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It is among the flames and the bombs when he realizes who he's looking for. It's not his Catnip, with her braid and her scars, it's Madge. The girl with a love of strawberries. He can't believe it when a voice in his head speaks- Go on, find her. Run. So he does run. And he runs and runs. His gift from all of the running is he gets to watch Madge's house explode. Lovely. The noise he produces isn't human, it's animal. It's the noise he knows from when he shoots a buck or a bird. It's purely animal. "Madge!" He reaches his hand out as the ashes fall. He vows to never be cremated.

Leave. C'mon Gale, leave. He can't though, he is transfixed. Now he knows how the citizens of Pompeii felt as they watched Mt. Vesius erupt. It is gorgeous, yet unholy. Now he knows why he fell for Katniss. She is made purely of flames. That's when it hits him. Katniss. She is in an arena that may be in flames. Ironic, seeming as the arena was made of water. She is spinning, spinning, spinning, flames bursting from her very being. When will she stumble?

He finally leaves, tearing his eyes away from the burning house. It is time to take leadership. He rises slowly, gathering the people and herding them into the woods. His place of sanctuary has been destroyed, overtaken. And so has Madge. Overtaken by flames and bombs. Overtaken by the Capitol. The voice speaks again- Avenge her, then. And he will. Oh, he will.

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