My own concious was driving me to insanity. It was dark, and for some reason, Silent Night was humming through my mind. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming because I could feel Luke fast asleep into my side, unless I was dreaming he was there. Or maybe I was hallucinating, who knows. I opened my eyes blearily, my eyelids nearly sticking together as I peered into the darkness of mine and Luke's room. It's funny really, we had spare rooms in the house, but Luke was insistant I stayed with him. At first I thought it was a cute little kid sort of thing, seeing as he'd never experienced life before, but as he got older, it didn't change. Before it suddenly hit me, Luke was being protective. Bless him. I stared over at the window, the curtains shut with a small glowing light coming through from the streetlight from outside.

"Sssh." My eyes reajusted and suddenly I could see a man with short brown hair in a black suit, black tie and white shirt holding a baby. A tiny little baby. He rocked it slowly, speaking soothingly. "It's ok." The man looked familiar. Very familiar. That haircut, the face, the suit. Harold Saxon. I gulped. The Master. I was dreaming about... him.

"Master?" I whispered, sitting up slightly. The Master looked over at me and smiled, clutching the baby, before putting the baby into a moses basket that had appeared on the desk. I must have been dreaming... that baby... was that meant to be my son?! I scrambled out of the bed and made my way over to The Master. "What's going on?"

"I'm not really sure." The Master sighed, putting his hand on the baby in the basket softly. He looked over, cooing, which made me feel a little uneasy. "Why is there a baby here?"

I gulped, realising The Master couldn't see my bump through my pyjamas, even though it was massive now. "I don't know." I lied. "I mean, you have this whole power driven obsession over The Doctor, so that must be him as a baby."

He looked up with a smile, "The Doctor was a blonde as a baby. You know that."

"Yes I do." I whispered. It was true, I'd seen pictures in the TARDIS library of mainly old companions, but I'd seen one single picture of The Doctor as a baby back on Gallifrey. "Master, what is going on?"

"This isn't real." The Master said, gesturing to our surroundings. "It's a sort of hallucination dream thing. Right now, I'm about to bolt out of fire. You're just dreaming all of this, this whole conversation, because your own insanity is catching up with you, like mine."

"What do you want, Master?" I asked quietly, putting one hand on his shoulder, the other on his cheek.

"I need you." The Master whispered. "You have to be there, or we'll all die."

"We're all gonna die Master." I laughed. "One day."

The Master sighed, leaning his forhead against mine, clutching onto the bottom of my top. "I'll be watching when you die." He said sternly.

It's funny really, being comfortable with the him, but I'd become too tired, too worn out, and too out travelled to be wary of the enemy. Play with fire, because what else is there to do? There's nothing else to do apart from risk it, knowing I will most probably die in the process. Because all I really had left to do was die. I'd done everything else. I'd pissed off more of the universe than The Doctor had and I had nothing left.

I smiled at him, "I know you will. Cause there's no way he will be."

"You know he's your murderer?" He asked, gently removing my hand from his cheek, holding it so we were slowly swaying, dancing to the Silent Night humming in the background.

"Yes." I said softly, our eyes locking. "You know I'm his?"

"Of course."

"Dancing with the devil." I laughed quietly. "How very appropriate."

"There's something coming Flo."

"I know." I said quietly. "I can feel it. In the air it's..."


"More like disturbing." I laughed.

"Does it bother you that you know you're going to your death?"

"It used to." I sighed. "Back when I was first travelling with The Doctor, when I first figured it out, it disturbed me. But as time went on, you know..."

"The companion who was born to die." The Master said simply. "How very thrilling."

"Isn't it just?" I smirked. "So you're dead."

"Indeed. You're going to destory the universe one day."

"I know that as well. My own insanity is just reminding myself of all the crap."

"Goodnight Flo." The Master mumbled, placing a kiss to my forehead, letting go of me gently.

"Don't go." I pleaded softly.

"Hey little one." The Master cooed, reaching into the basket, picking up the baby.

"You're in my dreams often, Master, but we've never had a conversation like this."

"Go to sleep."

I sighed as The Master rocked the baby, and got back into bed, snuggling into Luke's side, shutting my eyes.

I bolted upright with a gasp, the room completely empty. It was a dream. I looked around, realising it was morning and the teenage boy that was usually dug into my side was gone. He wasn't the only one gone. So was Hero. He'd left the same day he'd arrived actually, apparently getting the wrong day he was meant to turn up to, muttering something about Jenny already being there. It worried me, what day was he meant to be finding me? Was it bad, he seemed so nervous? So... sad. I scrambled out of bed, hand on my bulging stoumach. I was really growing now, I looked about 6 months pregnant for any normal human, although I was actually 18 months pregnant. I slowly waddled, yes waddled, I had to waddle now, out of the room and downstairs.

"Mum..." I called, putting a hand under my bump as I made my way down the stairs.

"Yes?" Mum called from the kitchen.

"Can I get a cup of tea?" I asked, waddling into the kitchen. Mum turned back from the sink with a smile, nodding, and turned to the kettle. I waddled over to the table where Luke sat, and looked over his shoulder, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

"There's a letter for you." Luke mumbled, picking up a blue envelope from the table, passing it over his shoulder to me.

"Thanks sweetie." I smiled, taking it from him and opening it up.

On the white piece of card was coordinates and a small message: I just want to say hello x

I'm only saying hello. That's what he said. Oh god.

"Oh Jack." I whispered, slumping back into a seat. My hand flew to my mouth and I shook my head. "I've uh, gotta..."

"You ok?" Luke asked.

Mum looked over at me, "What is it?"

"It's..." I began, holding up the card with a gulp. "It's, um, Jack."


And so that night, I travelled back to Wales. And on the top of a hill in the middle of nowhere in the freezing cold, and eventually found Captain Jack Harkness in the cold. I'd stopped off in Cardiff on my way, seeing as I was on the staff list of UNIT and Torchwood, and managed to get hold of the wreckage from the explosion of the hub. Which meant I got hold of his vortex manipulator. I could of kept it, seeing as The Doctor had mine when he ripped it off my arm the day I left him. It was fine really, I wasn't going anywhere in a hurry, except maybe when I go into labour... I might need to escape, who knows who might come after me.

I stopped opposite Jack, not really knowing what to say.

"You look good." Jack said, softly, nodding at my bump.

"I look huge." I scoffed.

"You're bloody gorgeous."

I smiled, shaking my head, walking towards him. "You OK?" I asked.


I reached forward and gently touched his collar, fixing it. "Did it work?"

"Travelled all sorts of places. This planet is too small."

"I know." I said in agreement.

"The whole world is like a graveyard."

"Come back with me." I said softly. I knew he wouldn't, I wouldn't if I was him. I could tell. He hadn't travelled far enough.

"Haven't travelled far enough yet. Got a lot of dirt to shake off my shoes. And right now, there's a cold-fusion cruiser surfing the ion reefs just at the edge of the solar system, just waiting to open its transport dock."

The both of us looked up at the sky and I smiled. "Me and The Doctor went on one of those once." I breathed. "With Donna. You can truly get lost inside yourself." We looked back down at each other.

"I just need to send a signal."

I reached into my pocket and handed out his vortex manipulator, "They found it in the wreckage. Indestructible. Like its owner." He smiled at me, and put it on. "He's in my dreams." I stammered quickly. Jack looked up at me, understanding. "The Master." I gently took Jack's hands, placing them to my temple, showing him the dream I'd had. Jack stared back at me, a little disturbed, not that I blame him. "Are you ever coming back, Jack?" I gulped as he lowered his hands.

"What for?"

"Me?" I asked tearily. "Gwen and Rhys? Martha?" Jack stared back at me nervously. "It wasn't your fault."

"I think it was."

"No." I hissed.

"Ianto and Owen and Tosh and Suzie and... All of them. Because of me. I lost your daughter and Hero... they've left me too."

"But you, you saved us. Didn't you?" I asked, gulping as tears spilled down my face. "Me, Gwen, Rhys, Martha. And Hero and Jenny, they're safe ok? They'll look after each other. "

"I began to like it. And look what I became. Still. I have lived so many lives. It's time to find another one." He stepped back, lifting his wrist up and pressing a button on the vortex manipulator.

"Th-they died, and I am sorry, Jack, but you cannot just run away." I cried. "You cannot run away. You're not me."

The teleportation field began to shimmer over him. "Oh, yes, I can. Just watch me." He disappeared into the teleportation field. He was gone.


It is said that in the final days of planet Earth, everyone had bad dreams. To the west of the north of that world, the human race did gather, in celebration of a pagan rite, to banish the cold and the dark. Each and every one of those people had dreamt of the terrible things to come. But they forgot, because they must. They forgot their nightmares of fire and war and insanity. They forgot, except for one.

I'd fallen into some sort of spiral of my own insanity. I found myself staying mostly in the attic a few weeks after losing Jack, and it was nearly Christmas. But one freezing cold morning, I wrapped myself up and stood on the pavement, leaning against brick wall that closed round the drive. I stared down the street a little, imagining the TARDIS standing in the middle of the road, like it was the day I walked out on The Doctor.

"They call it the Legend of the Blue Box." I looked to my side in shock to see an older woman with short brown hair, wearing a white suit.

"Wouldn't call it a legend as such." I said coldly. "A demon fell from the sky." I continued mockingly. "Then a man appeared. A man in a blue box. He smote the demon and then disappeared." I looked away with a scoff. "Bit of a coincidence."

"It's said there's no such thing as coincidence." The woman replied. "Who knows? Perhaps he's coming back."

"Oh, that would make my Christmas!" I said sarcastically. I looked up to see the woman had gone, the cold street was empty. I stared back into the street nervously when an Ood slowly appeared. Not just any Ood either. Ood Sigma. The same Ood who helped us when we visited the Ood Sphere a long time ago. I silently made my way over to Ood Sigma, who held his hands out to me. I gently took his hands and the image of the Master cackling loudly flashed through my mind.

"He comes to us, every night." Ood Sigma said softly. "I think all the peoples of the universe dream of him now."

"That man is dead." I said calmly as Ood Sigma stared eye to eye intently.

"There is yet more. Events are taking shape, events that are shaping the future. There is a man..." A image flashed across my mind of Donna's kitchen with Wilf sitting at the table, looking deeply worried. "So scared…"

I gasped, that worried me now. "Wilfred!" I breathed. "Is he all right? What about Donna, is she safe?"

"The lines of convergence are being drawn across the Earth, even now. The king is in his counting house." An image of a well of black couple flashed through my mind, looking like father and daughter.

I frowned, "I don't know who they are."

"And there is another. The most lonely of all, lost and forgotten." An image of Lucy Saxon in her cell, crying, flashed across mind.

"The Master's wife."

"We see so much, but understand little. The woman in the cage, who is she?"

"She was..." I began, trying to explain. "It w-wasn't her fault, she was... The Master, he's a Time Lord, like The Doctor. I can show you." I squeezed Ood Sigma's hands and reversed the process, showing everything that happened in the year that never was. "The Master took the name of Saxon. He married a human, a woman called Lucy. And he corrupted her. She stood at his side while he conquered the Earth. Me and Martha walked the Earth and stopped him," Ood Sigma nodded, clearly remembering Martha from when we were at the Ood Sphere. "The Doctor and I reversed everything he'd done, so it never even happened. But Lucy Saxon remembered. The Doctor held him in his arms. He burnt his body! The Master is dead! Except... He was in my dream..." I gulped, he COULDN'T of escaped... Could he? Was the dream an instinct of mine, trying to subconsciously warn myself that he was coming?

"And yet, you did not see..." An image flashed through my mind of The Doctor walking away from The Master's burning body. A ring covered in Gallifreyan symbols dropped to the ground and a woman picked it up, the Master's laugh echoing.

"Part of him survived." I breathed. "I have to go!" I began to pull away, only for Ood Sigma to stay attached to me.

"But something more is happening, Flo. The Master is part of a greater design, because a shadow is falling over creation. Something vast is stirring in the dark." His eyes suddenly turned red. "The Ood have gained this power to see through time because time is bleeding. Shapes of things once lost are moving through the veil. And these events from now threaten to destroy the future. And the present and the past."

"What do you mean?" I frowned.

"This is what we have seen, Flo. The darkness heralds only one thing, the end of time itself."

I breathed heavily, staring at Ood Sigma. "Look after yourself, Ood Sigma." I said, pulling away and running back towards the house.


I crashed into the attic and Mum looked up from an open Mr Smith whilst Luke, Clyde and Rani watched me, stunned, from the sofa.

"Find me Lucy Saxon!" I gasped out, running round the attic, looking for my phone, knocking things about as I went. "Mr Smith, track the prison she was at. Where the hell is my phone?"

"What's wrong?" Mum asked, running over to her desk, picking up my phone and holding it out to me.

"The Master." I breathed, snatching it from her, and looking back to Mr Smith.

"Lucy Saxon was jailed 2 years ago for the murder of Harold Saxon," Mr Smith began. "Former Prime Minister-"

"Just tell me!" I snapped.

"In Broadfell Prison."

"Broadfell!" I laughed nervously. "I know where that is." I grabbed onto my wrist, only to remember I didn't have my vortex manipulator. "Shit!" I was stuck. I began to fiddle with my phone, ringing The TARDIS, holding it to my ear. It kept ringing and ringing, no answer. I groaned, ringing the mobile that Martha gave The Doctor. I held it up and the same thing happened again. "Oh come on Doctor!" I exclaimed. I gulped, looking round. "I'm going to have to go up there." I ran round the attic, grabbing my jacket. "I'll come back."

"Where are you going?" Luke asked.

"If The Master is coming back, I have to warn The Doctor." I said nervously, running to the door.

"For christ sake, stop whatever he's doing." Mum called to me as I bolted out.


Less than an hour later, I'd got to Broadfell Prison. I bolted towards it, stopping breathlessly outside the rubble. It was in ruins. I stood in the street, looking around. I was too late. Shit. I placed my hand on my bump as the wind began to pick up. I looked round at the whirring as that oh-so-familiar blue box materialized a few metres away from me. The Doctor bolted out of The TARDIS, looking at the rubble.

"We're too late." I called over. He looked over at me and ran over, pulling me into a hug. "Ood Sigma appeared on Bannerman Road, I saw everything you did. He's escaped."

The Doctor pulled back, placing one arm round my waist, a hand on my other arm. "He's nearby." He mumbled into my hair.


The Doctor and I climbed atop a pile of dirt and looks out onto the shipyard. The Doctor inhaled deeply, trying to sense The Master's presence as the baby done the same thing. Suddenly, 4 loud bangs echoed through out the site and The Doctor and I shared a nervous look. The Doctor ran towards the sound and I chased after him. We kept running before The Doctor suddenly stopped, grabbing my arm to stop me slipping as we stared over the shipyard at The Master. He was here. He was back. Except he was now blonde, wearing a red hoodie, and he looked properly rough, ill. The Master laughed, roaring and flying into the air. We began to run off again, finding him again, and we stood a few metres away, staring at each other.

"Please, let us help!" I shouted. "You're burning up your own life force."

The Master began to take off again and we ran after him, only for an elder man to run in front of us. "Oh, my gosh, Doctor, Flo, you're a sight for sore eyes." The man gasped, as I realised it was Wilf. Wilf. I really did miss that little old man. I missed all mine and The Doctor's old friends. Rose, Mickey, Jack, Martha, Donna, Wilf, everyone.

"Out of my way!" The Doctor shouted, pushing past him, climing onto a pile of girders, looking for The Master when a group of elderly people bustled up to us.

"Did we do it? Is that him?" An elderly black man asked.

"Tall and thin, big brown coat." A white elderly man said.

"The Silver Cloak. It worked." An elderly woman grinned. "Cos Wilf phoned Netty, who phoned June, and her sister lives opposite Broadfell, and she saw the police box, and her neighbor saw this man and woman heading east."

The Doctor stepped down, looking at the group of elderly people then back at me and Wilf.

"Wilfred? Have you told them who we are?" I hissed. "You promised!"

"No, I just said you were a doctor," Wilf mumbled to the two of us. "And you were his wife, that's all. And might I say, sir, ma'am it is an honour to see you again." He quickly saluted us.

The Doctor returned the salute with a wry smile and two fingers to his forehead as I smiled at him.

"Ooh, but you never said he was a looker!" The woman gasped. "He's gorgeous, take a photo!" She handed the white elderly man a camera, heading over to the Doctor.

"Not bad, eh?" The white elderly man grinned.

"No, very nice." All of the elderly people said, bustling round The Doctor.

"Me next!"

"I'm Minnie. Minnie the Menace." The elderly woman introduced, snuggling into The Doctor, putting her arm around his waist as Wilf and I watched, a little stunned. "It's a long time since I had a photo with a handsome man." The rest of the group pushed their way into the photo as The Doctor watched, confused.

"Just get off him, leave him alone, will you?" Wilf groaned.

"Hush, you old misery. Come on, Doctor. Give us a smile." She reached up, pinching his cheeks. "That's it."

"Hold on..." The white elderly man said as the camera clicked. "Did it flash?"

"No, there's a blue light, try again." Minnie said.

"I'm all fingers and thumbs."

"I'm really kind of busy, y'know?" The Doctor muttered.

"Oh, it won't take a tick. Keep smiling." Minnie said. I peered round as I watched her hand slide down his waist towards his arse.

"Is that your HAND, Minnie?!" The Doctor exclaimed as she pinched it, making his jerk away.

"Good boy." She smiled, patting him on the bum. I did miss his arse. No, shutup Flo.


The Doctor, Wilf and I stepped off the bus, Wilf pushing us across the street.

"Over here, come on." Wilf muttered, pushing us towards a cafe.

"What's so special about this place?" The Doctor asked. "We passed 15 cafes on the way."

"Yeah. Afternoon." He nodded to someone as we stepped inside.


"Oh, we had some good times, didn't we, though?" Wilf asked as The Doctor and I sat opposite him, at a window table in the cafe. "I mean, all those Atmos things and planets in the sky and me with that paint gun." He imitated the paint gun, smiling. "I keep seeing things, Doctor, Flo, I... This face at night."

"Who are you?" The Doctor asked.

"I'm Wilfred Mott."

"No, people have waited hundreds of years to find me and then you manage it in a few hours."

"Well, I'm just lucky, I s'pose."

"No, we keep on meeting, Wilf." The Doctor frowned. "Over and over again, like something's still connecting the three of us."

"Yeah, but what's so important about me?"

"Exactly. Why you?" He looked around before looking at Wilf. "I'm going to die."

"Well, so am I, one day."

"Don't you dare."

"All right, I'll try not to."

"But we were told. 'He will knock four times'." I sighed, breathing in sharply. "That was the prophecy. Knock four times, and then..."

"But I thought when I saw you before," Wilf began, looking at The Doctor. "You said your people could change, like, your whole body."

"I can still die." The Doctor gulped. "If I'm killed before regeneration, then I'm dead." He leaned forward, elbows on the table. "Even then. Even if I change, it feels like dying. Everything I am dies. Some new man goes sauntering away. He'll get to saunter away, and be the father to my child. And I'm dead."

"Hmm." Wilf said sadly, looking out the window.

"What?" The Doctor frowned as we followed Wilf's gaze to see Donna unlocking her car. The same bloody car. Always that car. "Oh…"

"I'm sorry. But I had to. Look, can't you make her better?"

"Stop it." I snapped.

"No, but you're both so clever. Can't you bring her memory back? Look, just go to her now, go on. Just run across the street. Go up and say hello."

"If she ever remembers us, her mind will burn, and she will die." I hissed tearily.

We looked back round at the sound of a door closing to see Donna confronting a meter attendant.

"Don't you touch this car!" She shouted, making the three of us laugh.

"She's not changed." I gulped.

"Nah. Oh, there he is..." Wilf said as a young black man joined Donna, carrying shopping bags. "Shawn Temple. They're engaged. Getting married in the spring."

"Another wedding?" I laughed. "God I'm not over her last one yet."


"Hold on, she's not gonna be called Noble-Temple?" The Doctor asked. "Sounds like a tourist spot."

"No, it's Temple-Noble." Wilf nodded.


"Is she happy?" I asked as we watched them. "Is he nice?"

"Yeah, he's sweet enough." Wilf smiled. "He's a bit of a dreamer. Mind you, he's on minimum wage, she's earning tuppence, so all they can afford is a tiny little flat. And then sometimes I see this look on her face. Like she's so sad, but she can't remember why."

"She's got him." The Doctor said sadly.

"She's making do."

"Aren't we all?" I mumbled as I felt The Doctor glance at me as Wilf turned back to us.

"Yeah, how about you two? Who've you got now?" Wilf asked.

"No-one." The Doctor said. "I'm travelling alone." Wilf's face dropped slightly, figuring out that me and The Doctor were no longer together. He was alone... again. "I thought it would be better alone." His voice began to break. "But I did some things that went wrong. I need..." He quickly wiped his eyes, as I looked away tearily.

"Oh, my word." Wilf breathed, looking between the two of us.

"Merry Christmas." I said.

"Yeah, and you!"

"Look at us." The Doctor laughed.

"Well, don't you… Don't you see? You know, you need her, the both. I mean, look, wouldn't she make you both laugh again? Bring you back together? Good old Donna? Eh?"

The Doctor and I nodded in agreement as we watched Donna drive away.


The Doctor and I quickly left the cafe, leaving no time for Wilf to follow.


And so it came to pass that the players took their final places, making ready the events that were to come. The madman sat in his empire of dust and ashes, little knowing of the glory he would achieve, while his saviours looked upon the wilderness, in the hope of changing his inevitable fate. Far away, the idiots and fools dreamt of a shining new future. A future now doomed to never happen. As Earth rolled onwards into night, the people of that world did sleep and shiver, somehow knowing that dawn would bring only one thing. The final day.

The Doctor and I made our way through an abandoned, old, dusty warehouse after finally tracking down The Master. It'd taken time, but we'd found him. Admist the dust, The Master was crouched on the floor, his back to us. He slowly stood up and sniffed. He looked over his shoulder, seeing us before slowly turning around. The Doctor and I slowly walked towards him, me in front. The Master held out his hands, electric crackling, and shot a beam between the two of us. Neither of us flinched as it missed us, and I cautiously put a hand onto my bump. The Master shot another beam at The Doctor's other side, missing. He began to rub his hands together, building up power. As he shot his hands forward, firing from both hands, The Doctor pushed me out of the way, sending me flying into the air as the beam hit The Doctor. He fell to his knees as I began to fall to the floor, The Master ran over to me, catching me as I began to fall to the floor. He held out his other hand, putting it on The Doctor's chest, holding it up. With one arm around my back, under my arms, he squatted down so he was face to face with The Doctor.

"I had estates." The Master said darkly, lowering me down to the floor. "Do you remember my father's land, back home? Pastures of red grass stretching far across the slopes of Mount Perdition." He sighed. "We used to run across those fields all day, calling up at the sky." He looked over at me. "You would have loved it." He sat down on the ground. "Look at us now."

"All that eloquence." The Doctor breathed. "But how many people have you killed?"

"I am so hungry." The Master hissed.

"Your resurrection went wrong." I said, nervously holding my stomach. "That energy... Your body's ripped open. Now you're killing yourself."

"And that's human Christmas out there." The Master seethed, gesturing outside. "They eat so much. All that roasting meat, cakes and red wine. Hot, fat, blood food. Pots, plates of meat and flesh and grease and juice. And baking, burnt, sticky hot skin. Hot! It's so hot!"

"Stop it!" The Doctor snapped.

"Slice! Slice!"

"Stop it!"

"It's mine! It's mine! It's mine! It's mine! Eat it! Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!"

"Stop it!" The Master stopped, taking a deep breath to regain control. "What if we ask you for help? There's more at work tonight than you and us." The Doctor gapsed, gesturing to the three of us.

"Oh, yeah?"

"We've been told something is returning." I said quietly.

"And here I am!"

"No, it was something more." The Doctor gasped out.

"But it hurts." The Master whispered, holding his head.

"I was told the end of time…"

"It hurts, Doctor, the noise... The noise in my head, Doctor, one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four, stronger than ever before!" He turned and looked between the two of us. "Can't you hear it?"

I shook my head, "I'm sorry." I whispered.

"Listen, listen, listen, listen! Every minute, every second, every beat of my hearts, there it is...calling to me. Please, listen." He crawled towards The Doctor.

"I can't hear it." The Doctor sighed.

"Listen." The Master hissed, grabbing his head in his hands, pressing their foreheads together. The Doctor gasped suddenly, pulling away.

"But that's...!" The Doctor breathed.

"What?" The Master and I asked in unison.

"I heard it. But there's no noise, there never has been, it's just your insanity, it's the... What is it? What's inside your head?"

The Master stood up, laughing, "It's real! It's real! It's REAL!" He suddenly launched himself into the sky and The Doctor clambered to his feet, helping me up before pulling me by the hand after him. We looked over as The Master stood on a large pile of dirt and rock, looking at us. "All these years, you thought I was mad. King of the wasteland. But something is calling me, Doctor, what is it? What is it? What is it?" A beam of light suddenly fell on the Master and the whirring blades of a helicopter echoed through the wasteland. Another beam suddenly shone on Doctor and I, making us look up as rope was suddenly thrown down and two men rappeled down, tranquilizing the Master.

I ran towards them in shock, "Don't...!" I shouted. Suddenly, two other soldiers fired at my feet. The Doctor ran over, pulling me back. I pushed past him, keeping on running as an unconscious Master was lifted into the helicopter.

"Let him go!" The Doctor shouted and I looked round just in time as the butt of a gun connected with my face.


The Doctor and I stepped out of The TARDIS and made our way towards Donna's house.

"That one there." I muttered, pointing to Wilf's bedroom window. The Doctor picked up the stone, throwing it at the window before he took my hand, pulling me back towards the TARDIS.


Wilf came walking out of the house quickly towards The Doctor and I.

"We lost him, we were unconscious." I sighed.

"He's still on Earth." The Doctor nodded. "I can smell him, but he's too far away."

"Listen, you can't park there, what if Donna sees it?" Wilf asked nervously, nodding at The TARDIS.

"You're the only one, Wilf. The only connection we can think of. You're involved. If we could work out how. Tell me, have you seen anything? I don't know. Anything strange, anything odd?"

"Well, there was..."

"What? What is it? Tell me."

"Well, there was..." Wilf began before shaking his head. "No, it's nothing."

"Think, think, think! Maybe something out of the blue. Connected to your life, something."

"Well, Donna was a bit strange. She had a funny little moment, this morning, all because of that book."

I frowned, "What book?" I asked.


The Doctor and I leaned against the back wall of the house when Wilf came out, carrying a thick white book, "Here you are, his name's Joshua Naismith." He said, holding it out.

"That's the man." I muttered, looking up at Wilf, "We were shown him, by the Ood."

"By the what?"

"By the Ood."

"What's the Ood?"

"They're just Ood."

"But it's all part of the convergence, maybe…" The Doctor began, looking down at me. "Maybe touching Donna's subconscious." He smiled.

"Oh, she's still fighting for us, even now." I grinned, The Doctor putting his hand on my bump. "The Doctor-Donna."

I looked up suddenly as Sylvia stepped out of the house, "Dad, what are you up to?" She looked over at The Doctor and I, eyes widened. "You two! But... Get out of here!"

"Merry Christmas." The Doctor nodded.

"Merry Christmas." She replied politely before returning hysterical. "But she can't see you! What if she remembers?"

"Mum, where are those tweezers?" Donna called from inside.


"We're going." The Doctor nodded, grabbing my hand and pulling me off for the street, Wilf following.

The two of us headed towards The TARDIS, Wilf following us and Sylvia following him.

"Dad, I'm warning you..." Sylvia called.

"Bye, see you later." Wilf called over his shoulder.

"Stay right where you are!"

I pushed past The Doctor and put my key in the door, unlocking The TARDIS, "You can't come with us." The Doctor said.

"You're not leaving me with her." Wilf said, nodding at Sylvia.

"Fair enough." He nodded and I pushed the door open, pulling the two of them in with me.


"Naismith!" The Doctor cheered, handing Wilf the book. The Doctor and I bolted round the console, pulling controls in unison as we went. "If I can track him down..."

I laughed, glancing over at Wilf's bemused look as he looked around. "Ah. Right. Yes. Bigger on the inside. D'you like it?" I asked.

"I thought it'd be cleaner." Wilf shrugged.

"Cleaner?" The Doctor exclaimed. "I could take you back home, right now."

"Listen, Doctor, Flo, if this is a time machine - that man you're chasing, why can't you just pop back to yesterday and catch him?"

I laughed, smiling at Wilf, "If only it was that simple." I said. "We can't go back inside out own timeline, we have to stay relative to the Master within the causal nexus. Understand?"

Wilf shook his head, "Not a word."

"Welcome aboard." The Doctor said, shaking Wilf's hand.

"Thank you."


The TARDIS materialized and the three of us stepped out into the stables of the Naismith mansion.

"We've moved!" Wilf gasped. "We've really moved!"

"You should stay here." The Doctor muttered.

"Not bloody likely!"

"And don't swear. Hold on." He turned back, pressing a button on the TARDIS key, making it dematerialize. "Just a second out of sync. Don't want the Master finding the TARDIS, that's the last thing we need."


The three of us made our way along the side of one of the buildings on the property. We peered through an archway, ducking back as two armed guards walked past at the other end.

"That book said he's a billionaire." Wilf whispered. "He's got his own private army."

"Down here." The Doctor muttered, pulling us over to a small door inside the arch, sonicing it open.


The three of us peered round a corner, finding ourselves in some sort of cellar, an alien gate attached to the inside of the walls, leading upstairs.

"Nice Gate!" The Doctor and I nodded in unison.

"Hello." Wilf laughed nervously.

The Doctor strode into the room, looking at the short, blonde woman in a lab coat, "Look, sorry, don't call security, or I'll tell them you're wearing a Shimmer. Cos I reckon anyone wearing a Shimmer doesn't want the Shimmer to be noticed or they wouldn't need a Shimmer in the first place."

"I'm sorry, what's a Shimmer?" She asked.

The Doctor used the sonic on her, cutting off the shimmer to reveal her true form as a small sort of cactus like being, "Shimmer."

"Oh, my Lord." Wilf gasped. "She's a cactus!"

"Miss Addams?" A male voice came through over a speaker.

"Now," I stepped forward, staring at Addams. "What's The Master done to this gate?" I spotted a monitor behind her! "Ha!" I grinned and me and The Doctor bolted over to it, looking.

"He's got it working, but what is it?" The Doctor asked.

I glanced round, looking to see a tall, brown haired male technician walk through the door, "What's working?" He asked, stunned at our presence. "What are you doing here?"

I took the sonic from The Doctor's hand, using it on the man as I turned away, "Shimm-err!" I handed it back to The Doctor, and looked back at the man with a smirk, now in his cactus like form. "Now tell me, quickly, what's going on, the Master, Harold Saxon? Skeletor, whatever you're calling him, what's he doing up there?"

The male technician stared at us, stunned, "What's your name?" I asked.

"Mr Horr." He replied with a gulp.

"Horr," I said sternly. "This is important, everyone could be in danger."

"But I checked the readings. He's done good work. It's operational."

"Who are you?" The Doctor asked, turning away from the monitor. "We met someone like you. He was brilliant, but he was little and red."

"No, that's a Zocci." Addams replied, frustrated at our comment.

"We're not Zocci, we're Vinvocci." Horr corrected. "Completely different."

"Yeah, idiot." I joked, lightly hitting him on the arm.

"And the Gate is Vinvocci." Addams said. "We're a salvage team. We picked up the signal when the humans reactivated it, and as soon as it's working, we can transport it to the ship."

"But what does it do?" The Doctor asked.

"Well, it mends, it's a simple as that." Horr shrugged. "It's a medical device to repair the body. It makes people better."

"No, there's got to be more. Every single warning says the Master's going to do something colossal." The Doctor sighed, returning to the equipment.

"So that thing's like a sickbed, yes?" Wilf asked, pointing up at the panels.

"More or less." Addams nodded.

"Well, pardon me for asking, but why is it so big?"

I grinned at Wilf, "Oh, good question. Why's it so big?" I asked.

Addams scoffed, "It doesn't just mend one person at a time."

"That would be ridiculous." Horr agreed.

"It mends whole planets."

The Doctor looked back round and the both of us stared at her, "It does what?!" We asked in unison.

"It transmits the medical template across the entire population."

"Oh my god!" I breathed, running from the room, The Doctor chasing after me.


The Doctor and I burst into the upstairs room frantically. "Turn the Gate off right now!" The Doctor shouted. The room was filled with electronic equipment, the Gate at the opposite end of the room. The Master sat in a straight jacket to the side and the guards and the Naismiths watched us in shock.

"At arms!" A guard shouted. The rest of the guards raised their rifles, aiming them at me and The Doctor. The Doctor's eyes widened and he stepped in front of me protectively.

"No, no, no, no. Whatever you do, just don't let him near that device."

"Oh, like that was ever gonna happen." The Master smirked. He ripped off the straightjacket with a burst of energy and leapt into the Gate with a scream. "Homeless, was I? Destitute and dying? Well, look at me now."

"Deactivate it. All of you, turn the whole thing off!" The Doctor shouted. I watched nervously as nobody moved, Naismith and his daughter shaking their heads.

"He's...inside my head." Naismith gulped.

The Doctor looked over at the technicians in the two glass cabinets, presumably controlling the gate, "Get out of there!"

The Master fired a bolt of energy towards us and The Doctor pushed me out of the way, taking the hit and falling to the floor. I dropped to my knees, "Doctor." I breathed as Wilf ran into the room behind us.

"I'm fine." The Doctor nodded as the two of us pulled ourselves to our feet. "Stop him."

"Doctor, Flo, there's this face..." Wilf began.

The Doctor ran over to him as I faced The Master, "What is it? What can you see?"

"Well, it's him." Wilf cried, pointing over at The Master. "I can see him! I can see his face."

The Doctor turned and ran to the computers, typing frantically, "I can't turn it off." He said nervously.

"That's because I locked it, idiot." The Master sneered.

I walked forward a little, standing directly in front of the Gate and The Master, "Don't do this." He stared back at me sadly, like he was lost, not knowing what to say to me. "Come on then, kill me."

"Don't you understand?" The Master shouted at me. "For once, it's not all about him!" He pointed at The Doctor violently. "It's not about poor little Theta for once!"

I frowned, "Theta?" I asked.

"That's his name." My eyes widened at that, not even I knew his name.

"Didn't you know?" He asked. "River Song knew. Your precious Hero knows. And you didn't. Theta and Koschei." The Master snarled. "The Doctor and The Master." He growled in frustration. "But it's not about him for once, it's about YOU!"

"What do you mean?" I asked, looking back to see The Doctor putting Wilf into one of the cabinets, clearly too busy to realise the conversation between The Master and I.

"You're time is running out Flo. For real this time. Before you were even born, your death was fixed. There isn't a second of time in the whole of reality when your life couldn't exist. You're the ultimate paradox."

I gulped, "What do you mean?"

"You will die..." He began sadly. "When the angels take Manhattan."

"What?" I asked nervously. The Doctor bolted out of the glass cabinet and up behind me.

"50 seconds and counting." The Master cackled, his attention returning to The Doctor.

"To what?" The Doctor asked.

"Ohhh, you're gonna love this."

The Doctor ran back over to the controls, bashing them frantically.

"What is it? Hypnotism? Mind control?" The Doctor asked, watching the guards, technicians and the Naismiths shake their heads. "You're grafting your thoughts inside them, is that it?"

I looked over at the countdown on a screen, the baby's regeneration energy warmth flowing through my hands.

"Oh, that's way too easy. No, no, no, they're not gonna think like me. They're gonna BECOME me. A-a-a-and, zero!" I held up my hands as it hit zero, a golden light surrounding me as a wave of energy flew through the room, hitting everyone.

I looked round, everyone except The Doctor, Wilf, The Master and I's head shaking at a furious pace, slowly merging into The Master's face.

"He can't have!" I breathed.

"What is it?" Wilf asked as I looked over at him, holding the energy to keep going as best as I could, with his mobile to his ear. He suddenly looked between The Doctor and I sadly. "Doctor, Flo! She's starting to remember. What is it?" I stared back at The Master, tears in my eyes. Donna remembered. It wasn't fair. I slowly lowered my hands, the regeneration energy dying down. "What have you done, you monster?" Wilf shouted.

"Oh, I'm sorry, are you talking to me?" The Master asked.

"Or to me?" Naismith asked, now The Master.

"Or to me?" Abigail-Master asked.

"Or to me?" The head guard-Master questioned.

"Or to us?" Two guard-Masters asked in unison.

The Master stepped out of the gate, walking across the floor, "The human race was always your favourite, Doctor. But now, there is no human race. There is only... the Master race."

And so it came to pass on Christmas Day that the human race did cease to exist. But even then, the Master had no concept of his greater role in events, for this was far more than humanity's end. This day was the day upon which the whole of creation would change forever. This was the day... the Time Lords returned.

For Gallifrey.

For victory.

For the end of time itself.

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