Chapter One

White…and then blur to a spectrum of colors. You hear mumbling, until you hear words. You shake your head.

"—Newponiesarealwaysfuntotalkt oyouknowyou'reareallygoodlistener…" A pink pony was talking to you a million miles per hour. A pony, okay this must be a dream. You think to yourself. You tuned her out and looked at your—HOOVES?! This was too much for you to handle. You faint.

The smell of hospitals awoke you. You hated needles, surprising yourself that you remembered that. Seeing how you didn't remember much else. You once again gain your vision to find more ponies. Great, this was just what you needed, more ponies. It was even worse figuring out that this wasn't a dream. You felt a mix of emotions about that, and you didn't even know why. The ponies had weird colored coats and hair. There were three. One was the one you met earlier, the pink one with swirled magenta hair, she liked talking, but you were okay with that. The one to the right of her, had a purple coat and mane, she was analyzing you. Then the one to the right or the purple one, she had and orange coat and sandy blond hair. They stared at you, which was expected, seeing how you were staring at them. The purple one looked up.

"Oh good, you're up. Are you feeling well?" She asked.

"I could be better, you guys would be?" You wanted to get this out of the way as fast as possible, seeing how you didn't want to call them by color.

"Oh, not usually the first question asked by a concussion patient. Well, I'm Twilight Sparkle, This is Pinkie Pie." She said pointing to the pink one. Well no shit. "And this is Applejack." By the time she was done introducing.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, if I haven't already. You all seem somewhat familiar." You say, trying to recall the past, but failing.

"I don't think we met, in fact there are no files or your existence." She said bluntly.

"Well that's just dandy. So what you're saying is no house, no job, nothing." You say, disappointed that you're homeless, as if that was the least of your worries. She must have sensed this, because next she tried comforting you.

"Hey, it's alright, you were out for a while so I arranged things with Applejack here, you will be staying with her, with your consent, of course." She said in a soothing voice. It actually calmed your nerves.

"Of course, but why be so nice to a stranger?" You had NO idea why you were fighting a place to stay, but you did. Applejack spoke up.

"Well, ah do need help around the barn too, so I figured I'd be generous and let you have a place to stay, seeing how you, um well, don't." She was very honest about it, you respected that.
"I'd be happy to help around. Just tell me what to do and I'm on it." You say confidently.
"Well alright then, let's get to it." She smirked.

"Hold on, you still need rest, and you need to remember not to push him, remember that bucking trees takes practice." Twilight shot out. Pinkie Pie was surprisingly quiet, but you noticed she wasn't around.
"Oh, alright." Applejack responded in almost a mocking tone. You found it funny.

Out of nowhere Pinkie pie comes back out and shoots a freaking canon! Paper flies everywhere. You read some of them, all of them said get well and if you weren't so dazed, you would be touched by this.