Chapter 1

The counting can be pretty grim, and a depressing place, Especially on a boring and slow day. Even a simplest thing as a routine Upton and show so shocking that a season mortician can have their lunch jump back to their throats. Before the doctor could lay an average height lanky, pale man. The face of his skin is pulled impossibly tight from scars. His eyes… Staring blankly at the ceiling, never able to close. His mouth is permantly ripped into a smile across his face. It could be argued that his killing spear brought an end to him. The police finally closed the case of the most twisted mass murderer the world has ever seen… Maybe karma stepped in a slid his fate… But that would be two easy. Underneath his back a knife laid close to his reach hidden from sight. "Seven seconds Davis would enter my cell for a routine beat down," the man said his teeth where coated in blood from the previous attack from biting a nurse in the arm. As promised Davis did enter his cell wearing electrocuting brass knuckles. "Rise and shine freak." Davis barked punching the man in the face. A roaring scream left the man's face as his body twitched to electricity. "Jeff is your name right?" Davis asked kicking his left rib cage in, a small laughter left Jeff as he stood up. "Yes Davis how could you miss me!" A gasp left Davis lips as blood fell to the floor, Stabbing Davis seven times in the chest and slicing his throat he write in the late guards blood.

Go to sleep

He opened the door to his cell and left laughing. This is Jeff the killer and how his return against the psychotic bitch Jane who imprisoned him in the counting begins with millions of countless murders.

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