"Trapped In a Blizzard"

Rated T for language

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Chapter 4

It had finally been four hours and yet Heather was busy fallen asleep with a Slim Jim still in her mouth while being stuck in Justin's car around a hellish blizzard. Justin on the other hand, was looking very weary himself, feeling a little disappointed that he can no longer see his very own image on the car window. What a great day to be stuck at a time like this for a good hour.

"Oh, this is great... this is really great. I get stuck with a prissy bitch and on top of that, there's pretty much no way out of there. My looks are gonna fade without having something shiny to look at! I need my reflection to cheer me up!" Justin thought with a whine a bit, knowing that he was too much man to whine like a 12-year old. "Geez, I'm so worn out that I'm getting a bit thirsty. I haven't drank anything since I picked Heather up..."

Seeing that he already wasted some of his Sprite, Justin replied.

"Oh, man... I really gotta learn to clean up those soda bottles..." Justin wearily thought once again as he looked around at the bottled mess around his car. Maybe he should think of recycling the first thing he does when both Heather and himself get out of this snowy mess. His stomach was still quenching with thirst. "Man, I really need some sort of H20. I can dry drinking my own saliva, but it's not doing me justice..."

But then, all of a sudden, Justin's eyes laid on a water bottle that was sitting on top on Heather's lap. Justin was begging to have something aquatic splash through his mouth right now. But would he dare take a water bottle coming from a sleeping Queen Bee? He wouldn't like that one bit, but he had no choice. He was dying of thirst a little bit.

"Well, maybe Heather won't know. Maybe if I could just take one sip without being caught..." Justin thought once again as with a gulp, his hand started to reach right for the water bottle.

But before he could finally get time to reach it, his hand was suddenly caught by Heather herself. Such awesome cat-like reflexes she had. Justin jumped out of his car chair a bit after seeing Heather grab his hand. Not even wanting to open her eyes, Heather spoke right at him.

"You think about touching my water bottle, you can forget ever having your future bastard children..." Heather snarled at him before she swatted his hand away.

"O-Okay, message taken, then..." Justin said as he turned the other cheek in failure. His thoughts came to him once again, "Okay, it's no big deal. I'm sure I don't mind trying to skip out on thirst from the hands of a pissed off Queen Bee. No worries, then. Skip it, I'm a bit worried now..."

As Justin was looking down at his balls with such protection, Heather finally opened his eyes and looked at Justin with a minor scowl.

"Well, if we're gonna survive like this, we might as well find an ounce of heat. You got anything in mind?" Heather responded with a stressful sigh. But it wasn't a very nice sigh to be exact.

"Hmmmm, you can be mesmerized by my hotness." Justin suggested with a smirk, "I'll take my shirt off and we can see the snow melt. Why haven't I thought of this before?"

"You know, on second thought... I think I'll choose dying in the car. At least when I pass on, I won't be associated with a prissy pretty boy telling somebody if his package the right size of a quarter!" Heather exclaimed with a snarky smirk.

"Huh!" Justin replied with an ounce of sarcasm, "That can never be proven. For your own information, girls love the size of my incredible package. I pack a lot of heat every time I'm in photoshoots! That's why when girls look at this ounce of hotness, they tend to make love to themselves whenever they think of me! That's how hot I am!"

"They tend to make love to themselves, huh? I bet you really think about that yourself. That's why I'll be sending my thanks to you and your hand soon enough when you get married." Heather smirked with her arms crossed.

"What on earth is that really supposed to mean?" Justin replied as he raised an eyebrow suspiciously.

"Come on, you love yourself so much that you would make love to yourself in the mirror! I think that's turning a bit gay in my mind, don't you think?" Heather smirked once again as the cold really started to get to Justin a little. A little ounce of shivering went up the Hawaiian's spine.

"Ohh, d-d-don't get s-s-started. Just because I love myself at the moment, that does not make me gay at the least. I'll find s-somebody, just y-y-you wait." Justin shivered a bit nervously.

"Heh, I would be dead in my two eyes just to see that..." Heather responded as she pulled up a scarf from her bag and decided to wrap it all around her neck. Justin looked right at the bag and turned right to Heather.

"Um, Heather... you have another scarf for m-me, I'm feeling a b-bit cold." Justin responded to her he could feel his balls shivering in almost sub-zero temperature.

"Ohhh, I wish I had another scarf with me..." Heather said acting a bit innocently, but then smirked evilly right at him, "...but I only give this scarf to anyone who doesn't make love to himself. Sorry."

The Queen Bee then grabbed her bottled water in which she took with her. Justin looked at his and tried to reached his hand once again for the water bottle. Heather looked at him and decided to taunt.

"Mmmmmm, nothing makes me feel hydrated than a bottle water. I'm so thirsty, I could feel an ounce of winter inside my body." Heather smiled at him deviously as she tilted the water bottle right to her mouth as a fountain of water approached inside of her mouth and just gulping every drop.

Somehow, Justin let his tongue out, just hoping for a drop of her water. Heather looked right at him and decided to feign some compassion for him.

"Awwww, I'm sorry... Did you want a drink?" Heather replied to him while Justin nodded, "Once again, I wish I could, but you gotta be more of a man and not less like a girly, yet self-loving pervert. Oh well..."

Heather once again let out a evil smirk and threw it right in the bag. Justin soon turned away and sent his head right on the car floorboard, just banging it stupidly in repeat.

"You must be one livid bitch, because you're just killing me..." Justin muffled to her through the floorboard.

"Well, if I wanted to die in this snow, at least I'll have someone to take with me so I can kick your ass in heaven for stranding me in the god-awful piece of buffalo dump you call a car." Heather replied to him with such a smiling threat.

"Whatever. But dying isn't important to me right now, other than my looks. I'm pretty much sure by tomorrow, the ice is gonna thaw out, the snow is gonna melt, and before you know it, someone's gonna pick us up and you can get back to your chihuahua of a boyfriend." Justin nodded a bit silently as he turned his head to Heather with another ounce of sarcasm in him.

"Boy, am I gonna miss your annoyance." Heather muttered with an annoyed scowl.

"And yet your attitude doesn't yearn to amaze me..." Justin smirked minorly as he looked right at the snow, just imagining as if he was looking right at himself once again. It just wasn't the same one bit.

Meanwhile, Heather started to cringe from her lower body. With her legs shaking and her feet doing a bit of stomping, Justin thought she was shivering from the cold, but he only realized that Heather needed to find somewhere or something to go number 1 on.

"Oh, damn it... I knew I frickin' forgot to go to the bathroom! I should've went before I left that dumbass bus station!" Heather angrily exclaimed to herself, knowing that she pulled off a little mistake in her opinion. "You didn't pack some sort of bathroom with you, didn't you?"

"I don't really know as a matter of fact, Heather. Why? Did you want to go?" Justin replied as his face turned into an annoyed glare when he looked at her.

"Yes, I really need to go soooo bad!" Heather exclaimed a bit angrily as she was still trying to hold it in.

Without any thinking whatsoever, Justin finally came up with a solution. He sorta reached down for an empty soda bottle that was lying right near his feet and showed it right to the Queen Bee herself. Justin smiled right at her and Heather wasn't amused by it one bit.

"Ha ha Justin, very frickin' funny of you! There's exactly no way I'm gonna tinkle in a Sprite bottle!" Heather exclaimed in offense.

"Well, there's exactly gonna be no way you're tinkling in my leather seats! Those makes my image look dead-on awesome!" Justin exclaimed as well as he was still holding on the bottle, "It's either you piss your panties or the water bottle. Your choice.

Realizing the fact that they were still stuck in this car, Heather just decided to give up right on the spot.

"Fine, I'll frickin' take the Sprite bottle. But if you even think about seeing me pee, I'll rip your eyes off so you won't see plain jack!" Heather exclaimed with an remorseful sigh as she took that Sprite bottle off her hands and decided to do her business. "Now do me a favor and turn around."

"Fine by me, although I fail to see what the color of your pee is gonna look like..." Justin replied as he turned the other cheek so he wouldn't have to digest of seeing Heather pee inside a Sprite bottle to be exact.

"Like you really frickin' need to know..." Heather said as she struggled to get the thing adjusted into her 'region'. When she finally got it right in, she relieved herself in a huge sigh.

Geez, hearing the sound of Heather peeing inside a soda bottle was just racking on Justin's brain. It sounded like a rattlesnake making love to a mechanical chainsaw. Pretty much a stirring sound whenever he heard it. He soon looked once again at the window, imagining that he was still looking at himself in a mirror, when he was only realizing that he's still looking at a pile of tremendous snow. With a sigh, Justin replied to himself.

"Geez, I wonder how's it gonna get worse than this, other than my perfect frozen nardsack..." Justin replied as he hit himself on the dashboard once again. Just regretting the day he was ever born.

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