Stained Blossom

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Chapter 1: Obsession


I watched from a distance, waiting for the right moment to curl my arms around you. An image of white fascination, of silk and fine scent, I could not resist you. So I laid the baited trap and lured you…reached out and captured you…buried myself inside you. But in the exchange, I too, was enslaved. Now we both shall pay the price for that foolish desire, that mistake of passion, that time we cannot forget…


"Welcome, Aizen taichou," said the housekeeper, "Kuchiki-sama is waiting in the gardens. Come this way."

He followed quietly, his heart quickening as they moved out of the entry and through the cool hallway, out onto the wooden walkway and into the sweet smelling gardens of Kuchiki Manor. The housekeeper led him to the patio table, where Kuchiki Ginrei waited, sitting at the table and having tea with his grandson. His eye touched Byakuya briefly, in a flash, noting the freshness of youth, the soft, pale skin, wide gray eyes and calm, quiet expression. He smiled, still sensing the presence of the spirited child beneath that seemingly tamed exterior.

"Greetings, Aizen taichou," said Ginrei, looking up at him, "I was just telling Byakuya about your award ceremony."

"Congratulations, Aizen taichou," added Byakuya.

"Arigato," Aizen said, sitting down at the table.

The server poured him a cup of tea.

"I understand that you just experienced a ceremony of your own, Byakuya," Aizen said to the youth, "I think every noble in existence attended your passage ceremony."

"Well," said Ginrei, his lips curving upward, "it isn't every day that a future clan leader reaches his eighteenth year. We are very proud of Byakuya."

He sipped at his tea.

"I believe you said that you had a request to make," Ginrei prompted him.

"Ah, yes," said Aizen, his eye falling on Byakuya, "I am overseeing a short mission to the living world which will require me to pose as a wealthy businessman. I have a need for an attendant, fukutaichou level to undertake this mission with me, but my own fukutaichou is overwhelmed with other responsibilities. In addition, the mission requires the attendant to be multi-lingual and to have a talent in calligraphy. Ukitake taichou informs me that your Byakuya is capable in both of these areas. Moreover, he looks the part…young, fine features, high intelligence. I was wondering if you might allow me to borrow him for a few weeks."

He almost smiled at the instant reaction in Byakuya's eyes…innocent, of course. He was, after all, young and inexperienced…powerful though he was. And Ginrei had kept the youth carefully near to him. But with his eighteenth birthday passed, he was certain that the elder noble would be likely to consider it appropriate for his grandson to partake of longer and more dangerous missions that would call for him to be more on his own. He was, in fact, counting on this.

"Byakuya?" said Ginrei.

The youth nodded calmly.

"I am willing," he said quietly.

Ginrei bent his head, studying his tea.

"Things are quiet at the sixth division. I believe that it would not be a burden to allow him to accompany you. When do you leave for this mission?"

"I'm afraid we must leave immediately. Fortunately, he needn't bring anything. Everything has been prepared for our trip. I would, of course, have given more warning, had I been able, but…"

"Not to worry," Ginrei assured him, "Byakuya is quite capable of the necessary flexibility required on short notice missions."

"I am glad to hear that," said Aizen, "and I am grateful for the assistance. I do not wish to be rude, but we will need to go. Our transfer team is already in place and just waiting for us."

He stood and Byakuya stood and moved to his side. Aizen felt a twinge in his loins as the youth moved closer. He took a calming breath.

"Again, arigato. I will have your grandson back as soon as this mission is successfully completed."

They took their leave of the noble and flash stepped away from Kuchiki Manor. Byakuya followed in silence as the elder shinigami led him to the senkaimon. They passed over into the living world and slipped into the gigais their attendants provided them with. Then, they climbed into a limousine and sped away. Aizen watched Byakuya out of the corner of his eye, sensing now, the touch of uncertainty in the youth's reiatsu. He smiled bracingly.

"He hardly lets you out of his sight, right?" he queried softly.

Byakuya gazed at him for a moment, then nodded.

"It is customary, considering he is grooming me for clan leadership," he replied.

"But," Aizen said, glancing out the window, "all young people yearn for a bit of excitement, a bit of freedom, ne?"

Byakuya looked down at his hands.

"Of course," he admitted, "but being made clan leader is a great responsibility…a great weight. And it requires the sacrifice of such things, for the good of the clan."

"Hmmm…" said Aizen thoughtfully, as the limousine pulled up to their hotel.

The valet opened the car door and they stepped out onto the entry carpet, and followed it into the richly luxuriant lobby. Aizen kept the young noble at his side as he checked in and they received their keys. They took the elevator to the top floor and turned toward their penthouse suite.

"I booked us into a single suite, because you are acting as my personal assistant. I am a businessman who requires your assistance at all hours, so I will need you to remain close by."

He opened the door and motioned for Byakuya to enter. The noble stepped forward and Aizen followed him into the room. As they passed the sword stand near the door, Aizen picked up his zanpakutou.

"That is Kyoka Suigetsu?" queried Byakuya.

Aizen's lips curled into a smile.

"Yes," he said softly.

He drew the blade and let the young noble admire it for a moment. Then, he raised it, looking as though he planned to return it to the sheath, but instead held it point down and released his shikai.

Byakuya froze.

His smile widening, he quickly gathered the spellbound youth into his arms and carried him into the bedroom. He set him down on the bed and loosened and opened his clothing, laying bare the sweet, white flesh he had been craving for several years. He hadn't dared to touch the youth before, so careful was the watch around him, but having reached his eighteenth year, the controls and protections were loosened and Aizen's power gave him the ability to claim the noble…and soon Byakuya would be his. He leaned over the youth, touching his face and calling his name as he released the hypnosis.

Byakuya looked up at him, blinking and suddenly realizing where he was and how he had been partially undressed. A flush came over his face and he started to sit up. Aizen gently pushed him back down.

"Don't try to get up," he instructed the youth, "You lost consciousness and I loosened your clothing to allow you to breathe more freely."

"B-but…" Byakuya began.

"Hush, now," Aizen went on, "You should rest."

The noble's dark eyes looked uncertain, but still trusting. Aizen looked down at him kindly and touched his face again. Byakuya looked back at him uncertainly.

"A-aizen taichou?"

The brown eyes gazed down into his and Byakuya felt his heart quicken.

"You admitted to me that you long for freedom, Byakuya," Aizen said softly, "I was thinking that while we are here, we might take a bit of that freedom…and enjoy it together."

"How do you mean?" the youth said, his voice filling with hesitance.

"You are about to achieve a position of great power, but in many ways, you are still naïve."

He leaned closer, bringing his lips to the reclined noble's ear.

"You are proven on the battlefield, intelligent and well educated, but your body," he said, letting his fingers slide down the long, soft throat, "your body is still untouched. You are still innocent, Byakuya…and that could become a liability."

"H-how so?" Byakuya said, trying unsuccessfully to sound unaffected.

Aizen smiled.

"Your body wants to be touched, loved, claimed…and your heart will undoubtedly follow it. You want to put your heart in a safe place, with someone you trust, so that it will not be stolen and used against you."

He turned his head and brought his lips to the noble's, capturing them and caressing them gently with his. Byakuya stiffened at the intimate contact, his breath catching. He tried to pull away, but the elder shinigami settled his weight on top of the youth, holding him down and increasing the pressure against his lips.

"Aizen t-taichou! P-please…st…" Byakuya stammered.

He gave a surprised gasp as his awakening arousal was touched by another that was already hard and leaking. Aizen nibbled gently at his throat and ear.

"You feel it, don't you?" he asked softly, "Your body wants mine…and mine wants yours. It's all right for it to be that way. It's quite natural. We are both beings of great power. It is only right that we should find each other and share our passions."

"But the clan rules say that…"

Aizen leaned forward and made his words disappear into a flurry of warm, wet kisses. He thrust his tongue deeply into the noble's mouth, stroking the length of his tongue, teasing it with his warmth until the body beneath his released a soft sigh and relaxed, and the other tongue curled itself lightly around his.

"We won't worry about the rules of your clan for now," he said softly, "Let this be your one indulgence, the one thing they can't take from you. They will rule enough of your existence, young Byakuya, don't let them take this from you too."

He saw the note of sadness in the dark gray eyes and knew he had won the youth over. He sank down into the depths of that sweet, perfect mouth and probed it with a blazing, hungry tongue. At the same time, his hands moved over the tender, white flesh, exploring it with deep, sensuous touches that made Byakuya's eyes close and his body push upward into the hands that caressed it. He moaned so deliciously into the elder shinigami's mouth that Aizen thought he might climax from the sound alone.

But he wanted more…and he was determined to have it…

He pulled the youth up onto his knees and sat facing him. Byakuya gazed at him with hazed, starving eyes and Aizen's swollen member twitched and leaked more furiously. The youth glanced down and blushed. Aizen smiled warmly at him.

"You see how much my body wants yours, ne?" he said softly, "Come closer, then, Byakuya. I want you to put your mouth on me. I want you to taste me."

He moved so that he leaned back against the pillows, watching intently as Byakuya moved closer and lowered himself slowly down in between the elder shinigami's parted thighs. He hesitated for a moment and Aizen felt a shiver pass through the young man's body. He smiled encouragingly and reached out to stroke the noble's hair gently.

"It is a bit frightening at first, I know," he said, reading the youth's thoughts from his expression, "but it is a sign of trust that I allow you to do this…and that you will allow it as well, when you have pleased me. Go ahead, Byakuya…taste it. It is not unpleasant, I promise you."

There was another short hesitation, and he felt Byakuya's breath touch his skin. Then the youth's head lowered and Aizen watched, entranced, as that pristine, untried mouth opened and wrapped around him. Byakuya winced, choking slightly and pulling away, then coughing and gasping. Aizen continued stroking his hair and slowly coaxed him back into position. He proceeded more slowly, more cautiously as he adjusted. Aizen groaned and panted, forcing himself to hold back, so he could watch the lovely sight of Byakuya lowered before him, the dark eyes closing as he pleasured the elder man until Aizen shivered and moaned contentedly.

"Does it taste good?" he hissed, raising his hips.

"Hmmmm…" moaned the youth.

Aizen quivered. He wouldn't last much longer, gazing down at that beautiful face and watching him carefully. Finally, he could hold back no more and loosed his release. Aizen's lips quirked as he felt Byakuya try to pull away, and he choked again and quivered uncomfortably.

"Swallow," Aizen instructed him patiently, releasing him.

Byakuya sat up, still choking and gasping…and avoiding the elder shinigami's eyes. Aizen leaned forward and licked away the bits that had leaked from his mouth, then pushed him down onto his back.

"I apologize, Byakuya," he said smoothly, "I tried to be gentle, but I am quite taken with you. You are a beautiful young man. I was careless and didn't make allowances for your inexperience."

The noble was still avoiding his eyes. He placed his hands on the Byakuya's pretty face and turned his head. The young man shivered, but met his eyes, the flush on his cheeks deepening.

"Don't be embarrassed," he said, lowering himself and pushing the youth's creamy thighs apart, "You will get used to that. You have made me quite content…and I would like to return the favor. May I?"

Byakuya caught his breath and stared for a long moment, then he cleared his throat softly.

"As you wish, Aizen taichou," he said in a voice that was just above a whisper.

Aizen lowered himself between the soft thighs, pushing them farther apart. His tongue found the soft skin of the noble's nether region and teased it, coaxing a soft, longing moan from Byakuya, then he explored the area slowly, listening to Byakuya pant lightly and release his name in a happy sigh.


Aizen smiled as he continued, watching hungrily as the youthful body arched and Byakuya moaned his name again, more loudly.


He slipped his fingers into Byakuya's mouth, continuing to pleasure him as the noble gently soaked the fingers in saliva, then released them. Byakuya groaned in protest as Aizen's mouth released him, but was immediately placated as the elder shinigami kissed his way downward, pushing his legs wider and kissing his way downward. He teased the noble with his tongue and Byakuya's body arched again, and he heard the noble gasp. He held on tightly to the writhing hips and continued his manipulations, before pulling away and recapturing Byakuya's mouth in a powerful, mind numbing kiss.

He prepared the young man carefully, hardening again at the sight of Byakuya moaning and writhing fitfully at his touches.

He hadn't meant for their coupling to generate anything lasting. Byakuya was noble class, and would be a clan leader. Any association between them, would be, of necessity, discreet and would end before he was pushed into marriage by the clan. Yet even knowing he shouldn't form an attachment, he couldn't help but love the shift from that calm exterior to the wild, hot youth who responded so eagerly to his affections. He sighed, thinking how Byakuya seemed a lonely youth, separated from his peers, even those noble, because of his place in the clan. He blinked, unable to tear his eyes away as he continued, making the noble cry out in pleasure, emotion erupting across the usually quiet features and turning him from just beautiful to something both lovely and exotic.

He knew that if he made love to Byakuya, looking into that uncontrolled expression, he wouldn't be able to let go when the time came…

So he drew back and turned him onto his stomach, smoothing the long, black hair onto the white skin of his back, pausing to admire the contrast, then positioning himself behind the noble and slowly entering him. Byakuya sucked in a sharp, pained breath and was soothed by Aizen's fingers in his hair and the soft voice that whispered in his ear. There was a pause as the youth's body calmed, then Aizen began a slow, gentle thrusting. Byakuya made a soft, contented noise and raised his hips, moving with each deep, wonderful thrust. Aizen hand pleasured the younger man's hardness in time with their movements as they became more heated and intense. He laid his body along the length of Byakuya's back, and was surprised as a soft sobbing sound issued from the youth. His thoughts were taken away suddenly as Byakuya began to climax and the tightening around him sent him careening over the edge as well. He nearly purred as he released into that sweet, perfect body, then pressed his face to the noble's cheek, lacing together the fingers of one hand and letting his weight settle onto Byakuya's back.

Byakuya rested calmly beneath him, his breathing calm and even. Aizen waited until he was certain that the youth had fallen asleep, then pulled away and left him there. He closed the door to the noble's room and went into his own room within the suite to shower. As the hot water ran down his body, he couldn't stop thinking of how beautiful Byakuya was, how soft…how he sounded when he moaned…how his body quivered as he climaxed. But he kept being nagged by the memory of that sobbing sound…that lonely sound that had come from him just before pleasure had overtaken them. He wasn't sure what it meant.

He sighed and told himself that it didn't matter. They would have this time together and then it would end. And Byakuya would go on to become clan leader and probably a taichou as well. He would have no room in his life for Aizen Sosusuke. So Aizen didn't let himself expect it. He would take what was his and accept the loss later on. It was the way of things.

He turned off the water and stepped out into the bathroom, dried off and slipped into a brown, silk yukata. He left the bathroom and went to the kitchen to make tea. He carried the tea back to Byakuya's room, pausing outside at the chilling sound of Ginrei's voice.

"You know this cannot be tolerated," he said coldly, "You came here as an agent of the Gotei 13 and in full knowledge of your responsibilities. There is no excuse for doing something like this."

"I understand, Grandfather," Byakuya answered, a tremor in the soft reply, "I offer no excuses for my behavior."

"Did he force you?"


"You did this willingly?"


"And you have no remorse for your actions?"

There was a long silence.


"No…I am not sorry."

He heard the sound of a hand striking flesh and the tea dropped to the floor. He opened the door and stood, staring at Ginrei standing beside the bed, his eyes blazing, and Byakuya kneeling on the bed in front of him, naked and holding a hand to his face.

"This is my fault," he told the furious noble, bracing himself in case Ginrei might decide to attack, but the sixth division taichou just glared at him hatefully.

He turned and threw a yukata to Byakuya.

"Dress," he said gruffly.

He turned back to Aizen.

"If you ever dare to lay a hand on my grandson again, I will kill you with my bare hands. You have no right. You are a peasant…and you have stained his reputation."

"No one has to know," Aizen said softly, "I won't say anything."

Ginrei flash stepped towards him and wrapped an angry hand around his throat. Aizen held still, staring into the furious, dark eyes.

"I know of this dishonor," he growled, "and that is what matters. Stay away from Byakuya…and stay away from me. Do not dare to look me in the eyes again."

He took Byakuya by the hand and led him to the window.

"Wait," Aizen said, quietly, "At least allow me to apologize."

Ginrei bristled, but held still and nodded curtly.

"Byakuya," he said, stepping forward, "I am sorry. I was wrong to tempt you into this, but…"

"Save your apology," the youth said, looking away, "I knew what you wanted. I knew you didn't do this for love. You wanted me and I gave you what you wanted…and that is the end of it."

"If you thought it was like that, then why?" Aizen asked, "Why did you allow it?"

The dark, wounded eyes found his and froze him in place.

"Everyone has to have hope," Byakuya whispered in a broken voice, "even when it doesn't exist."

"And what did you hope for?"

"Enough," said Ginrei, stepping between them, "Come, Byakuya. You must undergo a cleansing ritual. Your mind and body must be purified of this horrid sin."

Without a backward glance, the young noble followed his grandfather out the window and back towards the senkaimon. Aizen Sousuke stood at the window, looking for some time in the direction they had gone, before calmly closing the window and leaving the now-empty room.