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Night Twelve: "Hurry Up and Become Mine Already!"

By night Judal had taken to dancing outside on the balcony, due to not being able to sleep. Below, within one of the many paved courtyards of Balbadd's palace grew several magnolia trees. Currently those trees were in bloom; their snowy smudges of white vividly outlined against the darkness. As he twisted gracefully on one foot to the next in his otherwise vacant rooms, he found himself looking down at them yet again. He had been told a previous king – not the squat pig Kougyoku had been almost married but the one before – had favoured the same trees. Normally such a thing wouldn't interest the dark Magi, but then he liked them too. He had even asked –demanded – to be given these rooms. And it was all for the sake of that view and that delicate yet overpowering scent flitting through the cold desert air. He even had copious amounts of the pale and white flowers scattered in vases around the rooms now his.

But then, Kou owed its Magi, so they allowed his demands. For months – months – Judal had pretended to behave so well, yet they had ignored his bids for freedom. For so long he had been looked in – that – miserable place. Those stuffy, boring people had some nerve, and after all that time even Balbadd seemed a welcome sight. And Balbadd was – not – a welcome sight. At all. But then at least it was the staging ground of something interest. Yes, war was coming – true war and crucially his war. The air was charged and heavy with his anticipation, and finally he got to use his beloved power at long last.

Amidst the windswept white petals of his trees far below, Kou's soldiers infiltrated the light courtyard in a collective of violence and shadow. For now their drum-beats grew louder, and intoxicatingly so, which resonated within Judal in an excruciatingly delicious way. Soon – very soon – those armies would march and lay claim to anything which lay to the west. Already the slow pulse of the city and its hushed whispers had yielded to their cavalry, and to Kouen Ren. Those weaklings were truly lost without a king, so it seemed. They had to listen to someone like Kouen – but then even Judal was meant to listen to Kouen. He just wished he didn't.

After all, the man had irritated him – a lot – recently. On the previous day they had met and Kouen had informed him – him of all people – he was yet to properly fight a war. According to the would-be emperor, war was not limited to fighting a single opponent, or raining down frozen destruction upon some miserable city from the skies above. To Judal it seemed plenty war-like – it certainly got the point across. And his allies weren't always in the way anyway, and if they were it was their fault. Apparently war was a horrific thin -; it wasn't, war was obviously fun and amazing. To cap it all, he had asked Judal to concentrate on supporting Kouen with his power, and focus on recharging his metal vessels above all else. And to not make trouble. The...nerve of that man, this was his war and Judal didn't want his fights stolen by – anyone –else, future emperor or not. He'd show him... clearly the First Prince knew nothing.

Well, whatever; right now he was more enticed by those drums. Unfortunately the armies seeped back out of the courtyard in their black tide, their music and rhythm fading once again. Even then, its pulse continued to beat a lurid tattoo within his chest. He heard it, and he kept hold of that sound inside him. As such his dance picked up to a fevered frenzy. He wanted to become war itself; a tempest of twisting ruby silk and jingly jewelled charms effortlessly twisting within those pale and gold rooms. His loose and ebony tresses and dark rukh shimmered in a black and unrelenting cascade around him as his toes twisted and rose again on the freezing marble floor. As he swayed he kept that delicate veil, secured with two golden rings he wore on his fingers clamped firmly within his palms. He heatedly moved fast enough to ensure it becoming nothing more than a rapid blur of deep scarlet shadow. Their war, and Judal, set the pace of a dance – and soon their enemies would fall in step to it.

For a moment, he thought he saw something move in the mirror opposite him; as if a vermillion blur dropped onto the balcony behind him. Surely not, that would be impossible – and as such he paid it no mind and continued to dance his energetic circles.

In the next moment however he was caught by something – someone – powerful judging from how brightly the rukh billowed within them. A someone who was bathed in the rich and empowering scent of war. Judal paused and was momentarily confused as strong, smouldering palms roamed and flattened over his still sashaying hips. A throaty moan tingled upon the dark Magi's ears, as if this intruder dared to encourage his body to continue its dance as he watched. The same someone even leaned in behind him to stroke keen fingers over Judal's bare yet jewel-embellished chest before pulling him backwards.

It certainly seemed like a trespasser, and apparently a more than slightly perverted one at that. However, it seemed a trespasser with both scent and rukh pleasant enough to quicken his already rapid pulse. Those wandering hands caused him to flush as they explored over his hot and dance fevered body, and he leaned into them. Still, it was obvious someone not meant to be there. Not at this time, or ever. Thus they would be dealt with.

Suddenly he turned, pushing whoever it was behind him against a marble pillar and pressing a decorated forearm to their chest to hold them there. He drew out his sceptre, and a familiar voice soaked in a curious echo reached his ears. "That was a bit nasty throwing me off like that. I just wanted to dance with my songbird you know..."

That damned was him. His magoi felt so powerfully heightened and charged Judal had barely recognised him.

He looked up, desire rushing up and painting his face vivid scarlet as he did. He knew Focalor's equipped form well, after all, even if usually in a fight and not this...close. Sinbad's sharp and intense golden eyes held his, and his king looked like nothing less than the apparition of war in himself. His body was bare to the waist and deep – almost blood red – in tone, and adorned with numerous golden threads of chain and curious tattooed black markings. His hair was lengthened in dark vermillion feathers, and those same dark feathers ran over his arms. Judal's slim pale fingers curiously sought out those markings and realised it had been months, too, since he had left Sindria and his true king. His body had burned just thinking about meeting him again. Clawed and dark fingers reached out, scratching slightly over Judal's waist in turn as the lovers seemed equally enraptured by one another's appearance.

Judal tensed against the touch caressing like fire over his skin, watching the same feathered and clawed arms reach to hold his own. It was as though he would erupt in flames from that one single touch, but then it had always been ridiculous just – how – much Sinbad affected him. Albeit it, it remained an exciting form of ridiculous – and one almost as captivating as war itself. "Why you look like that? Do you really think Focalor wants you using his power when you're not even fighting? Or is that what you're here for?"

From that smile, clearly his king wasn't there to fight, but he had thought as much. He had been warned, and as such Judal leaned up to lightly brush over his king's lips and continued to hold him at sceptre-point. As if not adhering to it, Sinbad's fingers continued to thread lightly over his slender and exposed hips. An arm encircled him, pulling him in for a much deeper kiss before spinning him round as though they were still caught within his dance. With that, Judal released his hold of his sceptre and watched it fall and hit the hard ground with a low thud before rolling away. That couldn't be good...

As if taking advantage of that, Sinbad pulled his Magi back against him firmly against him. He watched as his king's hands began to trace a slow, lusty path down his body before his sharp fingers returned to smoothing over his hips again. Now sceptre-less and slightly dishevelled, Judal went to call for help, humiliating as that was.

" know what they'll do if they found I sneaked in. Just let your king hold you..." Sinbad seemed to know him too well, and a clawed hand had already curled over his mouth to silence him. He shuddered as the other hand continued to explore over the curves of his body and leaned back into his shoulder. "Why are you dressed like that though? Dancing you beautiful in all that red..."

Not beautiful enough, however, to leave those clothes alone it seemed. Judal watched that wandering hands take to loosening the silken dancing pants he wore and didn't hesitate in doing so. Those ripples of soft ruby fell soundlessly to the floor, and scanning over his pale body it seemed a – certain - part of him had already grown from the excitement of the situation. That perverted idiot had noticed too, and his hand had already cupped around – that – sensitive part of Judal and squeezed gently at him. Such a simple thought sparked like lightening through him, and proved more than enough to make Judal's legs go numb. He fell back into an encircling arm, supported entirely by his king as the both of them leaned all the more into the pillar behind them. He cried out, gripping at that hand and watching those fingers continue to stroke and pinch over him as his body continued to tremble.

The stroking between his legs continued and he felt Sinbad nuzzle into his neck and loose, perfumed hair as if both enjoying and intrigued by the floral scents clinging heavily to Judal. Clawed fingers pricked against him as they continued to draw steadily back and forth. All the while he watched them, not resisting and feeling a little helpless as he wanted him to continue. As he gripped as his king's fingers playing over him he felt the veil still linked over his fingers tighten softly over his back, shifting with his every movement as if teasing him as well.

"Is it really alright to use an equip like this, though?" he pondered after a while. His king didn't reply but continued to run a firm thumb over that sensitive part of him, as if ushering him to remain quiet. For a whole moment he obeyed. "...Because it kind of stands out and – ah!" he cried out suddenly. It seemed Judal's body had been made short work of, and had been – that – aroused after all those months apart. A gleam of pearly white dripped out onto those clawed fingers and to the once spotless floor. Sinbad reached up, the tip of his tongue dipping over his fingers as if to savour Judal's taste. He cleaned them before cupping Judal's chin to draw him up, claiming his lips as if to let the dark Magi know the taste of his own body.

He felt stunned, hearing Sinbad laugh softly. Moist fingers had returned to his chest, its dark nails raking softly between the glittering of jewelled charms covering it. Carefully he unhooked them, allowing them to fall to the ground in a light clang of metal and leaving him quite unclothed. "I think you like me like this, anyway. I just want to always make our nights seemed you had the same idea."

"...I was just dancing alone. You think -Ah!" he had begun before he was pushed forward. Judal stumbled clumsily, passing through the netted drapes surrounding his large and soft bed and fell onto it. As he collided with those white spotless sheets he noticed the veil had been unhooked from his fingers, and looked back stunned. That vermillion and shadow firebird of the battlefield just smiled back at him.

His king balled the scarlet veil in his hands before bringing it up, breathing deeply as if to savour his scent. He approached, drawing back the curtains surrounding his bed before the fiery spirit joined him. Judal shifted away, closer to the headboard, before protesting. "What's wrong with what I wore anyway? People wear stuff like that to dance all the time!"

"You looked good. I was thinking once I take you back to Sindria I'll have you dance for me a lot. Thinking about it, you'd probably seduce me really easily doing that..."

"HUH?! Why didn't you tell me that ages ago you damned idiot!" he shouted, irritated. Ruby eyes widened as Sinbad shifted up, a firm thumb pressing over his moist lips as if to quieten him. "You're so annoying...just don't get in the way of my war alright?"

"Your empire thinks its their war, so you might have to correct them..." his king lightly caught Judal's wrists before drawing them back over his head. He flattered against his pillows, curiously watching the darkly feathered forearms draw the veil up, deep red slipping over his ivory skin as it did. Then came a strange feeling, as though little by little the delicate material was being tied around his wrists. "I don't want you hurting innocent people though..." Judal gave him a blank look; how would he know who was innocent? Anyone with sense tended to lie about things like that. "If you don't hurt people like that, I'll give you something you'll like."

"Like what?" the dark Magi demanded. That sensation of soft material binding his wrists continued. He was secured to the headboard before Sinbad sat back at his waist victoriously. As fingers traced lightly over Judal's chest he realised he couldn't bring down his hands. "...Did you just tie me to my own bed?"

"Yes. You're my prisoner," that irritating man declared happily before leaning in, pressing burning lips over his cool throat as he did. "And it's a secret what you get for not hurting people."

He shuddered, watching the darkly red and feathered hair spill out over his chest as his king returned to kissing over his neck. That apparition really looked different, it felt so powerful...something dawned on him and his eyes widened. "Erm...I can't sense that curse on you. You're not cursed, anymore?" The other man made a slight sound, which vibrated distractingly against his throat. He tilted back, watching Sinbad trail butterfly kisses down his chest, teasing his skin with his nails as he went. He forced himself to ignore what he was doing to him. " really kill Ithnan then? I thought you did, and that old witch thought you did. Somehow you did that, and that's what broke your curse...right?"

"Maybe..," came the irritating reply. For a moment Sinbad took to licking slowly over his stomach, enjoying as he shivered and inclined to his touch before giving it a final and pressured kiss and drew back to sitting at his waist. His king still held, apparently, the long end to the long veil which he had bound him with. He was now playing the delicate material to run over Judal's heaving body. "Or maybe not..." the soft veil was doused softly back and forth over his satiny-pink and hardening nipples, before being released. There it spilled out in a sheen of rippled, vivid red over his pale chest. "There's no such thing as curses, and I remember telling you not to worry. You should believe in your king."

The problem was that so many of Sinbad's claims were beyond ridiculous.

"I guessed you wouldn't believe me, that much was clear from that last conversation we had. It's alright though; its fun proving myself to you," Sinbad informed him. Hands wandered further and further down over the veil concealing his upper body. He seemed amused as Judal continued to attempt to free himself. "But I've just been aching for you all this time..."

He pulled strongly on that unyielding veil, shuddering as his thighs were lifted and parted. He glared heatedly at that familiar hunger as it sparked in his king's eyes as he knelt between them. "Yeah's been a lot tougher on me than you."

"It's been worse on you?" he asked before leaning up. Fingers pressed to Judal's lips, as if to tempt them into parting for him too. Even if he knew what Sinbad was up to, he drew his tongue to curl around them obediently.

" least you were allowed to touch yourself," he mumbled as he continued to lap at the fingers drawing back and forth over his lips. For a moment he was distracted by them and the hand cupping softly at his inner thigh, before nothing the curious look in his king's eyes. "...What?"

"What, did you forget to touch yourself or something?" Sinbad asked curiously before drawing his soaked fingers out of his lips only to stroke over and seek empty into his mouth again. Finally they were drawn back as his apparition of war moved away. "I can remind you how to, then..."

Those wet fingers descended, commencing their circling and slipping over the keen and sensitive entrance into his body. Judal cried out sharply and struggled as the sensation grew a little sharper and pressured. "Ah! You forgot!" he accused him, frustrated. His lover paid him no mind and continued to tease him. He shifted back in his restraints as if trying to ignore what was soon to come. "And you told me no one else could touch me. Even me! Those were your exact words. How could you forget something like that...?"

Sinbad drew back up. "Ah...did I say something like that? And you took me seriously and didn't do – anything – to yourself since I saw you last. That's kind of adorable you actually have that much restraint."

"Huh?!" Judal went to scream, and as if anticipating that a hand was already pressed to his mouth. Judal felt his eyes scald with tears and mist over. "So you forgot that? You're horrible!"

Deliberately, and effectively, he allowed his voice to crack and his lips to tremble. Judal figured this would be enough, and that idiot deserved this. Indeed, those vivid golden eyes of that form had already softened in concern. "...Judal? I'm..."

"Yeah! You better be sorry!"

"Hm. I guess I can make it up to you..." he announced before drawing away. Judal had expected at least a sympathetic kiss or to be untied. Instead, and without warning, the pressure far below commenced again. A finger teased circles around the hole into him before slowly embedding itself within his body. He moaned deeply, his body arching and ignoring that the dark Magi was pretending to be upset, and accepting it eagerly. "You'll have to do better than that, Judal. Especially after I've seen you cry for real."

A second hand had taken advantage of the dark Magi's raised body to reach and rub at that weak spot of his lower back. He really had forgotten all about being angry now, and was distracted by the pressure teasing and circling within him. He had accepted a second finger into him, and did so with a shudder. "Ah! Are we ever going to do this normally? Before in Sindria you were cursed. And now you're...erm...a big red chicken?"

"...I'd prefer to say an embodiment of rule and submission, rather than a red chicken," Sinbad corrected him with a slight laugh. "I've only done things that way with you, which I thought you'd like. When this is over we can do whatever you want. As long as you dance for me first..." he nodded, shuddering as that third finger worked its way in, rocking as it probed deeply within him. "You are so noisy though...I thought your body would be less sensitive by now."

Judal couldn't find the energy to respond, and instead continued to focus and move with those soaked exploring fingers as they continued to slide back and forth within him. He leaned back as Sinbad took to stroking and cupping over his inner thigh again, his whole body moving in tune with that pressure. Warmth rushed within him, and the so-called being of rule and submission seemed to be setting the rhythm to Judal's dance. And he was following it willingly, and as breathless as he usually was in their stolen moments together. Those moments always caused his mind to be rendered blank, even if he usually feared such a thing.

"Maybe this is a bit too soon and overwhelming. Was tying you up too much?" Sinbad asked, and he quickly shook his head. He quite liked the veil hindering his movement. Almost reluctantly those fingers drew slowly back and out of him. He caught the familiar scent of vanilla on the air, its sweetness wafting to him and he shuddered in anticipation. He lazily watched his king discard the red cloth his equipped form wore on his lower body, and was curious before flushing and looking away. Sinbad drew up his pale legs, wrapping them around that taunt and crimson body. His slender hips were gripped, held up as his lover shifted in."Back with our first time, I remember you reacting every time I touched you. I guess this is how a Magi's body is."

"Ah? Idiot, my body's not delicate, it's strong! Maybe you're not doing something right."

"You think so?" he seemed to take that as a welcome challenge.

His king pressed forward, slowly and deliberately, and greeted him with a large and throbbing pressure Judal remembered all too well. He held his breath in anticipation. "Well, Judal, if you ever have any suggestions we'll do them..." That pressure built, teasing against him as Sinbad leaned in to cover his lips in a kiss. His hips were firmly guided to accept his lover within him. The next moment that pressure resonated within a familiar explosion of heavy warmth as he was penetrated. His loud cry was silenced by a tongue curled around his. This time there was no pain, and finally Sinbad leaned back to admire his flushed features. "So far, I haven't heard you complaining about the way I take you, though..."

He shook his head, lost to the throbbing pressure steadily growing within him. Gradually he felt his hips guided onto that vision of vermillion conquest in order to embrace him until their bodies were locked together again. After a while he allowed his body to be calmly led by his teasing and gentle thrusts, Sinbad smiling as if accepting his surrender. This was one war Judal felt he was losing, but he was oddly enough enjoying being conquered in this way. Nails traced his chest through the veil covering it, scratching over his sweat beaded skin as if claiming his prize.

You're mine again..." his king announced, confidently as if reading his mind. Judal should be the one saying things like that, and he pulled at his restraints as he enjoyed their bodies continue to rock back and forth in their union. Clawed fingers reached up, flicking sharply forward and back over his nipples through the thin veil before pinching at them. He heard his king give a loud, satisfied moan, teasing him in time with his deepening thrusts and Judal lay back heavily against the pillows. He continued to shift against the hot and swollen pressure continuing to steadily penetrate him, not lowering his gaze into those fiery golden eyes. "It's bad but I'm kind of envious they got to lock you up longer than I did. Just imagine all the things I could do to you if we had that long..."

He tried to glare, but failed as the pinching of his sensitive skin ended as his king's thumbs traced smooth circles it, still in rhythm with his taking him. "I...could call for help. Have you taken back to Kou. And then I can do what I want to your body for months on end."

Sinbad answered that with a slow, and much deeper weighted thrust into his body and he managed to stifle a cry, which earned him a raised eyebrow and an impressed look. "Once your body stops being so responsive and wanting me to do what I want to it, you can do what you want to mine. Right now it's just too fun not doing things my way."

Judal continued to cry out as his body heated further to the rapidly increasing and strong thrusts deep within him. Those fingers continued to mercilessly pinch and play over his heavily erect chest before leaving to grasp at Judal's shoulders. That burning seduction within his body pressed further, and deeper, before Sinbad came to a rigid stop and slight shout himself. A heated cascade of emotion and seed exploded within Judal, soaking through what seemed to be every inch of him. His king steadied himself before falling into Judal's neck, passionately kissing at his clammy skin before taking his lips between his. As he drew back, triumph shone in his eyes, as if acknowledging the victory claimed over his lover's body.

Those thrusts within him lessened, growing lightly within him before stopping and drawing out of his assaulted form. It seemed that brilliant imagining of power and war reverted to the usually calm and beautiful man who remained his. The room faded somewhat in the early morning as the equip left him and the blaze of flaming bright rukh, and Sinbad was himself again. He left those long and flowing robes cast aside, but picked up a silver and decorated bracelet from his discarded items. "Well...that was certainly enjoyable..." he commented brightly.

Judal nodded, watching the bracelet being slipped up and over his forearm, Sinbad kissing him on the cheek before leaning up to untie him. As he felt magoi drain from his body he remembered that bracelet was a metal vessel, Focalor's vessel in fact. But then he had no issue lending him his power, even if that man could be beyond annoying and should be his. But he was the king Judal picked above everyone else, so of course he was amazing.

"It's funny having to use your magic for an enemy I guess," Sinbad commented as he watched him look over the shimmering cuff. He felt his wrists being freed, and stiffly drew them down. His king kissed at his wrists, lying down and gathering Judal into his arms before stroking at his long damp hair. "But then that enemy is your king who adores you."

Judal nodded, leaning into the chest of the man he adored equally as much. He had been tired before, as for months he hadn't slept too restfully, and now wearily was aware of the magoi being sapped from him and into that vessel. As his fingers curled around his Sinbad's chest, he noticed something glimmering there. He gripped at the chain as warmth – his own warmth - flooded from it as if wishing to return to it's owner. His fingers circled the coils of the chain tightly. " fixed my necklace!"

Sinbad nodded warmly, violet hair brushing silkily over Judal's cheek as he unclasped it from his neck to allow Judal to hold it. Enthusiastically he did so, in spite of it once being his prison. From within his lover's arms he watched the light play over its brilliant surface, having almost have forgotten how beautiful it was. "And when I win, you'll have this back. I wanted to ask if I could wear it until then."

Judal frowned. "But I want it..."

His king kissed him on the forehead. "As do I, but this way you have another thing to look forward to. If you had enough self control to not touch yourself this long, you can wait for this."

"Ah...I don't like having self control though. It's boring."

"Patience is a virtue," Sinbad informed him, which earned him a blank look. "It would mean a lot, as it's like having you close to me." Judal nodded, leaning in and uncurling the radiant coils from his palm before re-clasping the chain around his king's neck. "Thank you..."

Sinbad leaned up a little, reaching into the pocket of his discarded robes and pulling out a vial full of what looked to be something murky and ominous looking. Judal looked down and back at Sinbad as it was pressed into his palm. He'd prefer his chain to...whatever this was. "This..." Sinbad told him. "Is for when I'm gone. If you have trouble sleeping you can take-hey!"

Judal had already uncorked the vial and taken a tentative sniff. Whatever it was stank strongly of bitter herbs, and he couldn't stand bitter things. As he wanted to see if it tasted as bad as it smelled, he took a sip and made a face. "Ergh! The heck are you giving me something like this for?! It tastes awful!"

Sinbad stared at him. "...Why did you just do that? You know you don't need to put everything you see into your mouth! This is medicine; you take it if you can't sleep. But don't take too much or you'll be asleep for days."

"Ah! What is wrong with you? Why does everything you give me wind up in me passing out!" he exclaimed. Judal thought, logically if Sinbad gave him something it would be fine. Right now he felt he was best of re-evaluating that thought.

"Now you mention it, it does seem I do that a lot..." the older man pondered thoughtfully as he drew Focalor's vessel off the dark Magi's arm."It's alright; you look so cute when you sleep."

"So did you. You're noisy and annoying when you're awake," Judal yawned widely before settling back into his chest. "You know...I always want to fall asleep like this."

"Once I win, you can."

"...Then go and win. Just hurry up and become mine already! You're so slow, Sinbad..."

"So're not meant to want your enemy to win," Sinbad told him quietly as he stroked through Judal's endless and darkly shimmering hair, as if to lull his body into a deep sleep. He felt lips press to each closed, violet-painted eyelid in turn before encircling Judal in that strong and protective embrace he yearned for so much.

"You're my king, so who cares. I picked you, once day we'll rule the world together..." he muttered quietly. His body felt too heavy and his mind was numb. After so long apart he'd have wanted to be more alert for longer.

More than likely, he felt Sinbad would wait until he had fallen asleep before leaving. It's what his king had done when they were together before, after all. Even if it seemed a little ironic after everything, it occurred to Judal that more and more he was the one being chased by his king now and not the other way round. Such a thing was confusing and different, but then the dark Magi's once simplistic existence had been marked and ever-changed by thoughts of Sinbad. To the point he could only really sleep properly when they were together. The world, it seemed, was certainly more confusing than Judal had once thought. Yet within their stolen moments and those arms, he wanted to foolishly believe one day the unthinkable might become not so unthinkable.

One day, and if Kou's armies somehow did fall, he and his king would finally be allowed to be together.