"Luke?" The Doctor asked softly as Luke opened his eyes. "Luke Smith?"

"Doctor?" Luke replied sleepily.

"Hello. Good to meet you in the flesh." The Doctor grinned.

"Flo!" Luke gasped, sitting up suddenly. He looked up at me and jumped up, hugging me.

"Ssh, it's ok." I whispered, stroking his head.

"What happened?" He asked The Doctor as I let go of him. "Mum, and the Trickster!"

"Luke, listen to me, I can find Sarah and bring her back, ok?" The Doctor reassured him.

"Will he?" Luke asked me, leaving The Doctor stunned.

I hesitated for a second before nodding, "Yeah."

"Who are you?" Clyde asked as he and Rani got up and edged towards me, away from The Doctor.

"Hello! You must be Clyde! And that makes you Rani!" The Doctor smiled at him, going to help Rani up but she just jumped away from him, standing next to me with Clyde as The Doctor frowned at them.

"How does he know our names?" Clyde asked me as The Doctor bounded to the front of the room, kneeling down and looking at the floor.

"It's you isn't it!" Rani gasped as The Doctor ran to the other end of the room, kneeling down and placing his ear to the floor and closing one eye.

"It's me." The Doctor muttered.

"The Doctor!"

"That's him." Luke said nervously, squeezing my hand.

"I hope you're as good as Flo and Sarah Jane say you are." Clyde said, watching The Doctor.

"Weeeell," He sat up and looked around the room. "You know journalists. Always exaggerating," He turned round in a circle and smirked at me. "I'm pretty amazing on a good day."

"Master!" K9 rolled out. "Query, where is Mistress Sarah Jane?"

"K9!" The Doctor cheered, kneeling down to him and tapping the sides of his face. "Did you miss me? Did you misshh meee?"

"Repeats, where abouts of Sarah Jane?"

"He's lost her K9." I mumbled. The Doctor looked up and stared at me for a second before looking back to K9.

"Where are we?" Clyde asked as we edged towards the window with Rani and Luke, looking out at the complete whiteness.

"Done a dimensional shift." The Doctor said, walking up behind us. "Time's moved on but us, this entire building... we've been left behind."

"There's nothing out there." Rani frowned before I glanced round, watching The Doctor walk away to the back window, looking out.

"I said all along, I knew there was something wrong about all of this." Clyde said before turning and looking at The Doctor. "And what exactly is going on?"

The Doctor glanced out of the window, "I'll explain later." He muttered. I flinched slightly, watching with a frown as the three teenagers began jabbering over each other, shouting at him. The Doctor casually reached into his pocket, pulling out a wooden noise maker toy and began spinning it. "Shh!" He hushed, quieting them. "Here's the answer to all your questions. Yes, that was the Trickster. Yes, we're trapped. Yes I'm the only one who can get us out of the trap. Yes, I'm gonna bring Sarah Jane, and your mum and dad, and all the others back safe. But I can't do any of it without you."

Clyde blinked, looking at The Doctor as he put the toy back into his pocket. "You need us?"

The Doctor nodded, looking up at us all, "Just like Sarah Jane and Flo need you."

"But my mum and dad, where are they?" Rani asked.

"Just go on with him Rani." Luke said. "I saw him and Flo save the world."

The Doctor grinned, slapping Luke on the cheeks lightly, "You helped me and your sister save the world Luke-y boy! Right!" He turned and rushed off. "Come on, we can use the TARDIS!" He stopped abruptly, looking back at Rani, Clyde and Luke. "I assume everyone knows what TARDIS is? Unless you've really not been paying attention…and!" He turned and ran off with us following. "Allons-y!"

The five of us ran back into the lobby and The Doctor stopped suddenly, making me run straight into him.

"Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it was there!" The Doctor exclaimed as I moved back, grumbling, and moved round to the other side of him. "It was right there!" The two of us shared a look and pushed the teenagers back as The TARDIS' materialisation sound echoed into the room, although The TARDIS sounded like she was struggling. "Wait, wait, wait, wait."

"That noise, I've heard it before." Rani said.

"That was me, trying to break through. But knocked back by the Trickster."

The TARDIS began to appear barely, right in front of us. "Temporal schism is preventing TARDIS materialization." K9 in formed us.

"Wait a minute, that's the TARDIS?" Clyde asked. "It's just a wooden box!" I looked round at him and gave him a light slap round the ear. "Ow!"

"Come on! You can do it, more power, come on!" The Doctor encouraged The TARDIS before it disappeared again. "Ok, well, no TARDIS." He sighed, turning round and looking at us. "It can't materialize here till time moves forward."

"What so we're trapped here?" Rani asked. "Wherever this is?"

"No, 'cos what have I got?" The Doctor grinned. "I've got K9!"

"Affirmative." K9 replied.

"And I've got you three and any friend of Sarah Jane and Flo Smith is a friend of mine."

"But where is this?" Clyde asked. "What's happened to the rest of the world?"

"Our present location, nowhere, no when." K9 said.

"No when?" Luke frowned.

"Look at the clocks." The Doctor said quietly. The four of us looked round at the clock ticking on the wall, barely moving.

"Time has stopped."

"What?" Clyde asked, looking at his watch. "You're joking."

"No, time hasn't stopped." Luke said as we glanced over at the TV showing a horse jumping a fence, the same second repeating over and over again. "This second's on a loop. 23 seconds and 23 minutes past 3 o'clock."

"And we're caught inside it, in this one second." The Doctor sighed.

"But, again, where is Sarah Jane?" Clyde asked.

"I think she's right here." The Doctor whispered.


"So we've been kept behind in this second." Rani frowned.

"Affirmative Mistress Rani." K9 replied.

"But the rest of the world, mum and dad, and everyone else, they've moved on from here, going forwards in time. Why has the Trickster trapped us here?"

The Doctor popped up from the floor, wearing his brainy specs and looking out into space, "Oh come on Rani. You know the answer to that." He stood up and took his jacket off.

"We're Sarah Jane's friends, all of us, her best friends!"

The Doctor chucked his jacket to Luke before making his way up the grand staircase, "Yeah, which means?"

"Hostages! He can use us to get at her!"

"We've met the Trickster before but we've never actually found out who he is." Clyde said, leaning against the desk.

"The Trickster is a creature from beyond the Universe," The Doctor began, slowly making his way back down the stairs. "Forever trying to break into our reality, manifest himself. He's one of the pantheon of discords."

"That's a good name for a band."

"Actually, not bad!" The Doctor nodded. "He's an eternal exile who exists to wreak havoc. But we can fight him. The five of us, and we can win!" Suddenly, the sonic screwdriver beeped from inside his pocket. "Oh!" He exclaimed, pulling it out and scanning round the room. "That's it! Time trace! Just a hint of Sarah Jane. Oh, she's close." He bolted over to the sofa and stood on it, listening to the sonic intently.

Rani suddenly shivered before grabbing onto my arm, "What was that?" She asked. "Felt like someone just walked over my grave."

I looked over at The Doctor as the sonic suddenly whirred to life, "Oh! Oh! She's here! She's here! Sarah!" He shouted, jumping down from the sofa.

"Sarah Jane." Rani corrected. "She doesn't like being called Sarah."

The Doctor looked at Rani, eyeing her carefully. "She does by me." He edged towards the doors as the sonic hummed at them. "K9!"

"Scanning Master!" K9 replied.

"Doctor!" An echo of Mum's voice suddenly called from the doors.

"Mum!" Luke and I shouted in unison.

"That was her!" Clyde exclaimed.

"K9! Isolate the time trace." The Doctor ordered.

"Affirmative Master." K9 replied. "Temporal schism divided in two Master."

"Yes of course. We're trapped here in 3.23.23 and Sarah Jane's trapped too, just in another second."

"Hold on, you said you'd explain later, well, it's later." Clyde said, making The Doctor look round at him. "Please explain."

"The Trickster doesn't want us helping Sarah, so he's separated us. Trapped us in two different seconds."

"Doctor!" An echo of Mum's voice came from upstairs.

The Doctor looked up slowly, "Oh, she's upstairs…come on! Luke, Flo, K9, watch for the TARDIS, you see it coming back shout the place down."

"Orders accepted Master." K9 said.

"You two with me!" The Doctor called, running up the stairs with Rani and Clyde following. "Spit spot."


"Luke." I said, sitting on the desk as Luke stood, watching the spot The TARDIS was trying to materialize into minutes before.

"Mm?" He replied vaguely, staring at the empty space.

"Promise me something."


"Look after Mum." Luke turned back and looked at me with a frown, "Don't ever break her heart."

"Why do you say that?" He whispered.

"I have to go. For a little while. A little over a year, at the most."

"Why?" I jumped off the desk and walked up to him, reaching into The Doctor's jacket and pulling out the scan photo, showing it to him. "You're pregnant." He gulped, looking up at me before smiling slowly. "How long?"

"A year."

He frowned, "How can you be 12 months pregnant?"

"Time Lord pregnancies last about 2 years. Only on the second year do you begin to properly show."

"Then why do you have to leave, I don't understand..."

"Someone told me an unborn baby was going to destory the world." I sighed, placing a hand on my stoumach. "It's obviously about mine and The Doctor's son so I have to run Luke, because things are going to come after my son."

"Stay with us, Mr Smith can help you and-"

"No." I whispered, placing a kiss to his forehead. "I'm sorry sweetie. I will always love you and-" Suddenly, we were interrupted by the sound of The TARDIS from inside the chapel. We shared a look before running in to find The Doctor, Rani and Clyde inside, watching The TARDIS materialize. Hang on, weren't they upstairs?

"What's happening?" Luke asked.

"Look," The Doctor said as I bolted over, holding the teenagers back and we looked at the artron energy streaming around The TARDIS. "That's pure artron energy. TARDIS power, equal enough to Trickster's power! That's how we can fight him!" As The TARDIS appeared fully, he bolted up to The TARDIS and into it and the wind began to pick up.

"Doctor!" Rani shouted.

"Come on, all of you get in!" The Doctor shouted, leaning out and grabbing Clyde's hand. "Come on now!" But the wind was too powerful and The Doctor fell back and the doors slammed shut. Clyde fell forward, hitting the doors face first, being zapped by the energy before falling to the floor as The TARDIS started to fade.

"Clyde!" Luke exclaimed as Rani and I pulled Clyde to his feet. The four of us looked up at the empty space where The TARDIS was.

"Just us then."

"You all right?" I asked Clyde, giving him a one armed hug.

"Yeah, I think." Clyde nodded. "He'll come back for us won't he?" I looked at the three teenagers, staying silent.

"What if he can't?" Rani asked.

"He will." Luke said, glancing at me. "I'll wait here for him, you check with K9."

And so me, Clyde and Rani ran back to K9 in the parlor.

"The Doctor said the power of the TARDIS could fight the Trickster." Rani said to K9. "Something energy."

"Artron energy, residue of TARDIS engines." I said.

"Known to be highly inimical to certain time sensitive life forms." K9 said in agreement.

"There is no TARDIS!" Rani said.

"Whoa!" Clyde gasped as he held his hand up, glowing with artron energy.

"What's that?"

"Artron energy Rani." I mumbled.

"And I got a shot of it." Clyde said.

"Then we can fight him!" Rani said.

"No! I can fight him." Clyde said, looking at his hand. "I can get close to the Trickster with this."

"Clyde you can't, you don't know what you're doing!"

"When has that ever stopped us? It's what Sarah Jane would do. It's what the Doctor taught her. I've got no choice."

"Let me do it." I said, grabbing his wrist.

"No." Clyde said, staring at me sternly. "If it goes wrong, you're the one we need, what if something goes wrong?"

"No, I can siphone it off through the baby, he's a Time Lord, it'll be ok."

Clyde and Rani looked at me in shock, "You're pregnant?" Clyde asked. "Then definitely no." He pulled out of my grasp and I lunged forward to stop him as Rani me back.

"Please! Don't do this!" I shouted.

Clyde stepped out into a big white space, "Trickster!" He shouted into the air.

The Trickster appeared, dressed in a black robe, "Clyde Langer." The Trickster hissed. "Why do you call me?"

"I wish to serve you. I wish to join the Pantheon."

"Clyde no!" I shouted, pulling out of Rani's grasp, only for the doors to slam shut. I stood, breathing heavily and staring at the doors before I heard Mum's voice back in the chapel. Rani and I shared a look before running in to find Mum sitting at the back of the room, holding Clyde's head in her lap as he lay, passed out. I ran over and pulled her into a hug, not having to say anything as Rani checked Clyde over.

And then Luke and The Doctor ran in, honestly, time trap's were complicated, people were running into rooms they were already in. "Mum!" Luke shouted as he and The Doctor ran up to us.

"Doctor! Oh Doctor!" Mum gasped.

"My Sarah Jane, you did it, the trap's broken, time's moving forwards again." The Doctor said, putting his arms around the both of us tightly as the room began to shake. "We're going home!"

"Hold on!" Luke said, clutching onto me.

"We're all going home!"

And then a bright light filled the room.


I watched Mum sadly stand at the front of the altar, Peter now gone. We'd returned roughly to the moment we were at before.

"Where's he gone?" Gita whispered. "Sarah's bloke, where's he gone?"

"He was just there." Haresh muttered.

"Where's the Doctor gone?" Luke muttered, turning to Rani and Clyde.

"That all really happened. Didn't it?" Rani asked.

"Yeah." Clyde whispered.

"Affirmative." K9 said.

I got up and took Mum's hand, turning around and addressing the guests. "I'm sorry everybody." I said blankly. "I'm afraid the wedding is cancelled." And I gently pulled her out of the room.


I sat in the attic on the steps, no longer in my dress, watching Mum stand in front of Mr Smith, her no longer wearing her wedding dress either.

"Mr. Smith, I need you." Mum said quietly.

Mr Smith, calmly for once, opened up. "Welcome back, Sarah Jane." Mr Smith said as the door opened and Luke, Clyde and Rani walked in.

"Mum," Luke said, rushing up to her. "Are you all right?"

"I'm going to be fine." Mum said, hugging him quickly. "I've got you haven't I?"

"I can't believe the Doctor ran off like that."

I burst out laughing, "I do." I said.

"Sudden disappearing acts, that's him all over." Mum said in agreement.

"Sarah Jane, escalation of Temporal Flux." Mr Smith announced.

"Temporal Flux escalating!" K9 said in agreement as The TARDIS materialized at the top of the steps.

"Doctor!" Mum gasped as I stood up.

The door opened and The Doctor stuck appeared in the doorway. "What do you take me for Sarah? Just thought I'd go the quick way…oh," He looked round the attic with a nod. "I like it in here."

"Can we have a look?" Rani asked, nodding at The TARDIS.

"What in the TARDIS? My TARDIS?" The Doctor asked rudely, staring at them shocked. He smiled suddenly. "Course you can, yeah." He moved out of the way and I went through first, making my way up to the console casually and sitting on the jump seat.

"Oh wow!" Clyde gasped. "Flo wasn't lying. It really is, isn't it? It's bigger on the inside?"

"It's beautiful!" Rani said in awe and me and The Doctor shared a look. That had become a catchphrase of mine really, I used to say it a lot... not anymore."

"Transcendental dimensions." Luke commented.

"Oh what does this do?" Clyde asked, pointing at something on the console.

"Hey, don't touch." Mum said, tapping Clyde's hand away and turning to The Doctor. "You came all that way, for me."

"You are so important. Not just to me." The Doctor replied, nodding back at me. "Trickster wanted to end your story but it goes on. The things you've done Sarah they're pretty impressive. But oh! The things you're gonna do…"

"The future…" Luke said. "How about we could go for a ride?"

"Or back to the dinosaurs yeah?" Clyde asked.

"Another planet?" Rani said in excitement.

"No way!" I exclaimed, jumping up and stepping in front of them, looking at them. "For one thing, you are grounded by the Judoon, and you're parents would never forgive me."

"That's not fair, your child gets to do all the adventures, but we don't?!" Clyde said, pouting.

"Go on." I scolded them, and they left The TARDIS. I turned back to Mum and The Doctor with a sigh.

"So you told them then?" The Doctor asked.

"Shutup." I muttered.

"Is this the last time I'm ever going to see you?" Mum asked.

"I don't know." The Doctor replied. "I hope not."

"Bye Doctor. Until the next time."

"Don't forget me Sarah Jane."

Mum smiled at him, "No one's ever going to forget you." And she turned and left.

"What are you going to do now?" The Doctor asked.

"Hide. For a long time. Go and see Jack and Martha maybe, then hide in TSS for a while." The Doctor nodded at me. TSS was a place I'd learnt about in the library, a little paradise asteroid, like a holiday resort, where time literally stood still. I'd stay there for a while, it's security was excellent, until I knew what I would do.

"Well..." The Doctor began.


He looked up at me with a sigh, "You could always, come back and travel with me?"

I smiled, shaking my head, "No."


"Goodbye, Doctor." I placed a kiss to his cheek and made my way over to the doors.

"What did she say to you?" I looked back him, just about to step out of the door. "She said something to you, didn't she? Just after you shut the door. What did Rose say?"

"An unborn baby is going to destroy the world." I sighed before stepping out and shutting the door.


I stood at the end of the drive, looking up at the stars with a backpack on my back when Mum appeared next to me.

"The kids don't understand." Mum said, making me look back down at her. "I do though. Just be careful, and come back, ok?"

"Eventually, yes." I said sadly.

"Where are you going first?"

"Cardiff." I nodded. "Go and see Jack and Torchwood, then, who knows?"