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Chapter 1: His question Her answer

School ended and everyone left. It was so peaceful and quiet in the student council room. But that all ended when he walked through that door. I was finishing
up some paper work left behind since Yukimura couldn't finish it. There he stood casually like nothings wrong and staring at me. 'Creep much' I thought. Oh
gosh, I couldn't take it anymore. Those damn emerald eyes were piercing holes through my body.

"What the hell do you want Usui!?" I started with a hint of annoyance

". . . . . . ."

Silence just filled the room. I sighed and just turned my head to look at the clock. 'Whoa its getting late, I better get to Maid Latte soon' I turned my head back and he was now in front of me. I felt a shiver go up my spine. I backed away from him but he only got closer and closer. The next thing I know my back hits the cold hard wall, and with that he took it as an advantage to cage me in with his arms, blocking my escape. 'Damn it'

I tried so hard to not make any eye contact but failed. I looked up and those same emerald eyes looked into my amber ones. I blushed.

"Usui, want.?" Man, I stuttered like an idiot.

"Well..." He finally spoke. "I came here to ask you something but I got lost in your eyes."

"S-stop saying... unnecessary things... and tell me w-why you're really h-ere..."

"I came here to offer you a challenge, I hope you won't oppose to it." *Smirks*

"What's the challenge?" I asked full of confidence.

"Hm... I see someone is in a haste." He replied.

"Just say it!" I yelled

"Ow. Kaichou my ears hurt." He said looking Hurtful

"Good for you!"

"But I shouldn't care since it is my beloved girlfriends voice~"

"Usui, tell me what the challenge is before I decide to kill you right here right now!"

"Aw... Kaichou's no fun." *Puppy Dog face* "But anyways mid-terms are tomorrow. Whoever gets ranked 1st is the winner and also gets to grant a wish that the loser has to follow. You up for the challenge. Kaichou?"

"Tch. I never back down from anything!"

Usui leaned closer, she felt his breath right on her neck. It sent even more shivers down her back.

"As expected from the Great Demonic President. Now lets go before you're late, you don't want Honoka-chan to scold you again now do you?

Misaki finally got her strength back and pushed him away with her might. He didn't move that far though. She finally spoke.

"It was you fault we were late! I fell asleep in the student council room and you could've woken me up and told me that we had to go! But did you do that no! You just watched me sleep until I woke up an hour later! As soon as we got there the Black Honoka came out and yelled at me for being la-..."

She got cut off as she felt Usui's lips on hers. Wide-eyed and shocked she tried to break free, but he was holding her in place with his strong grip around her petite body frame. Misaki had no other choice but to give in. He suddenly got shocked at her action by kissing back fiercely but recovered quickly.

It was only after a few minutes they're lungs were screaming for air. Misaki was breathing heavily while looking straight at those emerald eyes in front of her.

"I told you I was sorry, you always seemed tired at home, school or work. You sometimes need a break Misaki. So I just let you sleep, I never expected you to get yelled at for being late. I could probably do other things to make it up to you." He said seductively while his hand was sliding down from her back to her waist then to her bottom but a another hand stopped it and slapped it off.

"Y-you... PERVERTED OUTER SPACE ALIEN! She yelled at the top of her lungs

"The one and Misa-chan's only~" He grinned back

Sighing in defeat she knew this conversation would just keep on going and going. "Whatever, lets just go I don't want to get yelled at again, Baka Usui."

He smiled.

"Hai Hai."

And with that they both left for Maid Latte.

"Oh so I see your on time..." Honoka said as she saw Usui and I walk through the back door.

"H-Hai..." Misaki said.

Honoka just walked away to tend to the customers orders.

"Phew. Out of all people I see her first. *Sighs* Time to go change." She said.

"Does Misa-chan need any help? Cause you know we coul-..." Before he finished his sentence Misaki cut him off.

"PERVERTED ALIEN! GET AWAY FROM ME!" And with that she dashed off to change.

Usui just chuckled at his girlfriend's regular behavior and walked off to the kitchen.

Pretty much it was the same thing over again. Misaki assisting customers-mostly men. (of course that annoyed her the most, she does have a hatred for men) There was always Usui teasing Misaki, Misaki yelling at the top of her lungs 'Baka Usui! Or Perverted Outer Space Alien...etc', and lastly there was always flowers-of-moe every where because of the manager. She could never hold back when she caught Misa-chan and Usui together.

Finally they're shift ended at 9 and they went home. Of course Usui being Usui walked Misaki home. While they were walking it was silent as usual.

By the time they were at the front steps of her home she started off by saying.

"I'm so going to win this challenge, time for me to start studying!"

"Hm. So persistent. We'll see about that kaichou~ You had better not over work yourself or else you know what's going to happen." He replied with a smirk on his face.

'Stupid punishments' Yeah she knew exactly what he was talking about. "Tch... Like I would let that happen."

*Chuckles* "See you tomorrow kaichou." He said before he captured her lips with his. It was a sweet and passionate kiss but it was also short.

Her face was red when they pulled away. He was still looking at her beautiful face features in the night. Until she said..

"Baka Usui, stop looking at me and just go home now, its getting really late!"

"Hai Hai." He kissed her cheek and walked off.

"Stupid Takumi." She said when he was gone.

Misaki said Hi to her mom and sister. She drank some water before going upstairs to change and study. Of course our Misaki studied like a hard core person. She looked at the clock '12:34'.

"Well I'll study again when I wake up. There is no way I'm losing to a pervert like him." With that she plopped into bed pulling the covers up.

She fell asleep having the confidence that she'll win.

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