"Trapped In a Blizzard"

Rated T for language

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Chapter 1

"Ohhhhh, crap... he's still isn't here? That's just great..."

To think someone who would say such things like that was just exactly the uncomfortable situation Heather got herself in. The residential Queen Bee was busy just walking outside of a snowy bus stop as she was trying to wait for a bus so that she would see her boyfriend Alejandro. Heather couldn't quite understand this. It had been just 6:30 p.m. and yet so far, the bus was supposed to be right at the bus station. It was supposed to be right on time at 5:00! What a total waste of time that was.

Knowing that Heather was being so dreadful all of a sudden, she pulled out her phone and tried to dial away. 754-9423. Alejandro's phone number. This couldn't possibly fail. Could it?

"Come on... pick up, pick up..." Heather muttered as she tried to see if Alejandro was gonna pick up the phone.

To tell you the truth, the phone was just so much busy as a snail's pace. But then, Heather only realized her true mistake. She had no bars on her phone. That was just a huge mistake coming from Heather herself.

"Damn it! Why in the holy heck are there no bars in this little crap town?" Heather replied as she gritted her own teeth of the fact that she lost one ounce of phone signal. This was soooooo much outrageous!

Heather decided to go inside the busy station and call once again. Then again, finding a very good spot around in this crap of a bus station was a very good idea. That way she could probably get a good signal on her phone that Heather's parents got her. So she dialed again...

"C'Mon, pick up! Pick up, damn you!" Heather said with a gritting of the teeth as the phone kept ringing away.

But it was just so pointless. Just like the snowy outside, the inside bus station picked up no bars. This drove Heather waaaaay over the point!

"Crap! I hate this snowy hell of a place!" Heather exclaimed as she aggressively threw her phone back onto her pocket.

This was turning to be one hell of a crappy day to be exact! After leaving her grandparents house (knowing that it was her mother's idea to have Heather come visit them, much to Heather's dismay), Heather had decided to take the long way home, via a greyhound bus. But to her disappointment, the bus had to just break down through Saskatoon. Serves Heather right for getting on a bus that felt so much clunky as shit.

And was worse of all, right around tonight, it was gonna be a huge blizzard out there. That means, Heather was now about to get stranded in this bus station all alone with no one to contact. This week definitely sucked for her indeed.

But then, all of the news about a certain blizzard coming in tonight may be just a bluff to Heather. After all, it wouldn't hurt to take a nice good walk and find a service station at the next town. That way, if she happened to find some good phone signal, then she would happen to call Alejandro and that she would be able to pick her up there. Sounds easy? No. But it was the only way that Heather thought of.

"Well, I guess it wouldn't frickin' hurt to walk at the next town. That blizzard won't frickin' even happen..." Heather smirked as she took her big suitcase and now started to go outside despite the snowy conditions. It was a good thing that Heather was kept warm by the stuff she was wearing which was a white bulky snow-jacket, red sweatpants to keep her warm and boots. She almost felt like a snowboarder to be exact.

Heather went outside and managed to walk a very good mile from out of town. I guess it was real easy for Heather to do that. Now all that she needed was to find some kind of sign to see how long the next town was. Sounds really easy? Wrong.

Heather managed to find the sign and it said that the next town, which was Perdue, happened to be 30 miles.

"Ohhhh, come on! You gotta be frickin' kidding me!" Heather exclaimed in mercy as she was struck in disbelief that she had to walk to the next town which was gonna take 5 godawful hours to walk from there on foot! "Great. Just great! That stupid frickin' bus had to break down at Saskatoon, my fucking phone's got no bars which means I can't frickin' talk to Alejandro and now I'm left with no other damn choice but to walk with bloody feet!"

Heather soon growled at herself as she continued to walk heavily on the snow. Just to think that this little bus ride ended up being so far of a nightmare.

So far, it's had now been 30 minutes and so far, Heather managed to only walk a mile so far. She even tried her best just to frickin' hitchhike, but it was just so useless to do so! Only 6 cars and a snail had passed her much to her disgust. They didn't even care to at least have the decency to pick Heather up. Maybe because they might have been watching the show pretty much to see that Heather was still the most hated Queen Bee there ever was. Heather decided to try to hitch hike once more to see if someone would actually pick her up and drive at the next town.

She put her thumbs up at the road as an another driver began to drive by, hoping that he/she would stop. But just like a nervous kidney stone, the car just passed Heather by. It was perhaps the seventh time that happened. I guess the people driving by wanted Heather to just freeze like a strawberry popsicle. The Queen Bee didn't deserve this kind of treatment very well.


All of the screaming and perhaps almost cussing made Heather's feet twinge with hurt a little bit. This snowy road that she was walking on almost made the Queen Bee turn into a shade of freezing baby blue. If only if she wore some kind of tent of her head, she would totally be warm, but then she would absolutely have no way to go, which would increase her chances of her getting run over very easily like a raccoon being roadkill. Heather was now busy gambling with her life in this freezing condition.

But then as Heather walked another good mile, someone behind her flashed their lights and honked the horn. The honking sound sorta caught Heather by surprise.

"AGH! What the hell's the matter with you, you could've gave me a fucking heart attack!" Heather yelled right at the driver, in which she just flung an F-bomb right at him. "Could you just let me walk in peace? I can get there without any help whatsoever."

Heather then turned her back on the driver and continued to walk, but somehow, the car started to follow Heather everywhere she went. This made the Queen Bee annoyed as an accountant's kind of hell.

"I said, I don't need your help! So just drive off and leave me out of this!" Heather shouted at the driver once again as the car finally began to stop, much to Heather's pleased appreciation. "Thank you!"

Heather finally turned her back away from the black car as she just kept on walking a long way to a good service station. But the driver of the black car wasn't taking it any further. So the only thing the driver had no choice to do was to just force Heather some help of his own.

So the driver stepped on the gas and before Heather knew it, she was frightened out of her sweat pants when the driver aggressively honked the horn. Seeing that the honk startled her, Heather just powerwalked all the way to the black car and just approached the driver angrily.

"Look here, you son of a bitch! I'm sick of tired just honking your horn at my own bleeding ears when I said perfectly loud and frickin' clear that I don't need your..." Heather said to the driver as she looked inside the window. But then, she was surprised of who the driver actually was, "Justin?"

The driver and owner of the Black Maserati happened to be Justin, one of the contestants from Total Drama way back then.

"Hey, Heather. Didn't you hear me honk my horn?" Justin said with a secretly arrogant smirk, "I guess your bitchiness got way too full of itself, you couldn't possibly hear."

"Ohhhh, that's really nice of you Justin..." Heather said feeling a bit sarcastically, "I've should've had the chance to take that head of yours and split you open like a coconut for scaring me! Besides, how in the hell did you even recognize me?"

"I figured your long hair sorta gave it away." Justin chuckled a bit. "You do realize it's a bit unsafe to walk in this snow. But then again, you really like stuff that's really unsafe. Of course, if you're counting the guys you sleep with just to win those million dollars that you wanted."

"Are you really calling me a whore?" Heather said, feeling offended by Justin's rude comments, "Look, you think I may dress like a whore, but I can bite like a damn cheetah. So if you're gonna make fun of me by calling me a whore, I might as well scratch your pretty face right off it's body!"

"Ohhh, you probably wouldn't do that. My precious face cant be thrashed by those claws of yours." Justin nodded with such negativity, "Who the hell wants to see a badly thrashed face on a Calvin Klein billboard."

"I guess pretty much every girl who wants to throw rocks at you, cursing that you were ever born on his earth." Heather smirked a little before Justin got a little stressful.

"Heh, you know... I was actually gonna give you a lift, but I guess with those nasty verbal barbs you're throwing at me, I guess you're pretty much left alone. By the way, where are you even going?" Justin smirked and raised an eyebrow at Heather.

"Why does it matter to you?" Heather scowled at him, "I'm heading over to Perdue so that I can get some good signal on my phone! That way I can have Alejandro pick me up from this hell that I am in! After that, it's all the way to Calgary from where I live! I sure as hell don't need your help!"

"That's a shame... because I was just heading over to Calgary for a nice photo shoot and hearing from what you say, I would give you a nice ride over there. But since you enjoy walking and shivering like a cold nard with diarrhea instead of getting a ride in my warm black Maserati, I guess you don't want my help. Have fun frozen in this unholy blizzard for all I care!" Justin said as he just turned the other cheek and rolled the window up.

"Fine! See if I care! I'll survive!" Heather shouted angrily to him as Justin and his black Maserati drove off very far away, which now left Heather still walking all by herself. "It's about damn time I finally stopped listening to that guy..."

But what Heather didn't know was Justin looking right at his car window to the Queen Bee far away. Other then trying to look at his proud brilliant smile, Justin was looking dead-on with such a smirk. Just seeing Heather shivering as she was walking felt pretty good and perhaps a bit heartless of Justin as a matter of fact.

"Ohhh, she'll be asking for a ride all right..." Justin chuckled on as he was soooo much enjoying Heather shaken like a earthquake all inside her body. While this was really fun for Justin on the outside...

...on the inside, Justin felt a little empty. I mean, this was the same girl who voted him off of Total Drama Island just years ago. Justin had every reason to just hate on Heather. But somehow, despite Heather's evil actions back then, Justin just had to help out the lady, no matter how nice or mean the woman was. I mean, if Justin had to help out the most unattractive woman there ever was, he would. Maybe it wouldn't be bad with Heather on the passenger's seat. He was pretty learned to take crap from the most bitchy kind of people there ever was.

So Justin did the right thing by backing up his black Maserati, the kind of car that Justin would have his brilliant Hawaiian image shine on the black chrome, and approached Heather who was now shivering to death while trying to lift up her suitcase. With an evil smirk, Justin rolled up her window and looked right at Heather with a "I Told You So" kind of look.

Heather looked right at Justin with an angered, dead-on expression. Knowing that she still didn't want help, the idea of Justin having to brag and tease her about being in this sub-zero cold was enough for Heather to change her mind.

"Fine! I'll frickin' ride with you..." Heather said to Justin just gritting right at her own teeth.

"Nice to hear that. Put your suitcase in the back of my car." Justin smiled reassuringly at her.

"Yeah, yeah... I know what to frickin' do, Justin!" Heather exclaimed as she picked up her large suitcase and put it right in Justin's backseat. As soon as she did, she approached the passenger's seat and gave Justin a little warning. "But just remember only one thing Justin. During this ride, you will not talk to me and you will not speak to me. If you even think about getting your dirty clean hands on me, I'll make you forget you were ever born without a hard-on! If you even speak even one lip to me about how I'm frickin' doing, I'll rip your big little lips off and use them to kiss your own ass? Are... we... dead... clear?"

"Relax Heather, I got it plain and simple." Justin nodded in unison, "But what happens when you gotta go to the restroom? Goodness knows you can't go in my car. I mean, these leather seats I brought look very soft on my relaxing body."

"If I want to go to the bathroom, I'll just tap you on the arm. That way it'll be easier, because you can spare your balls from getting cut off any further." Heather scowled lowly a bit.

"Sounds good. What if you're even hungry?" Justin replied as he was shrugging his shoulders.

"I'll frickin' pinch your arm so you can get the signal." Heather threatened him.

"Eh, I wouldn't want that. I wouldn't want anything from my body pinched like a bear trap. I have to get a single ounce of cream or bengay, just to wipe the pain right away." Justin said as he shook his head in negativity.

"You gotta be frickin' kidding me..." Heather sighed aggressively.

"Nope. Gotta take good care of my body." Justin said with a wink as the Queen Bee felt like she was just gonna bleed her eyes from the inside out having somebody like Justin brag about his own body issues. "Well, enough about me. Calgary, here we come!"

Justin then finally took off on his Black Maserati with Heather right on the passenger's seat. Heather on the other hand, felt like she was gonna hurl having to ride alongside a narcissistic male model. This was gonna be a headache on wheels.

"I should've frozen myself in the tundra instead..." Heather said to herself as this day was gonna be worse later on. Really, really worse.

Don't worry about the blizzard. It'll come in the next chapter, and I promise you this will be multi-chapter and it will be possible to finish.

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