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Chapter 20: Day 14. Is this the end?

It was a cool Friday morning, the leaves on the trees blowing, the clouds nearly covering the sun. The feeling was quiet gloomy.


"Are you all packed up?" Misaki asked as she leaned against the door frame of the room she and Usui slept in.

"Almost done." Usui said as he packed the rest of his belongings.

He turned towards her and couldn't help but smirk.

"Are you going to take that off?" He asked gesturing to the sweater that she wore.

"No, why would I? It's the most comfortable thing I've worn." Misaki said snuggling the warmth of the large sweater that rested just near the top of her thighs.

"Well it is mine..." Usui started and grinned at her reaction.

"I- well-...um...I'm sorry? It's just that it smells like you, I couldn't resist- Hey! you're just doing this for your own amusement!" Misaki yelled crossing her arms.

Usui chuckled as he grabbed his angered girlfriend in his arms and just held her.

Misaki tensed at first but then relaxed a couple seconds later.

"I'm going to miss you a lot..." Misaki said as she buried her head in his chest.

"I know." Usui said tightening his hold on her.

As Usui let go Misaki suddenly missed the warmth.

"You'll keep in touch right?" Misaki asked, hating how desperate she sounded as she wrapped her arms around herself.

"Letter, cellphone, email, video chat or even a payphone just to talk to you." Usui said looking at her seriously.

Misaki sighed in relief.

"Well we better get going it takes awhile to get to the airport." Usui said as he picked up his suitcase.

Nodding Misaki walked with him, her bag with her things in it on her shoulder.

They both stepped out of the apartment and made their way to the car that had been waiting for them.

"Mr. Usui, Miss Ayuzawa." The man in a black suit said as he bowed to the both of them and opened the door of the car for them. Then took the luggage and set it in the back.

The car ride to the airport was really quiet between the 2 except for holding hands.

'I wish he didn't have to go...' Misaki thought.

'Why no of all times?...' Usui thought.

'Who is this so-called 'Fiancee'?...'

'No one can ever replace Misaki...'

'What about his gift? Should I give it to him right now or at the airport?...'

'I hope she'll like this gift...no, she'll love it...' Usui thought smugly.


The entire process throughout the airport was silent. Except for a few glances here and there.

"15 minutes sir." The man in the suit said to Usui.

"Yes I know." Usui replied as he looked at Misaki.

"Can you give us a moment."

"Yes sir." The man said as he walked off somewhere.

Once they were alone it was now the moment to give their gifts.

"Look I-" They both said at the same time.

"No you-"

"Can you just-"

"Okay, here." Misaki said as she passed him a box.

Usui opened it and saw a New Rolex Day-Date Watch in green with a matching green strap.

"Do you like it?" Misaki asked as she nervously shifted foot to foot.

"I love it. Even matches my charming eyes." Usui said smiling as he held it up beside his right eye to show the similarity of green.

"Of course when I saw it, it reminded me of you..." Misaki said blushing.

"Well thank you." Usui said as he brought her into his arms and kissed her on the forehead.

"You better get going soon." Misaki said as she pulled away.

"Woah there, of course I do have something to give you unless you're trying to get rid of me?" Usui teased as her blush darkened.

"Close your eyes."

"You're not trying to pull something funny right?" Misaki asked suspiciously looking into the emerald depths of his eyes.

"Trust me." Usui whispered near her ear and pulled away noticing her shiver.

Misaki closed her eyes and waited. She heard shuffling before and wondered what he was doing since she heard people gasping around them.

'What is he...' Misaki thought but then heard him tell her to open her eyes.

When she opened them and saw what was placed right before her, tears couldn't help but build in her eyes.

There Usui was, kneeling on one knee holding an opened engagement box to her with the most beautiful ring she's ever seen in her entire life, not even the ones in movies can compare. There in that box was a silver ring with an oval cut blue sapphire gem embedded in the center with 4 circular diamonds, 2 on each side beside the sapphire.

Misaki stood there surprise and shock filling her as the crowd that had now formed around the couple just stood there whispers here and there.

"Ayuzawa Misaki, I have known you for awhile now, and I want you to be the most special part of my life. To be the amazing wife I have always dreamed of having, to be the mother of our future kids. And to being who you are, I love you Ayuzawa Misaki, will you be mine by doing the honor of marrying me?" Usui asked.

"U-Usui..I-I.." Misaki started as tears formed in her eyes.

"Say yes!~" Someone said in the large crowd.

At that moment nothing seemed to matter, age didn't matter, distance didn't matter, whatever anyone said didn't matter. To them it felt as if they were the only ones there. She looked in his eyes seeing nothing but love, devotion, and warmth.

"Of course I'll marry you, you perverted alien!" Misaki said as the tears streamed down.

The crowd cheered, whistled and congratulated the young couple. They watched as the handsome young man put the gorgeous ring on his beautiful new fiancée's ring finger.

The newly engaged couple hugged each other tightly as the crowd once again cheered on.

~Somewhere in Britain~

"Is he on his way?" Grandfather asked as he gazed out the window in his study.

"Yes he should be landing in a couple of hours." Gerard replied still wondering what his devious grandfather was up to.

"Good, very good." He said smiling.

~Back in the airport~


"So, did you like my little gift?" Usui asked his still blushing fiancée.

"Yes. But where did you find such a ring?" Misaki asked looking down at her left hand.

"An old friend on mine personally created it to my liking." Usui said.

"Well, my mom is going to go crazy over what has happened today." Misaki said sighing as she imagined all the squealing around the house. And don't even get her started with the maid latte staff.

"Good side for her is that she'll get the grandchildren she wants a bit earlier then planned." Usui whispered in her ear and grinned when she shivered.

"Shut up you handsome yet perverted alien." Misaki said lightly punching his arm.

"You're so sly Ayuzawa. Complimenting me then adding that. You wound me." Usui said pretending to look sad.

"If we weren't in a public area I promise you I would be beating you to hell right now." Misaki said as her fists clenched until her knuckles were pale.

"And you do realize that we are still young and not even finished high school yet and you do this." Misaki started.

"You're mine, you'll always be mine no matter where I am, and that ring will prove it. Also to keep those petty little boys away from you." Usui stated seriously.

"You know I can handle my self, thank you very much." Misaki said a bit angered at the fact that he thinks that she can't protect herself when he's away.

"That's not what I meant, I know you can handle yourself, it's just I want people to know that you're taken by yours truly." Usui said smirking.

"May all passengers boarding flight ****** please make your way over to your flight for we will be taking off shortly. Thank you." A lady on the announcements said.

"Well that's me." Usui said looking back at Misaki.

"Call when you land please." Misaki said as she hid her face in his chest as he held her.

"Of course milady." Usui said kissing the top of her forehead.

"I'll miss you Takumi." Misaki said gazing into his eyes.

"I'll miss you too Misaki." Usui said looking right back at those amber depths.

"I love you Misaki." Usui said as he leaned down to kiss her.

The kiss was filled such love and passion. It left them both breathless. Both exploring each others warm hot cavern.

As they pulled apart Misaki panting and Usui there looking in her eyes.

"I love you too Usui Takumi." Misaki said as she kissed his cheek.

"Sir, it's time." The man in the suit said as he came walking back.

"Yes, lets go." Usui said as he gave one final hug to Misaki before walking away towards the gates.

Misaki stood there watching hi retreating form, paying no mind to the lonely tear that slid down her face.

'See you later...' Misaki thought as she turned and walked away in the opposite direction a smile on her face.

~Later that night~

When Misaki made it home it was almost 9 'o'clock. She opened the door and closed it as she took off her shoes.

"I'm home!" Misaki said as her mother replied.

"In the kitchen."

Misaki made her way to the kitchen a bit appalled at what she saw.

"Mom?" She asked looking towards her.

"We need to talk." Minako said as she motioned her to take a seat.

Misaki looked between her mom and dad as she took a seat covering her right hand over her left.

"Let's start with your English name..." Minako started off.

"Jackie Brooklyn..."


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