When Luke awoke that morning, he had expected to see Leon curled up next to him. He had expected to glance over and see the sun shining through his window. He had expected to slump off of his futon and get ready for work…but that wasn't the case.

He found no sleeping kitten, in its place was a pillow the size of a television set. He found no futon beneath him, instead he sat upon an amazing bed that felt like a cloud.

He mentally smacked himself. "That's right." He had come to Thor's home to get treatment for his burns, and somehow he was coerced into spending the night. He scratched his head and rolled out of his bed. He was here, so he might as well make the most of it. Maybe he could even catch the warriors three practicing today.

He went over to an old desk that held new clothes. A green cloak and a tunic that looked far too big for him. But, like the old saying went…when in Rome.

He placed his new clothes on and went outside his bed chamber. If he hurried maybe he could still-

"Friend Luke, you have awoken!" Luke heard Thor's voice echo across the corridors. The guy was as loud as a bull horn.

"Uh yeah." Luke said as he tugged on his tunic. Not only was it too large, but it was itchy as well.

"I see your new trappings find you well." Thor said as he placed his hand against Luke's shirt. "These clothes are special. They once belonged to my brother."

Luke's face turned pale. "W-well…I mean…are you sure I should be wearing them. They must mean a lot to you and your family."

"Nonsense!" Thor said. "You wear them now for a reason my friend."

Yes…a very important reason.

"Come, there is much that must be done before days end. The king and queen wish for a…demonstration."

A demonstration?

Luke followed Thor through the hallways into a chamber in the east wing. What exactly could they want Luke to demonstrate? Well, aside from his baking skills, but that didn't seem like it would impress anyone.

"Here we are." Thor said as he and Luke walked into the chamber. Inside there were candles lit everywhere. The curtains were drawn as to shut out any kind of light, and there in the center sat the king and queen. Odin sneered, and Frigga looked…almost hopeful. Why was that?

"Come my child." She said. "We wish to…examine something further." She said.

Luke walked forward and bowed. "Your majesty, what is this?"

"This is where we shall test your sorcery." She said.

Thor began to smile. It was the perfect plan. They could all sense that there was still some trace of magic within Loki's reincarnated form, all they had to do was force it out. If they could surround Loki with as many familiar things as possible, the chamber where he studied, the clothes he used to wear, perhaps it would yield the proper results.

"But, your majesty, I don't know anything about magic. I-I can't even do that card trick back on Earth."

Frigga shook her head. "It matters not, we just wish to test the ability of mortals. It is only in jest my child." She tried to smile any form of worry away, but her eyes still gleamed with a hopeful light. She handed Luke a book from the floor. "See if you can understand this tongue."

Luke flipped through the pages. There were words he had never seen before. No, forget the words, there were complete letters he had never seen before. It was like trying to read Japanese writing. He didn't know what letter meant what sound, or what rule to follow.

"I-I'm sorry, but I can't read this." He said.

She took the book away. "It matters not, sorcery lies in the commands given." She raised her hands to the sky and a small unlit candle floated between them. "See if you can light this flame." She urged.

"H-how?" It was far too early in the morning for this kind of thing.

"Just whisper the command, and the world will flow to it."

He took a deep breath. "Uh…light…please?"


"Pretty please?"

Still nothing.

Luke heard Odin scoff.

"Your majesty, I'm really very sorry."

She raised her hand to silence him. "No no, it is quite fine my child." Her shoulders began to shake. "Y-you must be hungry. The servants have prepared the morning meal, please help yourself."

"Actually," Luke spoke up, he felt awful about not being able to…do whatever it was they wanted him to…but he really wanted to see the Warriors train. "You wouldn't happen to know when the Warriors train, would you?"

Frigga looked Luke in his eyes, her face boasting of her confusion. "Y-yes, they train after their morning meal."

Luke's face brightened. "Sweet." He bowed once again, "Thank you so much your majesty" and turned to the exit, leaving Frigga and Thor in a stupor.

Odin scowled once again. "That mischief making fool. Before all he could think of were the ways of sorcery, now that his skills are needed, he can only think of battle."

"Father, this matter is more serious than I once believed. He has no magic ability."

Frigga shook her head. "No, he has magic within him, we all sensed it. But he has no…focus. No drive for the mystic arts. It's as if his mind has lost all interest in them."

Just as he has lost all interest in who he was before. What exactly could they do with a chaos bringer who knew of nothing but order? What could they do with a sorcerer who cared of nothing but steel?

"We must find a way to turn his mind to sorcery."

For all of their sakes.

Luke walked down the corridor towards the breakfast hall. His tunic made him itch so badly he wanted to just yank the thing off and throw it across the floor. But he couldn't do that. That tunic and that cloak meant so much to Thor and his family, and they couldn't do that.

On his way to the dining hall, he found Hogunn, standing squarely by a column (the guy was so still Luke almost thought he was a statue).

"Hello there." Luke said, trying to sound as cheery as he could. "I just wanted to tell you that I was planning on watching your practice today...you know, it that's alright with you and your friends."

Hogunn turned his neck to the side and spat. "And why would you want to watch us train?" Hogunn asked, his voice was like sand paper, rough and unforgiving.

"Because, I just thought it might be...fun?" Luke said, he felt like a moron with every word that came out of his mouth.

Hogunn's face began to turn dark. "Fun?" And then...his lips turned into a sneer. "Little mortal, how would you like to train with us after our meal?"

Luke's face began to light up. "R-really? You don't think I'd be a bother o-"

"It's settled then. You'll join us."

And Hogunn smiled...Hogunn the Grim smiled.