Chapter 1: Last First Day

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Katniss Everdeen checked her outfit in the mirror one last time before getting some breakfast. Blue t-shirt and light-wash jeans paired with some black flats. Simple and perfect for the first day back to school. Her phone buzzed signaling a new text.

Hey! Get your ass out here!We are late!

Jo and Gale were outside waiting for her. Late? She checked the time; they were actually early considering it was only 7:30 and school didn't start for another half hour. She left her room and picked an apple off the counter.

"Katniss! You didn't eat breakfast!" Her mother scolded. She had recently been trying to make sure her daughters were looked after. Ever since her dad died of lung cancer when she was eleven, their mom had been distant. Katniss appreciated her mother's efforts, but she couldn't say that they were particularly close. Even when her dad was alive, her mom spent long hours in the hospital, working as a nurse. Prim had inherited her talent for medicine. Katniss couldn't stand hospitals. She was there constantly when her dad got sick.

"I've got it mom!" She waved her apple in the air.

"Bye Prim!" She called to her little sister. Prim was only 13 and Katniss adored her. Her sister kept her strong after their dad passed.

"Bye Kat!" Prim waved goodbye before returning her attention to her pancakes.

She walked outside to the parking lot of her apartments and quickly spotted Gale's black Toyota. Johanna was hanging out of the passenger seat. "Everdeen could you be any slower!"

Katniss laughed and climbed in the back seat. "Hey guys. Just want to point out, we're not late."

"We have to pick up Finch today, so we kind of are." Gale told her.

"Anyway, first last day of school! Yeah! Seniors! I'm so glad this is our last year!" Johanna hated Panem Academy. Principal Snow was super strict and vice-principal Coin was a even worse. That woman was never in a good mood and always gave Johanna detention for the most ridiculous things. Once, she got detention for having too, many detentions. It didn't even make sense.

"Jo! Sit down! Do you want me to get pulled over?" Gale said.

"Gale, your such a baby! Kat, Clove and I decided that Thursday will be the first day of track practice, so be ready."

"Thursday...that sounds good. Are we picking up Clove too?" Katniss asked. Clove lived pretty far from the three of them; all the way at Mystic Falls, the luxury gated community. Katniss, Jo and Gale lived around the area known as the Seam. It was a small cluster of apartments.

"Nah, she got that new car from her dad, remember? She's driving Finnick to school today 'cuz the idiot drove his car straight through his garage door!" Johanna cackled.

"I don't know how he's allowed to drive." Gale commented.

"Rich boys are allowed anything!" Jo took her seat and put on her seatbelt. She turned on the radio and began singing at the top of her lungs. Katniss sat in silence as Jo and Gale argued over the volume. Oh, she had wonderful friends.


"Damn it! Glimmer took my spot!" Clove angrily honked her horn at the blonde, who didn't even acknowledge her. This happened every time. Clove always tried to beat her, but today she had to wait on Finnick. The guy loved looking in the mirror.

"Clo, chill."

"I am so sick of her! Of all of the 'Careers'! One more year and I won't ever have to see their faces again." Clove and Finnick got out of her car.

"Maybe you should try to fix things with them. This being our last year and all..."

Clove glared at him. "I'm not going to apologize. They should be apologizing to me. To all of us, really."

Clove remembered a time when she was best friends with Glimmer, Marvel, and Cato. Their parents were part of the same social circle and naturally, they were introduced when they were still in diapers. They all lived in the same neighborhood;Marvel Voss was her neighbor. Glimmer and Cato lived down the street.

Their friendship crumbled when they reached high school. Clove didn't care about 'reputations', she wanted to graduate. Glimmer, however, made them all accept invites into the Careers, the school's popular group composed of the rich students. At first Clove, went with it. She didn't know that befriending non-Careers was a crime. Her so called friends turned their backs on her when she refused to not talk to Katniss and Johanna, her team mates.

Clove saw Gale's car and walked over. Katniss, Jo, and Finch were all with hi.

"Cloooove! Fiiiinnnnn!"

"Jo, are you drunk?" Clove asked.

"She's not. She's really excited about senior year. I don't get it, but whatever." Katniss said.

"Nice car, Clo." Gale said, admiring the silver Porsche.

"Its my "we're sorry you couldn't come to France with us" present. Really great." More like they didn't want me to go. Clove's parents were busy people. Her father was a corporate lawyer, working for Voss Diamond Company. Her mother didn't have a job besides shopping and that meant traveling to Milan, Paris, and Tokyo. Anywhere that involved fashion. Clove was never invited. Clove wished they had spen more time together when she was younger; it was too, late now and they realized it. They gave her everything she wanted and stuff she didn't want. As if material things would make up for the years.

"Woah." Finn said. "Who is that with Glimmer and her gang?"

"Oh, that's Annie Cresta. She's one of the newest additions to the Careers." Finch told them.

"How do you know?" Gale asked.

"I'm a jouranlist! I know things."

"Yeah, a school journalist. Not a gossip column editor, Finch." Clove reminded.

"One of the new ones? Who else is in?" Katniss wanted to know.

"Peeta Mellark became a career over the summer." Finch said. "He and Glimmer Sinclair are dating."

"Glimmer? Ugh, gross." Clove said. Glimmer gets around.

"Who cares about Glimmer when you can look at Annie!"

"Aww! Finnie has a crush! Too bad, she can't be seen with our kind. You should have joined them when you had the chance."

Finnick didn't hear her due to the fact that he was still staring at Annie. She was a petite girl with dark brown hair and blue-green eyes. Clove noticed that she looked a bit uncomfortable around Glimmer and the group.

"I say we go bother Haymitch and see if we can get our schedules before the bell rings." Katniss suggested. Haymitch Abernathy was a guidance counselor at Panem Academy. The group of friends went to him when they had a problem. He gave really great advice sometimes. Other times, he told them to deal with it, like he had when he was young. He reminded them that he was a guidance counselor, not a life coach. Still, it was fun to get on his nerves and the group agreed to Katniss's idea.

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