Before I get ahead of my self I wanted to to tell you a little about me. My name is Sakura Haruno, I'm a normal 17 year old girl dealing with the stress of being a teenager. I have unusual pink hair and an extra large forehead. I'm not considered popular. At ALL. I'm just the abnormal human freak, and before you ask yes I'm human, and yes I'm aware of supernatural beings. Now your probably wondering why i'm telling you this. Well this is my story.

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I was seating at my desk looking out the window as the sun was just beginning to rise above the Oto sky.

"Look at the freak she's always staring out the window. That girl just doesn't know how to be normal now does she?" asked a red headed vixen seated three rose away.

"Yeah I know Karin, but I mean she can't help that she can't get friends I mean with looks like hers who would want to be," a girl next to the 'Karin' girl stated.

"Exactly my point. Did you hear we had a new students?" Karin asked excitedly

After hearing this I started to tun out and go into my usual behavior. I sat quietly and watch the sun slowly rise. I listen to a little of the gossip, but other than that I keep to myself. I honestly dislike the subject of 'drama'. Another reason why I don't get along with the girls at this school. Did you know that if you search very hard in the sky you can see the stars during the day, but you have to have really good eye-site and you have to actually 'wish' to see them. My friend Naruto told me that before he moved away.

I was ten and it was impossibly hard seeing as he was the only friend I ever had. He was an odd boy with blonde spikey hair, and eyes that put the bluest sea to shame. Even when we were younger I knew that Naruto would be very popular with girls when he grew up. I never got to see that for some strange reason his father and mother decided they had to move away. I was devastated. I mean he was my best and only friend. That was the past, however I wish it weren't.

All of a sudden the class seemed to get very quiet. That's unusual. I thought to my self. I looked up and saw two of the most handsomest men I had ever seem in my entire life. It was a little later, however when I noticed they were not alone. There was another guy and two girls. They were all extremely beautiful.

One girl had unusual lilac eyes, the same as one of the boys beside here, with long purple/black hair that seemed to cascade in waves directly down her back. She was looking around rather nervously twiddling her fingers together. The other girl had two buns in her hair, which was the most brown hair I'd ever seen (It almost resembled chocolate), with honey brown eyes, and a smile glued to her face. There was an arm around her waist and I followed it with my eyes to a tall slim boy with lilac eyes that match the girl on the right. He had long dark brown hair tied back much like a Samurai. He wore a rather stoic facial expression. Next to him was a blond with spikey hair and eyes much like the ocea- Naruto! I though to my self and almost stood up.

His eyes met mine, and he smiled and started to step forward when a hand stopped him. I followed that hand with my eyes narrowed about to cuss the hell out of who ever dared interrupt our reunion. My eyes widened to the point I thought they might burst out of there sockets. For the man holding Naruto back and away from me was the most gorgeous man I had ever laid eyes on. He had spikey black hair that stuck up in an unusual way (kinda like a chickens ass) with soulless onyx eyes that would make any girl want to commit a sin just by looking at the. He had the most aristocratic facial features I had ever seen outside of a historic painting of nobles. His facial expression was cold, and brutal. I wonder what could make him look like that.

That's when I noticed he was glaring at someone and that someone in particular...was me.

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