Yo my name's Di-Stri and I hear you cry
So I'm'a make you smile with my beats so fly
You're alone and scared in the dark of the night
So lend me your ears and my rhymes'll make it right

Little bro Dave, you're my joy and my pride
Ever since you came down on your meteor ride
You're growing so fast, you gonna make me so proud
I just wish you would sleep for crying out loud
Well, I guess I shouldn't say that since you're already wailin'
But you're cooling it now so I know my beats ain't failin'
So I'll keep on spilling rhymes till you finally tire
Your tantrum's no match for the Strider's sick fire

See, kid, don't be scared, I know you know
No under-bed monster gon' mess with your Bro
So close your eyes, sleepyhead, count yourself some sheep
Your Bro's here watching over you, now please go the fuck to sleep.