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Thorin walked down the hallway after Elrond had gone back in the room. So many thoughts were floating around in his head. He couldn't remember a time when he had so many thoughts running around in his head. He had to find a body guard for his little ones for when he wasn't around. He was never going to allow anything like this to happen again if he could help it. Thorin stopped and turned back around going back the way he had come. He needed to check up on Kili even though the elf had assured him he would be better than new.

"New." Thorin couldn't seem to remember when everything was as good as new.

But Thorin could remember Kili's last birthday before everything went wrong.

Thorin was so excited to find something for him that he looked in every store but nothing he found was good enough.

He could remember Fili's birthday that was almost two months before Kili's. He too was hard to shop for.

He remembered that so clearly too, he had gotten Fili a pony but once Dis found out she had a fit telling him that a pony was no gift for a small boy. She had gotten one for her tenth birthday when she was a little girl and their dad told her it was a girls gift. She would not allow her first born son to get a pony for his birthday and have the other boys in the village laugh at him. And since Fili was to have his small amount of friends over she didn't want them going off telling everyone who wasn't there.

So Thorin went back to the village to see what he could find and the only thing he could find was a soap stone that was carved into a dog. The craftsmanship that was done to this rock was something of a god in Thorin's eyes. It was so smooth to the touch and heavy that he hoped Fili would never drop it on his foot. He knew Fili would love it the moment he got to see and hold it. Thorin looked up at the man who had carved the magnificent stone. "How much sir?"

The human smiled knowing how much Thorin seemed to like his work. "One gold coin is all."

Thorin shook his head. "That's all?" Thorin knew that was way too cheap for something that was this great. And he wasn't going to rip the man off so he reached in his pouch and pulled out seven gold coins handing them over to him.

But the man shook his head refusing to take it from him. "Please, take the one for your work and the rest is a tip." He wanted the man to keep making good work it was rare to see anyone put their heart into something these days. Thorin had always thought of humans as being lazy men who only wanted war. But this human was different somehow, Thorin could tell by the way the soap stone was carved. He looked down at it, it had ears that stood up straight and its mouth was open with four teeth being seen.

The human took what Thorin had offered him. "Thank you so much sir." He smiled glad that he had stopped in this village to sell his stuff. His own people didn't like his work and he seemed to get more people to buy from him in the many villages he came to.

After Thorin had the heavy stone wrapped in rabbit skin he placed it on the foot of Fili's bed. He knew Dis would be bringing Fili home soon from his friend's house. He was sure Kili was with her but ever since he had learned to walk a few years ago he would wonder off by himself. Thorin and Dis both wished he wouldn't do that since there were bad people around but Kili never understood that. But slowly Kili started to not wonder as much as he use too.

Once the small family got home and Thorin had set up the kitchen with all the party stuff from Dis' list she had given him that day, Fili tried to make it to the kitchen right when he walked in the door.

"Fili sweety come back here." Dis yelled grabbing for her oldest but missing him. "It's not ready yet!"

Fili stopped looking back at his mother. "No?" He smiled as his mother shook her head no. "Ok." He ran off to his room laughing.

"Strange boy." Dis told herself looking behind her for her youngest. "Now where did he go?" She took a step outside but she jumped as the door slammed behind her. She turned looking at her now shut dark brown door. "Kili!"

Thorin laughed at the idea wishing he hadn't of been in the kitchen at the time wanting to see it. But he only got to see the small Kili laughing and the locked front door. "What did you do?"

"Nothin." He said as he ran across the living room and into his room.

Thorin unlocked the door to see a pouting Dis standing there her arms crossed. "He was only playing sister."

"I don't care! I'm sick of his games. That's not the first time he's done that!" She threw her arms in the air. "Last time it was raining and I got soaked!" Dis stormed passed her tall brother heading to the kitchen. "He's just like his father!"

Thorin shook his head smiling he didn't ever remember his nephews father being a pranker, but he guessed Dis had something about her that makes everyone want to tease her. If she didn't react so over the top about it then she wouldn't be picked on.

"Thorin!" Dis shouted causing Thorin to run to the kitchen looking around for danger. "You forgot the cake!"

Thorin looked around. "I did?" How could I have forgotten the cake? He asked himself but he now remembered that finding Fili's present had caused him to forget. "I will go get one."

"Thank you." Dis didn't know what to say other than that, she was already frustrated about everything today. She wanted this party to be perfect and she wanted to show off how her oldest was growing so fast. Eleven was a big age to a dwarf and soon he would be growing his beard…It seemed that way to her and it seemed like it was just yesterday Fili was a small toddler and Kili was still in diapers. Funny how time flies so much when you have kids. Soon she would have gray hair and have wrinkles upon wrinkles and she would be ugly.

Thorin made his way out the door but before he could take a step out he felt someone shove the back of his legs. He stumbled out the doorway almost falling on the smooth stepping stones. He could hear giggling followed by the door slamming shut followed by the sound of a lock being locked. Thorin couldn't help but smiled a little at the irony. "I guess Dis isn't the only one." It seemed Kili did like to lock people out of the house after all, and not only to his mother.

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