Chapter 17: Unexpected

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Renesmee's POV

I felt bad about attacking Seth. He really is a good kid and I don't think he would ever harm Chloe. He's really good with my daughter.

I picked up Chloe and carried her inside the house. The poor girl was exhausted after the long day. First she goes missing and ends up with her father and then I almost kill her best friend right in front of her. Just thinking about the day had me feeling tired myself.

"Renesmee, are you okay?" dad asked.

"I'm fine. I'm just really sleepy" I said.

"You and Chloe both look exhausted. Why don't you two sleep in one of the spare rooms" dad said.

"Thanks, we'd love that" I said.

"Anything for my daughter and granddaughter" he replied. I just smiled in response.

I put Chloe on the bed and then I snuggled up with her. She fell asleep in my arms around the same time I fell asleep.

I woke up a few hours later and that was only because a certain little girl of mine had woken up and was trying to squirm and wiggle her way out of my grip.

"I'm sorry momma. I didn't mean to wake you up" she said with worry in her little voice. She looked like she was ready for me to start yelling at her.

"It's okay" I said and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She visibly relaxed before flashing me one of her lopsided smiles.

We went to the living room where everyone was gathered. They were all talking quietly about something and I had the feeling that it was bad. Very bad.

"What's going on?" I asked.

Everyone's heads snapped towards us in alarm. I didn't like the looks that they were giving us at all.

"Alice had a vision" dad said.

"What do you mean she had a vision?" I asked feeling confused.

"I can see the future based on what people decide" Alice answered.

"Ohh" I answered. How many surprises am I in for exactly? How many other vampires have gifts?

"What kind of vision did you get? Good or bad?" I asked although I had a feeling it was going to be bad.

"Bad. I had a vision that the Volturi are coming for us" she said.

"When?" I asked suddenly feeling very scared.

"I'm not sure. I think it's going to he within the next day or two" she said.

"So what are we going to do?" I asked.

"We are trying to figure that out. They want you and your daughter. We need to figure out how we are going to protect you two" she said.

"How do they even know about us? Why do they want us?" I asked.

"There leader, Aro, knows about you because he saw you two in Jane's thoughts. He wants you two because there aren't any other creatures like you and he wants to study you or possibly kill you" she said.

My heart started beating faster and my daughter held onto me tighter. I picked her up and held her close to me. Nothing was going to happen to her. They could take me or kill me. They can do whatever they want with me but they better not touch a hair on my Chloe's head. I would stop at nothing to protect her.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Carlisle went to answer it.

"Who are you?" I heard him ask.

Then a very familiar voice answered. "I'm Brian Renesmee's ex boyfriend. Is she here? I need to talk to her" he answered.

It only took a fraction of a second for my father to become furious. He ran over there and the rest of us followed. My mom had to physically restrain my father from biting Brian's bead off.

"So you're the sick bastard that abused my daughter when you discovered that you got her pregnant!" he screamed.

"Daughter? What are you talking about? You're about the same age as us" Brian asked.

"Get out of here before I rip your head off!" my father shouted.

Brian was starting to look scared "Renesmee. I need to talk to you" he said once he spotted me.

"You're not going anywhere near her so leave now!" dad shouted.

He left after that, but there was a huge part of me that wanted to know what he was going to say. I had no intention of ever taking him back I just wanted to know what he had to say.

After much deliberation I decided to go after him. I grabbed my daughter and went towards the door when I was stopped by my father.

"Where are you going?" he asked. "I want to know what he has to say" I said.

"Renesmee I don't want you and Chloe going anywhere near him" he said.

"Dad I have to know what he wants to say. He's not going to hurt me" I said.

He didn't show any signs of changing his mind. "Was he thinking about hurting me?" I asked.

"No. He just has some questions for you" he said.

"So if he's not a danger you should just let me go" I said.

He sighed in response. "Fine, but it would make me feel better if you're mother went with you" he said.

"Okay, if it makes you feel better" I said.

"It does" he said.

"What are you two saying about me?" asked mom.

"Renesmee wants to go look for Brian but it would make me feel better if you went with her" he said.

"Okay" she said.

We then left.

Brian's POV

I had the feeling that I was missing something huge. I didn't understand how my daughter could hear what I was thinking.

It took me awhile but I was finally able to locate her. Only to be kicked out by a man who claims to be her father. He had to be in his late teens or early twenties. It made no sense at all. I needed to talk to her. I needed to understand.

As I was walking I was approached by a young girl. She looked to be only about 12 or 13. She was pale, extremely pale. Just like the family Nessie was with. Only difference is that she had red eyes and blonde hair. Something about her really scared me.

"You smell delicious" she said in a voice that sent shivers down my spine.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"No one of importance" she said as she sauntered forward.

I turned in the other direction and ran as fast as I could. Only to have her appear out of thin air in front of me.

"Oh you're all just the same. You all think you can escape me. Unfortunately you're death will be slower" "La tua cantante" she muttered. "I've heard of singers, but I've never realized just how appealing they can be" she said.

Although I had no idea what the hell she was talking about I was extremely scared.

I suddenly felt her teeth pierce my neck. I dropped to the floor and screamed in agony. I felt like my neck was on fire. She continued to suck on my neck until something or rather someone attacked her.

I felt like every cell in my body was on fire.

"Jane's gone for now" I heard one of them say.

"What about Brian? What's going to happen to him?" Nessie asked.

"It's too late. The venom has already spread so the change is going to happen" the other girl said.

I screamed in agony as the fire suddenly intensified.

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