Kinda a song fan fic. Anyway sorry its a sad one shot. Song obviously My heart will go on, Celine Dione

Cato and Clove. Not a surprise :)

Anyway enjoy :) R&R also in this Cato won the Hunger Games~Catoloverxclovelover

Cato POV

"Go to bed girls" I tell my daughters. It hurts Clove isn't here. I blame myself all the time but everyone reminds me that I could've died too and Hunter, Harley and Hale wouldn't have a dad.

Hunter is the youngest then Harley is only older by a few minutes. Hale is my son who is already sleeping in his own room.

Its been 4 years since the games. Im 20 now, Clove would have been 19.

Most people look at me differently. I go into the games a killing machine, and come out strong even though having lost the love of my life. Also the fact that I have kids.

Hale is he was born when Clove was 13 and Hunter and Harley (AN the twin are fraternal twins which means they don't look alike) are 4 1/2 they were born the same year Clove died only 3 months before the games.

"Daddy?" Hunter says.

"Yeah sweetie"

"Is mommy an angel? Auntie Enobaria says she is"

"I don't know I think so." I answer.

"Why did mommy have to go?" Harley asks sometimes I forget she is there she is so quite.

"She didn't want to. I didn't want her too. But she loves you, both of you and your brother"

"Okay, night daddy" Both o the girls say at the same time.

"Night girls"

I get up and go into the living room. What a mess my life is. My kids already training for their games. My son is better than I was at his age surprisingly.

Hale looks so much like Clove. Her eyes, her nose, her determination.

In a matter of years I will have to watch my own kids fight to the death. How did it take me so long to realize that the games are sick?

I figured that out when Clove died. That was more than obvious. They never care about us we are all just another piece in their games.

I broke my promise though. When Clove died I promised her that I would move on. I don't think I can ever be with another woman but 'My heart will go on'

Okay thats it yes pretty lame but I might make a Hunger Games with Katniss kids, Cato's kids, Marvel's kids, Johanna's kids, Finnick's kids, and ext. so hope you liked it R&R