take him as he is, and that's the end of it."

Caroline had to smile. Rebekah had never spoken to her like this before. Like a sister protecting her brother. She was being... somewhat kind.

"I know, Rebekah. I'm falling for him. I have been for a long time. I'm in this, for as long as he will have me, and I hope he doesn't mind me speaking for him, but you are welcome to join us whenever you want."

There was silence for a moment, save for a screaming Elena in the background, but Caroline just tuned it out.

"I will see you soon, Caroline. And I shall show you how to be a proper Mikaelson woman."

The line went dead and Caroline wasn't quite sure what that last bit had meant. A proper Mikaelson woman? Well, she was his Queen, but she wasn't a Mikaelson. It was too early to think thoughts like that, but she already knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life being with Nik. So, what was a little thing like marriage when she wanted forever. But, did Nik feel the same? She didn't even love him yet. Yet being the big word.

Klaus was staring up at the ceiling, his entire body stone still. He had heard everything. She had told her friends she was with him. She had told off her friends for not caring. She had told them she was choosing him. Caroline had actually told them she was leaving with him. And then she had spoken to his sister and told her that she wanted to be with him. He couldn't believe it.

He heard the door open and closed his eyes, but he couldn't do anything more to pretend to be asleep. Caroline crawled into the bed beside him, and laid her head down on his chest. He couldn't help but to wrap his arm around her to hold her close, but his girl was smart enough to know he wasn't still asleep.

"How much did you hear?" she whispered, burrowing herself closer against him. Both of his arms were now wrapped around her, and she was resting her head on his chest and running her hand over his abdomen.

"All of it," he croaked out, then rolled them over. Caroline looked up at him as he hovered over top of her, and she smiled up at him while running her fingers over his cheek. He couldn't manage a response except to kiss her forehead.

Caroline sighed at the touch, then bent her neck back so that she could capture his lips. It was a sweet and gentle kiss that she gave him, then sighed again once he pulled away.

"Caroline, you didn't-"

Caroline reached up and kissed him hard. Her fingers buried themselves in his hair and necklaces, and she pulled his body down flush with hers. After they were both breathless, she pushed him up off of her and turned around to the head of the bed. All of the pillows that were there, she piled up, and then turned back to Nik, who was watching her.

"Sit right here, my alpha male hybrid, and please shut up."

Klaus stared at her in shock for a moment, then did as he was told. He was sitting propped up against the pillows, and she pulled him down a little on the bed, so he was more reclining back. She stradled his lap and put her breasts into his face, which he immediately began kissing and licking. He was gentle this time not rough.

Caroline reached her hand between them and grasped onto his manhood, which she squeezed. Nik was having to lean forward to massage her breasts, and she stroked him for a moment before rising herself up and impaling herself on him.

Nik gritted her teeth and looked ready to flip them over and take control, but she grabbed his chin in her hand and shook her head. His eyes went wide as he stared up at her, but he didn't move. She was sitting on him, filled up, but not moving at all.

She took both of his hands in hers and put them onto her hips. Her hands she stroked down her body, then moved her hips slightly. Niks fingers dug into the flesh there, and she gave him a sly smile.

"I'm all yours, Nik. You control it. Just stay in this position."

He looked her up and down, and she put her hands out to either side of their bodies, then slowly slipped them behind her back. She grabbed a wrist in each hand, leaving herself fully exposed to him. The shock on Klaus' face disappeared as he realized that he would still have complete control like this, and he easily lifted her up by her hips, then slammed her back down on top him.

Caroline's head flew back as she moaned, her breasts pushed further into his face. He leaned forward and grabbed a nipple with his teeth, then sucked it into his mouth. He pulled her up again by her hips, almost to the point of him sliding out, then slammed her back down again. Her nipple popped out of his mouth and he grabbed the other way to repeat the move. Caroline moaned even louder.

She couldn't resist it, anymore. Her fingers had to go back to that hair. She put one hand out to the side to steady herself while she wrapped her fingers in his hair, and they both started working their hips. She could tell that Nik was still dying to flip her over, but she loved sitting up like this on him. He groaned slightly as her fingers tugged on his hair.

Klaus was in a heavenly hell. He wanted to take her properly, not like this. This was still all in her court, regardless of how much she pretended he was in control. He held Caroline's body tight against his and pushed both of them up off the bed and went onto his knees. Caroline's legs bent as well to either side of his, still straddling him, but he had much more control now.

His hips thrust upward while Caroline tried to grind herself down onto him, and Klaus buried his face into her glorious hair. One hand remained at her hip while the other grabbed the long golden strands, pulling them backward. Her neck was left open to him, and he wanted more than anything to taste her again. He couldn't though. She wasn't ready for that. Of course, that didn't mean anything about her returning the move...

Caroline continued to grip onto his hair and back, grinding herself back and forth while he worked himself up and down in her. They were clinging to each other, a true lover's embrace, and Klaus began peppering kisses down across her shoulder. She was like blood, to him. He needed her to live. He needed her just to survive. Everything about her was amazing, and he couldn't imagine a life without her. He was going to show her the world, just as she wanted. Wherever she wanted to go, he would take her.

"Do you trust me?" he panted as he continued thrusting slowly up into her.

Caroline just murmured an "mmm" as she clung to him, trying to remind herself to keep moving her hips. She was quickly melting in his arms, and it was only because there was no real direct contact to her clit that she hadn't exploded. That was part of the reason she was moving her hips with his. If he even brushed against it too hard, she was going to explode, and she didn't know how many orgasms she could take this evening after how hard they were earlier in the day.

Nik pulled away from her and stopped his motions, just holding her in his arms while looking at her eyes. She had had them half closed, but she opened them fully now.

"Do you trust me?" he asked again, and she gave him a heartwarming smile.

"Of course. Do you trust me?"

Klaus stared back at her for a moment, almost considering the question, then realized he did. He trusted her with his whole heart. She was his everything. He trusted every part of her, until the end of time. She wouldn't use him again. She wouldn't hurt him. And he wouldn't hurt her. They needed each other too badly to ever want a life apart.

"Of course, love. Which is why..."

Caroline's eyes had been slowly shutting again as she was ready to be back in his embrace, but she opened them again to look at him. What was it he was going to do, for her? Her first thought was he would send her away. The second was that he would Compel her to forget this. She had been taking Vervain, even after being with him, as she was used to it and he wasn't the only Original. "Why what, Nik?"

Klaus bent forward and kissed her neck, then pulled away and looked into her eyes. "Caroline, I want you to bite me. I want you to drink my blood."

Caroline's eyes went wide, but then she nodded. She wasn't going to ask questions. Clearly it was important to him. "Ok, I can do that Nik."

She grabbed his arm, pulling his wrist towards her to bite him, but he pulled his arm back. "No, Caroline. I want you to... to bite into my neck. During sex. I want you to drink my blood while I make love to you."

She couldn't help it. Her entire body was suddenly in flames. She had been turned on before, but now her nipples were achingly hard and she felt herself dripping at the thought. He wanted her to bite into him while he thrust into her. The idea turned her on absurdly.

She could distantly remember Damon doing that to her when she had been human, and he had seemed to enjoy it. Of course, she hated it, but it didn't seem to bother Nik when she bit him to heal. Wait, why was she thinking about Damon in a moment like this? This was not the time to compare her lover to a boy from her past.

"Ok," she whispered, almost shy, but inside she was screaming yes. She could still remember the sweet taste of his blood. It was erotic and tasted amazing, and now she would get to drink it during sex. The look on Nik's face, however, spoke of something more than just her getting to drink. There was something special about this. And her hips bucked slightly at the thought.

If he had thought she looked radiant and beautiful before, now she was a glorious dark angel. Her Vampire eyes had come out and her fangs were already dropping. He had never seen her Vampire face, not really, as the two times she had drank from him, he had been holding her close. This, though. He almost wanted to have her drink from his wrist, just so he could see the beauty that was flowing from her. He had never been so mesmerized his entire life.

Klaus began thrusting into her again, unable to resist after that slight movement. He pulled her tight against him and felt her teeth grazing on his shoulder. Never, in a thousand years, had anyone drank from him until Caroline. He had heard from Kol that drinking another Vampire's blood during sex was amazing, and he wanted to try it, with her.

When he felt the elongated teeth touch his shoulder, he slid a finger between their bodies, and waited. When she pierced into him, he flicked his fingers over her clit and felt her entire body topple over the edge. She was clininging to him, screaming, while drinking his blood. He wanted so badly to bite her back but he resisted, instead turning his face away from her. His hybrid face was taking over, but he kept himself from ruining this moment with her.

Caroline was on cloud nine. The earlier orgasms were nothing to this. She felt his blood coursing through her body, and the orgasm tingled all the way into her toes. He had touched her at just the right moment when she bit, and even though he was still thrusting up into her and her teeth were in his skin, she couldn't move. Nik slowed down then leaned forward, laying her on the bed.

He pulled out of her, slowly, then laid down on his side beside her. Caroline was still shaking a little from the orgasm with his blood staining her lips. Her vampire features hadn't even gone away. She was absolutely mesmerizing, and he wished more than anything to draw her at that moment. She licked her lips then looked up at him, staring into his eyes.

Caroline was certain that her body would never come down from this high. The combination of his blood and his body while orgasming was too much to handle. She realized then that Nik was still hard against her leg and hadn't finished, and there was a slight glimmer of yellow to his eyes.

"Mmm," she moaned, then leaned over to kiss him. His blood mixed in their mouths and she wondered what it would taste like to have both their blood mixing in a kiss. Why hadn't he bit her as well? And why wasn't he finishing?

When she had been with Matt, the one time, Matt had finished then called it quits. He hadn't even worried about her pleasure. She wasn't even certain Matt would know how to give her pleasure. He was still so innocent and fumbled through most of it, even with his past with Elena. Wait, why was she even thinking about Matt? Matt was nothing like this adonis of a man.

"Nik," she whimpered out, and curled her naked body against his. "Why did you stop?"

Klaus chuckled then bent in to kiss Caroline on the side of her head. "I thought to give you a break for a moment. I had no idea you would fall that hard from biting me. I figured you might need a few minutes before continuing."

He was so absurdly sweet, and such an idiot. Caroline used her speed and strength to roll Nik onto his back and was already on top of him, sinking back down onto the thick shaft. He groaned and gripped onto her hips, with the yellow flashing in his eyes again. She wanted to know what it would feel like.

"Why didn't you bite me back, Nik?"

Klaus stared up at her for a moment, then shrugged. "I've never actually done that before, sweetheart. I don't really know what would happen if we bit each other at the same time."

Caroline looked down at him in shock, not even able to process what he just said and wiggle her hips at the same time. She stilled and rested her hands on his chest, looking at him. "But, you have drank blood during sex before, right?"

Klaus groaned then flipped her, and moved his hips forward slightly to bury himself a little deeper. "I would prefer to not speak of the past, love. All that matters is right now."

He tried to disuade her with a kiss, but Caroline turned her head and looked up at him. "Have you?"

Klaus sighed and pulled back, returning to the earlier position of being on his knees with Caroline straddling him. She had to wrap her arms around his back and neck to hold on while he resituated his arms to being around her butt and back. "No, Caroline. I've never drank blood during sex. Before and After, yes, but never during."

She was growing bolder with her questions.

"And has anyone ever bitten you during sex."

Klaus stared straight into her eyes as he spoke. "No one has bitten me, love, save for you."

The pure lust in his eyes was pure, along with the yellow. No one had ever bitten him before, but she had done it three times, once of those during sex. And he had never drank blood during sex before.

"Then tonight is a night of firsts," she whispered, then dragged all of her hair to one side of her shoulder. She leaned her head to the side, then put her lips on the spot she had been biting earlier. The smooth area of skin was open before Klaus's lips, and before he could protest, Caroline was drinking his blood again.

He couldn't stop himself as his fangs dropped, and when she moved her hips slightly, Klaus bit down into her shoulder. Caroline was moaning as he began to drank her blood, then he began pounding upwards. It was a complete mind trip. Everything was filled with pressure and his entire body felt tense and loose at the same time. He didn't even know what he was doing as he pounded into Caroline, then threw her down onto her back on the bed and crawled back on top of her.

His teeth found her shoulder as he thrust himself back into her, and Caroline's head was thrown back in a scream while she gripped her fingers into his back. He almost stopped at that scream, but Caroline was already biting him again. Their hands were clawing at the other's bodies, trying to get closer, trying to drink more. It was pure lust, passion, and excitement.

She flipped him over then onto his back and continued to ride him while clinging to his arm as she drank from it. He let her have her way for a moment before flipped them so that she was laying on the bed on her stomach. Klaus grabbed her by her hips and pulled her backwards, and she braced herself for the thrust in.

Instead, Klaus bit into her thigh, then licked at her cunt. She screamed again while her legs went over his shoulders, and tried to reach back to his dick. He sucked on her clit for a few moments and her entire body felt like it was falling over the edge continuously. When she couldn't scream anymore, Klaus had her flipped back over onto her back, and he was thrusting in again.

Everything about sex with Caroline was blowing his mind. She was so passionate, so full of energy, so tight and hot and wet around him. She never gave up when he dominated her, and made him work to actually keep himself on the task at hand. She was always making beautiful noises and her face as she fell to pieces made him want to fall right with her. He tried to stop himself, but he had to taste her again. Nothing tasted as good as Caroline's blood.

He bit down into her shoulder and let his mouth fill with blood, and Caroline did the same, then pulled his face up to hers. They had a messy kiss, with blood and tongue and teeth, and the little minx even bit into his tongue during one particular thrust. Her hands were scratching into his back again, and Klaus grabbed them with one hand and held them over her head. His other hand grabbed her hip, and he pounded into her harder, then slid his finger down to her clit.

He was so close, and he couldn't hold back any longer. He was already falling apart as he felt her walls tighten around him, and she fell with him as he continued to thrust. When he couldn't move anymore for fear of hurting both of them from pleasurable pain, he rolled onto his back and pulled her with him. She draped over him, not moving, and moaned a little as he softened and slid out of her.

Klaus didn't even know how to move. His entire body was melting into the bed. Nothing had ever felt like that before. He felt completely drained and yet strangely filled. He would have worried that he had hurt Caroline if she wasn't looking up with those big eyes, smiling at him. And he just smiled back. Neither of them moved as they just smiled and took unnecessary breaths. He noticed more and more that he took those breaths while around her. Perhaps she was making him more human.

Caroline just laid there on top of him, trying to feel her arms again. She wanted to cuddle closer instead of just being flopped on top, but her body didn't know how to operate. She felt him shifting slightly and then the caress of his hand down her side, but he made no other shift to move more. She couldn't help the giggle that came out of her lips, and he had another smile cross his face.

"What?" That beautiful smirk that he only gave her was back on his face, and she blushed a little while trying to be bold.

"Is that the hot hybrid sex I was promised?"

Klaus' eyes lit up at those words, and he worked his body to flip them so he was on top again. "All of our sex is hot, and I am a hybrid, so I would say yes."

Caroline rolled her eyes up at him, then pushed away slightly. "Let's take a shower, Nik, then we are going to have some WOLF Hybrid sex."

Caroline then rolled onto her stomach and pushed herself up onto all fours for a moment, and Klaus realized then exactly what she wanted next from him. He was rock solid all at once, and the sudden movement of blood in his system makes him groan. It was too much pressure too soon, but she said she wanted a shower first. He made a mental note for no shower sex. If he was sore and his body's senses on overdrive, he couldn't imagine how she felt.

They both moved slowly to the bathroom and he made sure to turn the water on nice and hot. He stepped into the shower then took her hand and brought her in with him. They both stood under the water for a moment before Caroline reached for a bottle of body wash. It smelled natural and earthy, and just like him. She poured some of the bottle into her hand, and then began washing his body.

Klaus was in heaven. He had not been washed in a few centuries, as bathing became something a Lord did on his own a while back, but never had it been like this. She was massaging his muscles with each pass of her hands, and he groaned out in pleasure as she pinched at a few rough spots. Even Werewolf-Vampire hybrids got sore muscles on occasion, and she was working out every knot he had.

When her hands left his body, he turned around to return the favor, but she instead tsked at him and put her hands into his hair with more soap. He moaned at the feeling of her fingers massaging him, and he made a mental note to get as many massage oils as were available on the market so that he could spoil her with this daily. He could always just compel someone else to do that, but no man would ever touch her body, save for him, and he would relish in the moments of touching her while she melted.

He couldn't resist touching her anymore and grabbed his soap. He hated that he had nothing that smelled like her. She smelt like a garden compared to his smell of the forest. It was so very different, and yet still fit together perfectly. His hands ran down her shoulders and she moaned softly as he repeated her earlier moves, massaging her shoulders and then her lower back. When he went to wash her hair, her lips fully spread apart and she moaned again.

He couldn't resist her anymore. His body still felt like it was melting from earlier, but he had to taste her again. Caroline seemed to have the same idea as they pulled at the other, ending up under the steady stream of water with their fangs hanging out. She bit into flesh under his shoulder, and he sunk into the tissue behind her neck. They drank from each other for a moment before pulling back and crashing their lips together. The water began to run bloody as their tongues dueled for control and their hands scratched and grabbed, trying to pull the other closer.

Klaus was ready to pick Caroline up and have her against the wall of the shower, but she pulled away and grabbed a towel hanging outside of the door. He remembered her earlier hintings of hybrid sex of her choosing, and he couldn't resist. He followed her, grabbing a towel to dry off the excess of water and ran it through his hair quickly, then walked into the bedroom.

His mouth dropped as he saw Caroline on all fours, her ass up in the air towards him, and a come hither look on her face. Her entire body was spread out for him, and he walked over to her slowly. She wiggled her butt back against him, but he had ideas of his own first.

Klaus got up on the foot on the bed and looked down at her perfect ass. He was ready to see it ready from the smacks he was going to leave across it, but first...

"Hey!" Caroline shrieked out, then moaned as she felt Klaus' teeth leave her butt cheek and his tongue lick at her core. He made another few licks, enjoying the taste of her blood and juices mixing in his mouth, then pulled back and smacked on the opposite cheek. Caroline moaned again, and he lined himself up against her throbbing lips.

He slid right in and Caroline let out another groan as she got used to his size. How many times had they had sex now, and it was still mind blowing. She felt as if he was sliding into her again for the first time, taking control of her body and possessing her, body and soul. In this position, he was hitting every nerve that was aching for his attention. When he pulled out and slammed back in, she gripped onto the pillow in front of her, trying to not jerk away. It was too much. He was too big, too thick, and too long. Her entire body felt like it was being possessed.

Klaus knew that he was ravishing her, but the wolf in him needed to have her this way. This was what she considered "hot hybrid sex", and that could only mean one thing... Tyler had had her this way. He had been in the pups body and knew that he had to make her forget ever being with that boy, and this was the best way. He pulled back again and slammed into her, and Caroline's head shot up and her back arched slightly, while she still gripped to the pillows.

This was nothing like Tyler. Tyler had just pushed her down into the bed and fucked her hard and fast, then left her wanting more. She had always had to slide a few fingers down to give herself that pleasure while he finished, but just from a few thrusts, she was ready to topple over the edge. Nik was completely invading her body, branding her and making her completely his, for all eternity. No, she had to stop thinking about Tyler. Nothing about this man was anything like him. Nik truly was the Alpha Male, in all respects.

"Nik," she moaned as he pulled out of her, then thrust in again. He was taking long deliberate thrusts into her, taking a pause between each shift of his hips. Once he was buried in her deep, he pulled her hips back harder and ground her against him. He loved filled her up so completely, feeling as though there was no way for him to be more of a part of her. And from the tightening of her walls around him, she was loving it too.

He decided to try speeding up a little bit, and gripped her hips a little tighter. It was as though she could read his mind and she grew a little wetter around him. He thrust harder into her, then pulled out again and slammed back in. She was screaming and ripping into the pillow, then started begging and screaming his name. One of his hands left her hips to smack her ass, and she screamed out again.

"Please, please, please, please," she repeated over and over while he continued to thrust. He wasn't going as deep at this speed, but it seemed to drive her crazy all the same. He had to grit his teeth together to keep from losing it at her begging, but he just smacked her ass again.

"Please what, Caroline?"

Caroline knew from the tone of his voice that right now, he was in control, and she was his to do with as he would. She loved how rough he sounded, and how rough he was treating her. She felt completely overrun with feelings that she couldn't control, both physically and emotionally. She was quite literally just hanging on for the ride, and she decided to play the little submissive to this Alpha.

"Please, Nik, please let me cum. Please let me orgasm around you while you continue to fuck the hell out of me."

He was going to blow if she continued to talk. Her words were enough to increase the speed and depth of his movement, and if she had been human, he would have truly broken bones in her lower body. He forced himself to remove a hand from her hip and smack her ass again, this time on both cheeks, then slipped a hand around to her clit. He knew that once she got her release, he wouldn't be able to hold back. The other hand he removed from her hip and grabbed onto the hair that was running down her back. He gripped it and pulled, and she screamed again in pleasure.

His fingers flicked over her clit expertly, and pinched on tight, and then Caroline was flying. She screamed out loud enough she was sure all of Mystic Falls heard, then sobbed in relief from all of the pressure that had been tight for so long come out. She could feel him shaking over top of her as he finished his thrusts, then fell down onto her. Neither of them could move for a moment, then she felt him get up off of her and walk to the bathroom.

The sound of the bathtub starting met her ears, and she rolled onto her back to look at him in the bathroom. Nik sauntered out and gave her a smile, then disappeared at Vampire speed. He was back thirty seconds later with a few random bottles in his hands, and he brought them to Caroline. "Pick one."

She looked at them and saw they were all bubble baths. She could only assume that these came from Rebekah's room, and she hoped the other blonde wouldn't mind. After smelling them all, she picked one that smelled like a cross between wood and a garden. It wasn't as manly as she was sure Nik prefered, but it reminded her almost of the way her skin smelled after he had thoroughly loved her.

He gave her a heartwarming smile and returned to the bathroom for a few minutes, and she laid back in the middle of his bed, enjoying the silk sheets and the plump pillows. One of them seemed to be losing it's contents after their last escapade, and she threw it on the floor, making a mental note to buy Nik a new one later.

When he came back into the room, she was greeted with another sweet kiss that had her mind exploding as he ran his fingers through her still wet hair, and then he was gone again. She wondered what he was up to, but then she heard what sounded like a refrigerator opening. Never before had she seen a man so caring as he was being now. If her friends could see the mighty Klaus waiting on her hand and foot, preparing a bubble bath, they wouldn't believe it.

After a few minutes of laying in the bed, she pulled herself up and got out of the bed. She hadn't really explored is room earlier, and she walked over to the dresser, seeing a box there. Was it wrong of her to look in his stuff? She saw something glittering sitting on top of a stack of papers, and she couldn't help but to reach to see what it was.

Her bracelet. Well, Nik's bracelet. The one he had given her, and she had thrown in his face after he had opened up to her. She wished she had never taken it off her wrist that night, and wondered if he would let her have it back. The papers that were stacked underneath were flipped over, and she picked the top one up.

It was a drawing... of her. She picked up another, and saw more drawings. There were drawings of her sleeping, her laughing, one of her staring sadly in the cemetery staring sadly at her father's grave, another of her with Elena and Bonnie at the grill, and even one of her hunting with Stefan. If she hadn't known how he felt about her, she would have thought it creepy, but seeing this now... This man saw everything good in her that she barely saw in herself.

She heard him walking to the door and she dropped the papers and bracelet onto the dresser and turned around, trying to hide what she had been doing. Nik was standing in the door way with an unreadable expression on his face, blood bags in one hand and wine in the other. He stayed there for a moment and Caroline tried to search her mind for an excuse.

Instead, a large smile spread across his face as he saw the sparkling bracelet and scattered papers behind her. "Ah, I see you have discovered my favorite muse... and your bracelet. While I would love to see it on your wrist again, I hope you will wait until after we have bathed to put it on."

Caroline's cheeks burned red, and she turned back to the dresser, unable to look at him as he walked up behind her. He stood behind her for a moment and looked over her shoulder as he glanced at the papers, then gave her shoulder another kiss and walked into the bathroom with the contents in his hands. He returned after setting them down on the bathroom counter and wrapped his arms around Caroline, pulling her against him as she glanced at his drawings.

"Nik, these are beautiful." They truly were. As she flipped through each one, it was as though he captured how she really felt those days. The happiness she felt around her friends. The loneliness she could feel in a crowded room. The sadness she felt at her father's grave. Even the peace she felt in her sleep.

Klaus reached down and pulled the papers from her hand and set them on the dresser, then tipped her chin up so that she was looking in the mirror. He was behind her, one arm wrapped around her chest, the other around her stomach, and she had her head against his chest and her hands clinging to his arm over her chest. They were a beautiful couple. A powerful couple. The Alpha and his Queen.

"You are beautiful, Caroline. I only tried to capture that beauty on paper."

He then twisted her in his arms so she was looking up at him, and her cheeks were burned red again. It made his heart race every time he saw her looking like that up at him, as though she were embarrassed of how perfect she was to him. For him. Caroline was absolutely perfect.

He was embarrassed to ask what he wanted to, but he had eternity to get two more drawings from her. He feared, though, that two drawings wouldn't be enough, and he would be begging her for all that time to always be his muse. He had finally sketched her some at the Gilbert house, but after seeing her naked body, he knew that his memory wouldn't be enough to sketch, or better yet paint, what he wanted to most.

But Caroline could tell that something was on his mind, and she wasn't going to just let it go. One of her hands slipped up to his face and caressed his cheek. "What is it, Nik?"

Klaus just looked down at her and smiled. "It's nothing, love. Come, let's get you into the bathtub."

Caroline wasn't moving and grabbed his hand as he tried to move to the bathroom and pulled him back to her. "No, Nik. Something is on your mind."

Klaus looked back at the papers on the dresser, then let his eyes settle on Caroline. She was so worried all of a sudden, and all because he wanted to draw her. "Caroline, I just... Will you let me draw you some time?"

Caroline's eyes lit up and she laughed. "You already have."

Caroline was moving towards the bathroom now, but it was Klaus that stopped their movements this time. "I mean... naked. Will you let me draw you naked? Or paint you?"

Caroline stopped in her tracks. He wanted to draw her naked? It was like Jack and Rose. How many times had she imagined a man drawing her like that? And now, she was being asked to do that. She didn't know if she was more excited or nervous.

"Ok," she whispered, then giggled.

Klaus pulled her tight up against him and ran his thumb over her beautiful lips. "And your vampire face, Caroline. The light pouring out of you when you have the veins sprawled across your face, and the blood dripping from your fangs... you're an artist's dream. I don't think I could even really do your beauty justice, but I want to try."

Whereas his former request had excited Caroline, this one had her heart stopping. He thought her Vampire face was beautiful? She was always so embarrassed of it and tried to not look at herself when the darkness spread across her skin. He said she still had her light. The thing that Nik said drew him to her was still there when she was at her darkest.

Caroline jumped into Nik's arms and wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. He caught her, and she hugged him tight. He could never know how much that meant to her. She felt them moving towards the bathroom as he held her tight, and she pulled away from him and put her feet back on the floor.

"Yes," she said with a confident smile, and looked at the bathtub. It was almost completely filled and she turned it off, then took a step in. It was beautifully hot and she knew her entire body would melt inside. Nik was at the bathroom counter, filling two glasses with wine and blood.

When he got to the tub, he handed her the glasses then stepped in and sat down against the back. He reached up to her and took the glasses, and Caroline sat down in front of him, resting her head against his chest.

"If I had known we would be taking a bath today, I would have gotten candles and flowers for you. Isn't that what girls this century enjoy for romance? I am certain I saw that on one of those romantic movies Rebekah is always watching."

Caroline laughed at the way he talked about silly romantic comedies, and she took a sip of her blood wine. It tasted amazing, as though both were a perfect flavoring melting together.

"I would rather not talk about Rebekah right now while we are in the bathtub, Nik."

Klaus laughed with her this time, and pulled her up against him. They both melted into the bathtub, soaking their aching muscles. Sex with her had been amazing, but it was nice to just lay against each other, naked, and not have it be sexual. The fact they were just soaking in a bath together showed how much more they were. Never had he taken a bath with another woman, and he made a mental note to buy Caroline every fragrance of bubble bath she desired, along with every candle in the nearest store. This would be the perfect way to finish every day they spent together for the next eternity.


"Mmm?" she moaned as she settled back against him. Klaus reached forward and took the cup from her hand and set it on the edge of the tub, along with his own. Caroline then curled slightly in the giant tub so that she was on her side, and nestled herself closer against him. His arms wrapped around her, pulling her closer, and her head settled down on his shoulder.

"About the phone call earlier."

Caroline just nuzzled herself closer and spread her hand over his chest, rubbing slightly. "What about it, Nik? I told them to leave me alone and that I'm finally happy."

Klaus bent his head slightly and kissed the top of her head, then held her tighter against him. "I'm not just going to change, Caroline."

Caroline sighed then tried to pull away to sit up. Klaus let go of her sadly, and she sat up, facing towards him. "I know that, and I accept you the way you are. Big bad hybrid temper and all."

She was teasing him now, but Klaus knew they had to have a real conversation now, without the light joking and sex interrupting. "I'm serious, Caroline. I still drink from humans. I'm still going to kill. I'm still going to have to assert my dominance on occasion. I have a reputation to uphold, and enemies that need to fear me."

Caroline was staring directly into his eyes, not shying away. She knew the man that he was. He had a thousand years of death and blood on his hands, but that didn't change a single thing. They had all done terrible things. She had killed before. She had drank from humans. She had used compulsion. Yes, she was trying to only drink from blood bags and never compel her way out of things, but it still happened from time to time.

"Nik, I drink from a blood bag. I don't compel. I don't kill unless it is to protect my friends and family. I'm not going to change either. And you love me, just the way that I am. Innocently drinking from blood bags and all. Does that bother you?"

Klaus' hand slipped into her hair and he cradled her head softly as he leaned forward to kiss her forehead. "You're right, Caroline. Just the way you are. It's the fact you cling to your humanity that draws me to you. I won't try to change you."

Caroline pulled back slightly and looked into his eyes. "And, I'm drawn to the man that maintains such control, and asserts himself over others, and would do anything for his family, even to just protect them from a possible threat. I want you just the way you are, although I would appreciate it if you didn't hurt my friends."

Klaus stared into her eyes for a moment, then pulled her close. Caroline braced herself to hear him say that he still had to kill Elena and Jeremy. They had killed his baby brother. Damon would likely die as well for trying to protect Elena, and Stefan might join them. She had chosen Nik, and would stand beside him, but she was scared it would destroy her if he went after them.

"For you, Caroline. I will show them kindness. Forgiveness. Pity. Because of you, Caroline. I will do it all for you."

Caroline let out the breath that she had been holding in and started crying. She clung to him, sobbing, hearing those words. For her. He would forgive them for her. Nik was stroking her back and trying to calm her as she sobbed, clinging to him. He then sat up further in the tub and held her tighter, just letting her cry.

"I am not a soft man. But in the past few days, when I am with you, I want to be that man. For you. Just for you. And I'm going to try, for you. And only with you."

Caroline cried harder and pulled his face down to kiss hers. They shared a few sweet kisses and Caroline finally pulled away and brushed away her tears. Klaus waited for her to say something, scared it wasn't enough.

"Thank you," she whispered, then kissed him again on the lips. "That is more than I could have ever asked for."

This was the moment where she was supposed to say she loved him. But she didn't. Not yet. She couldn't just say it to him. It wasn't fair if she didn't mean it. But that didn't mean she didn't care for him. Nor did that mean she wasn't falling for him, because she was. But this was a forever sort of thing, literally. And she knew she would get there one day, but not now.

"I'm falling for you," she whispered, then smiled at him. "I have been for a while. I'm not there, yet, but I know I will be. And I know the man you are. I will proudly stand by your side, even when heads roll and you must kill those that stand in your way. I want to know what it's like to be in love with you, and spend eternity with you."

Klaus' smile split into a grin and he pulled her into a tight hug and kiss, letting his lips caress hers then diving his tongue between her teeth. The water and bubbles sloshed over the edge of the tub, but neither of them cared. They were too wrapped up in each other.

"That was all I ever wanted, love."

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