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Chapter 1: My Life

My name is Renesmee. I have not exactly had the easiest life. I was adopted about a month after I was born. I don't know anything about my biological parents. Although, I wish I did because I am not exactly a normal person. Actually, I consider myself to be a freak really. I was a normal girl until I hit the age of twelve, that is when puberty started. I went through all of the usual changes such as a period among other things as well. But, I also noticed a lot of other unusual changes as well. The first thing that I noticed was that I got more pale than what is normal. I got a lot stronger too. I actually was able to lift up a minivan to help dad fix the engine of his car one time. I was suddenly able to run a lot faster than normal too. I was never an athletic type of person, but suddenly I could out run a cheetah. That is definitely not normal. Another huge change to suddenly come about to was an enhanced sense of smell. Suddenly I could smell all of the ingredients in a pie. I think that my sense of smell is much better than that of a bloodhound.

My parents were very worried about me during this time. They took me to numerous doctors to try and find out what was wrong with me, but none of them were able to figure it out.

At age 16 my parents both died in a car accident. They were very wealthy and they had left me a lot of money so I was still financially secure. Around this time I also became pregnant. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl after only four months of being pregnant. For some reason my baby grew really fast inside of me.

But, now at the age of 22 my daughter Chloe and I are moving to a house that my parents left me in Alaska. I have decided that a change of scenery is what is best for me. Here in LA I am in constant reminder of my parents, which is still very painful. I need to get a fresh start somewhere else.