It had been years since the Gorgonites had set out to find their homeland of Gorgon. Much had changed for them, their lives where peaceful and they enjoyed exploring the vast forest that was their home. The only trouble they had been to keep hidden from humans that often visited the park. Other than that nothing really happened that disrupted their lives which was fine perfectly fine by them. However everything was going to change. Archer could sense it.

"What's wrong?" asked Troglokhan. The others had decided to nickname Freakenstein and often called him by it. However he preferred his original name. The disfigured toy was a prime example of what the Gorgonites had been though to get to here. He was lucky his brothers and sister had been able to piece him back together even if it wasn't perfect. He didn't mind though, he was alive. Troglokhan approached his leader,who was now perched on top of a boulder over looking a cliff. It was his favorite spot in the park to think.

"I feel something is gonna happen," replied Archer turning to his companion with a worried look etched on the leader's face,"Something bad."

Sure they were toys. Sure they couldn't do most things organic life could do but they learned and pretty well too. One of the things which Archer had picked up was what human's called 'gut instinct'. So far it proved to be a useful for the Gorgonites,it kept them out of trouble and out of danger for the most part.

"Well," began Troglokhan climbing the boulder and standing next to the other,"maybe its just another human coming this way or a storm or an all the other times you've had a bad feeling. It nothing to fear brother."

"No, this time it is different."replied Archer looking to Troglokhan,"Something doesn't feel right."

"What exactly?" he asked the lead Gorgonite.

"I," Archer hesitated slightly,"I can't tell but it's bad."

"Well, whatever it is we'll be fine." smiled Troglokhan to Archer as he placed a hand on his shoulder,"Come on let's get back to the others."

"Very well." replied Archer climbing down with Troglokhan before they both began to head back to their home. Archer couldn't help but keep looking over his shoulder from time to time. All around him he had the feeling like someone was watching and going to jump them at any moment. But that was silly,they usually walked though scarier parts of the forest. This path was even lite, why was he so scared then? Maybe he was just becoming paranoid.

"I'm acting foolish." replied Archer sighing as he smiled as Troglokhan turned to him with a smirk.

"You're becoming too paran-!" before Troglokhan could finish his sentence something came flying out from the direction of the camp and hitting him square in the gut. This sent him flying a few feet away from Archer, who seemed shock. It soon passed however and the leader was about to run up to help his fellow Gorgonite. That was until something stuck him in the head sending him flying from his spot and a good distance away too.

"Uhh...what happened?" came Troglokhan's gurgled voice as he sat held his gut before looking around to see what has hit him and Archer. He found a decent size rock laying close to him and frowned. He turned seeing Archer looking a bit dazed as he sat up, noting a rock near him as well.

"Feeling alright Gorgon Scum?" asked a familiar voice from the direction of the projectiles. Both Gorgonites froze for a moment and stare wide eyes at the ground in shock before turning their heads slowly to the person who had spoken. This couldn't be right. Stepping out into the clearing and standing before both of them was none other than Chip Hazard the leader of the Cammando Elites and enemy of the Gorgonites. But he should've been dead in a sense. They had fried his chip last time they meet but there he was. No signs of the battle before as if he were brand new, right out of the box.

"C-Chip Hazard?" Archer asked shocked by the old Commando Elite's return from the grave.

"The one and only,Scum." Chip smirked cruelly down at the Gorgonite Leader.

Archer remained shocked, trying to figure out how this was possible. Chip Hazard should be dead. However shock quickly turned to fear as Archer remembered his brothers and sister,they had been in the direction Chip had come from.

"Where are my brothers and sister?" Archer asked with worry,"What have you done to them?"

"I wouldn't worry about them." replied Chip with a wicked chuckle,"I don't feel like wasting your family of freaks just yet, I want my revenge and I want it to be slow and sweet."

"Revenge?" asked Troglokhan curiously.

"Revenge," smirked Chip,"Oh boys, bring out the other misfits will ya?"

As soon as the words left his lips, more Commando Elite emerged from the foliage each dragging a unconscious Gorgonite in their grasp. Archer clenched his fist in anger, grabbing some blades of grass as he did. However this didn't stop him from realising something very odd. Some of these Commando Elite were brand new,he had never seen them before.

"Oh, how rude of me."replied Chip almost apologetically,"Where are my gosh darn manners, let me introduce some of the new squad shall I? First, we have Nuke Johnson our Tracker."

He began as he stepped in front of a new looking Commando Elite, this one was a bigger. Even more so than Brick Bazooka had been but he had a different look. His arms were fully covered in tattoos and he was bald with an eye patch. Nuke gave an evil smirk to the two before he tossed his unconscious victim, Slamfist, on the ground in front of Archer and Troglokhan. The large Gorgonite gave a grunt as he landed.

"This here is Bonnie Bombshell she is our new Explosion Expert." replied Chip stepping in front of a female Commando Elite, she had short scarlet hair and a x-shaped scar across her cheek. She gave an evil smirk and a wink before she tossed her unconscious victim Insaniac to them as well. He gave a grunt when he hit the floor next to Slamfist.

"Here we have Hank Diamond our spy." came Chip pointing to a Commando Elite with a bandana over his head, long brown hair and was wearing sunglasses over his eyes. The guy gave them a wink and an evil smirk before tossing his two victims Punch-It and Scratch-It where the other two had been thrown before. Punch-It hit the floor first with a groan as his twin sister Scratch-It landed on top of him with a meep of pain.

"And finally Butch Crooked out Engineer Expert." He finished stopping in front of a Commando Elite with short spiked red hair and a crazed look in his eye. He held up a unconciouse Ocula before tossing the small Gorgonite into the pile, laughing when he had cried out with a pained meep.

"H-How did you survive?" asked Archer as he and Troglokhan checked over their fellow Gorgonites with concern.

"Sorry that's our little secret." replied Chip smirking.

"Well, you have us so get it over with." growled Troglokhan angrily as he rested Oculus' head in his lap, a gentle hand rested on the injured Gorgonite's body.

"Don't tink so luv." came Bonnie's voice as she walked over to the deformed Gorgonite and lifted his chin up with her hand,"Ve gawt plans fur joo."

"Plans?" asked Troglokhan staring at the female Commando Elite with a faint blush and a curious stare.

"Yes," smirked Chip as he watched Bonnie drop Troglokhan's chin and rejoin her fellow Commando Elites,"Plans."

With that said Chip gave a silent command with a sway of his hands as Archer's and Troglokhan's world went dark. In the back of his mind Archer wish he had listened to his gut feeling.

Alan sighed as he walked home from working at his dad's toy store. Not that he didn't mind working there, to be honest he liked working at the peaceful toy shop. Especially since the toys wouldn't get up and attack you. Then again the incident had been a blessing in disguise. He was now dating his dream girl Christy. It would be their second anniversary soon too. It also marked the anniversary of the incident. Maybe that's why he had mixed feelings today, he missed them.

"Least their safe." he smiled as he walked up to his house,"and happy."

"Even if I miss having them around." he smiled at the last though,closing his eyes and remembering the good time he had with the Gorgonites. How he first came to discover Archer and helped him find his lost siblings. Teaching them about his world. Helping take on the Commando Elite and find the courage to stand up to them,even though the Gorgonites were programmed to lose. It was kind of fun,in a life threatening sort of way. The memories swam though his head while he reached into his pocket to find the house keys. He was about to approach the door to his house when something thumped against his foot.

"What in the-?" asked Alan as he looked down and discovered a package on the porch. Strange had his parents ordered something, he know he most certainly didn't. He carefully picked it up and exsamied it, finding it was addressed to him. He shrugged as he placed it under his arm and went to open the door. Once inside he headed up the stairs to his room. He turned on his light as he laid the package down on his bed. He was about to turn and leave when the package gave a sudden shudder. Alan turn his head to it, giving a curious stare. Had the box moved? As if to confirm this it shook again making Alan stumble back in surprise.

"Okay,what the hell?!" asked the teen as he stumbled back towards his desk. His arms began to search for something to defend himself just incase. His hand wrapped around a baseball sitting on his desk. He quickly made his way over to the box in a cautious manner,baseball raise to defend him. He gave a silent gulp before reaching out a free hand to the lid of the package and quickly flipping it open. He aimed the baseball,ready to strike. Suddenly he froze when he saw what was inside.

"Gorgonites?" he asked in shock. Inside the package where a group of new Gorgonities that Alan had never before laid eyes on. To top it off, they were moving on their own. One by one they began to climb out of the box completely unaware of Allen as they scanned the room.

"Where are we?" asked a female Gorgonite,taking a look around the room. She looked like a humanoid version of a Gorgonite with long black hair tied back into a ponytail. Atop her head were two graying horns. She also sported some pointed ears that reminded Alan of an elf. Her tail with a single spike at the end at the end swished back and forth like a cat's when it was agitated. She moved cautiously, her hind legs taking small baby steps as she wrapped her arms around her pale white, covering some blue tribal markings around her arms. There appeared to be some on her legs as well. Her deep blue eyes scanned to room curiously.

"My room." replied Alan gazing at the Gorgonites,they shot around.

"Who are you?" asked another female Gorgonite as she held a staff in her hands, ready to strike at him if he posed a threat. She had also appeared humanoid like the first one with long white hair. Her head held four blunt horns and large pointed ears, not much bigger than the other's. She too sported hind legs and a tail, which was now swishing back and forth. Her yellow eyes were trained on Alan. He held his hands up in defense,dropping the baseball as he approached the new Gorgonites. They tensed a bit as he did, all them taking refugee behind the female Gorgonite with the staff. She must've been the leader or something if they were seeking safety behind her.

"My name's Alan Abernathy," he replied gently as he reached a hand out slowly towards them and smiles gently,"And what are your names?"

"I am Cyra," came the female with the staff as she lowered it slowly and approached Alan,"Leader of the Gorgonites."

"Leader?" asks Alan confused. He remembered that Archer had said he was also leader of the Gorgonites.

"Second Leader." Cyra added with a small smile.

"Oh," chuckled Alan understanding now,"So you're the SIC then?"

"SIC?" asks Cyra raising a brow in confusion.

"It means Second In Command." Alan answers her question before looking at the other Gorgonites with Cyra,"So do you all have any names?"

"Yes," came the other Gorgonite female stepping out from behind Cyra and approaching Alan,"I am Opal, adopted daughter of Cyra."

One by one the new Gorgonites worked up the courage to approach Alan and began to introduce themselves to him one by one. There was was Niteshade,a bat looking Gorgonite, who seemed to be more frightened than the others. He even rushed back behind Cyra after his introduction. Next was Weaver, a six armed Gorgonite who oddly reminded Alan of an old samurai. Another one was called Craigerock, a Gorgonite that look liked a walking skeleton. He seemed to be a close friend to Niteshade since Alan noticed he acted a lot more calmer and less timid when Craigerock was around him. And last there was Baron, a kind of fish looking Gorgonite.

"Well, since that's all out-of-the-way lets see who sent you all and why." Alan replies after the introductions were finished. He lifted the now empty book from off his bed and looked for an adress. However he could only find one on the box, his address. He frowned a bit and began to turn the book every which way to see if there was any other clues to where it may have come from. He didn't notice the small note float out of the box and land on the ground right next to him.

"Alan." Cyra called as the teenager turned around,"That fell out of the box."

She said pointing out where the piece of parchment laid to Alan. He put the box back down on his bed and bent down to pick up the piece of paper, it appeared to be a letter addressed once more to him. Alan slowly unfolded the letter. Hopefully whatever it contained would have some clue were these new Gorgonites came from.

"Dear Alan," began Alan as he began reading the letter out loud while the Gorgonites gathered to listen,"Heartlands Play System has decided to continue the line of Commando Elite and Gorgonites with a series two. Though the new toys on the market do not have the intelligence chip like the previous one. However I decided to set aside a set of toys of the six new Gorgonites; Cyra, Opal, Niteshade, Weaver, Craigerock and Baron and had intellegence chips installed in them like Archer and the others before. I have sent them to you in hopes that you could bring them to the other Gorgonites and help complete the 's Truely Irwin Wayfair."

Alan finished,re-reading the letter a couple more times in his head,letting it all sink in. So, the company had decided to make a second series of Commando Elites and Gorgonites. Luckly it seemed they decided that Military Grade Intelligence Chips wasn't such a great idea to put into children's toys it seemed, which was a relief to him. They did NOT need a repeat of last year. He was a bit happy to hear from Irwin, since the toy maker had seemed to be a really nice guy from what he could tell from their brief meeting. Though he wondered how and why he got the impulse to make a set of six new Gorgonites and set them aside to install them with the again when he had met his first set of Gorgonites come to life by the chips, Irwin had seemed excited and happy to see them. It was like a dream come true for the toy maker to meet his creations. Alan turned to the new Gorgonites as they seemed to be thinking of the letter that he just read to them.

"There are other Gorgonites?"asks Niteshade looking up at Alan curiously,"Where?"

"Well,it's called Yosemite National Park but to them its Gorgon." replied Alan as the Gorgonite's eyes widen,"What?"

"Gorgon?" Cyra asked with hope in her voice,"You mean it's close?"

"Well,kind of...I mean it's not actually Gorgon it's a national park," answered Alan trying to exsplain to the toys what was what,"though Archer though it was but it's not."

Like the previous Gorgonites, they seemed to believe the national park was their lost homeland Gorgon. Excitement grew on their faces as they began to exchange looks among each other and murmuring 'Gorgon'. Weaver came up to Alan looking curious.

"And you'll take us there?" asked Weaver,"You will bring us to Gorgon?"

"I guess," Alan answered rubbing his neck awkwardly,"Though I'm not sure how I am, last time I took the other Gorgonites I was on 'Vacation'...and Yosemite National Park isn't exactly that close to here."

"But you will take us,right?" asks Cyra.

"I'll try." Alan smiled softly to her. He knew that it would be a trip but he was responsible for these new Gorgonites, so he was taking them to Gorgon just like Irwin asked. Cyra returned the smile before looking to her fellow Gorgonites, all seeming excited that they would see Gorgon soon. They also seemed curious on meeting their new brothers and sister. The blissful chatter was soon interrupted by the doorbell ringing, making them jump.

"What now?" groaned Alan as he motions for the Gorgonites to hide and stay quiet. They nodded in silence as they each hopped off the bed and began to find hiding spots around Alan's room. After making sure they would not be spotted, Alan quickly made his way down stairs to see who was it was at the door. Couldn't be his parents, not yet at least. He knew they were still at work and had a few errands to run, they wouldn't be getting back till much later tonight. He finally reached the door as he opened it and smiled a bit at who it was. His current girlfriend Christy Fimble.

"Hey, gonna let me in?" she asks cheekily as Alan just chuckles.

"Come on in then." he replied opening the door more so she could get in. As Christy entered she wrapped her arms around her boyfriend's shoulders and kissed him softly. Alan returned the favor as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulling her closer to him, kissing back. They broke apart as they just stare at each other for a while, smiling and swaying in their place. Both their foreheads rested against each other.

"Oh! I found something on your doorstep, I think someone sent it to you." Christy replied after a while as she took out a small rectangular package and handed it to Alan. Another package, that was odd. Had the mailman forgotten to deliver it along with the Gorgonites or something? He turns it around trying to look for a name or address. However there was none, all he could find was his name roughly scribbled on the front with black marker. His gut began to turn slowly, telling him he better watch it now.

"Come on, let's go to my room." he replied as he grabbed Christy's hand and lead her upstairs,"There is something I got to show you."

"What is it?" asks Christy curiously as she followed her boyfriend up to his room.

"Okay,remember a few years ago when we had that incident with those toys?" Alan asks as Christy nodded.

"Yeah, how could I forget that?" she replies,"I couldn't look at toys the same again."

"Well," began Alan giving a nervous smile as he opened the door to his room,"This may be hard to handle."

"Okay,what's going on Alan?" asked Christy looking at him with a weirded out look,"Your freaking me out."

"You guys can come out." called the teenager as they entered the room.

"Who are you talking to-?!" before Christy could finish she spotted new Gorgonites toys climb out of hiding spots around Alan's room. They looked to the new comer before turning their attention to Alan with a curious stare.

"There's more?" Christy gasped out the question as she quickly clung to Alan's arm,"You sure it's only Gorgonites this time, not...those other ones?"

"I'm sure," nods Alan with a smile,"Irwin said they continued the line but didn't put the chips in them like last time."

"Smart move there," Christy sighed out,"But if there weren't chips installed, how are these ones alive?"

"Apparently Irwin only installed chips in the new set of Gorgonites to help build, I guess, a bigger family for Archer and the others." Alan shrugged.

"Oh," his girlfriend sighed in relief,"That's good."

"Alan," came Opal as she walked up to the two teens and pointed at the package hanging from his hand,"What is that you are holding?"

"It's a videotape, I think...of what I'm not sure." he replies softly as he looked down at the package,"but something tells me we better watch it now."

He finished as he opens the wrapped package and took out a VHS tape. Scribbled on the title was his name again, once again roughly scribbled out in black marker. He went over to his TV set, popping the VHS into his player and turning it on. The video began to play making him and the others gasp at what they saw on the screen; the other Gorgonites were tied up, blind folded, and gagged. Each of them was hanging from what seem to be meat hooks in the middle of a factory. Suddenly the video swept around and settled onto a face that both Alan and Christy knew well. Chip Hazard,the leader of the Commando Elite. He was looking brand new from what the teens could remember of him the last time they had seen him. He was wearing a smug little smirk on his face.

"Well, now that we got your attention," began Chip as he walked slowly the camera tracking his movements,"I have a message for you Alan. Come down to the meat-packing plant down town tonight if you wanna see the Gorgonites live. Oh and come alone, none of that heroic bull crap that your so overly fond of. Otherwise, your freaks are all as good as dead. Bye now." Chip finished as he waved to the camera. The video turned quickly back to the helpless Gorgonites, zooming in close to Archer's face before blacking out .Christy and Alan along with the other Gorgonites stood there silent for a minute, letting what they just saw sink in.

"Alan, they're back." replied Christy slowly and shakingly as she turned to her boyfriend,"How did they get back?!"

"I don't know." Alan answered as the image of the Gorgonites kept flashing though his head,"but I'm not gonna let him harm them."

"Alan wait, be reasonable. Those toys nearly killed us once." Christy started as she grabbed his arm and looked at him with a worried expression,"If you go they'll probably succeed this time."

"But if I don't they'll kill Archer and the other Gorgonites," Alan stated as he frowned at the idea,"I'm not going to let Chip hurt any of them!"

"Alan." came Cyra's voice as she walked over to the teenager and places a hand on his tense arm before looking up,"We'll help."

"No," Alan answered automatically looking to Cyra and the other Gorgonites,"I can't put you guys in danger too."

"We want to help." Baron spoke up next as he walked over to where Cyra stood,"Those are our Brothers and Sister they have tied up, we want to help get them back."

"But-!" Alan was about to protest as Christy stopped him.

"The Commandos don't know about the other Gorgonites being alive, right?" she asks giving him a curious stare.

"As far as I know, they don't." he replied giving her a questionable look,"Why?What are you thinking?"

"Well, why not go there with them hiding in your backpack or something?" She shrugged a bit as she began to explain the plan,"While you distract Chip, they can sneak in and free the other Gorgonites. Then I'll come to your rescue on my mopehead...and hopefully run over that little jerk in the process."

She finish as Alan let the plan she just proposed sink in a bit. It sounded fool-proof to him, mostly. There was always that off-chance that maybe Chip did know of the other Gorgonites, however judging from the video it wasn't evidence he did. He smiled at Christy and gave her a smooch.

"You're brilliant,"he smiles happily as she giggled slightly.

"I know and that's why ya love me." Christy smirked cockly back as Alan just chuckled at her before turning to the other Gorgonites.

"What's the plan Alan?"asks Cyra as she and the other Gorgonites gathered around to hear his plan.