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Harlow shoved the food away from her as she ate in her dusty old room. She'd been here for a day and a half and she was just about ready to give the equalists a piece of her mind. They gave her food, which was ok but to her it was inedible, for she spit it out whenever she tried it. They always kept a watch on her, and they even watched when she slept, which was more creepy that she could ever imagine. She sighed and layed down on her bed, just staring up at the metal ceiling. 'How am i gonna get out?' She thought. Sure, she could just make a break for it and bloodbend every equalist that pops up. But with the risk of injuries, who was gonna help heal her? She didn't know how and Kisuke was no longer around. And she couldn't ask the Avatar anymore, because what excuse was she gonna use this time? Plus she probably already suspected something by the way she and Tenzin were acting last time she was getting healed. She looked over at the door before jumping up and going over to it. Through the little slot she could see her equalist guard standing outside in the hallway.

"Oi, equalist!" She shouted, but the guard didn't answer. 'Fine then be that way...' She mentally grumbled and sat back on the bed, fiddling with her fingers and trying to think of something to do. Suddenly a thought struck her. 'Why haven't they taken my bending yet? Surely that's why they brought me here, why else?' All her thinking was giving her a headache. 'Well, i don't know much about how Amon works, i only heard that he takes bending... Maybe he likes to make them wait to torture them? GAAH!' She hissed in annoyance as her headache got worse with the more thinking she did. Suddenly she heard footsteps coming from the hallway, stopping at her door. She heard a few muffled words before more footsteps. 'Probably just switching guards...' Harlow thought. Suddenly the door swung open and in walked a tall figure.

"Hello, Harlow," Amon said, his voice just as smooth and rugged as Harlow remembered from their last encounter. And still, Harlow couldn't shake the sense of familiarity from it, and it was bugging her.

"Amon... Come to take my bending?" She growled, glaring at him as the door closed and locked again. He stood there for a moment before casually leaning against the wall, his arms crossed. As casual as it was, he still radiated superiority and Harlow knew not to challenge him at the moment. "Well?" Harlow prodded, getting impatient.

"No, I'm not going to take your bending..."

Harlow blinked in surprise, "Eh? But Why?" She was confused. 'What is he gonna torture me more and make me wait?'

"Well why in the world would i do that?" He asked, and Harlow growled in annoyance at the slight amusement in his voice.

"Oh, I dunno, maybe because THATS WHAT YOU DO?!" She shouted. Each passing minute was getting more annoying, and she was getting more impatient. 'What does he want?!'

"Yes, thats what I do... But why would i do that to you, Harlow?" He literally purred, his voice echoing around the room. Harlow narrowed her eyes at him. Something wasn't quite right here, but she couldn't put her finger on it. That nagging from the familiarness was getting bigger now.

"Just.. Who are you?" She asked.

"All in good time Harlow..."

Harlow growled in frustration and stood, glaring at him, "What do you want from me?! Why keep me here?! Why not take my bending?!"

Amon stood up fully, no longer leaning against the wall, "I have an offer to propose. You see, we share a similar perspectives. Though you are a bender, you still go after them."

"Well obviously, its my job you idiot. I'm a bounty hunter!" Harlow shouted, clenching her fists.

"If you work with my equalists, i won't take your bending," Amon said, as if Harlow hadn't said anything.

"Yeah right! Like i'd ever work for you!" Harlow tried to bloodbend him with her mind, having heard enough nonsense, but nothing happened, just like last time. Her eyes widened. But her moment of surprise was cut short as she rushed forward, aiming a punch at amon's face, or.. mask.. He dodged and hit a pressure point on her neck, making her go numb and collapse. She glared at the man as he opened the door and paused.

"My offer still stands. Until you accept, you will be kept here..." And he walked out. Harlow was left lying on the metal ground to think until her body woke up again. She decided to take this time to get some sleep, for she might need it later. But a thought crossed her mind. 'He didn't say if i didn't accept, he would take my bending...' Though she dismissed the thought, considering it to be up for assumption.