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Somewhere another tribute died, I wonder who it is? Is it my district partner or is it one of the careers? Or is it… I hope it's not that small girl from 7. Since the last two days 17 of us have died and probably more will follow in the next hours. Well, this will probably please the people of the Capitol and save the head game makers head for the next year. I crawl under a fallen three and I find that I have company. It's the small girl from 7 who has a deep decaying wound in the arm. She has if she is lucky about 2 hours left live, and I see that she is shaking of fear. I try to calm her but nothing is working, not even food or water. I do not know what I should do, should I leave this 12 year old girl to die alone or should I stay and maybe being found by the careers. But I decide to stay and try to comfort the poor girl. After about what feels like an hour she asks me,

"Who is left?"

"I do not know, but I think it is you, me, the boys from 1 and 2, my district partner, and the tributes from 12." I say as calming as possible.

"Thank you for letting me know, it's nice to know that I made it into the final 8."

"You have done more than well for your age. You know that you will be home soon?"

"I know, but I was hoping to return ali…"

The cannon fires and I know that she is gone. I silently crawl out from under the three and then the hovercraft comes and pick up the body. I leave a silent tear along my chin and then another canon fires.

Who is it this time? It must be my district partner, since she was wounded we split up the career pack and she must probably died of blood poisoning. I will miss her wonderful smile and nice humour, but I was not here to gain friends. No, I was here to win the games! But I know that I had feelings for that girl.

From a distance I hear a girl cry and moments later the canon fires again, it's dark now so using a torch would be idiotic now. But there are idiots everywhere you look and my brothers back home are real idiots, but I miss them.

Suddenly the sky goes blue and the anthem starts playing, lets see who died today, the girl from 4 (my district partner), the girl from 7, the boy from 9 and the girl from 12. I finally fells that the odds is my favour! But if I want to win I would need some sleep, however that is not an option. The game makers usually putt in some strange mutts to make the life extra hard for us tributes in the final four. Suddenly all birds and animals go quit. I see the arrow coming just as I turn and just have time to throw my self on the ground. The boys from 2 is here and he has a arrow pointed at my head, but I quickly pull my knife and first slice his foot of and then when he is lying down on the ground I slits his throat and the cannon fires. I rise up and run, but suddenly I spot the boy from 12 and the...