I'm going to give this story ago. I wanted to see what Thorin would do if he ended up takeing his nephews in as his own

Dis had a cold for over a week now and it was only getting worse. Thrain Dis' father had brought a healer to her house. He assured her that he would make her all better. He would not tell Thror that he paid the man in heavy gold. He knew his father would not have approved of giving his gold away. He ran his hand down his daughters cheek. She had cold sweat coming from her hairline. "Everything will be alright love." He assured her.

"Father." Dis hated being this sick. She didn't like not being able to take care of her own children.

Thorin came into the room stopping at the foot of his sisters bed. "How are you feeling?"

Dis could see the worry in her brothers eyes. "I will be fine."

The healer was at the table in the corner mixing herbs and jelly substance together. Thorin thought the goo he was mixing in with the herbs looked strange. But he would let him work in peace. He would hate to hover over the healer and then have him mess up. He didn't know this healer but he knew his father would always pick a good healer.

"This will taste a bit strange." The healer sat on the edge of Dis' bed scooping up the goo with a wooden spoon. "Take a spoon full at a time." He fed her four spoonful's her face making a disgusted look as she swallowed it. "Good job. Now I must be on my way now." The healer got up shoving the bowl in his bag he had on his side.

Thorin grabbed the healers arm roughly. "And where do you think you're going?"

"I have others I must heal." The healer seemed to be in a big hurry and he talked fast. "Everyone seems to be sick at the same time." He tried to explain breaking his arm free of Thorin's death grip. But as he did so the bowl fell from his bag and clanged on the stone flooring.

Thorin reached down to pick it up and he was going to hand it back to the healer but the healer was already out the bedroom door. "Someone fetch him!" He would have chased after him but he was needed at his sisters side.

He had left her sons with his grandfather. He put the wooden bowl on the table that the healer was working at and went back to the bed his sister way laying on. He sat on the bed next to her and took her hand in his own. "You feeling any better?"

"Yea. The medicine was horrible thou." Her eyes were blood shot as she looked up at her brother. "I just feel a little strange is all."

That made Thorin worry. "How so?"

"I don't know. I'm tired. I would like to sleep now." Dis' eyes started to shut her hand going limp in her brothers.

Thrain ran his fingers through Dis' hair. "Sleep well love." He really hoped his sister would get better, he hoped the healer was as good as he was told.


Thror had taken his great grandsons down to where he kept all his beloved gold. He wanted to show them what they might one day inherit. His eyes grew wide with pride as he looked down at his beloved gold. He looked down at his great grandsons. "Now this is the most gold you two will ever see in your small lives."

Fili's eyes did not grow wide like his great grandfather but instead he just stared at all the gold. "Why is it all down here?"

"Why would it not be?" Thror thought that was a reasonable answer.

"You could share it with all the other dwarves. That way everyone could be happy." Fili said his little brother nodding his head in agreement.

Kili looked up to his brother. He wanted to be just like him when he was Fili's age. Next to his uncle he thought his brother was the smartest dwarf he had ever known. He didn't like his great grandfather so much for it seemed the only thing he cared for was big shiny gold. That was the only think Kili would agree with his great grandfather on is that the gold was super shiny.

"If I did that then I would not be king! It takes gold to have power and it take power to become a king!" Thror lectured to the two small dwarflings. "One day you two will understand. Now come with me. Let's go look at the wonderful gold up close."

Somehow Fili found his great grandfathers words to not be so wise. Uncle Thorin had always told him and his brother that it took strength, courage and bravery to be a king. Fili could not wait for the day that his uncle became king. He would gladly follow him and fight by his side with pride.

Fili and Kili followed the king down the long thick staircase.

Thror started to dig though a pile of gold looking for something. "O wait!" He reached behind his kings cape and pulled out a plush looking cloth. "There it is." Thror smiled as he picked up a large piece of a gold plate. Thror started to polish it being carful of where he held it.

Fili saw his brother sitting on the marble floor. He was starting to stack gold coins and he was doing well until the pile got too high and it fell over. The coins rolled in different directions one landing in front of Fili's feet. He reached down to pick it up he held it in the air above his head to get a better look at its shine.

"What are you doing!" Thror yelled at seeing Kili stacking his beloved gold and letting them fall to the floor. "You're going to scratch them!" He ran at Kili knocking Fili over in the process.

Fili fell into a golden shield that held up the golden plates. The shield fell over causing the plates to go with it. Fili looked at his hand wondering for a short while where the small coin went. But soon he knew as he started to choke. How had it landed in his mouth? He wondered as his hands flew to his neck.

Kili jumped up running to his older brother. "Fili!" He yelled smacking his brother hard in the back. He looked to his great grandfather for help. But the king was busy picking up his beloved gold coins. "King!" It was the first thing that popped into his head. But it did make his great grandfather look his way.

Upon seeing Fili chocking he rushed over to him patting him on his back. "Out with it boy! Now!" He slapped Fili as hard as he could but not hard enough to break any bones. Just hard enough to hurt and make the coin dislodge itself out of Fili's throat. It flew a few feet in the air clinging to the marble floor with a cling. Thror ran to his gold coin picking it up he started to rub it on his robe trying to get the saliva off it. "My poor coin."

Kili gave his brother a hug. "Are you alright brother?"

Fili looked down at his smaller brother smiling, at least someone cared about him. "Yes, Thank you." He watched the king rub at his coin worry was all over his face. "Come on. Let's go." Fili was pretty mature for such a young age. But then again he wanted to be just like his uncle and Thorin had told him to look after Kili. And right now it wasn't safe to be down here with all this gold.

He wished he was at home with his mother but his uncle and grandfather thought it wasn't safe to be around her at the moment. They were afraid he and Kili would fall ill like their mother. But Fili would gladly get ill if it meant he could be with his mother. He knew Kili felt the same way. And Kili was so young that he missed his mother all the time, even when she went to the bathroom and she would not take him.


Thorin brought up a seat to the side of the bed so he could keep a close eye on his sister. He really hoped she would be better by morning. His eyes started to slide shut but he blinked before they could. He rubbed at his eyes not wanting to be asleep incase his sister needed something. He was the only one in the room. Thrain had left but only because Thorin had assured him that he would watch over Dis.

There were two guards that stood outside the door. Thrain had ordered them to keep watch so no one who was not permitted to see Dis could not get by. Thrain was over protective of his only daughter and ever since her husband had died he was that much more. He had given her husband his blessing before he had asked her for her hand. Dis was so excited and she was so happy that her father seemed to adore him.

He started to get tired and he figured it would not hurt if he took a small nap. He laid his head down on the table that was beside her bed. It was not the best thing he had ever used as a pillow but it would do. His knee was touching the bed so if she were to get up the movement would wake him.

Soon sleep was his world and he was dreaming about his nephews playing in the snow. But then the snow started to shake but his young nephews didn't seem to notice as they threw snow at each other. Thorin snapped out of his sleep looking over at his sister. The bed shook as his sister shook violently on it. Thorin was frozen at the sight not knowing what to do. But he soon snapped out of it as he grabbed at his sisters shoulders and held her down. "Dis?"

Her blue eyes were rolled in the back of her head her teeth clamped down. White foam made its way through her teeth her mouth opened and she coughed. The foam shot in the air but her convulsing didn't stop. "Dis!" Thorin's heart was beating so fast and looking at his sister like this was making he feel scared. First time since he was very small he was feeling truly afraid. Just as he had seen the convulsion's start they ended.

"Dis?" Thorin looked at his sisters face. She seemed to be coming around.

"Thorrr…."Her voice was scratchy like she had been yelling all day. Dis looked around not knowing what had just happened. He still felt strange and she had an odd dream too.

"What…." Thorin had no idea what to say he was still in a slight state of shock.

"Thorin…I need you to do me a favor." Dis' voice was barely above a whisper as she spoke.

"Anything." Thorin hoped she was going to ask for water but instead what she asked of him made his heart go cold.

"I need you to watch over my boys."

"I always do. You know that Dis." There was something off about his sister he just hoped his gut was wrong.

"Please…Don't let anyone else take care of them….tell them I love them very much." Dis knew that her time was running short. And she hoped her brother would understand that she was not able to stay around. Right now she wished she hadn't taken that medicine that the healer had given her. She knew there was something off about the man but she just wanted to get better. She longed to feel better so that she should see her sons again. But now a frown tugged at her lips as she realized she would never get to see or hold them again. But she knew they would be in good hands.

Her eyes looked away from there's of her brothers as they stared blankly into the ceiling she let out a long dragged breath.

"Dis?" But she made no sounds to show she had heard him. He put his ear to her chest waiting to hear the sound of her heart beating. But no sound was heard. "No." Tears started to form in his eyes. "Guards!"

His heart was breaking as he looked down at his lifeless sister. Anger filled his heart as he stepped away from the body of his sister. How could she do this to him? How could she do this to her sons?

What would he tell her kids? She had died in the same bed she had given birth to them in.

He struck out at the closest thing to him. And it was the bigger table that was in the corner of the room. He knocked the stuff that sat there off making it all fall to the ground as the glass ware broke. "Ahhhggg!" He fell to his knees tears running down his checks and into his facial hair. He looked up seeing the wooden bowl that he had sat on the table earlier. He reached out for it looking at the bottom. Could that have been it? He thought as he brought the bowl up to his nose taking a sniff. It smelled off.

Anger was filling his insides as the guards finally made their way into the room.

Needed a reason for Thorin to become father/uncle. What will he tell her sons? Does anyone like this or no? I think Thorin would have mad a great dad but he never had any kids so I'm ganna help him out. Review?