Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, May 6th 2011

The rain was still pooling on the ground as the casualties from the war were laid to rest. The funerals had lasted several days. Dumbledore's had been yesterday and now, it was Sam's. Dean was the last to emerge from the castle. He carried his little brother down to the casket that was waiting for him. John and Mary had offered to help him but he refused.

"Mom, Dad, I've spent so much time with him when we were growing up. I need this... I need to do this alone." He told them

They didn't understand why he needed to do this alone. Ever since they were young it was just the two of them, Mary was dead, and John was gone all the time hunting down monsters. Dean thought it would only be proper for him to be alone with his brother one last time before he was all alone again.

Dean walked, stone-faced down the mossy hill from the school. Hiding his emotions was what he did best. He never showed people how much pain he was really going through. Not only was that his role as a big brother, but as a hunter to. Never show that you care about anyone. Your enemy can use that against you, a superhero complex if you will. The only one who could ever see through Dean's façade was now gone from this word, never to return.

Mary, John, Bobby, Jo, and Ellen were waiting for him, as well as half the student body. Since the brothers had first come to the school, everyone had come to know and love them like family. Harry, Ron and Hermione were standing closer to the hunters, Hermione had silent tears streaking down her face, and Ron held her in his embrace, trying to hold back his own tears. Harry was emotionless as he watched the procession. So many of his friends had died today, he had lost count.

Dean finally made it to the casket. This time he didn't push Mary and John away as they helped him lower Sam's body into the coffin. Dean couldn't bear to burn his little brother's corpse. It was cruel. When he thought about it, the rest of his family, apart from Sam, had gone in flames. His mother had died in the fire, and Jessica had too, just twenty two years later, their father, who's body was burned two days after his death, and finally, Adam. He had spoken to the hunters about it. The tattoo would still work to keep anything evil out. Bobby had told him that the tattoo they both had was one of the main reasons he had allowed Dean to be buried. Dean cleared his throat as he stood back up.

"I'm not good at this. Sammy always was the smart one you know." He laughed a little. "But I wanted to say a few words, about my brother."

Everyone was silent as Dean composed himself. "When we were kids, I was always responsible for Sammy. I always felt like he never got to have much of a childhood, we moved around so much that it was hard for him to make friends, so I was all that he had, other than my Dad. My brother sometimes made my life a living Hell, and I would know a thing or two about Hell. But I wouldn't change a single day of it. He, uh, made some wrong choices over the years," He paused to look meaningfully at his father. "But he made them for the right reasons. There's nothing that I wouldn't do for this kid, I even went to Hell for him." he paused again; he tried to keep his emotions in check. "I'd do it again too." If there was anything that Dean could do to bring Sam back he would do it in a heartbeat. Then his façade crumbled and his true feelings showed.

"Dammit Sammy I'm your bigger brother, I was supposed to die first!" Tears poured down his face. He couldn't hold it in any longer. Jo finally came over and consoled Dean. Mary had tears in her eyes as well, John was holding her close.

As Dean looked at his brother, and watched as the other hunters and the students came to pay their last respects, he thought that he had seen Sam's eye twitch and then again when he thought his finger had moved. But he disregarded it as a trick of the light. Hopefully God wouldn't be so cruel as to let Dean believe that Sammy could still be alive, not after everything they had been through.

Dean sighed. He pulled the small cord from his pocket. Hanging from it, was a small vial. Filled with silvery blue liquid. A few hours before, Dean had extracted some of his memories, the best childhood, teenage years and adult years he spent with Sam. He had put them into the small vial. It was his last gift to his little brother. Gently, he lifted Sam's head before he slipped it around his brother's neck.

"Love you little brother," Dean whispered. Winchesters never told each other that, it just wasn't said much. Their expressions of love were simpler, like giving up your bed for the night, getting dinner, or not eating the last of the cereal.

Dean's head bowed as he placed his hand on the coffin lid. Applying pressure, The coffin lid began to close, but just before it shut, a white glowing light shone from under the lid. Dean gasped as a pale hand wrapped around his wrist from inside the casket. Several of the watchers screamed. Dean looked down in horror and was met with the confused and scared eyes of his little brother.

"Dean, what the-? Why am I in a coffin?" Sam gaped.

"Sammy... you've been dead for the last four days," Dean choked.

"What?" Sam gasped.

"Look there's something in the water!" They heard someone shout.
Everyone turned to see the surface of the black lake was being disturbed by ripples coming from the centre. A trail of bubbles were coming closer to the edge of the lake and a head of dark hair broke through the surface.
"Oh great what now?" Dean tried to go for his gun but Sam still had a death grip on his hand. "Uh Sammy?"
"Sorry." Sam smirked as he let go.
Dean rubbed his wrist; Sam was a lot stronger than he used to be. He focused his attention to the black lake. He noticed that the rest of the hunters that were left had taken up positions around the lake Dean walked over to the lake and aimed his gun at the head. "Whatever you are you son of a bitch you'd better come out before I unload this gun and send you back to Hell."
"I've been to Hell Dean, it's not that great of a place." Castiel's voice echoed through the air. His head broke through the surface and the rest of his body followed soon after that.

"Cas?" Dean breathed. "Christo!" he yelled.

"I am not a demon, It is me Dean." Castiel replied, blue eyes focused on the hunter. Dean swallowed and walked forward.."What was the last thing you said to me?"

"I apoligised before telling you that the Leviathans had to die," Castiel replied. Dean smiled.

"Okay Cas," Dean continued. He and Castiel turned to the others.

"Sam," Castiel smiled. "I see my spell worked."

"Spell?" Dean and Sam asked in unison. Castiel walked forward.

"Yes Sam, Dean. Shortly before your death I placed a spell upon you that you would both be reborn after you die," Castiel explained.

"What does that mean?" Sam asked.

"You are now an Angel of the Lord, Sam," Castiel announced. There was murmurings among the crowd.

"What?!" Sam exclaimed. "That's bull Cas."

"Sam, I can prove it to you. You can see my wings," Castiel said, and Sam's eyes widened, because it was only then that he noticed the huge black wings uncurling from Castiel's back. His sight was sharper, and he could see that the feathers were not completely black. There were tones of midnight blue hidden amongst the other scattered colours, dark grey, indigo in some places amongst the black. Sam found he could flex the muscle in his own wings and outstreched them. They were as large as Castiel's but Sam's wings looked like they belonged to an eagle the multiple feathers in different shades of brown astounded him. Sam Eagle, Sam thought of the Muppets character with an air of amusement.

"I bet your wings are huge Cas," Dean grinned cockily.

"Yes, they are, but all Angels have large wings Dean," Castiel replied,

"But how is that possible Cas?" Dean asked.

"The spell is very difficult to complete. It took me months to find the ingredients, and to place the spell on the both of you."

"Wait, you did this to me too?" Dean exclaimed.

"Dean, among the billions of humans on earth. You two have earned this noble act. A human has never gotten a higher rank if you will, in Heaven since the Son died for your sins," Castiel told them. Dean's eyes were still wide. He was going to become an Angel when he died. It was extremely difficult to absorb. Had Castiel even thought that maybe they didn't want to be a bunch of dick Angels?

"How does this actually work?" Sam asked, his gaze travelling to Jessica. She stood, running into his arms. He held her close as he waited for Cas to continue.

"Your soul has been transformed into Grace," Cas informed with a soft smile. "The Grace is keeping your body alive, when that curse that you were attacked with insures death, your Grace prevents it."

"Like a demon possesses a corpse?" Dean interrupted, looking at Castiel's slightly smiling face.

"It is similar, but not exactly the same," Castiel replied. "Sam's body is kept alive by his Grace."

"But Cas... I shouldn't be an Angel.." Sam trailed off. "The blood."

"It is gone. Your blood is cleansed, and all of it is yours," Cas replied patiently."Right now, even though you are fully grown, you have the experience of a fledgling."

"A fledgling?" Sam asked.

"A baby Angel, for lack of a better term," Castiel explained. "I can teach you to use your Grace to fight, heal and much more."

A slow clapping sound drifted from the end of the aisle. There , hands in his suit jacket pocket. Beside him were two demons, one of which was Ruby, who smirked at Sam.

"Interrupting a service am I?" Crowley announced brightly as he smiled. "Moose, you look different... wait... You have got to be kidding! You're a freakin' Angel!"

"I am not kidding Crowley," Castiel growled, stepping forward. Ruby and the male demon stepped forward.

Follow my lead Sam, Castiel's voice drifted into Sam's mind. He looked a little startled.

What the hell? Sam thought.

Angel radio as Dean calls it, Castiel told him without speaking. Cas strode forward, past the funeral's attendees and placed one hand on the male demon's forehead and the other on his mouth, whose eyes and mouth under Castiel's hand glowed white before the corpse fell. Sam followed and without hesitation, watching as Ruby backed away, he pressed his hand to Ruby's forehead, feeling as the power of his Grace burned the demon from the inside out.

Sam was left wide eyed as Ruby's host fell. Pure hatred ran through him for the demon who had turned him into a monster, something that made Dean look at him differently. Sam and Castiel turned, facing the King of Hell. They didn't need the Angel radio to know what each other were thinking. Just as they were about to step forward, Dean spoke.

"Cas, Sam, move," he said. Dean was holding the Colt up, pointing directly at Hell's King. Dean had found that there was just one bullet left in the Colt after Ruby had repaired it all those years ago. Dean pulled the trigger and the bullet shot forward, impaling Crowley in the forehead. Crowley's body jerked several times, lighting up in a vibrant orange light, before he fell to the grass below. Dean turned the gun upward and blew the smoke away.

"Checkmate," he grinned. Sam snorted.

"No one messes with us Winchesters," Dean grinned.

One Year Later

Dean and Jo Winchester left their house a little less than a year later. Dean held a squirming baby girl of almost four months of age. Cassidy Mary Winchester was looking at the world around her, green hazel eyes, cooing and gurgling. Dean laughed. Cassidy had the starting of what would be her father's hair colour, a sandy blond. Her features, even though she had her father's eye colour, were completely her mother's.

"Come on sweetheart," Dean grinned, hearing her laugh and giggle. He chuckled as he strapped her into the back seat of the Impala.

So much had happened in the last year. Sam and Castiel had been working together to get rid of demons. A new demon, Marcus, had taken over since Crowley's death. Sam and Cas had helped to put Heaven back in some sort of order. Sam learned more and more everyday. It was annoying to have Sam suddenly appear in a room at some points. Dean swore Sam did it to annoy him sometimes.

Sam and Jessica married a month after the battle had ended and they had their own baby now, Johnathan Dean Winchester, who was only two months of age. Nephlims, the children of Angels and humans were normally dangerous creatures, but since Sam was once human, Castiel assured that the baby would inherit only human traits. And he was right. His son was purely human. John and Mary lived with Bobby in his home. Sam and Jessica lived nearby, as did Dean and Jo

He closed the back door on the Impala, and smiled. Cassidy had been born almost two weeks overdue, on November 2nd 2011. The day, just 28 years before, was barely spoken of, the day that tore the Winchesters apart. Everything came full circle. Dean would have scoffed at this type of fairy tale ending years ago, saying that it could never happen, but it did happen.

Dean slid into the drivers seat and turned on the radio. Kansas' "Carry On My Wayward Son" blasted through the stereo. Dean grinned.

Carry on my wayward son,

They'll be peace when you are done,

Lay your weary head to rest,

Don't you cry no more.

Then, the life of a hunter was fraught with danger and death. Now, after settling down, life was perfect. The road so far in the past year was everything Dean had dreamed of and more...

The End

Well, here we have it folks! The end of another story! I hope everyone liked it. I want to give a huge thanks to my friend Katie (Silvertongued Poet) who helped me out and listened to my bitching and ranting about this story XD.