"See you later then." Mum said as me and Luke sat at the desk, looking at something Luke was working on.

"Yep, seeya Mum, have a good time." Luke said.

"Bye K9."

"Enjoy your evening mistress." K9 responded. We heard footsteps and Mum left the attic before we got up, looking to see she was gone.

"Mr Smith I need you quickly and quietly." Luke said in a hushed tone as he took out his phone to ring Rani.

"Quickly and quietly." Mr Smith repeated as he opened up.

"She's off again." Luke said down the phone before hanging up.

"How can I help Luke?" Mr Smith asked as I rolled my eyes.

"It's probably nothing Luke." I sighed.

"Activate tracking device Mr Smith." Luke said, ignoring me. "Aerial satellite scan."

Rani and Clyde bolted into the attic, "So what was her story this time?" Rani asked.

"Something about a meeting out the town hall about a motor way extension." I muttered, watching the tracking device that was following Mum's car.

"Her excuses are getting lamer and lamer." Clyde said.

"Affirmative. Varaisty level 12%." K9 said.

"Why is she lying to us?"

"You're teenagers, she doesn't have to tell you everything!" I laughed.

"And has she told you?" Luke asked.

"That's..." I began. "That's not the point ok!"

"She's heading into town." Rani said as our attention turned back to the tracker.

"Query. Are you using my tracking device to spy on Sarah Jane?" Mr Smith asked.

"It's the fifth time in a month she's done this Mr Smith."

"She goes off all mysterious, what if she gets in trouble?" Clyde asked, folding his arms.

"This is higly irregular behaviour." Mr Smith said.

"Do not exceed your expectation Mr Smith, your opinion has not been asked for." K9 said.

"Haha, that told ya. Good boy K9." Clyde grinned.

"Affirmative, Master Clyde."

"She's stopped." I muttered as the car stopped abruptly on the map on the screen.

"Nowhere near the town hall." Luke agreed.

"There, she was lying, knew it!" Rani said.

"Scan for alien activity in that area K9." Clyde said.

"Negative alien activity in that area, Master Clyde." K9 replied.

"I am perfectly able to complete that function Clyde, no need to consult the dog." Mr Smith said.

"Sticks and stones."

"What now then?" Rani asked. "We follow her down there?"

"Come on, next bus is in 2 minutes." Luke said, grabbing his jacket.

"I'm gonna stay here." I laughed. "Make sure K9 and Mr Smith don't start shooting at each other."


A date. I mean a real, proper, date.

"She was what?" I asked.

"On a date!" Clyde said. "Like a proper one, and they kissed!"

"You're kidding!"


"What are you lot doing up here?" Mum asked Luke, Rani and Clyde as they sat at the desk and I sat on the sofa.

"The exams are coming up, and we need to work." Clyde lied.

"Luke's helping us revise." Rani agreed, holding up the revision books. "D'ya have a good evening?"

"Yeah, how was the meeting?" Clyde asked.

"Nothing special," Mum replied suspiciously before glancing over at Mr Smith. "Why's Mr Smith still out?"

"Information: Sarah Jane's car is now parked outside the house." Mr Smith informed us.

"What? Mr Smith?"

"Oh, hello Sarah Jane. I've been tracking your position as instructed by Luke."

"Big mouth! You did that on purpose." Clyde groaned.

"K9, what have they been doing?" Mum asked.

"I have been ordered to withhold information." K9 replied.

"What was your exact instruction?"

"Mistress Rani instructed me not to relay information that you were followed."

"The gob on you!" Rani shouted, standing up.

"I told you to leave it." I said in a sing song voice.

"Well at least it wasn't you for once." Mum scoffed.

"Oh cheers!"

"You've been spying on me?" She asked Luke.

"We were worried," Luke sighed. "When you've kept a secret before, it's always been a disaster."

"Does that give you a right to poke into my personal business?" Mum said seriously before smiling. "Oh, I was about to tell you anyway."

"So who's the lucky fella then?" Clyde asked.

"His name is Peter Dalton and yes he is very lucky and rather marvelous."

"Ooh, where did you meet him then?" Rani asked.

"No, end of discussion, you two home, Luke, Flo bed."

"I'm 23!" I argued.

"Don't care."


"Honestly, I was about to tell you." Mum said as she walked into our room and sat on the edge of the bed. Me and Luke both sat up and smiled at her. "I'm not exactly a expert on matters of the heart."

"Neither are we." I chuckled.

"Well I thought something was bound to go wrong with my track record. It keeps getting better."

"Didn't know you had those sorts of feelings." Luke said.

"Men were interested before. But then I thought how can a relationship go anywhere with my bizzare life?"

"Where d'ya meet him?"

"In a shoe shop. We just got talking and he gave me his phone number."

"Didn't know people of your age still did that sort of thing."

"Cheeky." I said, nudging him in the side.

"Well I wasn't going to call him, but then I bumped into him again and it got me thinking. I cut myself off from people for all these years, how can people with what I know, what I do have proper friends? Then I met you," She grinned, squeezing my hand. "And you opened my eyes again. Then I got both of you, and Maria and Clyde and Rani, and things changed. And maybe they're changing on this front too."

"You look really happy Mum." I smiled.

"There's still the problem there. I can suddenly spring it all on Peter. Oh by the way, I used to go travelling through space and time in a phone box with a timelord, and my daughter used to too." The both of us shared a look. Of course, we very rarely spoke about me leaving The TARDIS, of course it was one of those things that couldn't be avoided.

"My son was created by a experiment by the Bane." I chuckled.

"I've got a talking computer and a robot dog!"

"Oh by the way, my lipstick, it's deadly." Luke said.

"But I do want you both to meet him. Let's just keep this madness quiet for a little longer. See how things go." She got up and walked to the door. "And whatever happens, we're ok, us three."

I placed my hand to my stoumach, mouthing 'Four' to her. Mum smiled and nodded back at me. The thing is, Luke, Rani and Clyde... didn't exactly know I was pregnant. And by didn't exactly know... they didn't.

Three days later...

"Hope I look ok." Luke said to me and K9 as we looked in the mirror. I smiled at him and put my black cardigan over my red dress. "How are we supposed to react? What do we call him? Mr Dalton? Peter? Dad?"

"Not calling him Dad." I scoffed.

"What if we don't even like him?"

"Regret, I do not have the answers to these questions Master Luke," K9 said, wagging his ears as he sat next to Luke. "Suggest you both ask another human being."


Me and Luke walked out of the house nervously to see Mum standing with Peter, smelling some roses.

"You must be Luke." He said to Luke, shaking his hand. "And you must be Flo."

"Nice to meet you Mr Dalton." Luke said politely.

"It's Peter please, I've heard all about you two, you're the apples of your mother's eye." He looked up at the house. "So this is where you live, amazing place."

"Oh, hello!" Me and Luke looked at each other as Gita appeared behind us. "Just popping to the shops, do you want anything?"

"No thanks." Mum said. "Peter, this is Gita from over the road."

"Oh! Peter and Gita! That's funny."

"Nice to meet you." Peter said, nodding politely at our crazy flower loving neighbour.

"Oh, pretty flowers." Gita said, nodding at the flowers. "I run a flower shop my darling, Bloomin Lovely, on the parade, you should pop in, give you a discount, done lovely displays for weddings." Me and Luke looked at each other, wide eyed.

"That's quite enough thank you." Mum said quickly.

"Well, I'll be off." Gita said before scurrying off.

"I'll go pop these in some water." Mum said, taking the flowers and walking off into the house before coming back out again with K9 in front of her.

"K9!" Mum hissed as he rolled past us.

"What's that?" Peter asked, eyeing K9 as he rolled past us and we followed after him slowly down the drive.

"Oh it's mine, it's a toy, from Japan." Luke said quickly.

"I travel a lot, I picked it up when I was there." I said.

"But it talks!" Peter exclaimed, watching it with awe.

"Yeah, comes programed with a few phrases." Luke said, trying not to panic.

"Do not look at me, everything is normal!" K9 said as I watched him cross the street, heading towards the Travis Polon me and Mum ordered from ebay that had just scurried out of the bushes, being chased by Clyde and Rani.


"I'd really like to go to university." Luke said as we sat with Mum and Peter in the restaurant. "But I think I'd also like to work on my own projects.

"And you Flo?" Peter asked me.

"Well I used travel a lot, but there's so much I haven't seen, places I've got to show him too." I smiled, nudging Luke lightly. "But I think eventually, you do have to stop, don't you? So in time maybe I'd like to settle down, have a family." I said nervously, sharing a look with Mum before her phone started ringing. "It's alright, I'll get it." I said, taking the phone from her and walking to the doors, out of ear shot. "Rani?"

"There you go my son!" I heard Clyde say along with some clattering..

"We've got it, what is it?" Rani asked.

"Travis Polon, not evil, just trouble. Me and Mum saw him on Ebay," I sighed. "Seller had no idea what it was, turned out he was in his dormant cycle."

"And he'd choose today to wake up!"

"Get Mr Smith to open up a link to Polongus and he'll transmat him home."

"On it." Rani said before sighing. "Problem solved. She's having fun, yeah?"

"Yeah." I smiled before hanging up.

Two days later...

"I've got something to tell you two." Mum said as she walked into the attic.

"What?" Luke asked.

"Me and Peter, we're getting married."

"Oh my god Mum!" I mumbled as me and Luke hugged her before Rani and Clyde burst in.

"Hey! I've just been telling Luke and Flo." Mum grinned, looking back at Rani and Clyde. "I've got some big news, Peter and I, we're getting married."

"What?" Clyde asked, staring at her, stunned.

"Well you don't have to look so pleased. I know it's a bit of a shock but Peter's got it all planned."

"I bet he has." Rani sighed.

"What do you mean?" Mum asked.

"Sarah Jane, we went round to Peter's house."

"You did what?" Luke asked loudly, staring at them.

"There's nothing there, it's empty."

"What?" I asked, frowning.

"I know it's empty." Mum said. "He doesn't really live there. His firm got him a flat in London, nearer the office."

"And you've been there?" Clyde asked.

"Plenty of times." She sighed. "Oh I should be angry with you, breaking in there, it's what I do, isn't it?" She smiled and rubbed Clyde's arm, looking between the two of them. "Oh look at you, I've made you all so suspicious! But this is a happy thing and I want you all to be part of it! It isn't the end of the world, so thanks, there's no need to sneak around or worry about anything."

"So when's the wedding?" I asked.

"End of next week."

"End of next week?" Clyde spluttered.

"At my age, why wait?"

"That's mad!"

"Peter had it all on standby, a nice hotel in the country, you're all invited and you Luke," She turned, looking between the four of us. "You can give me away. And you Flo, my maid of honour."

"Do we have to give a speech?" Luke asked.

"I will help Master Luke." K9 said.

"Don't you think it's a bit fast?" Clyde frowned.

"Oh you're telling me, I've got so much to arrange!" Mum laughed. "A lot of changes."

"Sarah Jane, anomoly detected." Mr Smith said.

"That reminds me, first big change, Mr Smith commence de activation program." She turned and walked down the steps towards Mr Smith.

"But Sarah Jane, I have detected a impulse-"

"Total deactivation Mr Smith, protocol 5." Mum said as she pulled a lever, making Mr Smith shut down.

"What the hell are you doing?" I shouted suddenly, making everyone look at me as I had been so quiet.

"The world can look after itself for a change, I'm busy with something normal." Mum said, walking around the attic and putting her watch away. "I don't want any of this, getting in the way."

"You haven't told Peter about all this have you?" I asked.

"Perhaps I never will, perhaps that's the solution."

"I don't like this." Clyde said, shaking his head.

"You can dogsit Clyde, you can look after K9."

"What, really?" Clyde asked, making Mum laugh. "What do I say to my Mum?"

"Come on Clyde Langer when have you ever been short of excuses?" She grinned before grabbing Rani's arm. "Oh and Rani, keep Saturday free, dress shopping. You're going to make a lovely bridesmaid, the two of you." She smiled at me before looking back at Rani. "And your Mum can do the flowers, before she asks."


Mum looked in the mirror at her wedding dress as we waited for Rani in the changing room. I watched her with a smile as she twirled in the mirror. She was so happy. And to think, if I had kept my gob shut about The Doctor loving Rose, and if I hadn't walked out, this could of been me right now. Probably not, but still. Then again, it would have been a life of lies and I would have ended up going through even more heartbreak than now.

"Mum." I said quietly.

"Mm?" She replied, looking back at me through the mirror.

"I want you to be happy, you know that." I sighed. "Are you completely sure about this? Because I thought I was with The Doctor and not everything was how it cracked up to be. I don't want you getting hurt like I did."

"I'm completely sure." She smiled.

"Thing is though, you're never going to get rid of this life with me around. I'm having The Doctor's baby, remember?"

"It'll be ok, I promise." She sighed before turning round and looking at me properly. "When are you going to tell them? Rani, Clyde and Luke? About the baby." I sighed, fiddling with my fingers. "You'll have to tell them at some point."

"After the wedding, I promise."

Two weeks later...

Me, Rani and Mum stepped out of the car outside the big country hotel and Luke hugged me.

"No matter what happens, I want you to remember that's it's me and you against the world, ok?" He mumbled in my ear.

"Me and you, always." I whispered back as he let go and took Mum's arm.

"You look amazing, all of you." Luke said, smiling at me as I straightened out my dess, like Mum's but in baby pink. "I thought you'd might of wanted The Doctor to give you away." He said to Mum as me and Rani walked behind them.

"The Doctor's as much use as a chocolate tea pot at domestic events." I muttered.

"She's right." Mum agreed. "I need someone to rely on and I'm so glad it's you. Beside, where would I send the invite?"

"Metavenus 3?" I said sarcastically.

Music played as we walked into the main room and down the aisle as Clyde smiled at me. He knew I was a bit unsure about this too. Me and Luke both kissed Mum on the cheek at the end of the aisle before we sat down with Rani.

I turned back with a frown, sensing something before seeing Clyde drop the table cloth on the table next to us, seeing a glimpse of K9. "You brought the dog?" Luke hissed at Clyde.

"What did you think was under there, the wedding cake?" Clyde asked. "There's something wrong about this."

I sighed as the ceremony began and for a second, I swore I could hear The TARDIS. I stood up slowly and Rani, Clyde and Luke looked at me as suddenly the doors burst open and The Doctor ran in.

"STOP THIS WEDDING NOW!" He shouted before seeing me. "Flo, get back here." I didn't even think I ran towards him and he grabbed my hand.

"What?" Mum gasped.

"Luke, please." I said, outstretching my hand to him. He looked at Mum before running towards me.

"Master!" K9 exclaimed, rolling out from under the table.

"I said stop this wedding." The Doctor said angrily, suddenly, wind blew through the room and we couldn't stand still.

"Mum get away from him!" I shouted as The Doctor held onto me and I held onto Luke.

"Don't be afraid Sarah Jane, it's the angel!" Peter said to Mum before a big white floating alien appeared, a dried out prune like face, wearing a white cloack: the Trickster.

"Sarah!" The Doctor shouted. "Trickster let her go!"

"Too late time lord. You're mine Sarah Jane Smith." The Trickster said, floating towards Mum.

"Mum!" Me and Luke shouted.

"Sarah!" The Doctor screamed.

"Doctor!" Mum shouted back.