Chapter 15

Author's note: I'm not sure guys, I don't think this story's going over to well. I think I may just end this one and start a different one, which will be significantly more planned, but less updated. Let me know what you guys think.

You awoke, not feeling like yourself. You walked out of your room, grabbing clothes on the way. You went to shower. Looking in the mirror you looked at the same blue eyes and dark brown hair. You needed your glasses, but they could wait. You studied your dry hands. As if you weren't the person you thought you were, you punch the wall, out of pent up aggression of something. You immediately regretted it as you now have a hole in your wall. You sigh.

"Another day, another pointless day." You mutter to yourself. You walked downstairs after your brief shower; you held up the picture you knew to well. It was the last picture of your mother, before she…passed away.

Waking up with a gasp, you sit in your bed staring back at the body you were now accustom to, hooves were back, and pale-ass coat. You were relieved, remembering how much you hated your life when you were human, but what made you want to go back? There had to be something.

"Oscar, you better get up! You're going to be late for work." Twilight called for you. You got up and got ready quickly. As you were getting ready, you noticed something about Twilight. She acted like your mother, looking out for you, getting irritated when you didn't listen. You smile. It was nice having her around. By the time you were ready you still had an hour before work. You look in the mirror. May be that self absorbed douche-bag was right at it was time for a haircut. But to what length, what was considered popular. You stopped there, when did you begin to care what's popular? You began walking out, opening before the rush. You walked though the town square, and noticed a crowd. You looked around, some looked at you, with some emotion you couldn't quite grasp. You manage through the crowd to get to your store…You just stood there…in shock. It was burning; the shop was burning to the ground. A police pony walked to you, and explained it was arson, and they were looking for someone responsible. You sigh. They managed to get the money. You were glad it wasn't like Earth money. You weren't too concerned about the money though. What you were concerned about was the specific recipe, it wasn't just coffee grounds, there were added ingredients to add flavor. Your damn memory, why does it suck so much? You walk home, with the money of course. The gift that was given to you by friends was just taken away in one swift flame. You had idea as to who it was, but of course you can't just accuse him, you had to find evidence. As for now though, you just wanted to lie in bed. You walked inside of the Golden Oaks library, or rather home. Twilight noticed you.

"I thought you had work?" She asked, rearranging books.

"I don't want to talk about it." You tell her and walk upstairs to your room. You plop in your bed and stare at the ceiling. Hours went by and you were visited by your friends. First was Pinkie Pie, she did her job in making you smile. She put on a show for you. You thanked her and she left to go attend to some business, as she said.

"Ponies everywhere need a smile; there are no brakes on the Pinkie train!" That itself made you laugh. You soon were visited by Rainbow Dash.

"Ah man, I heard, it really sucks." She rubbed the back of her head.

"Yeah, I guess it's not all bad, I mean no one was hurt."

"Well yeah. So what do you plan to do now?" She asked

"Maybe find a new job as something else; I think I might have a feeling on what to do for my mark." You explain.

"Really?! That's great." She was excited to see her friend turn things around and get his mark. You two conversed for a while and then she was off as well. Rarity and Applejack were both out of town, but there was still one person left. Fluttershy walked in slowly. You sat up.

"Hey, how are you doing?" You ask her, completely forgetting the problem.

"How am I doing? What about you? You just had your store burned down." This was new Fluttershy.

"I wasn't too attached to it." This was partly the truth. Of course you were happy people put this together for you, but it was just stressful working there. She sighed. "The date's still on right? I wanted to discuss details." You explained. She looked down.

"About that…" She said quietly.